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Dolores has spent the past three weeks in Australian travelling from coast to coast. Dolores is an accomplished author of 12 books and she informed me she is working on three more at the moment. She is a Past Life Regressionist/Hypnotherapist and she started out 35 years ago, in the 1960s. Dolores said “I had to leave for a while to care for family and husband who was almost killed in the navy and as a consequence was put out of the service. My husband spent 25 years in a wheelchair after leaving the navy”. She said: “I had always wanted to get back into hypnosis and as the only person in the family at that time able to earn a living I was keen to explore an area I had stumbled onto by accident in the 1960s ‘reincarnation’ and I knew this was area I was keen to explore”.

So for 25 years Dolores states I have been doing past life regression/past life therapy and I expanded into new age cooking. Dolores has given lectures in front of boards of psychiatrists and psychologists. When Dolores got into hypnotherapy 25 years ago she was looking for better methods than the long drawn out ones. So she studied newer methods which had to do with imagery and visualisation. She describes past life therapy as taking the people back into the other life times to find the answers to the problems of this life time. Ninety percent of her work is done with this kind of therapy. As she began seeing clients she started to develop her own techniques. She claims this is the way she had gotten the UFO information.

Dolores claims “I have come across theories that other investigators haven’t found and this is because I works on a different level of hypnosis and I have a different way of finding the information. Some Hypnotherapist keep the people in the emotion in the fear instead of getting that out of the way first and then going to the actual truth of what has really happened. I’ve not found any negativity or fear during my career, but have only found the positive explanation of what is happening to people that have claimed to have been abducted by beings. I work in the simanualistic level of trance, where as hypnotherapist work in the lighter level of trance”.

“When you’re in the lighter level, you remember what is going on the conscious mind is participating and help is available in the lighter level, however more help is in the deeper level by bypassing the conscious mind jabber the deeper the level the person doesn’t remember anything when they wake up”.

Dolores said: “The odds are that 1/20 people will automatically go into the simanualistic level but the way I do it the 1/20 wont go into that level. It is valuable to take the person immediately into the subconscious mind”. Dolores claims to have instantaneous cures for diseases, she claims she has had medical records sent to her by doctors of patients stating they have no explanation for this or that disease. Dolores said “Any illness or symptoms that a person has is the subconscious trying to deliver a message”. Dolores said “I have been approached by doctors in the US to teach my methods”.

16 years ago a MUFON organisation in Arkansas asked Dolores for help. She said “If I’m to blame anyone for getting me into this field it would have to be Lucius Farish of (UFO News Clipping Service) you see 16 years ago MUFON needed somebody to work with people who thought they had had abduction experiences”.

“Due to my metaphysical thought on the mater of abductions I found the nuts and bolts associates of MUFON a little hard to get along with as they were not into metaphysics so we parted company”.

“One thing John Mack told me your never going to understand the UFO phenomena, until you understand metaphysics, because its way bigger than you can imagine and is far past lights in the sky”.

Dolores claims the aliens spoon feed her information a little bit at a time so she can digest it. And now claims the information coming through is more complicated and the information is channelled through people all over the world.

Dolores said “One day it came through a client a young woman who was going into a trance a voice came through in a mechanical tone saying ‘we are scanning, she’s the one we are supposed to tell’. After that it began to happen repeatedly and I would ask lots of questions during these sessions”. I’ve found over the 16 years the beings now interrupt my normal therapy sessions”. She says this occurs wherever I go in the world spirits (volunteers) that have lived before and in other dimensions come here to earth to help us they are the star people. The client doesn’t know this consciously. First contact with one of these people is written about in Keepers of the Garden.

One of the star people she met in England where they came through and told her she would meet 9 other people that would be more advanced.

Time is an illusion, until we get through the idea of time, we will never travel in space, apparently we are the only species in the universe who have found a way to measure something that doesn’t exist and the reason other investigators are not getting the information is because they keep it all at a lighter level. The Star people have been coming here since the beginning of the world and they have been informing us they fear we are being affected by all the pollution in the air, the additives in food and medication we take.

Some experiences are only for specific people, not for others to see screen images are for the purpose of not shocking the experiencer it is a way of easing the mind of the things we don’t understand. The earth is being affected and its tone is changing, the tone can only be seen from outer space it is called [The Quickening]. In cases of dead sound where experiencers report stillness or a vacuum, the beings say that the experiencer is moving faster than everything around them. The lack of sound is called by some the OZ factor.

When the star people come to earth they have to slow down their vibrations and they have created the little greys who can withstand our atmosphere with the little craft “they are machines”. The tall blondes don’t want to come down to our density and send a hologram instead. If the person has to be taken to the larger craft their vibration has to be speeded up. When bringing them back they need to slow it down again and when this different vibration occurs this can cause bruising.

Dolores said “The aliens are very interested in only two of our habits, eating and reproduction, they see us as two separate species M/F and they find this interesting. They also think it is interesting that we die as they only die when they choose to as they have complete control of their bodies”. When we consume food we are living off the life energy of plants and animals. By living of this life energy this causes the body to age and to die. Our scientists have discovered two reasons why we grow old and die, we eat and we breathe.

Our scientists are trying to eliminate those two things. The star people have light baths for food. They lay down in a sarcophagus like thing and have light baths. This light comes from the source. And she says they are much closer to god than we are. Some aliens look human, but are not. They have organs that have evolved, and their bodies can live off gases in what ever environment they find themselves in. The only thing they cant adapt to is sulphuric acid.

Apparently there is a prime directive. According to the prime directive dark/negative forces are not allowed to interfere and according to Dolores any information out there regarding negativity is dis-information. They want us to be apart of this prime directive because of our creativity and curiosity. But we need to evolve first. When we shift into the new dimension then we can become part of it.
They say that when ever a planet reaches the point that it can support life , it is a very important time in the history of that planet and it is recorded in the history books of the council and it is at this time the planet is given its life charter. Then it is decided what type of life will we create there.. This is how life has started on every populated planet in the universe. Someone has come and started the seeding. Dolores once asked them if it would ever just begin without interference and they said yes it would but it would not be as organised as it is when it is supervised. It would of taken billions more years to get to this point we are now. They travel throughout the cosmos collecting genetic material; eggs, sperm, skin sampling, genetic material to use in combination for life on other planets. This is how they start life, The ones who started life on this planet are called the Archaic ones or the ancient ones. They introduced cells into the primeval soup of the planet. They never know what creatures are going to develop it depends on the air, soil environmental conditions. The introduced the single celled organism. They wanted this single cell to divide to develop into a multi celled organism.

We wouldn’t believe the way some organisms look on other planets. They say we have to look beyond the surface as everything has a soul. They needed to manipulate the genes of a mammal to evolve it into an intelligent civilised being. They chose the ape, because of the brain and the opposable thumbs as they needed to make tools. This was the beginning of the civilisation. Every culture in the world has the emergence of the culture bringer. No species evolved to be civilised beings on their own. The development of our species was a gift what we do with it is our own free will. Even if they don’t agree with it. They are trying to lengthen our life span, by making us healthier.

So yes folks it was a very interesting night with Dolores and I thank Sheryl for inviting Robert, Vivian and I to attend a most interesting lecture.