A rumoured close encounter type three report. No report can be ascertained. Keith Basterfield

Source: Daily Mirror, Sydney (05.11.75)
The wife and daughter of a well known singer observed a light on the side of a road. The light came from a ‘man’ bathed in a luminous glow. One of his hands was outstretched and from it to the ground, a yo-yo ball of white light, bounced up and down. Then the witnesses saw they were surrounded by thousands of small lights. They drove over these, which vanished after each impact.

A young man claimed to have been taken for a ride by humanoid occupants. Bill Chalker

A hiker was camped in a remote area and was awoken by a loud humming noise. Investigating he saw an egg shape and dark men, moving around it. The figures went into the object which rose into the air, now silent. Rex Gilroy

It was approximately 11.00pm on a Sunday night in January when ‘Terry’ and a friend ‘Bob’ decided to pack up their camp because of an approaching thunder storm. The two men had been camping in the area of Wrotham Park Station and hunting crocodiles to be sold in Cairns. The two departed in Bob’s four wheel drive landrover towards the station homestead on route to Chilligoe with the idea in mind of leaving the area before the roads became boggy. Upon reaching a gate near the Wrotham Homestead Terry and Bob both saw a ‘light’ some distance from the road in the scrub, at a second gate another ‘light’ was seen (this was about 4-5 miles from the first gate). Not considering these ‘lights’ as anything unusual, the two witnesses drove towards Chillagoe and after driving for another 10 minutes; Bob saw and pointed out a ‘light’ in the sky (approximately) 100ft altitude and half-a-mile ahead. The object which the light was ‘on’ paced the witnesses car in front of them at this distance for (approximately) one hour, (until, approximately 2am). The four wheel seemed to gain on the object until it almost stopped one-quarter of a mile distant. Terry stated that it was hard to estimate the distance because of the darkness. The UFO drifted across the road and over the scrub to their left and the two men decided to stop and look closer at the object at this stage. They hooked a spotlight on the four wheel drive and aimed it at the object. Terry said they ‘flashed the spotlight several times’ and the object, hovering, appeared to respond by ‘dimming’ and ‘brightening’ on top. During this time watching the object ‘Bob’ attempted to walk into the scrub closer to it, and was gone for (approximately) twenty minutes after which he returned “puffing” and told Terry it was about half-a-mile away and as big as a semi-trailer.

QB 1987-001
The second witness involved in an event reported in 1979 has been interviewed. This witness obtained a close view of the object involved. The two male witnesses had been camped at the junction of the Lynd & Mitchell Rivers approximately 250km west of Cairns when an unusual object paced them.

‘Bob’ approached the UO on foot to about thirty metres. He described an object about sixty feet wide and twenty-five feet deep with a large window area, lit with soft green light inside and a ‘brilliant curtain of crimson light streaming down from the rim of the object to the ground.’

NOTE: The object was a gold brown in colour at this time but later appeared to be shiny metallic when lit by sunlight.

The whole UO was enveloped in a halo of light apparently reflected up from the crimson beams. ‘Bob’ stated that although he could not hear any noise, he had the impression that a lot of noise was being generated.

NOTE: Perhaps beyond his range of hearing.

As he stood watching he saw several shadows moving in the ‘cabin’ area, one of the shadows moved to the windows of the object nearest to the witness. He clearly saw the upper human form silhoustted apparently leaning on the window sill area looking out. He decided to return to the vehicle at this stage. Both witnesses continued to observed the UO until sunrise, when the object began to slowly move away to the north-east. The entire event involving the object lasted about two hours. UFORFNQ

11.02.71 THEVENARD, SA 0035hrs
A blue-white light with a spotlight shining down into the sea soundlessly passed overhead of a group of men loading a wheat ship. Nearby Ceduna airfield advised there was no traffic in the area of the time.

A parachute magnesium ‘flare’ was seen coming down about 1900-2000hrs. Three flattened areas were later found. A large number of tree branches were broken and twisted. RAAF helicopters and jets were alleged to have been in the area the next day.

Source: UFO Research Australia Newsletter
Railway workers report number of sightings involved nocturnal lights landing in the vicinity. Witnesses’ family allegedly were upset and moved to another area.

TA 1971-004
Fluorescent white light seen to rise from beyond eastern shore street lights. Seemed to rise in jerky manner then stop still, finally shot off at high speed. TUFOIC

Flattened area of teatree reported, swirled and in location with no other tracks and access. There were other sightings in Huon area during same time span.

02.04.71 GREENHILL, NSW 2200hrs
Source: Macleay Argus (April 1971)
About four hours after a well witnessed sighting of a brilliant aerial object seen coming down near the area, an Aboriginal man was levitated through a closed window in the kitchen of a house, after seeing a small, round hairless face at the window. He was unhurt.

10.04.71 LOXTON, SA 2130hrs
SA 1971-005
Two men saw a yellow-red burning light slowly descend behind trees. All through that night they heard a light ‘pinging’ noise on the roof of the caravan in which they were sleeping. No traces were found upon inspection next day. UFORSA

Source: Macleay Argus (20.04.71)
After a sighting in the area, circular burned patches of grass were discovered in a paddock on the farm of a Mr Yamold.

MAY 1971 WEROMBI, NSW 2200hrs
Two saucers, rims facing but not touching, with a blinding light between, seen five degrees above the horizon at 600 metres distance and 300 metres altitude. Attention was drawn when 150 greyhounds on a farm began barking.

Verbal reports that after the Lynchford case, similar marks were found a few miles away north of Queenstown near the Lyell Highway.

10.05.71 SYDNEY (CRONULLA), NSW 1715hrs
A young girl’s horse pranced around excitedly and her dog began barking as she saw a metallic ‘egg’ approaching at an altitude of thirty metres, with a brilliant long tapering exhaust. It stopped overhead then moved north. That evening a buzzing sound was heard coming from nearby hills and the same object was seen twice more.

22.05.71 NORWOOD, TAS 2030hrs
Source: The Examiner, Launceston (05.06.71); FSRCH, sup.7, October 1971, p.13
TA 1971-005
A motorist reported seeing a three metre object with dull white, blue and red lights touch down near the roadside fifty metres away, then disappearing upwards. A flattened area of broken and twisted undergrowth was reportedly found, twisted to the right over a three metre area. TUFOIC

23.05.71 CETHANA, TAS 1930hrs
Source: FSRCH, sup.7, October 1971, p.13
TA 1971-006
Mr Riley noticed a round red light some 30-50 metres away and some 30 metres above the ground to the right hand side of the vehicle he was driving. The light soundlessly crossed the road in front of him and disappeared behind some tall trees. TUFOIC

25.05.71 LYNCHFORD, TAS 0200hrs
TA 1971-007
The witness was awakened by a loud humming noise, like a big power generator. Dogs went berserk at the time. After thirty minutes the noise stopped. Nothing was seen at the time but the witness was not looking in the direction where subsequent marks were found.

Two days later a large flattened area plus several smaller areas were found in rough grass by the house. Indentations like landing marks were also evident. The large area measured 4.5 by 9.1 metres (fifteen by thirty feet), the smaller measured about three metres (ten feet) across. The grass was swished and flattened. The family kitten died days after the event. A friend’s car stalled in the area by the marks. Another witness claimed his watch would not work after visiting the marks.

Grass samples test proved negative. Photographs were obtained. No UFO was seen, but no satisfactory explanation was ever found for these events. TUFOIC

In the early hours of the morning, a farm family returning home saw a rectangular area of bright yellow light in the bush by the roadside. They return the next day only to find nothing to account for the light. May have been a vehicle in the bush.

Source: Keene Evening Sentinel (07.07.71)
A three metre burnt ring, 100 centimetres wide was found.

19.06.71 CHIGWELL, TAS 0255hrs
Watching from a house, a person saw a dull, silver bell-shaped object with red/green/orange/violet vapour at the bottom, move from SE to NE soundlessly.

20.06.71 CLARE, SA 2100hrs (PHOTO)
One photo was taken of a red light, through a small telescope, using a Polaroid camera. The print merely shows two blobs of light and is almost worthless. UFORSA

24.06.71 WILMOT, TAS 2245hrs
TA 1971-010
Dogs were disturbed as a round bright object surrounded by smaller lights, landed in a paddock 400 metres away. Its lights disappeared after first dimming. TUFOIC

09.07.71 NARRAWA, TAS 1930hrs
A white, three by one metre oval was seen in a paddock 300 metres away. It moved as witnesses tried to approach in a car. No traces were found.

During the middle of the night couple woke for no reason, then room was lit up with an intense white light. Light wasn’t coming through window, was "just there." Light went out. Lady looked out and saw a ball of glistening white light about 1.2m across, bigger than the Moon, receding beyond trees. UFORSA

01.08.71 TRIABUNNA, TAS 2325hrs
TA 1971-013
Motorist reports nine to twelve metre (thirty to forty feet) wide white oval object with a red glow below rising from the roadside. It appeared as if taking off. A white mass spreading out and falling slowly downwards. Sped off to the south. TUFOIC

Source: The Advocate, Burnie (16.08.71)
A burned area of ground was found, a complete circle of ten metre diameter.

08.08.71 KADINA, SA 1835hrs (CE2)
SA 1971-001
A Mr Boyce, fifty one, left Wallaroo and was driving back to Kadina, alone in his car. About five kilometres out of town his surroundings were illuminated by an orange hue. Suddenly the engine stopped and the lights went out. The ignition light on the dashboard failed to come on, and despite efforts the engine could not be restarted. He steered the car to the side of the road and braked to a halt. Getting out he saw, at fifty metres altitude, an oval shape with three to four "windows". It was stationary, almost directly above the car. It remained motionless for two to three minutes with a continuous buzzing sound being audible. It then left to the south-east. Before it was completely out of sight, he got in the car and started the engine, with the lights then coming on. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

Chalker, B. (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under:The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy."
"In one case just prior to the launch of a Black Arrow rocket (in part a DSTO project) an unidentified "aircraft" was observed by a trained site meteorology observer over Woomera prohibited air space."

QA 1986-003
Percipient was having difficulty sleeping so went to the bedroom window to get a breath of fresh air. She was amazed to see a disc-shaped object, about eight metres in diameter, above trees some 400 metres distant. The disc was tilted at a 25 degree angle from the horizontal. It consisted of a lower section, an iridescent bright orange colour, topped by a silvery-grey dome. Initially stationary, the object moved slowly to the left, paused and then ?took off at an incredible speed?. The witness was so stunned, that she failed to wake her husband until the object had disappeared into the distance. Duration was less than two minutes. Since the sighting, the percipient claims to have had premonitions and dreams which come true. UFORQLD

22.09.71 FORT GLANVILLE, SA 2040hrs
Mr Hollis observed a light descending towards the sea. Upon getting closer he saw, twenty metres up, and fifty metres out to sea, a sphere with a lighted curved section at the front. Switching on the headlights of his motorcycle he found that the object dimmed and moved out to sea. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

28.09.71 ATKINSONS DAM, QLD 1845hrs
A car was followed by a rotating red/green/yellow/blue light at an estimated 100 metres. A droning sound which stopped and started was heard.

05.10.71 ATKINSONS DAM, QLD 1845hrs
The same car was again followed by a rotating red/green/yellow/blue light.

Two locomotive men were disturbed enough to need hospitalization after observing a strange object in a sugar cane field. Reports state that burnt cane was found.

SA 1971-002
A 1.5 metre diameter circle ringed by a 50 centimetre wide trench pressed deep into hard clay soil was found. The trench in turn was ringed by a 50 centimetre wide band of flattened wheat, swirled in a anti-clockwise direction. . Soil samples revealed nothing abnormal. The night before, their neighbours had observed a red ball of light descending towards the field when the ring was later found. Keith Basterfield & Peter Powell UFORSA

14.12.71 NEW NORFOLK, TAS 2145hrs
Several people reported seeing an object with an orange flashing dome and white lights on its rim, emitting a humming noise, at roof-top height. It went over a hill, and an explosion followed.

14.12.71 WAIKERIE, SA 2300hrs (CE3)
SA 1971-003
Two young men were in a parked car when a figure came to their attention. It was ‘floating’ through trees in a ‘mist’, and had a dog-like head with pointy ears and a long nose. No eyes or mouth were visible on the brown head. It seemed two metres high and had a ‘lumpy’ body. Moving their car, they then saw a half-sphere with windows and lights, on the ground, which after some fifteen minutes ‘dissolved’ away in ten seconds. John Bunford UFORSA

20.12.71 WOOMERA, SA
Chalker, B. (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under:The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy."
"Yet another sighting lead to a Department of Supply letter to the Director of Air Force Intelligence, dated January 7th, 1972 which stated that "…this sighting appears to be sufficiently authenticated, yet there is no official knowledge of any military or civil aircraft that could have intruded into the Woomera air space It is therefore now a matter of speculation that some foreign aircraft passed through a Restricted Flying Area on December 20, 1971, without the knowledge of the appropriate authorities and this is cause for concern."

A seven metre burnt circle was found on a stud horse farm. The owner said it was caused by a lightning strike which killed three cows. He declined to allow investigation.

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