Conondale Crop Circle set 2
Queensland March 28th 2006
AUFORN QLD report by Robert Frola

Its been 2 years since the last set of crop circles appeared in a private paddock on Aherns Road on the way to Crystal Waters on a Sunday afternoon March 28th 2004, found by local boys, Eli Colbran and Tom Braby while out bushwalking.

Today we have a new set of circles one large & one small and the question on everyones lips, are these man-made or were they made by a UFO observed in the area around the same time, who knows? But AUFORN will travel to the area this week to continue their investigation.

Images © Mark Craig Sunshine Coast
For those interested, Mrs English called AUFORN to have achat about the circles on her property.

Phone interview with Robert Frola AUFORN Qld

Q: Robert asked Mrs English if she had seen the crop circles from 2 years ago.

Mrs English said "I was aware of the previous circles which appeared on the Aherns road property in 2004 but at that time we were away in Emerald, central Queensland, where they had 4 or 5 circles appear. We only have 2".

Mrs English said "they don't appear to be man-made but we don't know....I can't see how they could be man-made but that's all we know. They're just there".

Mr English said: "We didn't discover them, someone else did and they passed this information on to someone who knew someone who was into UFOs. His name was Chris and he rang my mother in-law and asked if he could take a look. He took measurements and 7 photos".

Comment: Robert informed Mrs English that TV coverage could stir quite a bit of interest and she may get all kinds of people on your property wanting to have a look.

Robert also informed Mrs English the previous land owner got very upset with people continually climbing his fence and trespassing on his property without permission and that he plowed the circles into the ground to stop interest.