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May 15th 2003
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Another mystery unfolds
Did the Aliens do it?
Did the giant of the dreamtime take a walk as locals slept.?
Or was it natures hand.?
The Glasshouse Mountain's is a place of mystery, a valley surrounded by giant mountain peeks which seem to have appeared from nowhere. There are many mythological tales shared within this small community, tales of yowies, UFOs and the occasional sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger. A quote from the book: "Giants of The Dream Time" authored by Rex Gilroy page 98 states about MT Tiborgargan.

"In Local Aboriginal folklore MT Tibrogargan was once a giant man who wandered the land in the Dream Time. So tall was he that he could be seen coming from miles away, the ground shaking with the pounding of his mighty feet". "He turned to stone and is now part of the landscape. Some would say he looks like he is seated with his arms resting on his knees". The sleeping Giant in the above photo to the right.

Sightings of bright Green flashes of lights strange sounds & electrical power transformer type explosions, power outage for 1.5 hours between 12 -1.30 hrs. 2 lots of witnesses to lights Noel and an old lady a neighbour from down the road. A tree has been shaped into the form of a human? {very strange}

A comment from one of the owners of the property: Sandra said: "We are hardworking farm people and the 5th generation of the Gowen family to have farmed this area and this is the first time ever that anything strange as ever happened to us." "We have heard of UFO sightings around the traps and have heard of these things happening overseas, but to have it happen right here "wow" well its scary.

AUFORN investigators have arranged a visit to the farm they will keep everyone informed of their findings.

Bill Chalker will be in contact with Mr & Mrs Gowen today to find out more.
Pictures Bill Chalker thank you Bill

Report to date:

A number of crop circles have formed, origin unknown but created by something.? There are approximately 20 circle in the formation on a property near the Glass House Mountains, created in a field of Sorghum, on approximately 10 Acres of farm land.