JULY 2007

07.07.07 Laidley QLD
Three boys aged 14 to 16 had planned to spend a night out camping on land designated for a new prison facility yet to be built, and were dropped off by an uncle. During the night they were terrorized by something they could not remember. One of the boys left the others to walk home and the other two were too frightened to leave their tent. In the morning they found unusual marks on their bodies and their dog was found dead some distance from their tent. They had little recollection of what had happened, were frightened and felt sick. Source UFORQ

10.07.07 Bulimba, QLD Time 2000hrs
Tonight at approximately 8.00pm I saw a blue and red flashing light in the sky. It was east of Brisbane airport, at quite high altitude. I looked closer with binoculars and noticed a green light flashing as well. It remained perfectly stationary, with planes flying nearby. Source UFORQ

13.07.07 Toowoomba, QLD Time 1740
Hi all, I'm aware of the irony of this report considering today's date (Friday 13th). I arrived home from work at roughly 5:40pm and proceeded to open the garage to put my bike away. I glanced up at the western sky to see a very dark kite-shaped object moving steadily from southwest to northeast. Initially I considered that it may have been a piece of debris, like a garbage bag, being blown along by the rather chilly south-westerly, but its course and speed were too consistent to be rubbish at the mercy of the wind. The thing that really caught my attention was the lack of perimeter beacons or strobes, and it was absolutely silent. From my vantage point I guessed that this particular object would have been at approximately 1000 feet and its speed was around 160/200 km/hr, too fast for an ultra-light even with a tail wind. As a matter of interest the direction that this object was travelling would have put it very close to the restricted airspace over Cabarlah Army Base, a significant tracking and electronic intelligence asset. Source UFORQ

20.07.07 Canberra, ACT Time 1030hrs
I wish to state up-front that before tonight I have had little to no interest in the topic of UFOs. On my way back to my car after work, I turned my head skyward briefly. The night was a little cloudy but some stars were visible above me. I focused on one of the fainter stars and a shooting star happened to fly past. This did not amaze me much as I recall seeing what really was a shooting star just a few nights earlier outside my house. What did amaze me is that this object, while appearing to have the same relative speed of a shooting star, continued to remain in view without the characteristic fadeout of a shooting star. This suggested to me that the object was in the upper atmosphere, possibly higher.

My amazement ended and astonishment began when a second shooting star-like object tailed, accelerated, and caught up to the original object. The second object moved in on the first object and produced the trajectory of a side-facing parabola, something like stunt pilots would execute. The first object then circled around at a very high speed in a wide arc, but only completed about ninety percent of the circular turn.

As I was focusing on the sudden - and frankly mind boggling - acrobatics of the first object, I lost sight of the second. The first object disappeared in its incomplete turn. The whole experience felt like about ten seconds all up. I have no idea what I saw, but I can tell you it was no shooting star.

Yes Canberra has an airport in the vicinity of my eastward vantage, but this event was right above me and these objects were extremely high. No way it was the air force, balloons etc, and I don't know much about satellites or space stations, but I would guess they don't move like that. I also discounted the possibility of my tired condition resulting in eye floaters, simply because these were bright objects. To test this, after I arrived home I tried staring at dark surfaces, but my eyes were not producing any bright artefacts. The objects in question were just dots but the way they moved! The trajectory crossover and turn did not seem natural. This has certainly messed up my scepticism. Source UFORQ

Received 19/08/2008 19:24:24 - New

28.07.2007 Mt GRAVATT (QLD) 23.00hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Hugo x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 20/30 seconds
Occupation: Dole Bludger

Observation: I was walking along nursery road, the lights had just changed and I heard a weird sound. I looked up and saw something move across the skyline. It was low in the sky, and it slowly crossed from one horizon to the next. I've never seen anything like it before. Also, just prior to seeing it I saw these weird green lights.

Description: the object was flying low and the ground seemed to shake. I was really scared, i remember that. - Location: Nursery Rd Mt Gravatt Apparent Size Other: Like an airplane - Actual Size: I would say that the actual object would be roughly the size of one of the smaller jet planes (767 etc) but wider, and in a weird shape. - Altitude: low in the sky, like the height of a plane Object Origin: it came from the direction of the freeway and basically just went overhead slowly. - Object Destination: like off towards coorparoo - Moon Visible: no, it wasn't visible at that time.

Planets Visible: some star could be seen, but there was some cloud cover, so at the time it went through I couldn't see the moon. Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Cloudy, Calm- Weather Comments: It got really cold as it went by

Effects Physical: It got really cold, really quickly, like I was in the Sun for one second and then was in a shadow. Effects Psychological: I felt like I wanted to cry, I felt like I needed the bathroom (not that common as I take diaretics and have constipation) Effects Other: Hayden starting yelling wildly and everyone there got really scared

Effects Other Witnesses: Yes, all of them felt scared and needed the bathroom, while Hayden said he felt it was the end of the world

30.07.08 PERTH CITY (WA) 2011hrs
Source: John Hayes UFOINFO.com
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: very very bright light in sky towards over Armadale
Weather Conditions: clear skies

Description: I was at work having a smoke break on the 2nd story balcony and towards Armadale i spotted a light brighter than a star. I continued to watch the light as it darted to the left to quick for a plane or helicopter to move and then it darted back to the right and continued to move until it disappeared. It then reappeared over perth city side in a matter of seconds and disappeared.

TV/Radio: nothing reported to press


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