Source: Victorian UFO Research Society, Moorabin, Victoria
The witness and two friends were riding their mini-bikes around various football ovals near Darebin Creek, Heidelberg West and Preston, opposite the Northland Shopping Centre. The weather was fine and still with a bright near full moon and thin transparent cloud. When they stopped riding, at about 10.30 pm, they noticed what appeared to be a large star-sized light to the east, above the Housing Commission flats on Liberty Parade. He thought to himself that it did appear to be an unusually bright star so near the horizon. They went for another ride and when they returned, the light had moved to the left, using the roof of the flats as a reference point. The light appeared to be yellowish and larger. He mentioned this to his friends and they took mental note as well. After yet another ride, they returned to find that the light was getting noticeably bigger and brighter, as though coming toward them. They joked and said, “Its probably a UFO”. He thought that it might have been a helicopter, but for the strange lack of noise. By this time, the light was shining on the football ovals and they panicked. They raced their bikes into nearby long grass and hid behind adjacent trees. The light was rectangular in shape, and vertically positioned about 150 to 200 feet above the ground. While still hoping that the light was from a helicopter, but being acutely aware that there was still no noise, he watched it travel horizontally at about 35 km/h in a westerly direction, over Darebin Creek, and then it appeared to gently rise up and over the Northland Shopping Centre. They finally lost sight of it about midnight as it descended from sight behind the shopping centre. Once they felt sure that it had gone, they jumped onto their bikes and rode home in a state of shock.

1974 SYDNEY (QUAKERS HILL), NSW 0030hrs (NL)
Source: Result of feedback form, 14.12.04
In 1974 at 12.30 am, CB and her sister were driving along Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, when the car she was driving all of a sudden shook violently then completely stopped. Nothing worked, not the radio or motor. She said, "I was scared something was really wrong when I started to get out of the car to get my babies out when something made me look up. That’s when I saw this massive circular disc-shaped object. It didn’t seem to be much higher than the power pole. It was surrounded completely by lights and had a dome in the middle on the top. We watched it move slowly over the dairy. There was no sound then it seemed to stop then shoot up into the air. I was actually standing under this thing. It was a grey colour, the size of half a football field. Once the object shot up in the air my car started with no problem".

She said that it was one solid shape, round with a dome on the top. "Someone from another part of New South Wales reported [a sighting] to a newspaper and sketched exactly what we saw. There were several sightings that night." CB cannot recall whether there was a moon but the weather was clear and pleasant. Anthony Clarke UFORNSW

EARLY 1974 GOLD COAST, QLD 1900hrs
Alise recalls an incident on the Gold Coast in early 1974. There was a pulsating light throughout the Gold Coast for approximately half an hour. A rainless electromagnetic storm was making the clouds go different colours all along the coast. There were continuous power surges. Many people lined up on the Gold Coast beaches after 7.00 pm to watch, many taking photos. Suddenly a large object came from the south, with a smaller object behind and, during the next few minutes, they moved north to the spit then immediately eastwards and disappeared. The coloured light in the clouds continued for another fifteen to twenty minutes after the objects’ departure. The next day there was only one report of a power surge contributing to a failure of some grid. Robert Frola AUFORN

A swishing sound was heard and a dog was visibly scared. Next morning a black and silver substance was found in the back yard. Possibly Fungus.

20.01.74 ADELAIDE (NORTH BRIGHTON), SA 2332hrs
Whilst looking at the stars on a hot night, the witness saw a crescent shaped object, with tan coloured lights along the trailing edge. It passed over at high speed, in a straight course. No sound.

22.01.74 BRISBANE (SANDGATE), QLD 0720hrs (Identified as a Flare)
QA 1974-002
A witness who wants to remain anonymous, while driving up Beaconsfield Terrace, Sandgate, saw a white, flare-like object hover for a couple of minutes before exploding into five pieces.

23.01.74 PORT CLINTON, SA 0445hrs
The observer watched ‘two saucers stuck edge to edge’ pass over Port Clinton on a dark clear night. Angular size was as big as a full moon. It moved at a constant speed, with no noise. At one stage it appeared to rotate, exposing bright lights at its top and bottom. Duration. fifteen to twenty minutes.

.02.74 LATROBE, TAS 2145hrs
TA 1974-004

Two people out driving noticed an orange dot in the sky, partially obscured by trees which soundlessly approached the car after they stopped. Now only 250 metres away and 25 metres up it beamed brightly — looking like a triangle with rounded corners. They started the car and the object accelerated to high speed and vanished behind trees on a bill to the north. Later at 2200 hrs Mr J. noted an orange light pacing his vehicle close to Latrobe.

.03.74 BRISBANE VALLEY AREA, QLD 0000-0030hrs (CE3)
QA 1974-001
The incident occurred on the main Brisbane to Esk Hwy in the vicinity of S.E.A. power pole No 14241, between midnight Sunday 3rd and 12.30am Monday 4th of March, 1974.

The only witness, Miss M, aged about 24 years, fourth year nurse of Kingaroy, but presently employed on the nursing staff of the Ipswich General Hospital, was driving a friend's car, a Morris Nomad, to her place of employment in Ipswich. She had left Kingaroy late Sunday evening and having passed Esk, was negotiating a few bends in the highway when she suddenly observed through the left side of the windscreen what she at first thought was a brilliantly lit house, or building. The first thought to cross her mind, in view of the late hour, was that a party of sorts was perhaps in progress. But as she came closer she realized that not only was the lighting unusually brilliant but the house seemingly lacked a roof. Furthermore, she was puzzled because there was no apparent silhouette of a house or building, as one would normally expect to see of a well-lit place at night. About this time, Miss M began to rationalize in an attempt to explain what she was in fact seeing, and looked about her to see if she could see the moon. The thought had occurred to her that she was perhaps looking at the moon reflected in water, or the glass windows of the car. She very quickly located the moon fairly high in the sky on her right and at once realized the absurdity of her thinking, as she could now clearly see the object through the glass of the door on the passenger side immediately to her left. At her closest approach to it, an estimated distance of perhaps two hundred yards, she suddenly realized that she was in fact clearly observing an object the size of a house, self-illuminated, and shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. Also clearly seen was what Miss M described as 'a row of five or six tapered, recessed openings' around the equator of the object, and emanating from a rectangular opening, 'like a door' at its left hand end, 'a fantastically bright shaft of light'.

Miss M admitted that at this stage she became very frightened. The bizarre appearance of the object plus the lateness of the hour and the fact that she was traversing, unaccompanied, a particularly lonely stretch of the highway, prompted her to drive 'flat out' for the next mile or so. She stated that the car at no time faltered or gave any indication of stalling. During the high speed dash, she passed what she thought was a white Torana, travelling in the opposite direction and shortly after stopped for a much needed cigarette and a short rest. While stopped she looked back in the general direction of the object but she could see no sign of any light or glow.

When questioned, Miss M constantly referred to the 'absence of the roof', as being the first thing unusual about the object to puzzle her. While thinking that it was a house, she could not understand why the brilliant lighting was 'coming out of the house as if it had no roof', this was of course before she realized fully that it was no house or building. She also admitted that she had not counted the row of 'tapered, recessed openings', but thought there were 'five or six'. It is of course, realized that it was at this time she was beginning to get frightened.

Source: UFOIC Newsletter No.41

Two witnesses watched an unusual orange light for approximately one to two minutes from Ben Buckler Headland at Bondi. The object was first seen travelling from E to SW. It suddenly turned on its axis, giving a clear view of the top and bottom which appeared to be rotating in opposite directions. The object changed altitude several times and was eventually lost to view as it travelled to the S at high speed. The object was larger than the apparent size of a star, the colour changing to deep orange as it sped off. Visibility at the time was excellent with no clouds or moon visible. No sound was heard at any time during the sighting.

16.03.74 ADELAIDE, SA 0630hrs (PHOTO)
It is reported that a man had taken some colour movie film from the Hilton motel, of an unusual object in the early hours of the morning. Efforts made were not able to trace either the man or the film. UFORSA

17.03.74 BURRA, SA 0030hrs (NL)
While travelling in a Ford Falcon sedan two young men observed a big round, yellow/green light stationary near the top of a hill. They stopped the car to watch. After a minute or so it seemed to come towards them so they tried to start the car, but it would not respond. Again they tried the ignition system. The ignition light came on but the engine still wouldn't start. Finally after holding the key on for thirty seconds the engine started. They left the area but stated that the light seemed to follow them all the way into Burra. They woke a policeman who looked at the object and declared it was just a star. Investigation suggests the object was an astronomical source. UFORSA

Source: "The News" Adelaide 17.04.74
Farmer and wife reported being chased by a UFO for 10 miles. "We just sat in the car petrified until dawn, two hours after first sighting the object-before it raced away at high speed to the east."

(Source: "The News" Adelaide 17.04.74)
Round, yellow-white light with a blue light flashing in the middle sighted.

04.04.74 GOLD COAST (MIAMI), QLD 0525hrs (CE1)
QA 1974-007
A young 16 year-old surfer, saw a black object shaped 'like two plates joined together' rise out of the water. As the object obtained some altitude, a smaller object fell away from it (its disappearance was not observed). The larger object continued its ascent, through the clouds, towards the airport. At this stage the object had changed colour from black to silver.


15.04.74 PARKES, NSW 0320hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No.41

Triple witness sighting which included two police constables.

Two objects were sighted - a small circular object and a much larger diamond shaped object. The objects were travelling in formation approximately ten degrees above the horizon when the first was sighted. The direction of travel varied from E to NE. The objects were completely silent and the larger one was approximately four times the size of a helicopter and appeared to have portholes and a well lit interior. The witnesses felt that the object was intelligently controlled.

INVESTIGATION: Shortly after this, a RAAF report on this incident was received by one of the Police Constables in which the Air Force felt that the three men had been watching Venus and Jupiter on the night in question, but the detailed description of an object four times larger than a helicopter and with lighted portholes tends to discount the Jupiter/Venus explanation. It must also be remembered that at least two of the witnesses are trained observers. We have requested further details on this case, but unfortunately have received no reply.

15.04.74 ROSEWORTHY, SA 2015hrs (PHOTO)
Source: Adelaide "Advertiser" 17.04.74
A series of lights was seen in the sky near the crest of a hill. The photographer stopped the car he was driving and took a photo using a Polaroid camera. He says that he thought there were only two bright lights but the print shows three. He and his wife watched them for about half a minute but they did not move or make any sound. The print shows three blobs of light.

15.04.74 WOODSIDE SA 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: Adelaide "Advertiser" 17.04.74)
Driving when he saw an object travelling SE. It passed over their car when the vehicle suffered a temporary loss of power. The object was described as having a spherical spinning base, with four bright lights shining from a dome. It looked metallic. It then headed towards the horizon. Duration: 5-6 minutes.

15.04.74 WOODSIDE, SA 1730hrs (CE2)
Six people in two cars were travelling back to Adelaide. Someone in the second vehicle said they saw an object so both cars pulled up. One of the others said the vehicle suffered a temporary power loss as the object went over the car. Investigations revealed the entire episode was overplayed by the media. UFORSA

QA 1974-006
J Rudkin of Sandgate, was coming home from the local shops when he looked up into the sky and saw an unknown object. The report goes as follows:

"....As it was UFO week, I thought surely some would be seen as I was looking up in the almost cloudless sky....and looking at the moon, I saw just near to the moon a tiny object at about 50o up in the ENE sky. It was travelling towards the SW and was about this size (REFER TO SKETCH)....I waited until four teenagers who had been to the local laundrette came down the road. I drew it to their attention and they were very excited....we five watched it until it was out of sight over the direction of Brisbane in the SW sky....looked just like a silver bullet....it took about five minutes to travel across the sky....seemed to maintain the same height. We watched until the buildings blocked our view...."

When he returned home, he proceeded to show his mother where he saw the object and the following happened:

"....but another object exactly the same, came from just the same position and proceeded in the same direction as before. My mother saw it glint like a star as the sun caught it. I raced inside for the binoculars....it appeared to be silver but there was a red horizontal band across the top of the object and there appeared to be a fin on the right hand side which was the side I was viewing it from...."

Mr Rudkin proceeded to call Paul Rasmussen of 4KQ, Civil Aviation and Brisbane Airport. No high flying aircraft were in the area. He also contacted Mr Page of the Astronomers' Association. He could offer no explanation.


Claims on UFO damaging a tea tree patch was checked in late 1974. It appeared as if a large weight had fallen into a small tea tree patch with branches broken downwards, but no UFO seen; none heard, etc. Sample taken proved negative.

Two green lights were seen in a paddock and later a marking was found. It was a bare patch two point six five metres diameter with a depression in the centre twenty to twenty two centimetres deep and sixty centimetres diameter. UFORSA

QA 1975-019
Weather conditions were fine with no clouds reported in the sky.

"....In May 1974, myself, an adult friend, and our two sons aged 13 and 8 years, at about 7.30pm whilst fishing on the beach at Palm Beach, Qld, saw an unusual behaviour in the night sky....I was first to notice the silvery-white light similar to a star travelling from the north heading due south. I remarked to those with me, and as fishing was quiet we all watched the light....As the light, which appeared very high, reached the sky above us it began to slow and also to change colour, gradually deepening from silver to a dull red. When it had slowed right down, it disappeared in a black pocket in the sky....shortly later....another moving silver light appeared from the same direction, following the identical course with subsequent identical behaviour and as a result disappeared into the black pocket in the sky....from due west, travelling east, came another such light with identical slowing down. changing colour to a dull red, then it also disappeared into the black pocket in the sky. At no time did we hear any unusual sounds, nor did we observe any regulation lighting consistent with aircraft. We saw no further movement and returned home."

The next day, the witnesses heard on the local news that an unknown object was reported skimming across the water near Southport.

07.05.74 MOORLANDS, SA 1835hrs (NL)
While driving at speed, a man noted a bright white, blinding light off to the left. It overtook him and it continued straight on, off the road into the distance. It was only 1m away from his car when he first saw it. It was 1m off the ground and appeared to be 20cm in diameter. The second male was driving behind the first car and saw it and a bright white light, appeared to blot out the first car’s rear red lights, then move away to the right as if to overtake. Duration: 30 seconds. UFORSA

09.05.74 LINDA, TAS 2l00hrs
TA 1974-014

A motorist sees orange light appear at ground level 182.8m (200 yards) off the road, its light fades and brightens three times. The witness hurried away from the area.

13.05.74 SYDNEY (WEST RYDE), NSW 2130hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 41

Four witnesses watched two unusual objects from West Ryde approximately seven minutes. The objects were roughly oval shaped with a red light either side and a flashing white light in the centre- The objects appeared to be larger than an aeroplane, travelling faster than a helicopter. Both were completely silent. At first only one object was seen travelling in a westerly direction before coming to a sudden stop and hovering. A second object appeared and joined the first object. Both then instantly disappeared. The weather at the time was clear.

21.05.74 COOKES HILL (nr BIRDWOOD), SA 1945hrs (NL)
Object seen directly over a road a vehicle was travelling along. 30 degrees S and lost at 35 degrees N. It was described as a huge oval orange object like a giant pumpkin. Seen on three separate occasions on thr trip. No sound. Duration: 3 minutes. UFORSA

25.05.74 BOOBYALLA ESTATE, TAS 1930-2000hrs
TA 1974-015

Three people watched a large ‘banana’, bight orange below and more of a fire red in the middle blending to bright yellow on top. It seemed to be only six metres off the ground and moved towards them. It passed in front of some fencing and a log heap 200 metres away. Seemingly thirty metres long it came even closer and the witnesses started the car they were in and left. No markings were found the next day. The same object is believed to have been seen in the same area over the next few nights.

27.05.74 NARRABRI, NSW 2l00hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 41

A single witness observed two green objects for two to three seconds at Narrabri, NSW. The objects were seen at 45 degrees elevation in the NE heading towards the ground at 45 degrees. The objects were bright emerald green, and suddenly appeared in the sky travelling rapidly towards the ground until they were lost behind trees.

NOTE: This sighting has all the characteristics of a classic “green Fireball” type of sighting.

02.06.74 WENTWORTH FALLS, NSW 1630hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 41

The witness was standing outside the local primary school at Wentworth Falls. Her attention was suddenly drawn to six very bright lights moving overhead. The lights were coming from a very dark grey circular object moving slowly and silently towards the W. As the angle and distance of the object increased a clear plastic like dome could be seen. This covered the whole upper area of the object. No interior detail could be seen due to the sighting angle. The object was visible for a total of eight minutes.


07.06.74 nr GOULBURN, NSW 2300—0300hrs
A complex account by an elderly farmer concerns an object landing and the observation of three-four ‘men’ in glowing silver suits who unloaded items from the object.

12.06.74 MAYFIELD FLAT, TAS 2l00hrs
TA 1974-050

Three witnesses were out shooting, swinging a spotlight about when it seems to light up a row of green lights at ground level. Subsequently the lights seem to follow the witnesses off and on during the evening.

14.06.74 nr MITCHELL, QLD NIGHT (NL)
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-016
A light, of which its colour was like that of a cigarette glow at night, was seen fourty-five miles south of Mitchell. Its movement ruled out aircraft or balloons.

30.06.74 nr MITCHELL, QLD 2230hrs (NL)
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-009
Two people saw an orange-yellow light twice the size of a bright star moving across the sky in a zig-zag fashion from the north to the south. When first seen, it was about 15o above the eastern horizon but gained height to about 45o before suddenly gaining height and disappearing into the night sky. This sighting occurred about fifteen miles west of Mitchell.

10.07.74 SYDNEY (BRIGHTON-LE-SANDS), NSW 2230hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No.41

The witness’ attention was attracted by three lights that appeared to merge into a triangle. The lights were white in colour with the extreme right hand light exhibiting a tendency to change to a red-orange-green combination of hues. All the lights were approximately the size of Venus and appeared to be directly over Royal National Park.

NOTE: As this area is one of the main approach paths to Sydney Airport, it is more likely that this sighting was no more than a very unusual formation of aircraft lights, however due to insufficient information a firm evaluation is not possible at this stage.

14.07.74 nr MITCHELL, QLD NIGHT (NL)
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-017
A yellow light was seen from the road west of Mitchell.

14.07.74 bet MORVEEN & MITCHELL, QLD 2140-2315hrs (CE1)
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-010
About ten miles east of Morveen, a light similar to the one seen a fortnight earlier (see QA 1974-009 Mitchell, Qld 2230hrs), but much larger approached the same percipiant from in front but slightly to the right.

He stopped the bike. He described the object as being cone-shaped, about 50 feet long, and having an orange-yellow glow coming from the base of the cone. It usually travelled with the pointed end in front, made no noise and had about six pale yellow-red lights along each side. These gave the impression of being windows and were situated on a raised portion of the object.

The object moved across in front of him and to the left of the road. Then moved to a distance so tha it appeared to be about the size of a large star. He started the bike and continued at a moderate speed. When he passed through the small town of Mungallala the object was just a small bright light high above the town and when he met and tried to flag down an oncoming car, the object was just a small light in the SE.

About four miles W of Mungallala the object again came closer to him. It approached from in front, slightly to the right of the road and as it approached a strong wind approx. 20 knots in strength blew from the south and appeared to be similiar to a whirlwind. There was a sound similiar to a large jet or a kettle whistling which was heard with the helmet on and above the idle of the bike.

As the object approached he could see the trees being affected by the wind. The wind stopped just after it reached the bike and the object backed away. The wind was strong and it was necessary to hold the bike firmly to prevent it from being blown over.

About six miles west of Mitchell, he again went close to the object. It was stationary about 200 feet above the ground and slightly to the north of the road. As he approached, there appeared to be about six rods protruding below the object. A small bright object with no definite shape came from the vicinity of the rods, dropped until it was clear of the larger object, then travelled at high speed to the south. About 30 seconds after this occurred, he passed under the object and saw a dim yellow glow coming from the underside where the small object emerged from. What first appeared to be rods now appeared to be triangular-shaped flaps which appeared to have opened to give a circular opening to allow the smaller object to leave.

The time was now 11.15pm and it was the last he saw of the object.


17.07.74 nr ROMA, QLD 0650hrs
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-021
A glowing fluorescent tube-like object was seen travelling from the north to the south-east.

QA 1974-003
The holes were found by Mr George Nauschutz in a cultivated paddock on his property 5.5 kms west of Jandowae (150km N.W.of Toowoomba) in late July 1974. All the markings occurred in a two metre diameter depression about thirty centimeters deep and raised in the middle but still below ground level. There are about eight holes scattered around inside the two metre depression but none in the middle. Some holes are small and shallow, but three to five holes are ten to fifteen centimeters in diameter and go down about sixty centimeters or more. These holes are circular with a smooth hard packed surface and they bend through sixty degrees away from the middle of the depression as they go down. A grey stain on the inside of the holes is not compatible with the soil in the district.

INVESTIGATION: The geiger counter did not show any radioactivity although this usually decays to an undetectable level after a month. UFOs usually leave a white rather than grey substance behind and their landing marks are usually symmetrical and straight into the soil. There is no obvious symmetry about the holes at Jandowae. Local people told UFOR(QLD) of two UFO sightings near Jandowae but nothing at this particular place or time and no close encounters. It is the conclusion of UFOR(QLD) that the machine like surfaces on the small holes and the disappearance of the soil go against all natural explanations. UFOs have been known to lift things from soil to the steel mat off an airport runway, and might be capable of causing the holes at Jandowae. Constable Beikoff of Jandowae has summed it up well with the statement, "It may never be explained."


27.07.74 CRESSY, TAS 1900hrs
TA 1974-027

Motorist and passenger first saw a red light near the roadside, then a yellow mass of light which rose up from behind a hedge ahead. The object, then close to the ground, rose up and moved off fast.

TA 1974-029

A police officer sighted a large white light at ground level. The object looked to be stationary but when the officer attempted to investigate, the object went out.

07.08.74 MOORLANDS, SA 1835hrs
Two reporters in individual cars were driving at high speed when a small white light about twenty centimetres in diameter overtook one car then rose into the air at speed.

17.08.74 GLADSTONE (PORT CURTIS), QLD bet 0130-0200hrs (CE1)
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 43 (April-May 1975)
QA 1975-001
The Captain and two crew members of a vessel entering Port Curtis observed a light approximately sixteen feet above the sea, which at first was motionless and was mistaken for one of the bouys used for navigation through the harbour entrance. The vessel passed the light at a distance of 40-45 yards. The light then moved off in a southerly direction and disappeared. The light was estimated to be three to four feet wide but not detected on ship's radar, although the marker bouys were monitored.

After completing the second leg of the manoeuvres and commencing the final run into port, the crew noticed a further five similar lights scattered over an area between the vessel and the town of Gladstone. Two of the lights flew rapidly away to the south, while the other three came directly astern of the vessel. The lights remained in this position for four to five minutes, again nothing appearing on ship's radar. The objects then departed. disappearing in a southerly direction. No sound was detected throughout the sighting.

TA 1974-041

Disturbed by barking dogs, the witness looked out to see a mass of white lights passing over the bay at low level. The lights disappeared from view and soon the dogs stopped barking. Next day the dogs acted ‘sleepish’. Also an area of flattened grass fifteen by fifteen metres (fifty by fifty feet) was found in the direction the lights disappeared.

QA 1974-012
A silvery-blue undefined triangular light like Xmas tree decorations was witnessed by a Jindalee woman. It lit up an area of the ground. An Italian girl also saw it and was greatly disturbed by it.

RAAF Amberley received a number of call from the Jindalee area about the same object(s).

SEPTEMBER 1974 RENMARK, SA 2215hrs (CE2)
Returning home in a Hillman Hunter sedan, by herself, a lady became aware of an illumination behind the car. It was a white light which approached at great speed, and as it seemed to be wanting to overtake her she moved over to the left. She saw the light to her right, then the car vibrated as if being pushed up and down. She just held on tightly to the steering wheel, and recalls the engine must have stopped at this point for although she pressed the accelerator no power was forthcoming. The light simply vanished. She was by this time, terrified, and cannot recall any other part of her trip home. Keith Basterfield

07.09.74 NORFOLK, TAS
Mr and Mrs Herb Slater and their son, John, were driving near Antill Ponds when John saw a number of lights in the sky. The family stopped their car and got out to watch. The object came down through cloud. It appeared to have a cigar-shaped body. It hovered, and then moved slowly up and down, and was watched by the Slater family for about 6 minutes. Eventually it rose higher, and disappeared in the cloud as it appeared to head towards Oatlands. John Slater said the lights of the object were very bright and illuminated the cloud layer. The family heard an odd noise which they described as “a slight hue, or a whirring noise”, just before the object moved off.

QA 1974-015
Three lights were observed over Mt Coot-Tha.

16.09.74 PRIORY, TAS 2115hrs
TA 1974-037

Mrs Richards, with two of her three children were driving home when suddenly the sky illuminated. The automobile lost power and could not be re-started. There was a sudden deafening roar from outside the car, so loud that Mrs Richards and her children had to block their ears. Momentarily a strong gaseous odour penetrated the interior of the car and the occupants evacuated and fled through the night to the home of a neighbour two miles away. Trying to calm Mrs Richards as much as possible, the neighbour drove her back to her car but found no evidence of such strange occurrences, and the car started immediately. The next day Mr Richards had the car thoroughly inspected by a mechanic who found it to be in perfect condition.

17.09.74 GOLD COAST (CARRARA), QLD 0920hrs (CE1)
QA 1974-014
The two witnesses stopped their car on the Broadbeach-Nerang Road not far from the Motor Racing Circuit to observe an object for two or three minutes, during which it tilted onto its side showing its disc shape. The object was silver in colour and maintained an up and down motion. It appeared to be about ten miles away and a few hundred feet above the mountains over Mudgeeraba.

18.09.74 THE MARSHES, TAS 2015hrs
TA 1974-038

Mr Richards was returning home along a back road when he noted a light apparently following him soundlessly.. He stopped and it stopped. The light was yellow and ill defined, with no effects being noticed on the car. When he got home, his family saw a yellow banana shape to their east just above trees about 100-150 metres from the house. After five minutes it simply faded away.

20.09.74 nr ROMA, QLD 0550hrs (CE1)
Source: UFO Research Group Roma
QA 1974-022
A glowing fluorescent tube-like object was seen again travelling from the north to the south-east.

22.09.74 TAYENE, TAS l720hrs
TA 1974-040

A lady was sitting in her car with the radio on when the whole area lit up including the inside of the car. The radio developed a very high pitched whistle. A glowing orange/silver object approached slowly, some 15 to 20 metres up and descending. She started the car with no trouble and backed off the road. The object approached within three metres up and 20-30 metres away - the radio still whistling. It then hung stationary over the middle of the road for a while before moving quickly away. The lady was shaken for days.

10.10.74 bet LOCKYER & LAIDLEY, QLD 0010hrs (CE1)
QA 1974-023
Two school teachers recounted the following event:

"....On Thursday.... Debra and myself were attending a theatrical play at Lockyer High School. At 12.05am we proceeded to travel by car to Laidley, a distance of about 15kms. At about 12.10am both of us observed with fright a series of bands of intense lights. These bands (white lights) were rising from ground level to the tops of the tallest trees."


"The speed with which they rose was about 30km/h. This lasted for about two to three seconds. The distance of the lights to the car was about 100 metres. This amazing happening occurred four or five times within a distance of about four miles. Each occurrence was identical in appearance. The bands of light did not fall to the ground but only rose from the ground....conditions at the time were quite clear. Although a storm was occurring up until 8pm that night, many stars were seen. There was no lightning nor thunder....the moon was at its last quarter and is still wanning to a new moon...."

10.10.74 BRISBANE (REDCLIFFE), QLD 0215hrs (CE1)
QA 1974-004
Mrs Herriman saw an irregular and jagged-shaped blue-red object over Moreton Bay. The object was stationary for about twelve minutes before falling suddenly in a leaf-like fashion to about where the evening star was positioned at 8pm that evening. It lost its colour and a few seconds later, it shot off at great speed to the south towards Sandgate. Object travelled off in a straight line. Duration: ten to fifteen minutes. Weather condition at the time was clear, cold with no clouds about.


17.10.74 MAITLAND, NSW Ol2Ohrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 43 (April-May 1975)

At approximately 1.20am, Mr C K was awakened by his six dogs barking furiously at something outside his house. One of the dogs, which was indoors, ran in and out of the bedroom growling and barking. Alarmed by this unusual behaviour, Mr K decided to investigate. The time was then 1.40am.

When he got outside, all the dogs stopped barking and Mr K observed a circular, yellowish-white light almost directly overhead. The light was stationary at an altitude of about 500 feet with an apparent diameter of 1/2 the full moon. After a few seconds, the light moved off slowly in a northerly direction towards a hill about a half kilometre distant. When the light approached the top of the hill, it stopped and two bright beams of light appeared from the bottom of the first light and shone onto the ground directly below. These beams were bright white and appeared to illuminate the ground as brightly as sunlight. When the object became stationary, Mr K went indoors to phone a friend to try and get someone else to see the object. The friend, however, did not want to get out of bed at that early hour, so Mr K returned outside. When he again looked at the light, it had risen above its last position and was now partly obscured by the thick cloud cover that prevailed that night. The circular light and the two beams were still visible and after a few minutes of observation, during which nothing happened, Mr K returned to bed. The time was then approximately 1.50 am.

INVESTIGATION: The weather conditions that night were poor, with a thick overcast preventing the moon or stars being seen. The witness is familiar with most types of aircraft lights and was definite in stating that the beams of light were different from those used by aircraft. The absence of any sound would eliminate aircraft as a possible explanation for this report. Some time after this sighting, after a period of heavy rain, Mr K noticed two circular marks on his property — below where the light was first seen. On examination, these circles appear to be the result of a fungal growth.


TAS 1974-049

A motorist going south on Midlands Highway sighted an elongated yellow light on or near the ground in a roadside paddock. The light then paced the car to the Kempton area before its disappearance.

10.11.74 LLEWELYN, TAS 2330hrs
TA 1974-047

A motorist travelling home late that night finds his car lit up by a bluish light. The witness then saw an extremely bright round object at ground level south of the road. Subsequently a red light paced the car for some kilometres.

Source: Gympie Times, QLD (14.11.74)
A group of children from the Theebine State School say they saw strange lights in the sky in the Gundiah-Miva area on Tuesday night....

"....It was not just one child, but as many as 20. They are only youngsters and some of their reports are a little confused, but all are certain of the sightings," Mrs B Patterson, assistant teacher, said.

Mrs Patterson said the objects were described as 'red blobs', and there were three of them....the objects made a loud noise, and were not accepted as planes by the children.

"From the reports there appeared to be no definite shape attached to the objects," she added.

The children involved in the sightings came from an area bounded by Gundiah, Miva and Glen Echo. Miss Christine Neilsen, of Munna Creek, who works at the Niva Store, is one of a number of adults who also saw the lights.

"They were reddish in colour and had no definite shape. I only saw the one but my father said there were three of them," Christine said.

....the objects finally disappeared among the hills....

29.11.74 BRISBANE (MARGATE), QLD 2330hrs (CE1)
QA 1977-003
A part-time cook had just arrived home from work when he noticed three lights across the street above the trees. They were travelling in a west to east direction, evenly spaced from each other and exhibiting a glow which seemed to come from within the objects. All three changed colours, from white to pink to blue and back to white. They kept in perfect formation level to the horizon. The light executed a 90o turn earthwards without slowing down, disappearing behind houses. He did not observed their disappearance. The next door neighbour's dog was extremely quiet that night, as it usually barks erratically when he arrives home at night.

Source: The Sun-Herald (Sydney/14.12.74)

A 5.8—5.9 metre diameter bare earth circle was found in a field of saffron thistles, which had been flattened in an anti—clockwise direction. Soil analysis revealed no cause. There were no signs of heat or radiation.

Source: Gympie Times, QLD (14.12.74)
....The display appears to have lasted about 3/4 of an hour, beginning about 2.45am, when two Nestle tower operators who were standing on the lawn noticed a light in the sky.

"When we first saw it, it looked like a low star," one of the men said yesterday.

....it seemed to be about half a mile away, to the NW, and something like 300 to 500 feet from the ground.

"Then we thought it looked too low for a star. All of a sudden we reckoned we could see it moving. Then it sort of zipped off one way and then another."

He described the object as resembling a man's straw hat in shape. Its colour varied, but most of the time it was a vivid red. After watching it for some time from the lawn, he and his two mates went to the factory roof to watch....After about 20 minutes of hovering, and 'zipping' here and there, the light apparently dropped to a hillside.

"It was most brilliant when it came down to earth. It was just a big brilliant red glow. It went out, and it came up again, and then it would fade away to nothing and then become brilliant again...."

....Shortly afterwards, when he was working and the light had vanished from the hillside, one of his mates saw a series of orange lights appear at the spot where the first light had faded.

Each of these lights appeared to travel down the hill and disappear from view over near the highway. He estimates he saw about a dozen lights go through this performance. And then the 'show' was over.

25.12.74 WENTWORTH FALLS, NSW 2345hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsketter No 41

A very loud high pitched revving noise was heard by a local resident coming from the rear of her house. This noise continued for approximately half an hour but no investigation of the sound was carried out at this stage as it was considered to be someone revving a car engine.

When the woman went into the back yard the next day, she noticed a strange mark on the ground. It appeared from a distance to be a large round oil slick, but on closer inspection the grass was found to be covered with spherical grey charcoal like particles. The particles appeared to be much heavier toward one side of the circle and a clothes line support normally located near the circle had been knocked over. No unusual o r was detected.

INVESTIGATION: Unfortunately the UFOIC Investigation Section did not received notice of this incident until June 1975. A thorough investigation was immediately instigated, but due to the delay there was not much the section could do but to detail the incident accurately. The charcoal-like substance had long since disappeared and no-one had thought to preserve any of the material. We have managed to obtain verification of both the noise and the mark from another witness.

QA 1979-019
Brian and Anne had an argument and went to bed in separate rooms. During the night, Brian heard a buzzing sound but couldn't get out of bed. Finally he managed to get out and went to see how Anne was. He got back into bed, and the buzzing sound returned. He repeated his actions and it happened a third time. He recalls seeing an amber light. He then found himself on a leather bed under a translucent amber glass dome. He also saw figures outside this dome. Next morning, both Wendy and Anne suffered from an earache. This earache returns spasmodically, but they cannot find the reasons why it does.

Received 10th August 2008 - New

Summer 1974 DYSART (QLD) 0130hrs

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Ross x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: Star size.
Colour: orange to whitish
Object origin: South east.
Speed: Very fast.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

I was sitting out the front of the house early hours of the morning, it was a very clear night plenty of stars and there was light in the sky very similar to a high flying jet. Any way I just watched it, it was in the South west running from South west to North east. It was 1.30 p.m in the morning. I watched it for a couple of minutes then all of sudden it stopped. It was very very high up, it just stopped dead then after about 15 seconds or so it just brighter and brighter like it was a magnesium flare burning then it just shoot straight up and disappeared.
It was quick, it went up like a rocket and vanished.


August 1974 GOLD COAST(QLD) 0130hrs

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Bob x
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: around 1 minute.
Number of Objects: 9
Size: Star size.
Colour: whitish
Object origin: North to South
Speed: Fast.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

It was 1974 we saw 9 UFOs in formation over the Pacific Ocean just off the Gold Coast, they would have been 4 to 5 thousand feet high. It was a very clear night these things were in formation one of them had a trail behind it its after burner I don't know but it was but it wasn't looking to good it was puffing away with flames coming out the back of it, then all of a sudden it got its self going and then zoom it joined up with the rest back in position.

We were looking up at it, it must have moved at very high speed because it caught up. I had a friend with me he's now a retired policeman he saw them also. So I rang up the Nerang Police station to report what I saw. The policeman on the other end was quite for a moment, then he told me he had received another call about the same objects being seen up here. So I then rang R.A.A.F Amberley and asked if they had any aircraft flying over the Gold Coast in formation, they told me no.

The Newspaper's explanation was Space Junk ?


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