Source: South Burnett Times, Gympie (29.01.75)
QA 1975-018
....One evening earlier this month two carloads of people saw a strange object in the sky in the Woolooga-Miva-Glen Echo crossroads area....

....A spokesman for Sunday's group, Mr E Craft of Leavinia Street, said the object was round in shape with a following tail. It gave off a green glow with a white tail....it appeared for several seconds, disappeared and then reappeared before disappearing completely.

He said the object moved at a great speed parallel to the ground at just above tree top level. It made no apparent noise....

"....There was no way in the world these things were any type of aircraft" he said....

03.01.75 FINGAL, TAS 2230hrs
TA 1975-001

After a UFO observation two damaged areas of wattle tree and saplings were found.

12.01.75 Albury NSW (Radar trace)
Source: (FOI request to Department of Transport 2004.)
Occurrence number 19750294.  Occurrence id 91062.  12 Jan 1975.  Albury NSW. UFO sighted on radar at 20,000ft in CTA. Not possible to identify.

19.01.75; JIMBOOMBA, QLD 1955hrs (Possible bromide)
QA 1975-002
Four males were walking up to the milk shed at approximately 7.55pm. The following event occurred.

"....I was talking to him when something incredible attracted my attention out of the corner of my left eye....I told dad and we stood there and watched in amazement. This lasted for about two seconds and then it was no longer seen....This object started up again but only this time, sparks and flames appeared to come out of it. It then continued on the same horizontal path, then we could no longer see it. All this lasted about three to four seconds.

The object was reported over the Nambour 4NR Radio Station. An additional two car loads of people also witnessed the object. It was decribed as large, round, bluish-green with a white tail. It stopped, faded out, reappeared and then continued on its path.


19.01.75; GLENECHO, QLD 2010hrs (NL)
QA 1975-003
An E A Craft while travelling in the Glenecho area, witnessed through the windscreen of the car, a greenish-gold object travel across the sky for approximately 11/2 minutes. During its travels, it disappeared, and reappeared shaped like a tadpole for a short period and then disappeared. It was travelling from the east to the west at high speed. During its observation, the object flickered.

Following reports of UFO activity in the Lake Sorell area, shooters told the TUFOIC investigator of a strip in gum trees, as if the object had made a landing run some of some 45 to 91 metres (50 to 100 yards) long through the bush. All the trees were knocked over in the same direction. No UFOs seen.

04.02.75 BALAKLAVA SA 0540hrs (PHOTO)
A movie film, showing an unusual object in the eastern sky, was taken by a Mr Ben Hall. A silver cloud-like object was noted and Mr Hall decided to take some colour eight mm movie film of it. They watched it altogether for a period of some twenty five minutes of which one and a half minutes was captured on film. The film shows a "condensation" trail type object moving very, very slowly, close to the horizon. UFORSA

14.02.75 ADELAIDE (FULHAM GARDENS), SA 1525hrs (DD)

A bright white light was seen moving from 45 degrees S to 70-80 degrees N. Probably met balloon. Duration: 10 minutes. UFORSA

18th FEB; BRISBANE (NEWSTEAD), QLD 0830-0915hrs (DO)
QA 1975-004
A Brisbane City Council worker witnessed over a period of 40 minutes a white round object which appeared to be about 5000 to 6000ft over Brisbane. It remained stationary for thirty minutes before it slowly moved to the west and was viewed for an additional ten minutes before it was lost to sight. It was approximately the size of a match head held at arm's length. Weather was fine with some clouds.

20.02.75 ROSEDALE, SA 0025hrs (NL)
Travelling by car when they saw an object like the full Moon rising in the NW behind a group of hills. Later it was seen as a crescent shape. Then there were two objects sitting on top of each other. The bottom half was a very bright orange while the top was a yellowish-white. It approached and was in front of the hill. At one point it was 60m above the car-seen then as a clear saucer shape. UFORSA

25.02.75 YORK PLAINS TAS 0700hrs
TA 1984-048
A builder was driving to a farm when he heard a flapping, thump thump sound. To the east, he saw a long, dome—shaped object. It was a dull, smooth steel grey, and had a rim around it with a clear dome across the top. In the bottom centre was a doorway. Standing on the rim were three, motionless figures; one faced the direction of travel, one faced the percipient, and the remaining one appeared to look inside the door. The figures were about l.5rn in height, of normal proportions, and were covered in one-piece, closefitting garments which left only the face and hands exposed. The object was estimated to be some thirty metres from the road and had a velocity of approximately 50km/h. After two or three minutes, the object was lost to view over hills to the north.

After hearing a strange humming sound and trying to locate its source, a man saw an object at 30 degrees NE shaped like an elongated trapezium. It had flashing lights along its entire edge. He returned inside and when he looked later it had gone.

TA 1975-009
A man noted two soundless flashing lights some 300 metres away, 15-20 metres above the ground, 5-7 metres apart. Beneath was a yellow glow which dimly lit the ground. The lights backed away pulsing all the time before speeding upwards at a steep angle.

MARCH 1975 nr RICHMOND, TAS 0030hrs
TA 1984-035
A couple in a car noticed a light which travelled parallel to them above hills to their east. At the end of the range, the light flashed across the sky to a point above the percipients’ motor vehicle. It now appeared as a large circular white light with a number of red lights to either side forming an anchor pattern. The witnesses continued on whilst the lights remained over the road till they were finally lost to view.

Two men were out fishing when a UFO was noted. One of the men present said something similar happened to him some time previously and that a figure in a silver suit came out of the craft.

06.03.75 nr.MOUNT GAMBIER, SA (NL)
The flight engineer of a commercial jet flying between Melbourne and Perth sighted a falling green object slightly ahead and to the right of the plane. It looked like a falling flare. Another aircraft five minutes ahead also reported the same object. The same thing was seen by the crew of a Fokker F27 near Ardrossan, several hundred kilometres away. Investigations revealed they had sighted Cosmos 582 re-entering the atmosphere. UFORSA

08.03.75 LAKE CRESCENT, TAS 1900hrs
TA 1975-012
A circular bright light was seen by two people.

14.03.75 LAKE SORELL, TAS 2000hrs
TA 1975-014
Five witnesses around a campfire, near Lake Sorell, spotted a bright yellow football - shaped object rise from behind trees 300ms away. The object appeared to be taking off, shooting up into the sky until it appeared like a star.
22.03.75 NEBO, QLD 2230hrs (CE1)
A very unusual object was seen by several people in a gravel storage area. A loud bang was heard and their vehicle seemed to shake in response. They fled from the scene. Unusual indentations, consisting of three oval shaped areas were later found. RAAF investigated.

TA 1975-020

Two children and an adult witnessed a half-circle shaped orange object some 400ms away near the ground. The object rose slowly up a hill and after three minutes disappeared to the south.

APRIL 1975 URANIA, SA 2100hrs (CE1)
One night in April 1975 a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to go spotlighting for foxes. I said yes and travelled to his farm ten miles south of Maitland and arrived there about 9.00 pm. After going inside and chatting for a while to my friend Brad, his mum Pam and another friend Michael, I said that I was going outside to get things ready to go spotlighting.

As I walked out the back door (facing east) I noticed what I initially thought was a large shooting star coming down from the east and to the southeast but the shooting star stopped dead at about 20-degrees above the horizon and began travelling across the sky towards the east and flashing blue, red and white lights.

I yelled to the others to “Come Out Here NOW! Look At This”. They came running out and we all stood in the backyard watching as the UFO traversed the horizon.

I got my rifle out of my car and began watching it through the telescopic sight and was amazed to see that it was, at a guess, 40 metres across and about 20 metres high, disc-shaped with windows around the edge of the disc and a flashing dome on top made out of what looked like polished aluminum. It looked so close that I had to move the scope to see all of it. Brad went to the car shed further down the yard, to the east, to get his binoculars while Pam, Michael and I took turns watching through the riflescope. After about five minutes Brad came back. He had been watching it through the binoculars and I could see from the porch light that he was as white as a ghost.

The UFO was at this stage around 1000 metres away and travelling towards us. I got scared and was going to have a shot at it but was told off by Pam so I lowered the rifle. As I did, the UFO started to retreat and slowly move off to the north towards Maitland. We kept watching, as it became just a red flashing light hovering just over the eastern side of Maitland. Four other little red lights seemed to enter the‘mothership’ UFO and then the UFO took of in a slight arc to the east into the sky and disappeared in less that a second.

I have since seen many other lights in the sky but none more convincing than the above.

Additional Information:
After the sighting, I asked Pam, “Why weren’t you scared?” and she said, “Oh I’ve seen them before, they’ll be back”. I asked her when she had seen them before and she said, “When we used to live on the other farm”. This farm, incidentally, was situated about a kilometre east-southeast of where we all saw the UFO starting to move towards us. Apparently she had got up through the night to go to the outside toilet and saw a UFO sitting in the paddock next to the toilet. She really didn’t go into much detail about it but did say that the next day she went to the doctor complaining of burns on her face and arms. The doctor told her it was just sunburn.

I suspect that the UFO was looking for her and that I scared them off when I foolishly aimed my loaded .243 at them. (I kind of regret doing that.) I had even calculated that I would have hit it if I had aimed about 20 feet over the top.

When the four of us agreed that the UFO was gone, I said, “Well let’s go spotlighting, guys”, to which Michael said, “No way!” I said, “Look, we won’t see it again. Let’s go”. So off we went. We had shot a few foxes and were on the northern side of Maitland, heading north, when, to our right about 800 metres and over the tops of the trees, we saw it again. I wanted to go and have a good look at it but the other’s said, “That’s it. Let’s go home.” which we did I was out voted.

The craft was actually 800 metres to our right and just over on the other side of the tops of the treeline on the main bitumen road. We were on a dirt road parallel to the bitumen road, so the craft would have been only about maybe 50 feet off the ground and pacing us. We were doing about 30 mph. Peter Johnson - 05.01.05

04.04.75 CAIRNS, QLD (NL)
Source: (1.  RAAF files. 2.  Bill Chalker. (1982). UFO Research Australia Newsletter. 3(4):23.)
The tower asked an approaching pilot to look for a UFO to the north. A light was seen which mainly appeared stationary, but at times oscillated.

10.04.75 WOODSDALE, TAS 2200hrs
TA 1975-019

One bright oval light was seen at close range.

18.04.75 HAYES, TAS 2045hrs
TA 1975-021

A round yellow and white light was observed.

20.04.75 BURRA, SA 1915-1945hrs (NL)
While out driving a number of observations of an unusual white light were made. At times it appeared to have a cigar shape with 3-4 orange flashing lights on it. UFORSA

27.04.75 WOODSIDE, SA 1800hrs (DD)
A "whizzing" sound was noted, and then a semi circular shaped object, grey in colour, with a blurry glass-like base with no windows and metallic looking, was seen at 5 degrees ENE. Initially stationary, it moved downwards towards the right ass watched. UFORSA

QA 1975-019
The same participant of the May 1974 incident also reported the following:

"....I have had no further experiences but only recently several 'saucers' were sighted flying around a large white tube, then they entered the tube and flew off. This happened off Palm Beach over the pine forest. My wife....heard an unusual humming sound over our house just before said sighting. I was in the shower at the time and it was not until the next day that we heard about the sighting...."

06/07.05.75 DOUGHBOY, NSW
Source: The Daily Examiner (Grafton/14.05; 24.05; 06.06; and 10.06)

In a remote extremity of property farmer, Mr Robert Tucker discovered an almost perfect circle of dead grass with an inside diameter of four metres and an outside dimension of five metres. The circle soon deteriorated leaving bare earth. A log extended across part, of the circle, but appeared to be not affected, although a cow pad was completely flattened. Bill Chalker

20.05.75 WARWICK, QLD 0630hrs (CE1)
QA 1975-005
Mr J B of Warwick, reported that he had observed an object which appeared to be made of aluminium or some other similar type of material, for about three minutes duration at about 6.30am on the above date. He estimated that the object was travelling at 100mph from north to south at a height of 1000ft., and observed the object through a pair of binoculars. Using the binoculars he observed that the object appeared to have a fuselage like a conventional aircraft but no wings were visible.


21.05.75 BRISBANE (WYNNUM), QLD 1815hrs (NL)
QA 1975-006
Mr E H of Wynnum observed a blue light travelling south to north at approximately 6.15pm for a duration of three minutes. The object which was travelling very fast, travelled in a zig zag pattern.

22.05.75 WASLEYS, SA 0400hrs (NL)
Lying in bed when two lights "just appeared." bearing 065 degrees. These lights went out and then a "dark body" rose upwards from that same spot to 15-20 degrees and travelled to the S. Getting out of bed she then saw there was a red light to the rear of the body. No sound. Duration: five minutes. UFORSA

24.05 to 16.06.75; ROMA, QLD 0000-0100hrs (NL/CE1)
QA 1989-046
On the 24th of May, Shirley Allik had come to the hospital to take over from her sister the daily bedside vigual of their sick father. Her sister stated that she had been watching strange lights darting everywhere in the southern sky. They moved very quickly and there were quite a few of them.

The next night (25th of May) these lights were still visible and doing exactly the same manoeuvres of the night before. Shirley called a friend of hers on the telephone, the late Mr Taylor M.B.E., and he told Shirley that through field glasses, he saw what he believed to be the 'mother ship' and that these small lights were darting up underneath it. Shirley's sister, Betty, called her husband in Toowoomba and told him to send up his binoculars.

The next night and for weeks after, they saw through binoculars, a large 'fish-shaped' object in the southern sky with many smaller lights darting in and out of it. Some of the Hospital staff also witnessed the event. Movie footage was taken of the objects but when developed, the objects were only as large as stars. This continued until the 15th of June 1975.

On the night of the 15th of June, when Shirley tried to get some sleep (i.e. everytime she closed her eyes) a light would shine on them. She felt that this had something to do with the object that she had observed these past few weeks. Shirley decided to relieve her sister at the hospital and got there at about 11.30pm. Shirley was still climbing the inner stairs when, looking through the windows, saw an large coloured object coming towards them. In the accompany of the sister and two nurses, they watched this object glide pass the balcony heading east, then north east towards Bassills Mountains. Afterwards it looked as if the object hit the mountains because they all witnessed an explosion which lit up the sky. It was only then that they realised an hour had past. It only seemed like a few minutes that they were watching this object. Also, Shirley later remembered that during this encounter, the animals were going beserk.

31.05.75; BRISBANE (WYNNUM CENTRAL), QLD 1930hrs (CE1)
QA 1975-007
Mrs L J of Thornside reported observing twelve objects at Wynnum Central in the company of three other persons. The observation lasted for fifteen to twenty minutes, and the objects were at a height of 150 to 200ft. Two large objects in the shape of -

(1) a saucer.

(2) a tube,

was observed together with ten smaller objects that were in line with two larger objects. The two large objects appeared to have portholes, the saucer shaped craft had round holes, whilst the tube like object had square holes. The colour of the lights were a mixture of blue, red, green and white, and all objects were motionless. The witnessed later observed a bright orange light travelling low over Brisbane.

JUNE 1975 ESK, QLD 2000-2100hrs (NL)
QA 1975-016
A light, amber in colour, was seen hovering, then dropped from the sky. Did not observed its disappearance. Duration: 15 minutes.

A series of lights, beams, and lights appearing to land, was seen by a few witnesses from a nearby farm on Table Mountain. After witnessing this activity over a period of a few months, two people climbed the mountain and found small round indentations in the plateau moss, about a dozen marks at random. Some moss in the area had been dug up.

Source: Daily Examiner (Sydney, NSW)
Cain and Cook were visiting three other men when, as they approached their house on Yamba Road, they noticed a bright red/green object approaching in the west. It stopped, apparently hovering off the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park. The two got the other three and together they followed the object when it started to move down the direction of the road to Palmers Island. It appeared to be about the size of a quarter of the moon estimated at about thirty feet. As the car closed, the object shot off at high speed and then apparently waited for the car at the end of the straight road. It then zig zagged across the road, eventually moving across the Clarence River and hovering above trees in sugar cane fields on Harwood Island. The object went down twice, dimming and revealing a definite disc-shape. Farmers that night reported disturbances amongst dogs and animals but saw nothing. Fishermen at Yamba reported seeing a fast moving light travel from ocean horizon to Yamba at about the beginning of the main observation. Witnesses: Frank Cain, Stewart Cain, Kevin Cook, Chris Woollet and Dant Decarvalher. Bill Chalker

04.06.75 COMO, WA 0255hrs
A plant operator reported seeing a white and yellow rotating ‘saucer’ at 25 degrees SW.

Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 44 (July-August 75)

Mother and daughter and later family, observed a ball of orange light which apparently flew parallel to the road near power lines. TV interference over a wide area was reported during the sighting.

08.06.75 NORAH HEAD, NSW 0030hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 44 (July-August 75)

Three boys and a girl were at Norah Head, camping near a gully after a spear fishing trip. The boys went to the gully for wood to make a windbreak for the camp. Two of them, J N and J S went down into the gully and passed up the wood to D S. After preparing a fire and a windbreak, the three boys heard strange noises like continuous “jet noises’. The time was about 12.3Oam. After the boys began to shine torches around the area, D S noticed “a small luminous object” between two and three feet in diameter emerge from the bushes at the side of a small track leading into the gully. The other two boys confirmed this observation but the girl could not see it, nor did she see any of the bizarre events that were to follow. Eventually two smaller objects, oval in shape, with weird “propeller” or “worm-like” shapes inside them emerged from the larger object and approached the group. Within a few moments, further objects had emerged and soon a large number of these smaller objects were “attacking” the group. These objects avoided (with some apparent ‘intelligence’) attempts to deflect them or spear them.

The boys’ fears eventually overwhelmed them and the group fled from the area. They went to the local Police and received little attention. Eventually D S rang UFOIC at 2.00am that morning, expressing tangible fear. Later that day, while carrying out investigations at the site, the fear the boys associated with the area, was still noticeable.

16.06.75 BRISBANE (TOOWONG), QLD 0115hrs (CE1)
QA 1975-008
Mr M M gave the following report:

"At 1.15am I saw travelling from the direction of Mt Coot-tha, from the west to the east in a gradually lowering altitude, a coloured light. As it came in closer to me it seemed more controlled than say a fireworks drop, though.

I decided to note if possible where it may land or fall. As this display came closer which was now about 20 feet above ground level and about the same distance away from me, I noticed a round metallic-type object which was in my sight for about ten seconds. It continued on out of sight for about ten seconds, continuing on out of sight behind the trees. I cannot say if this disc (which I estimated would be near 20ft in diameter and very flat) was visible all the time the lights were their but only that I did not see it until nearing the end of my visual participation.

I did not noticed any noise...."

17.06.75 URANGAN, QLD 1930hrs (NL)
Source: Courier Mail (Brisbane, QLD 18.06.75), UFO Encounter No 57 May-June 1975.
The third unidentified flying object sighting in the Maryborough district in the last few weeks was reported yesterday by Tony Wynne, 16, and Warren Witherington, 17.

The boys of Edward Street, Urangan, said that they saw flashing lights in the sky over Dayman Point, Urangan, at about 7.30pm on Tuesday. About fifty people in the area also saw the lights.

The boys said that the appearance of the lights had caused all the neighbourhood dogs to bark and cats to howl.

"We developed pains in our necks, and tried wrapping hot towels around our necks but this had no effect. We knew when the lights had gone, because the pain left our necks suddenly."

19.06.75 RENMARK, SA 1715hrs (NL)
Source: "Murray Pioneer" newspaper 24.06.75
Several reports of a bright white light visible in the W. Lost over the horizon at1730hrs. Initially stationary then went downwards. Duration: 20 minutes.

21.06.75 HERVEY BAY, QLD bet 2000-2030hrs (CE1)
QA 1975-009
Four people were travelling home when they saw a yellowish-white fat cigar-shaped object descending in a south-westerly direction. It gradually disappeared from sight over the horizon. Duration: between five and ten minutes. Conditions at the time were cold, windy and a clear night.

JULY 1975 BUCKLAND, TAS 0650hrs
A round yellow and orange object paced a car with electromagnetic effects noticed.

A car became hot, ‘stalled’, and then rolled to a halt. A spherical shape was seen hovering over the middle of the road, 20 metres up, 200-300 metres distant, stationary. It was white/grey in appearance, of metallic iridescent appearance, and silent, about five metres in diameter. The witnesses stared at the object as it took off very fast spiraling. The car was then able to be re-started and they went home.

06.07.75 BRISBANE (SHERWOOD), QLD 1930hrs (NL)
QA 1975-010
Two males observed an white, red, pinkish object which wobbled for a period of 45 minutes until its sudden disappearance. No sound was heard.


Source:UFOIC Newsletter No 44 (July-August 75)
A young couple observed several unusual manoeuvring lights and an aerial object with large windows hovering about 50 feet above the ground and 300 feet from them.

21.07.75 KEMPSEY, NSW 2000hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 46 (Feb-Mar 76)
Macleay Argus (Kempsey, NSW)
Mr & Mrs W were driving across the Kempsey traffic bridge when Mrs W directed her husband’s attention to the passage of a very large and bright white light directly overhead. The couple chased the object across town, then they stopped in Wide Street Lane. There they watched the UFO travel across the valley in a W direction. The object then appeared to stop and hover over the mountain ranges in the distance.

Mr W used his Praktica L.T.L. camera loaded with GAF 500 colour slide film to obtain three photographs of the light. GAF 500 - 500 ASA is the fastest stock film sold. The grain is prominent and colours tend to be over red, but it is very useful for taking colour shots when the light will allow the use of no other film. Using a 50mm lens and F stop of B and two with a setting of B at infinity. Mr W took one hand held shot (F stop: B & 10 secs) then within the next few minutes took two shots (F stop: 2<, 25 and 30 seconds) with the camera set on a tripod.

While Mr W was taking the photos, Mrs W observed that the light was changing colours — yellow to red, then after hovering it moved down to the left (1), then down to the right (2), then it moved in an upward arc to its original hovering -position (3) and finally dropped straight down “into the hills” (REFER TO SKETCH). Mr W at this point was just attaching a telescopic lens but the UFO had gone out of sight. The photos verify the presence of a brilliant light source situated over the distant mountains to the W. The sighting lasted for about fifteen minutes and cows were heard to be bellowing loudly and some dogs were barking during the observations.

Source: UFOIC Newsletter No.46 (Feb-Mar 76)
Late in the afternoon, a contract roofing crew were working on an abattoirs project when they noticed a peculiar ring of “thick black smoke’ situated at an angle of twenty degrees to the horizon in a SE direction. The group of about eight men also noticed that the dogs in the area were barking. Watching the “ring” from the roof of the abattoirs, it was soon noticed that there was a black cylindrical shaped object moving around the ring in an anti-clockwise direction.

An unsuccessful attempt to photograph the phenomena was made. Then one of the men, got the supervisor’s camera (a Mamiya Sekor 528 f4Gmm 1:2.8 lens) loaded with Kodacolour print film and three photos were taken. One was taken 1/125 seconds and two at 1/60 seconds focused at infinity with an aperture size of about 2.8.

A study of the colour prints suggests that the “ring” was slowly moving to the right and a small change in inclination of the major axis of the “ring” of about. Three degrees is apparent during the duration of the photography. After having observed it for about twenty minutes the black cylindrical object suddenly shot upwards (at about eighty-five degrees) and disappeared. The cloud rapidly dissipated thereafter.

29.07.75 nr CABOOLTURE, QLD 1840hrs (NL)
QA 1975-011
Three people witnessed an object on a lonely road east of Caboolture. Duration: ten minutes. Weather at the time was clear.

"The object appeared high in the sky at an angle of 40o and was hovering. It looked like an orange ball and seemed to be changing colours rapidly and was at a distance of approximately one mile....it then lost height quickly and again hovered. Now about tree height, it moved north for a short distance and then ascended to the same height as first scene. Descended for a second time until out of sight behind trees and was not spotted again."

30.07.75 QUEENSLAND (NL)
Source: (1.  RAAF files. 2.  Bill Chalker. (1982). UFORAN 3(4):23-24)

Two crew members of a Neptune aircraft at 3000 feet reported seeing a group of three lights passing in front of them. They travelled horizontally at high speed. The pilot took evasive action to avoid a perceived collision. The observation lasted ten to fifteen seconds.

31.07.75 RUNNYMEDE, TAS 0650hrs
White and red lights were reported together with a blue beam.

05.08.75 RUNNYMEDE, TAS 0620hrs
A white round light was seen.

22.08.75 MT HOBBS, TAS 2l30hrs
TA 1975-037

The witness, while checking, gear on a logging road, noticed an orange round object at ground level on the mountainside. The witness, unable to approach the light being alone, finally left the area.

30.08.75 EPPING FOREST, TAS 0010hrs
TA 1975-039

Two oval white and red lights were seen.

A white/orange/red semi—circular light was reported by two people.

A depression was found in an oat field. Oats outside this were 1.5 metres tall, but inside only 20 centimetres, depressed in a SSE direction. No holes or actual indentations were found. The whole area was an approximate rectangle, with two corner pieces of 9 metre radius not flattened. Soil analysis revealed no cause

08.09.75 MT HOBBS, TAS 2230hrs
TA 1975-030

The witness to the TA 75-037 sighting saw the same light again. This time three Police Officers were called to the location, but again no one can get near to the orange light as it was on the steep, rough hillside. The object was still there when they left.

TA 1975-033

Similar events to Table Mountain and Mt Hobbs have occurred several times when the witness saw a large white light near the roadside in rugged bushland. No apparent source for this ground level light.

Source: Bowen Independent, UFO Encounter No 60 Dec 75-Jan 76
The report is as follows - from a young man who was parked with his girlfriend at King's Beach late on Saturday night.

The couple noticed what they thought was a lighted caravan shining in the moonlight further along the beach. They left the car to investigate and found that it was a circular object shaped like an inverted saucer, which radiated light from openings around its rim. Then, as the two got closer, it suddenly rose and streaked away across the sky, leaving a smell like that of burning rags hanging in the air.

It would appear that the occupants of another parked car closer to the object also observed the object, as the car headed for town after the object took off.

02.11.75 GOLD COAST (PALM BEACH), QLD 0420hrs (DO)
QA 1975-012
A small star like object was seen by a Patrol Officer at the Palm Beach Bowl Club. The Officer sighted the object travelling east towards the rising sun. What he saw at first was reflected sunlight off the object. The object was travelling at a high altitude and travelling very fast. The object was approx. ninety degrees to ground and in less than forty-five seconds the object had travelled half the sky.

"Being a bit of an astronomer, my first thought was that it was a shooting star; however the object did not fade into oblivion, but kept on its course and it covered 45 degrees in less than two minutes. In my time I have seen the planets, stars and shooting stars, but nothing like this."

13.11.75 BRISBANE (KEDRON), QLD 1910hrs (NL)
QA 1975-013
A Mr L Robins and a number of RAAF cadets with four or five NCOs saw ten objects with the naked eye at Kedron, which appeared to be of great size and velocity, near the moon. They travelled the diameter of the moon in a number of seconds. The opinion of the witnesses was that the objects were moving in such a fashion as to be intelligently controlled. Duration of sighting was ten minutes. Later that night when the sky had cleared Mr Robins noticed that the objects were moving away from the moon at phenomenal speed.

DECEMBER 1975 ESK, QLD 2000hrs (NL)
QA 1975-017
A bright light, orange in colour was seen from the side verandah of Mr Budd's residence. It moved in a up and down motion. It appeared from the west and disappeared at high speed to the south. Duration: ten minutes. Three other people witnessed the event.

After hearing a noise during the night a woman and her daughter found two areas of strawberry plants, flattened in an anti-clockwise direction, some
ninety centimetres in diameter. UFORSA

13.12.75 BRISBANE (RAINWORTH), QLD 0300hrs (CE1)
QA 1975-014
At 3am on the above date a milk vendor was on his normal run in the Rainworth area, and noticed an intense light over a playing field. In addition to the intense light the speed of the light also caught his attention, which was above the field. No actual shape could be seen due to the intense light, but the size was estimated to be the size of a passenger bus, and the intense light appeared to be coming from portholes or windows. No noise was evident, and time of observation was given at three to five seconds. The object was travelling from west to east very fast, on an incline grade in an apparently straight course. To quote from the report:

"This was apparently a flying object of tremendous speed. The intense lighting attracted my attention and its location over a playing field and not roadways."

16.12.75 ADELAIDE (PARADISE), SA 0345hrs (NL)
A whirling noise was heard, and she saw an object in the sky with a flashing red light on top which illuminated a silver, solid mass, underneath. UFORSA

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