Source: Tony Cook, VUFORS 20.10.99
Over the last two and a half months, i have experienced two sightings on the gold coast and would like to communicate with others either here or elsewhere who may have seen the same thing.

The first sighting occured about two and a half months at about 10.15pm on a sunday night. i was on my front patio grabbing some fresh air, which faces an easterley direction, when a bright orange light caught my attention, coming out of the south. it appeared to be travelling at about 200-250 km’s an hr., at an elevation of approx 3000-4000 ft.

At first i thought it was an aircraft on fire, but as it got closer it appeared to be a round shape, with no discernible fueslage, no cabin lights, no nav lights, no rotors of any kind, and the colour was an incredibly bright orange, so bright in fact, that it reflected off the cloud bank directly behind it. also i must stress that there was no sound whatsover from the ‘craft’ and also that it was a very quiet night with no wind. the area i live in is a very quiet residential suburb.

It continued in a northerly direction until it became obvious that it was slowing down and in fact, it came to a complete stop. there was no hovering or sideways motion at this point as a helicopter might do, it stopped at a precise point and stayed there for about four or five minutes before it slowly took off again in a northerly direction and eventually disappeared.

The second sighting occurred about three weeks ago. iwas sitting in my lounge room watching t.v. when i happened to look out my window, which faces a northerley direction, and coming out of the northern sky was an incredibly bright light, travellin at a speed a lot faster than the original object and a lot brighter.

I called out to my wife, ‘it’s back again’, and we both ran out onto the front porch as the object came closer. as we both watched, the object slowed down and came to a complete stop in the sky, at a point very close to where the first object had stopped. the object seemed to be a lot closer than the first sighting, and again , the light was incredibly bright, this time however, it actually appeared to be a type of flame and actually appeared to be moving around the craft as a flame might move around in a light wind.

Unfortunately it came to a stop in such a position that a tree in my front yard stopped me getting a photograph of it. again, it stopped for about four minutes, and waiting for it to move again, camera at the ready, we both observed it start to move very slowly, but unfortunately in a northerly direction. by the time i ran downstairs and out into the street, the object had dimmed greatly and even though i took a photo i doubt it would reveal anything.

As we both watched it move off into the northern sky, we were both amazed to see something fall off the craft, or possibly thrown out, which fell to earth at terminal speed and definitely appeared to be on fire. there were definitely flames and apparent burning debris coming from the falling object, and kept burning until it got closer to the surface, when it appeared to be extinguished. it definitely would have been over open ocean by this stage, somewhere north of Surfer’s and possibly near North Stradbroke or Moreton island.

Hope to hear from you , all the best, Lee Gorring. Robert Frola AUFORN

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00379c
At Port Douglas QLD, Mr Burgess observed a high altitude bright light with a silver glow moving about the speed of an aircraft in an arc trajectory across the sky, the object was flashing very brightly and he first assumed this was an aircraft. As it moved across the sky the glow appeared to become much brighter, it just disappeared from view "like being switched off".

The possibility of this object being a satellite seems highly likely. Russell Boundy UFOR(FNQ)

11.08.99 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NSW 2100hrs
Source: UFO Research New South Wales
This report is third hand...so the facts are skatty at the moment...but the network person who reported it to me is on the case to get further information, and i shall pass it on the moment i have it...but..this is what i have so far.....wednesday 11th august...approx 9pm...witness saw yellow object with lights about it travelling slowly at a low altitude..approx heading..... Berrima to Tahmoor....went out of her way to follow the object..was scared...but curious....object left field of vision when it dissapeared over a hill...witness pulled over to the side of the road after sighting....man in car following also pulled over...asked her...did you see that!...she said no...she did not want to appear a nutter. A lady at the same shop she works in said she had a dream of the same object on the same night.....investigation pending....depending on the conviction of the witness to have the incident reported...more info...if and when it happens.....a lot of sightings dont go reported for these very reasons....so how many reports are there per year? Doug Moffett UFORNSW

12.08.99 FRANKLIN, TAS 1810hrs (NL)
Initial witness sees what is assumed to be a falling star. However, it comes to a halt in the south-east sky at about a 35 degree elevation. The witness calls a friend to come and look at the star-like white light. They both watch it move a short distance north then south. Soon it started to gain elevation moving up towards the area of sky where it first appeared. Near 7pm it had risen to a 70 degree elevation and was lost from sight.

15.08.99 SALISBURY & ELIZABETH, SA 1845hrs (NL)
Ben O’Brien, a Technical Consultant sighted a single orange object from Main North Road between Salisbury and Elizabeth from 6.35pm on 15 August. "Jo was driving and we were on our way to a 6.45pm appointment in Elizabeth when at the intersection of Saints Road and Main North Road, Salisbury Plains I glanced west and noticed an orange glow above Barry’s Harware store. There was a thin layer of cloud covering the whole sky that night and I initially thought the light was a star being refracted through the light cloud. I jokingly asked Jo if she wanted to see a UFO because at that point in time I thought it was a star. However, no other stars were visible at that time and as I looked at the object some more I realised it was moving, albeit very slowly. The object was only a few hundred feet off the ground and was close to the northern perimeter of the Parafield Airport circuit. I kept and eye on it as we travelled north and when we turned west onto Hogart Road the object was still on my left, confirming it was not a star. I will concede that it may have been the heat beads in the garbage bag trick but having not seen one before I cannot be sure. If that were the case, I would have expected to see more fluctuations in altitude whereas the orange light appeared to hover.

The intensity of the light did vary also from a dull, almost colourless glow to an intense glow. The object was relatively small, from the initial observation point it seemed about the size of Venus but considering my distance from the object (approximately 1000-2000 metres) it was probably about 1 to 2 metres in diameter. I lost sight of it at approximately 6.43.

24.08.99 ATHELSTONE, SA 1204hrs (DO)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00285
As I have been unwell, this call was followed up by Colin Paule, of Athelstone SA on my behalf. I wish to thank Colin for conducting an indepth interview with the witness. The young man concerned had a very long list of unusual incidents going back to age 7. These were documented by Colin in a set of interview notes. The incidents are too complex and too numerous to be detailed here, so a set of Colin’s interview notes have been snail mailed to the Hotline. Keith Basterfield & Colin Paule (Independent Investigators)

24.08.99 PARALOWIE, SA 1900hrs (CE1)
Frank Start, 65, Retired; Darren Niblett, 38 and Penelope Wickham, 30 - both police officers, had a 1 minute sighting from 7pm. The single orange, pumpkin shaped object was approximately 300 metres in altitude and 10 kilometres from the trio. It travelled "as fast as a plane" from north to south. "The object looked initially, in the distance, to be a flare but as it travelled towards us it looked like a large orange light as it was directly above looked like a fireball. Then, as it travelled over and off it looked like a disc. We were all stunned mullets; even the 65-year-old sceptic was left speechless. I am excited about it now; I have never seen a UFO before and have been waiting. My 20 month-old son, Ben, and I were in the spa and we got out and waved."

30.08.99 BANKSIA PARK, SA 1635hrs (DO)
"I was about to enter my car when I thought I saw a falling star." Is how 29 year old bookbinder Stuart Gordon’s attention was attracted at 4.35am. The 10-minute sighting of a single white (occasionally flashing orange) object left Stuart feeling curious. The object moved from North East to South East in a zigzagging manner over the Adelaide Hills. "It would flash on for 5 seconds and off for 5 seconds. The object was not moving from its position. I was not sure if it was a plane or a helicopter but only being one bright light and the usual flashing sequence I was curious and kept watching. The light went to a large gold flash dashing down with a loop and back again."

30.08.99 ADELAIDE (PAYNEHAM), SA 2000-2030hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00291
Tony was outside when he noticed a red light, in the western sky, which was travelling to the south. Over a 5 minute period, the steady brightness light, moved up and down, hovered at times, dropped occasionally as it moved across the sky. It was fiannly lost to sight when it went behind trees. There was no noise. Keith Basterfield (Independent Investigator)

31.08.99 MELBOURNE (RESERVOIR), VIC 2230hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00293
Mr. Murphy was on Cuthbert Rd in Reservoir looking away from the Melbourne CBD. Sky was clear at the time.

Witness caught a brief glimpse (a few seconds) of what he described as a "green cigar - lit from within" before the object disappeared behind trees. By the time the wittness had moved to view the object again, it could not be found in the sky.

The object was thought to be travelling from the direction of Broadmeadows/Cambellfield towards Greensborough. Tony Cook (VUFORS)

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