A former pilot, Arthur Fidler, sighted an object in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra. "What I saw was nothing if it was not some type of aircraft. If it was not one of ours, it was one of theirs. It was not a comet or a meteor, both of which I have seen in various parts of the world".

Captain G Ireland, an army man of Sydney witnessed an aerial object. "It certainly was not a light on a cloud. It was solid. It kept a steady course and glowed like a fluorescent light against a clear sky until it disappeared in a dark cloud bank"

28.04.52 WOOMERA WEST, SA 0345hrs (NL)
Source: 1. National Archives of Australia. File D174, control symbol SA 5281. Adelaide Office. Statements of observers. 2. Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Society magazine August 1985. Citing G. M. Newall, guard, at Woomera as the source.

Three men waiting for a bus, noticed at 45 degrees SE, a light in the sky. This light was moving WNW parallel to the ground, lighting up clouds and the surrounding terrain. It was visible through breaks in the clouds. The bus driver remarked, "They are firing rockets early today." One witness replied: "It was not a rocket." The light had an estimated size of one third that of the full Moon. Duration: 15 seconds. Number of witnesses: three. AURA Investigation

With two workmates William Anderson was in a PMG truck outside Enfield post office at about 6am in the morning. All three men saw the object and watched it for about as minute before it disappeared. It looked like an airship or flying submarine and was three or four times bigger than an interstate airliner. It carried winking coloured lights and its speed was estimated at about 500 mph.

Former RAAF navigator, Ron Dent,saw two objects. He put their height at 20000ft and said: "There was a bright disc followed by another with a tail. The discs seemed to play tag in the sky like two schoolboys. Then they both rose suddenly and seemed to merge into one disc before disappearing".

03.05.52 ADELAIDE, SA (CE1)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p126.
"An engineering student"saw a small white disk that vanished over the house-tops he watched.

06.05.52 CREERAINE, NSW 0600hrs (CE1)
(Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey pg.63)
A Mr Geppart had been driving a tractor all night when a light approached him. He then saw an object 120 metres away, some 76 metres up in the air. It was the shape of a big cigar about 30 metres long, and 4.5-6 metres deep. There was a bright red nose and portholes along the side. After passing by him it shot away at a terrific speed.

22.07.52 SYDNEY, NSW 2000hrs (CE1)
A Sydney railway watchman named Albert Thomas encountered one of the strangest saucer experiences on record.

"It was travelling at about 400 mph. I stepped out my front door to get a good look at it and my arms started to tingle and an electric shock ran through my body. At first the contraption looked like a hot coal with smoke around it. Then it looked like a hurricane lamp with someone had hurled into the air. I was still tingling, and my revolver under my belt was vibrating."

27.09.52 WOOMERA, SA ca2050hrs (NO)
Source: 1. National Archives of Australia. File D174, control symbol SA 5281. Adelaide Office. Statements of observers. 2. 1954 Turner report.

Five witnesses were at the Woomera West Open Air Theatre. They sighted an object, variously described as a "cigar," an "airship," and "cylindrical" with an "exhaust" at the rear. It travelled horizontally from west to east, possibly NW to SE. One witness reported "two portholes with internal lighting." It was moving quickly, with no noise noted. Duration of sighting: five seconds. AURA Investigation

08.10.52 WOOMERA, SA 1345hrs (RADAR)
Source: 1. National Archives of Australia. File D174, control symbol SA 5281. Adelaide Office. Statements of radar operator. 2. 1954 Turner report.

While tracking an aircraft, a target was acquired by radar. However, no visual object could be seen by the radar operator. "The signal to noise ratio was at least 5 to 1 which is similar to that obtained from a large aircraft." At one stage between 1345 and 1400hrs the target approached to within one mile. Between 1405 and 1429hrs the operator tracked the invisible target at heights between 1500 and 5600 feet. "At times during the movement of the target smaller targets seemed to detach themselves from the main target and drift away." Weather was fine, 5/8 high cloud at 25000 feet-84 degrees F, north wind at 25-30 mph.

Comments by the Security Officer included (note it snowed briefly at 0900hrs the next day): "It was most probably that the snow cloud had some connection. However, the possibility of a neutron cloud is not ruled out." A ground plot of the radar target was located on the file. duration of sighting: 44 minutes. AURA Investigation

18.10.52 ADELAIDE (ADELAIDE HILLS), SA 2145hrs (CE1)
An Adelaide journalist, Keith Hooper, while returning to his home from an assignment for his paper when, over the Adelaide Hills, he saw: "against a clear dark sky a greenish-white iridescent cigar-shaped object about the size of a Boeing 707, at about ten miles distant, moving from left to right across my front and from south-east to north-west".

NOTE: As Hooper described the object in March 1965, when he recalled his experience in a Sydney newspaper.

The object appeared to be one long light and no sound came from it. He stopped still to watch and before his eyes the moving cigar of light went into a steep upward climb and vanished from sight at incredible speed.

28.10.52 WOOMERA, SA 1400hrs (RADAR)
1954 Turner report-appears to refer to the 8 October 1952 event above
Moving to 120 degrees. Speed 27 mph. Height fluctuated between 1500 and 5600 feet. Duration of sighting: 44 minutes. One witness. AURA Investigation

Bet NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 1952 or 1953 STREAKY BAY, SA 2030hrs (NL) Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 3954(") Reported 05.04.05
Between November and December 1952 or 1953, Noel and his brother-in-law were harvesting crops near Streaky Bay when a part broke on their harvester. They decided to fix the harvester that night so they could continue harvesting next day. They drove to a neighbour’s place who was the local agent for the required part. It was about 8.30 pm.

As they approached the neighbour’s place (about a mile away) they both noticed a large brilliant white light hovering a few hundred feet above his house. They were so rattled that they stopped the car and got out to take a better look. As soon as they were out of the car the light headed towards them. Noel admitted he was very frightened. The light then hovered above the two men for approx 30-60 seconds before it moved away at great speed towards the sea and then disappeared.

When I asked Noel how the object disappeared, (did it blink out, sink into the sea or get smaller as it moved away from them) he said it went so fast it was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

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