Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form
Occupation: Clerk
Sighting Duration: 10 to 20 seconds
Location: Walcha Rd heading West about 20 to 30 minutes before Walcha.
Apparent Size: Medium bus
Altitude: Directly above power lines, 20 to 30 M
Object Origin: East
Object Destination: West
Moon Visible: No moon light scattered cloud

I was driving to Armidale from the East coast along the Walcha Rd and had reached the undulating land at the top of the plateau. The engine of the VW Transporter gradualy lost power and the lights dimmed as a UFO, about the size of two large shipping containers, passed me moving directly above the power lines on my right hand side, it continued along above the power lines and was soon out of sight. the power to the engine returned as the object moved away. As was travelling at 100Kph at the time and slowed to about 80Kph with the loss of power I estimate the speed of the object to be around 200Kph. The only sound apart from the road noise of the moving van was the sound of 'air being displacedby the object of that size'. The object glowed a pale neon red and blue along the outline of its shape which resembled two square pyramids joined at the base. The object seemed semi-opaque with a milky glow, it gave the illusion of rotating end over end but this observation could have been due to my changing viewpoint as the object passed. It was a moonless clear calm night. Doug Moffett UFORNSW

01.02.83 BRISBANE (UPPER MT GRAVATT), QLD 2340hrs (Possible bromide)
Driving home from bowling at Greenslopes one night, the witness was climbing the rise on the Pacific Highway just south of Padstow Rd intersection when she saw what she described as a green 'blob' in the sky. It had no distinct outline, and apppeared to perform a 'jellyfish' motion across the sky. After covering about thirty degrees towards the east, the object emitted some sparks from its leading edge, and then vanished.

01.02.83 BRISBANE (WEST END), QLD 2340hrs (NL)
The witness, a 76 year old woman, noticed, out of her balcony windows, a circular object in the sky. It was orange and appeared enormous. It was moving downwards and stopped at about twenty-five degrees elevation. It then moved a short distance left, appearing to flatten out slightly as it did so. It then shot up quickly, suddenly disappearing at a certain point along its path.

ca.18.02.83 bet. BOOKHAM & GOULBURN, NSW 0300-0500hrs (CE-1)
Source: Brad Mildem, E-mail: bradm@shoal.net.au. Paradox, Reported 01.05.98
The witness was driving her husband, who finished work at midnight, and her baby daughter from their home in Wagga Wagga to her parent’s home at Jamberoo, near Kiama, for the weekend. Shortly after leaving Wagga on the Hume Hwy with her husband and baby asleep, a large brightly luminous disc shape UFO appeared in the sky ahead of her at an estimated 300-400 metres distance. The object stayed in this position while she drove approx. 120 km., disappearing as she went through towns, and appearing again on the other side of the town. It mostly stayed relatively still but occasionally shot off at great speed to the left or right only to return seconds later to the same position. The object disappeared just north of Goulburn as the dawn was lightening the sky. It rapidly gained altitude until out of sight in seconds. There was no interference with the normal operation of the car , according to the witness and the amount of traffic she remembers was normal for that time of morning. Supposedly after having great difficulty waking her husband at one point, he glanced at the object , mumbled "yeah yeah" and was immediately asleep again.

Normally on this trip she would stop at Yass for an hour’s break for coffee and arrive at Jamberoo at about 7- 7.30am. This time, on arrival she was genuinely surprised to find the trip had taken 1.5 to 2 hours longer than normal, even without the break at Yass.

No subsequent sickness or body markings were noticed and as the witness suspected no abduction at that time no further investigation was undertaken until reported to Paradox in 1997.

REPORT STATUS. Celestial records show no planet, star or even the moon, which could have explained the sighting. The lack of reaction from other traffic could indicate the phenomenon was a purely subjective one, however, until further evidence is forthcoming the case will remain as UNEXPLAINED. Brad Mildem PARADOX

25.02.83 URANGAN, QLD (CE1)
Five young boys saw a blue and green football shaped object at about sixty degrees elevation. The boys watched it for about thirty-five minutes.

APRIL 1983 ADELAIDE (GOLDEN GROVE), SA 2245-2330hrs (CE1)
An extremely bright white light approached a car. They pulled over the car as the white light went out and an object passed over the vehicle. It was described as triangular and perfectly defined. The underneath had a number of "raised lines" on it. The object made no noise and was estimated to be "Jumbo plane" sized and 150m up. It stopped for a second or so, then rapidly accelerated in the direction of the Parafield airport. As it receded into the distance the light came on again. It was then lost to view. UFORSA

07.05.83 BRISBANE (PULLENVALE), QLD 2130hrs (Identified bromide)
The witness, a sixty year old woman was outside her home with her dogs when a hissing, crackling sound heard to her right caused her to look northwards in time to see what she described as a 'bright blue-white light leaving a white streak' falling through the sky. Duration: five seconds.

23.05.83 BRISBANE (OXLEY), QLD 2030hrs (CE1)
Two policemen at Oxley witnessed an orange light flickering approximately thirty metres above Ipswich Road. The object appeared to be diamond-shaped with the light coming from the bottom section.

19.06.83 TOOWOOMBA, QLD 1750hrs (NL)
A 36 year old woman reported seeing a stationary group of five or six pin points of pale orange lights. The lights came on one after the other and then faded out together. This happened several times over a ten minute period.

18.07.83 BLACKALL, QLD 2030hrs (NL)
Hitch-hiking between Barcaldine and Blackall, a twenty-six year old man observed a small yellow light moving at forty-five degrees SE. After twenty seconds it just faded out, after 'wiggling' across the sky.

22.07.83 CECIL PLAINS, QLD 2010hrs (NL)
A bright white light was seen by a twenty-one year old labourer. The light turned a yellowish colour, then red, and then disappeared.

23.07.83 KINDON, QLD 0045hrs (CE1)
Source: Sunday Sun (Brisbane/24.07.83)
Two truck drivers reported two flying red lights between Moree and Milmerran. Messrs Coles and Faulkner noted the lights on the left hand side of the road ahead of them in the distance. These came towards them, slowed and stopped some one km ahead. Travelling past the trucks the lights then followed the trucks for some fifteen minutes before taking off. Seemingly 250 metres up in the air the lights appeared one metre in diameter.

23.07.83 CECIL PLAINS, QLD 0400hrs (NL)
Source: Sunday Sun (Brisbane/24.07.83)
A single red light was noted by three truck drivers. Mr V Gersekowski, related that he and two mates in the one truck saw a red ball hovering over the road in front of the vehicle. After a few seconds, it disappeared, then slowly thereafter reappeared to the truck's right, very low over the horizon. When the truck had gone another couple of miles, they passed through a 'heap of blue smoke', the odour of which the witnesses were unable to recognise. Shortly thereafter, the light disappeared for good.

31.07.83 CANUNGRA, QLD 1910hrs (NL)
The witnesses, two adults and three children, were in a car. They watched a bright 'star' which, as it flew over, displayed a square or wedge-shaped underside with red and green lights along the edges. A quiet humming sound was heard.

04.08.83 KNOBBY'S BEACH, QLD 1920hrs (NL)
A motorist observed a horizontal array of three white lights above which was a steady red light. After the lights went out, the percipient flashed her high beam. The lights came on again in sequence and flashed off and on rapidly for several seconds before making a sweeping turn and shooting away.

04.08.83 BRISBANE (COOPAROO), QLD 2105hrs (CE1)
A fifteen year old air force cadet in the Brisbane suburb of Cooparoo saw a large orange light in the centre of which was a smaller blue light. The orange light shot upwards and the blue light shot downwards at forty-five degrees, both disappearing. The lights reappeared and returned to their original positions, before shooting together upwards and disappearing.

26.08.83 BRISBANE (CAMP HILL), QLD 0435hrs (CE1)
A triangular or pyramid-shaped object, with many red lights around its parimeter, was reported by a sixty year old bank officer in Camp Hill. It travelled slowly from SW to E, descending slowly. Duration: two to three minutes.

30.08.83 nr BRISBANE, QLD 2230-2300hrs (NL)
Source: Telegraph (Brisbane/31.08.83) Herald (Melbourne/31.08.83)
Between 2230 and 2300hrs a number of reports were received by police and media sources. Some reporters stated that they had seen a blue-green object but others said it was a red light changing to white and green. Brisbane ATC had no radar contact.

15-16.09.83 BRISBANE (INDOOROOPILLY), QLD 0200hrs (CE1)
A grade twelve student noticed a light in the sky which moved in an arc and then stopped almost overhead. The student could see a head-light, rotating lights and a number of tail-lights. After about thirty or fourty seconds, the object made a winding-up whirring noise and rose vertically before shooting off horizontally at high speed.

17.11.83 nr BALLAN (ON THE WESTERN HWY), VIC 0430hrs
Source: John Hayes, e-mail: webmaster@ufoinfo.com. Web page: http://ufoinfo.com. Report by Ian Klauss, e-mail: ianklauss@useoz.com
Description: "I was driving in the country around 4:30am local time when I saw what appeared to be a helicopter hovering over a house approx. one kilometer from the highway. I thought it was strange, and pulled off the road to watch. It was then that I noticed that it wasn’t any sort of helicopter I had ever seen. Also when I got out of the car I was surprised to notice how still the air was and how quiet it was. I could hear cows mooing from some distance away, but this ‘helicopter’ wasn’t making a single sound! At this time I saw a very powerful light come from the bottom of the object and it illuminated the roof of the house that was one km from the road. This lasted for about 10 seconds. After that the light went out, and about 5 seconds after that the object started to silently drift off to the north east at about 70 km/h towards a storm front, with lightening activity, approximately 70 to 100 km away.

When it was approx.. three kilometers away another car pulled up, and the driver and the passenger said they both saw the object, and they watched it for a few more minutes till it was just a distant dot. It was the traditional round saucer shape with a domed center section. I estimate that it was about 20 meters in diameter, or a little smaller than the house it was over. It was a dull metallic grey colour, with many white strobe lights on the circumference, and with one very powerful spot-light beneath. There also appeared to be aerials or legs underneath.

I had a good view from a range of less than 1 km and 200 meters high. I have better then 20/20 vision, and I have been in sport aviation for many years, and it was no aircraft I have ever seen.

I called air traffic control at the nearest international airport about 1 hour later, and asked if they could tell me if they had any air traffic at all at that time at that time. They asked for my name and address, and then refused to tell me if they had any traffic. They said they would get back to me later. I know for a fact that they taped the conversation I had with the senior controller, as I could hear the time beeps.

Since then I have talked to several local people who I didn’t know at the time, who have also witnessed the same sort of object hovering over houses at night. One woman I know of was extremely frightened by the experience as she lived on a farm and was alone at the time. She heard the farm dogs barking and went outside to see what they were barking at! She looked up and saw an object with features similar to what I saw. Also the wife of a friend of mine, who lived not ten kilometers from the above woman, and three members of her family witness a similar occurrence. Too much of a coincidence!"

Colour/Shape: "It was the traditional round saucer shape with a domed center section. I estimate that it was about 20 meters in diameter, or a little smaller than the house it was over. It was a dull metallic grey colour, with many white strobe lights on the circumference, and with one very powerful spot-light beneath, which was not always on. There also appeared to be aerials or legs on the bottom center section. They appeared too frail to be undercarriage of any kind."

Approach Direction: Hovering
Departure Direction: North east
Witness Direction: West
Height & Speed: Height: 200 meters. Speed: nil, to 70kph departure.

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