(Source: Tony Cook, vufors@ozemail.com.au. Keith Basterfield Network 26.06.98)
John Cooper reported seeing a UFO that looks like a huge black triangle or boomerang. This craft was very low and moved silently and slowly over a suburb in Brisbane. Two other people and myself viewed it for 30-40 seconds. It appeared to be translucent in so far that we saw the stars glow dimly through it. We also noticed that it appeared to have some sort of pattern on its underside.
Robert Frola UFOICQ

1997 KOOLEWONG, NSW 0230hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5987. Reported 19.02.07
About 1997, Richie and his brother were camping in the backyard at his mother’s home in Koolewong, Central Coast NSW, when he saw some UFO activity about 2.30 am. It was like a star that just hovered. It went to-and-fro east-west-north-south in a zigzag and somewhat erratic fashion.

He writes:
“I believe they are telepathic. I seem to recall intoning the Lord’s Prayer before I saw them (just before I saw them/it). I was hoping to see them and they seemed to respond. This zigzag behaviour lasted about one or two minutes then it stopped still right above me (but very high up about 800 m) and got brighter (like a white light) as though it was coming closer and then it flashed brightly and just disappeared from where it once was. I don’t think I am afraid of them and in fact I wouldn’t mind if it is at all possible, if one day I could go for a ride in one and take some pix if they let me. I remember asking (intoning) that they (UFO people) come visit us here on Earth 23 January 2007 and the funny thing was that we had the wildest thunder and lightning show I have seen in my whole life while driving home from Mittagong. Since this event it prompted me to look on the Internet for storms and UFOs.” Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

JANUARY 1997  DALEMY, NSW 1830-1900hrs (CE1)
(Source: VUFORS Web Page)
An object was sighted out to sea near Montaque Island . It was a strange object appearing to change shape which finally turned into a cigar appearance. It was grey in color. It was close to the water. It was stationary for a few seconds there was no sound or lights. The object suddenly sped away without "building up speed gradually." It accelerated instaneously.

04.01.97  BRISBANE (EIGHT MILE PLAINS), QLD  2315hrs   (NL)
Witness at Eight Mile Plains was standing in her garden when she observed a UFO, high in the southern sky.  It was 7 to 8 times bigger than a star, of ball shape and bright white.  She observed it for approximately 2 seconds, it then, as she described  it 'hooked up and flashed off'.

04.01.97 MT GAMBIER, SA 2040hrs (NL)
Reports of an object with a tail passing over. Also apparently sighted in Victoria. UFORSA

07.01.97 ADELAIDE (PARA HILLS WEST), SA 2330hrs (NL)
A man sighted a stationary object over the Adelaide Hills, and watched it for 45 minutes. It occasionally dropped down and then went up again. 15 different colours seen going on and off. Smaller lights were hiving off and coming back together. Witness drove to Mount Lofty and sighted a "flying box car." Looked like a "decorated Tiger Moth". The sound of a motor was noted. UFORSA

09.01.97 ADELAIDE (WINDSOR GARDENS), SA 0100hrs (NL)
An orange glow was sighted travelling steadily along at constant speed. Its brightness changed, turned red and became dimmer. There was no sound as it moved in the direction of Yatala. No shape seen. Duration: 5-6 minutes. UFORSA

09.01.97 GRAFTON, NSW 0035hrs NL
A 'V' shaped formation of 8-10 white lights was sighted. The witness estimated them to be at 1km distance, and 500m high. No sound. Duration: 20 seconds. Barry Taylor (Independent Investigator)

14.01.97 LAUNCESTON, TAS 0115-0230hrs (NL + SOUND)
(Source: Launceston Examiner - SIX REPORT SEEING UFO OVER CITY. by Jane Waller. 14.01.97)
The National UFO Hotline has received several reports about an unidentified flying object hovering over Launceston early on Tuesday morning. Hotline operator Ross Dowe said yesterday that he had talked to six people from Launceston who had seen the object between 1.15am and 2.30am. Mr Dowe said that all had given a similar description of the object which has been reported as having three flashing lights. He said that all the callers bar one had also commented on the loud noise made by the object. Clare Fisher of Invermay, said that she had been woken by a noise around 1am and at first had thought it was a truck idling outside her unit. She investigated, and while she did not see any lights she also found there was no truck outside her home, though the noise persisted for 15 to 20 minutes. Maggie Ross was also woken by a loud noise around 2.30am in Charles St. She said she had gone to the window and seen three bright lights. "They were huge and the middle one was flashing." she said. "After a few minutes it disappeared down the river but I could hear the roaring noise for another 20 minutes or so." Heather Whybrow, of South Launceston, was another woken by a weird noise. She saw the object move slowly across the northern part of the city for about 15 minutes before disappearing. Investigation by Northern Rep: Jacob Willard failed to uncover any known aircraft in the area. The UFO was described as being a round metallic looking object with a number of lights. The blue, orange, and red lights were flashing in sequence from left to right as the object only moved very slowly in the northern sky. After some 15 minutes it suddenly streaked off to the north.

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