UFO   Flap over Cessnock NSW

Ref: 1800 Call In Code: 00023 Date 11th .1.1999

Day: Monday Time Reported: 6.20pm

Source: Margaret S Location: South Cessnock NSW

Diane Harrison E- mail Diane@auforn.com

Report: Mrs Margaret W, artist impression with some help from Di a polished up version of her drawing 1 of the UFO seen around South Cessnock NSW

Monday 11th .1.1999.

Margaret Said: She and her family have been seeing these orange fire ball of lights going over her house for the past six day. She said that she had got her son a telescope for Christmas and they had a observed the the objects through it.

Description: Round, Firey orange, flames coming from the back of each object, they had 5 lights in the front oblong shapped,white in colour,

Shape: Object a disc shape.