1967 nr DAMPIER, WA (CE1)
Source: JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE REALITIES, The Australasian Society for Psychical Research Inc, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2000
Mr Herbig, a retired mining engineer, related an incident from 1967. He and three colleagues were near Dampier in north-west WA (then King Bay), when a huge, bright, white, moon-shaped object came in from the ocean to the west and stopped over them for a while. It then flew back from where it came from. No sound was heard.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - unassigned number
Occurring on different nights during the warmer weather, Colleen observed from her kiosk on the beach at East Wynyard strangely shaped objects flying out over the bay. The witness and her children watched saucer, cone and cigar shaped objects. The cone shaped object would spin and display lights of varying colours of the spectrum. Sometimes these objects would fly in a V-formation of five. Most sightings lasted for five to ten minutes with the objects flying away from the witnesses. They occurred mostly at night and the sightings persisted for approximately one month. Dominic McNamara, AUFORN SA

1967 nr ST GEORGE, QLD
About 70kms NW of St George, a luminous object chased the car of Barry Morris and his future mother-in-law for nearly 200kms. Along the way, the object landed beside the road ahead of Barry’s car. Barry described the object as a silvery dome, flat-bottomed and levitating a foot above the ground. An open doorway could be seen, with a ramp leading to it. The area around the dome was lit up with a bluish light. The dome was about fifteen feet high. Later, the object flew directly above Barry’s car as he drove. The following day, Barry drove to where the object had landed and found landing marks. Barry took three photos with an instamatic camera, but when developed these came out as totally clear negatives (as with unexposed film). All other pictures on the roll came out normally.

Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 1766
At Christmas time 1976 South Australia Sue a UFO wittiness was entertaining 10 guest, all of whom stayed over for the night. Due to the house being full of visitors Sue gave up her bed to sleep on the couch.

Sue said: "I couldn’t sleep due the heat of the night and I decided to go for a late night swim in my pool to cool off". "While I was in the pool I saw 3 orange balls of light which seemed to appear just above a street light near my house". Sue said "I just floated in the water watching the objects but I couldn’t make them out" "Then all of a sudden the three objects took off vertically and vanished amazing. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

1967 off SYDNEY, NSW 2000hrs
A Mr Hill, now aged 33 of Bentley WA reported in Nov 83 an incident which he states occurred in 1967 whilst he was aboard HMAS Melbourne some 160kms of the NSW Coast. He relates that he was a radio operator in training and on the night in question was in the hanger well (open to the sky) watching a film with a number of the crew. The duty radar operator came over the PA asking anyone on deck to look out for six objects flying in a V formation on the port side. The film was stopped and he and others watched six bright white lights flying N to S. No other details are currently available.

Source; ABC Radio Programme "Investigations" (24.03.75)
A Mr Campbell related observing an object and subsequently being visited by an ‘Invisible’ entity.

14.01.67 ARMIDALE, NSW 1210hrs (DO)
Source: pp318-320 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7.
Phone call received by Police Sgt Hodes. Resident reported possible aircraft in distress-noise heard. Hodes sighted a noiseless white object-"square like large box kite." E to W. Revolved rapidly. Duration: 3 minutes. Witnesses: 1 male. AURA

14.01.67 WINDALE, NSW 0300hrs
Two police officers noticed an object with a red flashing light on it at an altitude of 120-180 metres. It shone a beam of light to the ground.

21.01.67 KURRI KURRI, NSW 1015hrs (DO)
Source: pp303-305 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7. [Nearby debris airborne by Willy Willy]
In a car. Object seen and strange noise heard. Object passed in front of car and climbed rapidly away. Very loud hum intermingled with "undecipherable voices." The car did not have a radio fitted. Duration: 1 minute. Witnesses: 2 females. AURA

A married couple were watching TV when a bright object travelling very slowly at a high altitude attracted their attention through a window. It then hovered over the roof of a house approx 150 metres away. It glowed orange red then drifted out of sight.

23.02.67 ADELAIDE (GLENELG), SA 2215hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p147.
"A red-orange, triangular shaped object rose out of the sea and then sank in again, taking about five minutes to do so."

05.03.67 HALLAM, VIC 1730hrs
Source; Australasian Post (06.07.67); VUFORS; AUFOR, no.10 December 1969, p.72; FSR 14/1/32
At about 5:00 to 5:30pm, John Coyle (15) and his sister, Miriam (13), were walking across a paddock near their home when they saw a strange flying object.

"I had just bought a camera for one dollar at Coles’, and we started off to the station to try photographing the train. Then we realized it was too late and turned back. As we were crossing the paddock, Miriam noticed what she thought was a fast moving plane. When I saw it I said ‘Oh, that’s a UFO’ and she said ‘Don’t be silly’. I readied the camera and took six photographs."

"The UFO came very close and circled around us for two to two and a half minutes. When I first saw the UFO it was about 15 degrees above the eastern horizon. It came towards us in a straight line, turned fast and circled over us and then went away into the west... When it was circling around us it was going very slowly, almost at a stalling speed. In fact, if it had been an aeroplane it certainly would have crashed. We felt that the object had seen us when it started circling us, because otherwise it would not stayed around - there was nobody else in sight then. We heard no sound from the UFO at any time."

"In appearance, it was silver - like aluminium or polished aluminium. It had a slight rise in the top and was very black underneath. It was shaped like a disc and was about the size of a five cent piece at arm’s length."

"The sky was very overcast at the time and the weather was cold. The UFO kept right below the clouds all the time, and when it disappeared out of sight over the horizon, it was still beneath the clouds. Apart from that I am unable to estimate the altitude of the object."

In their excitement, rolling the film and trying to get more pictures, John broke the film winder after the 6th photo and thought he had lost everything, but they took the camera to the photo shop with the film still in it and McKeon’s in Dandenong saved it for us today. Experts in Australia pronounced them authentic.

30.03.67 PETERBOROUGH, SA 2030/2130/2230hrs (CE1/CE2)
Source: AFSR, no.10, p.31; pp142-143 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7; AURA
SA 1967-008
Two men were in a vehicle when the engine and lights just stopped. Getting out to look for the problem they noticed a disc shape ascending rapidly at 30 degrees SW, emitting blue to purple glows and flashes from underneath it. It was then lost to view in the night sky. When they returned to their car they found that it started normally. An hour later a stationary purple glow was seen in a creek bed. Another hour later a six meter diameter disc was seen to take off from the ground. It gave off blue/purple/green/orange and yellow colour. UFORSA

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p148.
Large, stationary, orange, round object in W. Small object left the larger one at speed.

Mr Zammit, a Maltese emigrant, saw several egg shaped objects in the distance. One of the objects moved closer and lowered itself to the ground near Mr Zammit's house. A large hole opened on its underside and three landing struts emerged. On landing, a glowing tube was lowered. In the meantime another object passed over Mr Zammit's house and seemed to be signalling to the grounded UFO by changing its light intensity. The landed UFO suddenly retracted its gear, and both UFOs shot up and disappeared.

The next morning, Mr Zammit thought he had dreamt the entire episode. However, on visiting the landing place, he found a piece of wax-like glass, which rang like metal when struck. Since then Mr Zammit returned to Malta but he has has lost this strange item.

15.04.67 ADELAIDE, SA 2120hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p148.
Circular, crimson coloured object, half size of Moon.

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p148.
Pulsating, elliptical, bright blue-white object hovering fee hundred metres above sea. It accelerated away to the W changed colour to orange. Low frequency hum heard.

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p148.
Driving home when sighted large, round, metallic object on road to their front. Swerving around. As they gained onit, it rose into the air and soundlessly vanished.

Source: UFO Research Australia Newsletter
While cleaning his brother’s movie camera after filming the eclipse, Mr M’s attention was drawn to an object in the sky, to his right. At this stage, he decided to snap a photograph of it. Thinking it was no more than a mundane astronomical phenomena, both Mr & Mrs M returned indoors.

09.05.67 ADELAIDE (REYNELLA), SA 0450hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p149.
Light went past. And then hovered. Duration: 10 minutes.

16.05.67 MURRAY RIVER, SA (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p149.
Red light observed across river. He crossed the river and searched but found nothing.

16.05.67 PURNONG LANDING, SA 2330hrs
SA 1967-006
Observing a red coloured light stationary on the opposite bank of the river Murray and thinking it was a vehicle in distress the reporter crossed the river to assist. The light appeared to be about four metres across. However, when he got there there was nothing to be found. UFORSA

28.05.67 MURRAY BRIDGE & MANNUM, SA 0200hrs
Source: pp127-128 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7; RAAF; Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p149.
SA 1967-005
Four young people watched as two very bright, pale yellow coloured balls, some 10 meters across, crossed the road behind the vehicle they were in and descended towards the ground and stopped. A third similar ball was seen in an adjacent paddock, about six metres off the ground. UFORSA

21.06.67 ADELAIDE, SA 2018hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p149.
Travelling SW were two large green lights which "dipped towards the horizon."

05.07.67 MURRAY BRIDGE, SA (CE2)
Source: pp178-184 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 8. Reported through DCA.
Five miles NNE of Murray Bridge on the Murray bridge to Karoonda Road. It was a clear night with thick ground fog. Witness was driving a motor vehicle when he experienced interference on the car radio, which became a high pitched whine. He turned the radio off. Within 100-150 yards the motor of the vehicle stopped by itself. The ignition was on but the warning lights on the dash came on. The ignition key was still in the on position. Looking up he saw a distinct break in the fog with stars visible. A "large dark shadow" was seen at a height of 20 feet. The shadow seemed 120 feet thick., Above this shadow was a greyish-blue glow. The top of the shadow appeared convex. He stoped the vehicle and got out to look but the shadow and light had gone. There was no sound. The object had vanished. The two banks of fog came together. The witness returned to the vehicle and tried the ignition and the motor worked. He switched on the radio and there was no interference. AURA

13.07.67 BELMONT, NSW
A brilliant light was seen descending. It levelled off and continued at 70 metres altitude. It was drop-shaped and visible for one minute.

Two people said they watched a glowing red orb descend and land in some marshes, illuminating the area as it did so.

26.07.67 SEACLIFF, SA 2000hrs
SA 1967-007
Elliptical in shape and bright bluish-white in colour, an object was visible out to sea. After a while it smoothly accelerated towards the west, its white light changing to orange and then red around the rim. A low frequency hum was heard as it moved off, and it eventually was lost over the horizon. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

14.08.67 ADELAIDE, SA 2230hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p149.
""observed a large bright red round object approaching from the east. The object seemed to hang over Adelaide for a while, then vanished. ."

24.08.67 WODONGA, VIC 1700hrs
Source: VUFORS; AFSR, no.8, pp.44-45; FSR 14/2
Mr Ron Hyde was motorcycling between Melbourne and Sydney when he was suddenly engulfed in a blue white flash. He stopped his bike and when his eyes cleared, he saw about thirty metres away in a clearing on the ground, a metallic object about a meter off the earth. It resembled two saucers, one inverted on top of the other, separated by a 300 centimetre band of metal. On top of the object was a small dome approx two metres tall, on top of this was a flat topped ball, about 25 centimetres deep. He turned away for a second and upon looking back he saw two silver clad figures, 152 centimetres tall, silver overalls, no signs of seams or fasteners. Helmets resembling opaque fish-bowls hid their heads. The witness took a step in their direction and the figures did the same. Then one figure beckoned to him. He panicked, jumped on his bike and raced off, only to be followed by the object, before it shot off into the sky. VUFORS

29.08.67 THE GARDENS (BINALONG), TAS 2015hrs
TA 1967-003
A party of seven hunters saw six round saucers appear out of a gully with little lights all round, bright lights underneath. They darted off to the east after the hunters shone a spotlight on them. TUFOIC

SEPTEMBER 1967 CLARE, SA 1800hrs (CE1)
A really bright light was observed at a height of one metre some forty to sixty metres distance, by a Mrs Collins. She ran to get her husband, but on coming back, the object lifted off the ground vertically, then shot off very fast over hills. It had appeared only as a white oval shape. UFORFNQ & UFORSA

OCT-NOV 1967 HILLTOWN, SA 0200hrs
SA 1967-009
Awakening to hear a buzzing noise a family looked out the window to see an oblong rounded yellow/green ball of light, 2.4 metres across with a pulsating red light on it. The buzzing noise was audible all the time, and finally the ball just took off vertically into the sky. UFORSA

30.10.67 BOYUP BROOK, WA 2130hrs
Source: VUFORS; Retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield; AFSR, no.8, p.18
A man travelling at a hundred kilometres per hour along a quiet stretch of road became aware of a lighted object approaching him from the air. Almost immediately the car came to an abrupt stop, and the electrical system, lights, motor and radio went dead. There was no feeling of deceleration at all. When the car stopped, the man noticed that he was immersed in a beam of light. It seemed to come from a tube, which in turn issued from the object. After about five minutes the tube of light closed off, just like a torch being switched off. The object itself was some ten metres in diameter and about thirty metres up in the air. The tube came out of it at a 450 angle and focussed right on the driver. The colour was reported as iridescent blue. After the tube of light went out the object left at high speed in a westerly direction. It vanished from view in seconds.

The reporter stated that the vehicle then resumed the speed it had been doing beforehand - that is, a hundred kilometres per hour - but without any feeling of acceleration from zero No noise came from the object at any stage.

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.120
QA 1979-007
Two people were driving along when they saw an object four metres high and five metres high hovering just off the ground in a nearby paddock. There was a doorway in the front and a fold-up hatchway which led to the ground. It was first a green/blue colour which then changed to silver as they drove closer. It then took off. UFORQLD

16.11.67 YERECOIN, WA 1830hrs
Source: AFSR, no.8, p.13
WA 1974-005
Whilst out mustering sheep in a Landrover, Mr A Poole, a farmer heard a humming noise which increased in intensity. An object approached and stopped just by his vehicle. It was shaped like an inverted saucer approx 5 metres across, with four windows, two round and two square that were visible to him. The colour of it was a grey metallic and its height was two metres. It seemed to hover just above the ground but no traces were found. Mr Poole spoke to it and received an echo of his own voice. No electromagnetic effects were noticed on the vehicle. The object ascended immediately upon his attempt to alight from his vehicle and by the time he got out, a matter of two to three seconds, the object was out of sight... although he could still hear the humming noise. No traces were left.

Note: No electromagnetic effects were apparent to the vehicle, although his wife stated, when told, that the TV set had played up at that time. Weather: Cloudy, slight drizzle and strong winds. Duration: Ten seconds. Location: 80 miles north-east of Perth. UFORWA

LATE DECEMBER 1967 BILOEIA, QLD 2000-2100hrs
Mr S.Milno noted three men in silver uniforms standing on the roadside 100 metres below a look-out. He pulled up and reversed his car after he seemed to have hit one of them. However, nothing unusual was to be seen. Later that night the three men were reported elsewhere.
Rex Warren Gladstone UFO Group

1967/1968 CLARE, SA (CE3)
A story circulated about a disc landing and a hairy dwarf being seen to jump out and disappear into the ground. Keith Basterfield

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