Connondale Crop Circle set 2
Queensland March 28th 2006

Mrs English said "I didn't want TV coverage but I'm quite happy to let those that have a keen interest in the circles take a look".

Comment from Channel 9 TV: The reason we were in the area was because we had a team up in Maleny covering the opening of the new Woolworths store. It was just good timing.

Mrs English tried to think of what or who could have made the circles and informed AUFORN she believed in the possibility of life out there in the universe.

Mrs English said "we really have no idea what's done it, certainly we haven't done them and it seems unlikely that someone
Images © Mark Craig Sunshine Coast
seems unlikely that someoneelse would come into our place and do them. I don't know if there is any technically way or who would do it". "There's no holes in the middle" indicating if man-made, then maybe there should be, "but there is a slight cone of grass in the middle of one of the circles and we did have 2 reports of people who reported seeing something in the sky at about that time, over 2 nights".

Mrs English said "the circles had been there since Thursday that she is aware of, but they could have been there longer as they were only found this Thursday 30 of March.

"The lady who lives across the road who I don't know and have only met today, she was on TV. She saw something in the sky and heard lots of noise. My goats freaked out and they wouldn't go away from the house for a couple of days. I just thought there could have been dingoes around and maybe that's what upset them. I didn't know about these crop circles at the time. Whether that's connected or not I don't know".

Mrs English said: "This fellow Chris and his wife and mother in-law saw something hovering about that time also, and the lady across the road reckons she saw something, but we my husband and I didn't hear anything at all".

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