JUNE 2007

01.06.07 NARELLAN, NSW 2035hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 UFO Hotline Callin Code 5561
Darren, normally an unbeliever in UFO’s, called to report the classic case of a flying disc. Darren said that two large round silver objects, parted by about 30 feet and flying roughly 800 feet high (the cloud bank was above these objects), “flew straight towards me”. He yelled out to his mother who also saw them. As they “silently flashed overhead”, the objects veered off at 45 degrees in order to travel straight out to sea. “They were coming from the Blue Mountains, towards me and then went to the East. NO sounds at all. Speed of them was incredible. It was at night time, a cloudy night, but I could see them easily against the backdrop of clouds.” Telstra 123 put him through to us. “They took off at an incredible rate.”

He went on to say that he could not distinguish any light sources. The objects were in his opinion, “most likely metal, roundish, like an oval but a curved at the end.” Darren has lived at Narellan for 5 years and has never seen anything like this in his life.

Dominic McManara AUFORN NSW

01.06.07 SOUTH AUST (AUBURN SOUTH), SA 2030hrs (NL)
Name: Lindsay
Occupation: Maintenance Fitter.
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes +.

Observation: Driving into Auburn from Balaklava with my two sons (19yrs & 21yrs) just after dark. Noticed two orange lights, one near the moon (which was just coming over the hills and nearly full) and the other over the town of Auburn, both separated by about 40 degrees horizontally.

Descending into the town I asked my eldest son if he thought that the light might be on a telecom tower or something, but he had no idea. As we got right into the town we could see that the light was too high for a tower so I stopped the car to take a better look. We could see that the light was moving behind the power lines and trees etc. It was very close to being directly over the town and had the color and appearance of an orange street light a about 200 meters (normally viewed). We continued through the town and at about 2 km the other-side of Auburn we stopped again and had another look (we hadn't lost sight of it since before Auburn) it was traveling slower than the speed of a light aircraft. It was originally traveling approx. ENE and changed it's course to NNE which would have it traveling toward the town of Burra about 80 km away. I had lost sight of the second light when in Auburn it was obviously further ahead (in direction of travel) than the other one. We kept an eye on the light as we travelled but eventually lost sight of it due to the hilly terrain we were traveling through. I never saw the second light again. Neither light had any form other than a bright orange ball, neither light flashed or pulsed or had any other color light, or sound associated with it. Very spooky and kind of surreal.

Other Witnesses: Michael, Scott.
Apparent Size: Equal to an orange street light at approx. 200 meters, much brighter than stars. Actual Size: Perhaps the size of a small aircraft 6-10 meters. Altitude: Within 500 meters Object Origin: Appeared above the town
Object Destination: Northern Horizon Moon Visible: The moon was pretty full and had only just risen above the hills, in the east. Maybe 15 degrees above our horizon (hills) Moon Size Comparison: Less than quarter size. Planets Visible: Perfectly clear skies, stars visible and surrounding terrain due to full moon. Weathe: Visibility, Clear - Temp, Cold - Sky, Sunny - Wind, Calm Effects Physical: No effects Effects Psychological: No, just amazement, quite peaceful and happy to experience the object just slowly drifting over the valley between the hills. Reassured that we are not alone. Effects Other: No Effects Other Witnesses: No, my son's are very open minded and were just amazed like I was.

Other Experiences: Many actually. Have been a fox shooter for many years (not professional) with my son's, I have witnessed very similar sightings and some other types also. But only lights in the sky not contact etc.
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03.06.07 NEW SOUTH WALES (WAGGA WAGGA), NSW 2010hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 6150
Objects: 1
Witnesses: 3
Mark was heading back into the suburb of Kooringal, Wagga at around 8:00 pm on Sunday 3rd of May 2007.

As he was driving, a small bright object caught his attention. Although the night was cloudy, he was able to see this object skim below the cloudbank. He described it as definitely brighter than the largest magnitude star in the sky, but well aware that it was a moving object and not a star at all. He said the object was a very deep orange in colour. After stopping his car and turning off both the motor and the radio in order to have a quiet background, he could hear no noise at all as this object moved to a point almost directly overhead ? and then stopped.

Knowing that a friend?s house was only a kilometer away, Mark quickly drove there and all three men stood outside watching. Mark noticed that the object was now not so overhead as before. After almost 5 minutes of noiseless hovering, the object suddenly took off NE at great speed. When asked what did great speed mean, Mark replied that it was ?jet speed, but instantaneous and still no noise!?

Mark said it was such movement and aerobatics that convinced him that this was no ordinary flying object.

07.06.07 CANBERRA, ACT 2000hrs (NL)

Mr Jamie xxxxxx
Sighting Duration: 50 seconds

Observation: My brother and I were working out in the garage (the door of which faces south) when I went out of the garage to take a quick break,and I lazily turned my eyes to the sky. at first glance, I saw what I believed to be three jets. I called my brother out, saying something like; "have a look at this, three jets in the sky". As my brother approached, I began to realise four things, the first being that it had no contrail ( not a terribly odd thing in itself), the second being that the other two jets

appeared to be in pursuit of the 'jet', the third being that this aircraft had two spikes at either end, and the forth was that this craft had a series of blinking lights. As my borther approached, I cried out "Tim, it's a goddamned UFO!". I am a member of many different UFO organistions, and am very familiar with ufo's and cryptozoology, and have never seen a UFO before. The UFO was travelling very high, and at one point, it travelled directly up, and all it's movements were sharp and angular.

Description: There was no sounds with the UFO, but there were flashing lights, and its shape was a cigar shape, with two spikes either end. The lights where a blue colour, and of an unnatural intensity. It appeared to be black and had no noticible panneling. It had the abilty to travel vertically, and hover. It could not have been a chinook helicopter, as it was well above its operative ceiling.

Other Witnesses: My brother Timothy, who lives at the same place as me, he will testify to these statements. Apparent Size: Dinner Plate Apparent Size Other: Like a cigar Actual Size: It looked about as big as a footballl field, but it was incredibly high up. Altitude: It appeared to be up very, very high, high enough to follow the curve of the earth

Object Origin: It travelled horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally again, until it rose out of sight. Object Destination: It dissapeared from view, having risen into the atmosphere. Moon Visible: No, I could not see the moon. Moon Size Comparison: I could not see the moon. Planets Visible: Yes, venus was visible. Weather: Visibility, Clear - Temp, Cold - Sky, Cloudy - Wind, Calm. Weather Comments: There were clouds to the left of the craft. Effects Psychological: I felt tired, woozy and light headed. I believe. these were caused by the ufo, but am unsure as to how these occured. Effects Other: The sun seemed oddly dim for the time. Effects Other Witnesses: My brither appeared woozy.
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Three boys aged 14 to 16 had planned to spend a night out camping on land designated for a new prison facility yet to be built, and were dropped off by an uncle. During the night they were terrorized by something they could not remember. One of the boys left the others to walk home and the other two were too frightened to leave their tent. In the morning they found unusual marks on their bodies and their dog was found dead some distance from their tent. They had little recollection of what had happened, were frightened and felt sick. Source: UFORQ QLD

10.06.07 CANBERRA (PEARCE), ACT 2000/15hrs (NL)
Approach Direction: The object only moved slightly to one side. - It did not make any fast or long range movements.
Departure Direction: No direction of departure of object.
Witness Direction: South West

Description: I reported a sighting from Canberra Australia a month ago about a bright sphere light. And just previously I witnessed what looked like a an extremely bright star or planet or satellite. What puzzels me is that it seemed to switch on an off/dim a number of times and it only moved very slowly to one side. There were no clouds in the sky at the time -this is almost the same description to my other sighting. Im not sure if what I saw was a UFO or something else. There is a park not far where I live and I walked over there to see if a I could get a better view -which I did and I saw it very clearly. Then at 8:15pm it slowly dimmed again and disappeared. Color/Shape: It seemed to resemble an extremely bright, clear star. Height & Speed: Not sure
Source: UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

10.06.07 BRISBANE (BULIMBA), QLD 2000(NL)
Tonight at approximately 8.00pm I saw a blue and red flashing light in the sky. It was east of Brisbane airport, at quite high altitude. I looked closer with binoculars and noticed a green light flashing as well. It remained perfectly stationary, with planes flying nearby. Source: UFORQ QLD

10.06.07 VICTORIA, (HEATHMONT) 1600/31hrs (NL)
Mr. Dion xxxxxx
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds

Observation: I saw two obejects traveling behind one another.
Totally silver shaped like water droplets. about the size of a small truck.
Location: No the corner of Bayswater road and Canterbury road Bayswater
Apparent Size: Pea-Sized.
Actual Size: About the size of a small truck.
Altitude: Under a kilometre high.
Object Origin: South-west.
Object Destination: North-east.
Weather: Visibility, Clear - Sky, Cloudy.
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10.06.07 PERTH (OCEAN REEF), WA 2030hrs (NL/METEORITE?)
Source: 1800 UFO Hotline Callin Code 5585
On Saturday evening at approximately 2030hrs Wendy had just got home, as she

was getting out of the vehicle she saw a large white object streak across the sky heading in a downward direction. She said it made no noise as it passed over. Because it was heading in a down ward direction she thought it might crash. She got back into the car, thinking it may have crashed and went to look for it. She drove to Edgewood Lake (I think that is the name of the lake?). She got a surprise to see the surface of the lake on fire and the surrounding trees smouldering. She does not know whether the object that flew over caused the fire or not but found it all a bit strange.

Wendy did
say there was an article in the local newspaper (Joondalup Community News paper). The article was about the fire around the lake. The article said it was a peat fire. I assume peat is the turf dug up for fuelling fires. I have sent an email to the Community newspaper asking for the article as described by Wendy. I don’t know much about peat as a fuel as it is not very common in SA. I can understand the bush burning but I am curious what would cause the surface of the lake to burn. There would have to be some type of accelerant on the surface to cause it to burn. Wendy did not hear an impact so it properly a coincidence that the object flew over at the same time there was
a fire on a lake near by. But it still would be interesting to find out what caused the fire on the lake and surrounding bush.

Jeff Fausch AUFORN SA

13.06.07 VIA BRISBANE (TOOWOOMBA) 1740hrs (NL)
Hi all, I'm aware of the irony of this report considering today's date (Friday 13th). I arrived home from work at roughly 5:40pm and proceeded to open the garage to put my bike away. I glanced up at the western sky to see a very dark kite-shaped object moving steadily from southwest to northeast. Initially I considered that it may have been a piece of debris, like a garbage bag, being blown along by the rather chilly south-westerly, but its course and speed were too consistent to be rubbish at the mercy of the wind. The thing that really caught my attention was the lack of perimeter beacons or strobes, and it was absolutely silent. From my vantage point I guessed that this particular object would have been at approximately 1000 feet and its speed was around 160/200 km/hr, too fast for an ultra-light even with a tail wind. As a matter of interest the direction that this object was travelling would have put it very close to the restricted airspace over Cabarlah Army Base, a significant tracking and electronic intelligence asset. Source: UFORQ QLD

16.06.07 Miami, Gold Coast, Time 2000hrs
Source: UFORQ

Last night about 8.00pm my partner and I were standing outside our house when I noticed an intense large single orange light slowly pass overhead. The object flew in the same flight line as airplanes flying from Coolangatta, but the thing that struck me was that it was a lot lower and only had a single light. It had no flashing light on the tail and made absolutely no sound. I watched it for about three minutes as it slowly faded into the distance. I couldn't clearly make out what it was but the light emitting out of this object was intense and didn't look like a plane's light. About five minutes later a plane flew over our house. I quickly called my partner outside to watch the plane, which was flying at a higher altitude than the object, yet we had absolutely no problems in hearing the plane's engine. Also, the plane was lit up with its flashing light etc. I can't explain what I saw, but I'm sure it wasn't an airplane.

16.06.07 SOUTH AUST, (MORPHETT VALE) SA 1915/31hrs (NL)
James Lxxx went inside quickly to get wife to look at object, but when they came out the object had disappeared

Location of sighting: Backyard of Morphett Vale home Duration of sighting (in hours, minutes, seconds): 5 seconds Number of objects sited: One Size of object (example--large star, full moon, 12 moon, 14 moon, larger than moon, passenger jet): Size of a bright satellite First direction seen: Overhead Last direction seen: Heading west

Colour of object/s: Perhaps a little orange (although witness said he was somewhat colour blind) Speed of object/s: About that of a satellite. Describe object/s manoeuvres: Initially it had smooth motion, then bounced side to side (like a marble rolling on asphalt).

What attracted your attention to the object/s: Went outside to put rubbish in bins, and then looked up (witness said he often looks up in the sky out of curiosity).

Have you seen an UFO before (if yes, give details): Once about a year prior, also at Morphett Vale. Noticed a flash in the night sky. When looked up, a dim orange ball of light appeared and then disappeared. A beam of white light extended from where the ball had been and then retracted. The ball then reappeared, and this sequence was repeated about 4 times. The ball was about the size of a little finger nail at arm’s length; and the length of the beam was about a hand’s span at arm’s length.

No, except for an interesting session once with an Ouija Board Do you have any knowledge of aviation, meteorology or astronomy: Interested in astronomy, but have not had any formal study.

Did you believe in UFOs before the experience: Always accepted UFOs. Was influenced by the “Close Encounters” movie at an early age.

If any details about your story have not been covered so far in this report, please give them now: n/a

Please sketch UFO/s, if you saw it close up (for example--markings, windows, occupants, landing gear):

Please sketch a map looking down on the earth. Include where you were, where the object was, direction it was travelling, and any land marks to identify the area: North West East South Travelled west Started overhead Began bouncing. With smooth motion.
SOURCE: Interviewed by Roger Koch over the telephone AURA)
Identifying information has been removed

19.06.07 WILLUNGA, SA 1900hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 UFO Hotline Callin Code 6163 & 6134
At approximately 1900hrs Sharon was sitting under the carport having a cigarette and a glass of beer watching the night sky when she noticed something very odd. She saw a very bright white light with misty halo around it the size of Venus in the north-western sky. Sharon said the very bright light was moving in a bizarre manner. The moon was visible over the sea and the strange bright light appeared to be moving a round it, then appeared to move towards her at high speed and then spring back towards the moon like on elastic. Sharon stated when the object came towards her it would get larger, then stop for a few seconds and spring back towards the moon. Sharon stated that the bright light was approximately 45-degrees to the horizon. The light repeated the bizarre manoeuvres for approximately 45 minutes. The manoeuvres were in no particular order. The light made no sound. While Sharon observed it she tried to work out what it was but could not come up with a feasible explanation. She went into the house to wake up her husband whom was having a sleep in the lounge room but when she came back outside the object had vanished. Sharon stated that when she was observing the bright light, she had the feeling of being watched, but could not explain why she had the strange feelings.

Sharon said, a week earlier she had observed another mysterious object that she was unable to explain. She was standing in the courtyard of her home, she looked over the roof of the house and in the north-western sky saw a reddish/yellow/orange spherical shaped object with a misty glow around it, slightly larger than the planet Venus. Sharon stated that this object was closer to the house than the bright white object that she contacted the hotline about. The object appeared to move in a right to left motion. Sharon said she knows this because the line of sight was between the lounge room and the carport then back again (repeating the movement). Sharon stated that after a short period of time she felt as if she was getting hypnotised by the object. The object then appeared to turn off like a light, not to be seen again. Duration of sighting: 45 minutes. Weather condition: Clear cold night.

Jeff Fausch AUFORN SA

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