Australian National UFO Conference

Close Encounters in the 21st Century – the next 50 years of UFO research: Sydney: 2-4 August 2002


UFO Research (New South Wales) is hosting the 2002 Australian National UFO Conference from Friday 2 August to Sunday 4 August

July 2002 is the 50th anniversary of the Washington DC UFO flap, when clusters of ‘flying saucers’ flew over the White House on two consecutive Saturday nights (19/26 July 1952).

The Washington incidents contributed to the Cold War and began the worldwide civilian UFO movement we have today. Australia set up some of the first UFO investigation groups soon afterwards and the Sydney 2002 Seminar celebrates this development.

Presenters include: John Auchettl (Vic), Bill Chalker (NSW), James Courant (USA), Chris Downie (NSW), Mike Farrell (NSW), Graciela Flain (NSW), Rex Gilroy (NSW), Lucy Gomez (NSW), Martin Gottschall (Qld), Sheryl Gottschall (Qld), Sue Hanson (NZ), Diane Harrison (Qld), Atilla Kaldy (NSW), Moira McGhee (NSW). Paul Norman (Vic), Kevin Robb (SA), Dudley Robb (NSW), Mary Rodwell (WA), Paul Sowiak (NSW), Barry Taylor (NSW).

The three-day conference is organised as follows:

Friday 2 August / Saturday 3 August
YWCA, Wentworth Avenue, Sydney

Cost per day: $30 members, $35 non-members

If attending both Friday and Saturday, the cost is $50 members, $60 non-members.
Sunday 4 August
Neighbourhood Centre, cnr Norton and Collins Streets, Surry Hills

Cost: $35 members, $40 non-members

The Sunday session focuses on UFO abduction phenomena, and features panel discussions.

The panel format was chosen to allow a lively exchange of ideas from as many people as possible in the short time available.

There is a buffet dinner at the Mandarin Club in Pitt Street on the evening of Saturday 3 (members $25, non-members $30).

Workshops for smaller groups are available on Monday 5 August and Tuesday 6 August

For visitors to Sydney looking for appropriate, accessible accommodation, may we suggest the following web locations for up-to-date information and rates: (Sydney YWCA, Sydney) Vulcan Hotel, Ultimo (or, or

For more information about this event, or to register interest, contact Anthony Clarke (02 9529 3552), Wendy Burnham (02 9808 1184), Doug Moffett (02 9629 2048), or Bryan Dickeson (02 9332 1414).

Australian National UFO Conference 2002

Draft program (as at Monday 17 June 2002). Any changes to this should be minor ones.


Time slot
Friday 2 August
Saturday 3 August
Sunday 4 August
R e g i s t r a t i o n
0900-0930 Registration

0930-1000 Mary Rodwell

Support Panel (B.Dickeson)
P.Braddon, M.Favaloro, S.Gottschall, S.Hanson, P.Khoury, K.Robb, M.Rodwell



Introduction: B. Dickeson
Outstanding UFO encounters:
Paul Norman

Barry Taylor

Homo neoticus – the new human:
Mary Rodwell
Paradox of realities:
Dudley Robb
Saucery, secrecy and science
Bill Chalker
Blue Mountains UFOs/ time windows:
Rex Gilroy
Secrets of the secret keepers:
James Courant
Ufology; a technology quandary:
John Auchettl
1330-1400 Bill Chalker

Research Panel (M.Gottschall)
B.Chalker, B.Dickeson, D.Harrison, A.Kaldy, M.Favaloro, *R.Marx, M.Rodwell




Moira McGhee
Divine connection:
G.Flain/ L.Gomez
Alien Commnication:
Paul Sowiak
Collaborate or corroborate?:
Sue Hanson
Dimensional interaction in South Australia:
Kevin Robb
Time travel knocks
Martin Gottschall
C o n c l u s i o n
C o n c l u s i o n

(Informal group meal near Whitlam Square; meet in the YWCA at 7.00 p.m.)

Conference dinner at the Mandarin Club, from 7.00 p.m. with after-dinner address by James Courant

Workshop 1: Monday 5 August: Removing interference and blockages

10 a.m – 5 p.m. (Facilitator: Kevin Robb) – Venue: Seventh Sense (Surry Hills)
Kevin demonstrates how to apply his Divine Source Enhancement Healing technique to remove spiritual interference caused by ETs and multidimensional beings.
Cost $30; limited to 12 persons (bring some lunch, or cafes/lunchbars nearby)

Workshop 2: Tuesday 6 August: Coming to terms with your contact reality

10 a.m – 5 p.m. (Facilitator: Mary Rodwell, RN) – Venue: Seventh Sense (Surry Hills)
A workshop in Support Group format

Cost $30, limited to 15 persons.

Conference Speakers:

Paul Norman (VUFORS/ MUFON, Victoria) Outstanding UFO encounters: Paul reports the best accounts of UFOs indicating intelligent control or response that he has found over the last 50 years and discusses probable trends for the future.

Paul’s UFO interests and investigations began when a USA-wide radio interview with Major Keyhoe was cut off mid-broadcast during the early 1950s. He was a member of NICAP and is now the Australian advisor for the National Aviation Reporting Centre on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) and the Victorian Director of MUFON

Mary Rodwell (ACERN, WA): Homo neoticus’ – the new human: What is the evidence for new humans, known as Star children or Indigo children? Contact experiences show many forms of interaction with ETs, including genetic engineering. This seems to produce exceptional and unusual children

As the Principle of ACERN, Mary has provided counselling and support for over 600 contact/abduction experiencers in the past 7 years. Mary has produced a resource book for experiencers which should be available by the end of this year.

Bill Chalker (UFOIC, NSW): Saucery, Secrecy and Science An odyssey through the controversies, the people, the phenomena, the ‘coverups’, and the quest for evidence from the UFO enigma. The journey described provides experiences, perspectives, lessons, directions and suggestions for current and future research

Author of The Oz Files (1996), Bill is a contributing editor to the International UFO Reporter, and Coordinator for the UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) and Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG – a network of scientists and researchers investigating physical evidence for UFOs and abductions). Bill has over 20 years laboratory and quality management experience – a background he applies to ufology.

James Courant (United States of America) Secrets of the secret keepers (Update) James is a commercial pilot with many thousands of hours flying experience and world-wide contacts in ufology. As a radio and television presenter he has 30 years experience presenting UFO material to the American public. His main interests are UFO sightings by aircraft pilots and the coverup of UFO information by US officials.

Moira McGhee (INUFOR/ UFOR/ MUFON, NSW) (No details about talk yet)

Moira has contributed to BUFORA for 29 years and helped set up UFOR(NSW) in 1991. An author of The Gosford Files (1996) Moira founded the Independent Network for UFO Researchers and has been MUFON Director for NSW since 1995.

Kevin Robb (Australian Cosmic Connections, SA) Dimensional interaction in South Australia: After a UFO encounter involving missing time in 1995, Kevin joined a local UFO research group before forming Cosmic Connection. He speaks about his personal journey and how he has developed a healing technique to help others.

Sue Hanson (UFOCUS, New Zealand) Collaborate or corroborate? An overview of the experiencer role in the UFO fraternity and the dilemmas that experiencers and researchers face in future

With 30 years as a teacher, counsellor and mediator, and 17 years in UFO research, Sue supports those with ‘encounter’ experiences like her own. She has spoken at international conferences in Auckland (1997), Nevada (1999) and Sydney (1999).

Dudley Robb (UFOR, NSW): A Paradox of Realities: Looks at recent cosmological discoveries and how they affect scientific expectations for ET life. Dudley explains SETI’s failure till now and the large number of UFO sightings globally, since 1947.

Dudley grew up in London and lived in North America before settling in Australia in 1971. Has seen UFOs (London, aged 15, and Area 51, 1994) and has investigated UFOs in Canada and Australia. Dudley has attended several UFO conferences in the UK, Netherlands and USA to keep up-to-date on the UFO subject.

Rex Gilroy (BMUFOR, NSW) Blue Mountain UFOs and ‘time windows’: Discusses Blue Mountain UFO cases where objects appear or disappear suddenly as if through a ‘time window’, and vintage local UFO abduction cases involving time anomalies.

Rex has been researching UFOs in the Blue Mountains since 1959 and is the author of three books, with a fourth (his first on UFOs) now in preparation. He is known as a researcher and writer for unexplained Australasian phenomena.

John Auchettl (PRA, Victoria) Is the key to Ufology a technology quandary? After 50 years why are we still groping for answers to UFO and encounter experiences

John was born/grew up in Papua New Guinea, but left in 1970 for university, Army life and an aviation career. His 30 year interest in UFOs includes 10 years with VUFORS as a researcher, editor and librarian. John is Director of Phenomena Research Australia – a Melbourne collective investigating strange phenomena.

Graciela Flain (Wollongong, NSW)/ Lucy Gomez (Wollongong, NSW) The Divine Connection: Graciela and Lucy became interested in UFOs in South America before migrating to Australia. They retain close contacts with UFO groups there and are part of a vibrant culture within a greater Australian UFO community. They describe their interests and personal journeys in the subject.

Barry Taylor (Grafton, NSW)

Martin Gottschall (UFOR, Qld) Time travel is knocking on our door. Innumerable UFO encounter reports suggest the possibility of time travel. UFO researchers should now examine these possibilities seriously.

Martin has a technical background and has studied UFO physics since the late 1960s. Past Chairperson of UFOR(QLD) and editor of its journal, UFO Encounter, he is currently the Spokesperson and Administrator of ACUFOS.

Paul Sowiak (UFOR, NSW) Alien Communication. .UFO abductions produce both trauma and enlightenment. When John Keel got close to contactees and their ‘controlling intelligence’, the phenomenon began to read his mind and play games with him." My ability to direct myself was lost, I had no way to filter my emotions."

Paul’s interest and investigations span 30 years. A former ACUFOS coordinator, he helped set up UFOR(NSW) in 1991and is a past President of the organisation.

(On call as a last-minute substitute:

Bryan Dickeson (UFOR, NSW) The politics and culture of Disclosure: Reviews results of the recent UFO Disclosure project in the USA. Describes why these tactics won’t work in Australia and suggests ways UFO groups can endure official cover-ups.)