01.09.07 BRISBANE (ROSEWOOD), QLD 0500hrs (NL)
A woman observed a large stationary light in the direction of Ipswich for about half an hour. It was like a spotlight having the apparent size of the full moon.

04.09.07 BRISBANE (PARKINSON), QLD 1330hrs (NL)
Approach Direction: Heading South - Not on Flight Path but traveling over bushland. Departure Direction: Heading South but immediately turning towards my home (west) Witness Direction: North

Description: Cloudy day with dark clouds and noticed an object flying at speed through the darker clouds. This object was black and oval.

As I watched the object fly at the height of a plane, I knew it couldn't have been a place based on the tremendous speed it was generating. The immediate decision for the object to change course, made me realise that this was no normal aeroplane. I decided to run into the house as the object was coming my direction.

Color/Shape: Black - Oval (It was like a GoodYear Balloon that you see in the UK with advertisements on eachside) but this was completely black. Like a place with no wings.

Height & Speed: Height of a standard plane. No idea of speed..
Source: UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

09-11.09.07 BRISBANE (HUGHENDEN), QLD late night - early morning (NL)
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1-3
Shape of objects: bright star like
Weather Conditions: clear and fine
Description: over 3 evenings I saw what I thought were just bright stars however when resting against the door I realised that they were moving in small jagered movements, then becoming still for a while and then continuing to move again in jagered movements. I did ring family living in charters towers but they were not able to see what I could see.

Source: UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

09-11.09.07 BRISBANE (HUGHENDEN), QLD late night - early morning (NL)
Approach Direction: Did not catch approach
Departure Direction: North, since I did not see any anomalies towards east-west direction
Witness Direction: North

Description: It was an overnight star-gazing session. A few of us were just coming out of the penthouse (5 storeys high) to stretch ourselves. Just as I was turning around to face north, the sky near the horizon between a college spire and another building lit up in bright turquoise colour for a second. At the same moment, witness #2 asked me if I saw the same thing. It looked as if there was lightning behind a bunch of clouds but it was not cloudy, and in turquoise colour. The coverage of the lighted portion of sky was at least 10 degrees across although it could be larger since another building obstructed the rest of the view. I have never seen an event like this before and am seeking answers. Thanks.

Color/Shape: Bright turquoise (greenish blue) light illuminates >10 degrees of sky near horizon. Possible flash or two before disappearing.

Height & Speed: Not sure how far away it is hence I cannot estimate the height but it was pretty near the horizon.
Source: UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

14.09.07 QUEENSLAND (CAIRNS), QLD 19.00hrs (NL)
A woman and her husband observed a very bright orange ball of light to the south passing overhead and continuing to the north. It blinked out after about a minute. They live close to the local airport and are well acquainted with aircraft and meteors. The object maintained a constant colour and brightness with an apparent size of 1/16th of the full moon.SOURCE: UFORQ QLD.

QLD 19/2000hrs (NL)
I live in Trinity Park Qld which is North of Cairns 17 kilometres, and last night went outside to have a smoko. I am not quite sure of the time, maybe between 7.00-8.00pm, I saw a strange bright orange light in the sky coming towards me that would be coming from the south and heading over me to the north. It passed overhead and travelled for maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute then blinked out. There were no clouds in the sky to suddenly make the light disappear. We also live almost in line with the flight paths for all airlines into Cairns Airport so I am well aware of aircraft lights of International Flights and also small aircraft. What I saw was nothing like our normal aircraft, as this was also totally silent and I have exceptionally good hearing. It was not a meteor as I have also seen many of them. This was a very bright orange ball light that was totally silent and travelled in a straight line overhead as if it were floating.SOURCE: UFORQ QLD.

17.10.07 QUEENSLAND (TOOWOOMBA), QLD 2300hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 6312
Alister, has had an experience with some grey looking beings, this is not an abduction case, he moved into this house approx 10 years ago.

This event had happened when he moved into the house, believes a girl lived in the house prior and they were there to contact her. This event happed 7 times in a row. Its happening in a particular room in the house only. It was 2 grey like beings, not in full form, like ghost images of them but clear, transparent like as in astral projection. This event took place at the same time every night for 7 nights. Alister tried talking to them but communication was not working that way. He knew there was some form of communication happening though. AUFORN DANIEL SIMS QLD

21.09.07 SYDNEY (BELMONT), NSW 2230hrs (NL)
About 15 minutes ago I saw an unusual bright orange light in the sky coming from the southeast moving towards the northeast. It seemed to be moving extremely fast and looked like It was coming towards me. It looked like an orange ball of fire that looked larger in comparison than any star visible at the time so it was obviously not a star. The sky was very clear in that direction with hardly a cloud in sight and It was obviously not an aircraft of any type. It was silent and bright and appeared very large.

I was very fearful as I thought it may be an asteroid. I called my wife to come and have a look and she was very scared when she saw it. It appeared to be coming straight toward us and I told my wife to get the kids and put them in the car, and as I was saying this the object suddenly slowed down and changed direction and started going southwest, and it appeared to be going higher and higher, moving in an erratic manner until it eventually disappeared in what it seemed to be amongst the stars and vanished. I was amazed at what I saw and so was my wife who is a true skeptic about UFOs , until now of course. She has certainly changed her tune. I however I have always been open minded about these things as some of my family members have seen UFOs and strange lights in the sky and have told stories about it and they don't seem like the type of people to make things up. I live In Belmont NSW with my family and I am very certain of what I saw and so is my wife, who saw the same thing with her eyes that I saw with mine.SOURCE: UFORQ QLD.

28.09.07 GOLD COAST (SOUTHPORT), QLD 2230hrs (NL)
I live near Sharks football club in Southport, Gold Coast, and observed a 'shooting star' heading from Tamborine toward the Broadwater. It stopped dead, drifted up then at right angles from its original course, headed for Surfers Paradise where it once again stopped instantly, drifted up as if searching for the next earth grid, and then went off at right angles out to sea and unfortunately was then obscured by a cloud. There was no acceleration, just go and stop. Out of phase with our reality when moving, and no ball of charged particles, rock or craft could stop instantly from that speed without distortion or disintegration.SOURCE: UFORQ QLD.

30.09.07 SOUTH AUST (HACKMAN WEST), SA 2120hrs (NL)

Richard xxx.
Number of objects: 3 objects.
Duration: 2 minutes.
Weather conditions: Clear cool night. Classification: NL

At approximately 2120hrs Richard was in the backyard of his home when he saw three bright orange spheres the size of a quarter moon coming from the west heading east at about 45-degrees to the horizon. The three objects were in a triangle formation, two objects in the front and one at the rear. Richard stated that the three objects were travelling approximately the same speed of a light aircraft but made no noise. He called out to his wife and they both watched the three objects together. After a short period of time the third object that was behind the two objects in front, veered to the left and disappeared. The other two objects eventually disappeared in the distance. The sighting lasted approximately 2 minutes.

Richard also mentioned a strange sighting he had a number of years ago (6-7 years ago) He was travelling down manning Road heading towards Blackwood when he saw the entire night sky turn bright green for a few seconds.

As a footnote to Richard’s encounter, when he saw the entire sky turn green. I interviewed a gentleman named Mathew in 2004, He told me when he and his girl friend were heading home after a night out (about 2000)they both saw the entire sky turn bright green for a few seconds while traveling down the Lonsdale Highway near Hallet Cove. I believe both men encountered the same phenomenon.

I believe the night sky turning green could have be caused by meteors hitting the outer earth atmosphere and disintegrating on impact causing the light show.

This sighting of three orange objects was one of three hotline reports reporting the same objects. The other Call in codes where 6310 & 6311

By Jeff Fausch …AUFORN S.A.


SA 2100&2130hrs (NL)

Name: Randall.
Number of objects: Three objects. (two sightings)
Duration: First Sighting 8 minutes, second sighting 10 minutes.
Weather conditions: Clear cool night Classification: NL.


Randall was about to take his dog for a walk just after 2100hrs. He was standing by the roller door in the driveway when he looked up into the night sky and saw two bright orange spheres moving parallel to each other moving in a straight-line, heading in a south-easterly direction approximately 90-degrees to the horizon. He stated that spherical lights were a constant orange colour but every now and then, dulling as if pulsating. This would happen every 20 seconds or so. Randall called out to his wife, who watched the two objects from the patio in the back yard. Randall then got his next door neighbors (husband & wife) to have a look at the two objects.

They all watched the two objects travel in a straight line while parallel to each other for approximately 4 minutes. The object on the left side veered off to the north-east while the other object kept on heading south-east. The objects were watched for another 4 minutes before disappearing out of sight. Randall’s wife who was standing in the patio area in the back yard stated that she thought that she saw some type of rod protruding out of the objects. The other witnesses did not see the rods.

Approximately 10 minutes later, Randall decided to take the dog for its walk again he went thought the roller door, looked up in the sky again and saw another bright orange sphere in the south-western sky at approximately 20-degrees to the horizon. He then again called his wife and neighbors to witness the object. Randall stated that it looked exactly like the two objects seen 10 minutes earlier. He ran inside and grabbed his video camera and videoed the object for approximately 40 seconds before it disappeared before their eyes.

They all stated that they know what the aircrafts look like as they fly over the house, the objects were very different and it was very unusual to have two objects flying side by side and then one veering off. And too see a third object was even stranger. All four witnesses stated that none of the objects made any sound.

Randall said that these were not the first unidentified flying objects he and his wife had seen. On April 23rd 1999 at approximately 2330hrs on the way home they saw a glowing pulsating orange object moving over the Happy Valley in a westerly direction. They stopped the car, got out and watched the object; it appeared to be zigzagging as if dancing in the sky. They watched the object for about 4 minutes before it disappeared.

Roger Kosh and I went to Randall’s Home for a follow up interview and also to view the video footage that he took of the 3rd object. After viewing the footage, both Roger and I could not find a rational explanation for the sighting. The video footage was shot both in infrared and normal colour. There was some shacking as the video camera was hand held but the object could be seen clearly. Roger did some research into aircraft times and their flight plans over the area but found the objects did not fit in with flight plans of the night. At this stage the three objects are unexplained. Randall was kind enough to give Roger and I a copy of the object Videoed.

Note: received two more hotline reports from the same night (code 6308 & 6311) that reported what I believe to be the same three objects. Both reports were from the same area at approximately the same time.

By Jeff Fausch … AUFORN S.A



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