Darwin UFO 2004
UFO picture December 4th 2004
Image © Nigel & Julie Lynn
Investigators © by Diane Frola & Robert Frola
This sighting is under investigation by AUFORN

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Report: Diane Harrison
Source: Night Lights = NL
Date: 4th December 2004.
Day: Saturday.
Time: 8.30 pm approximately & 12.30 am
Location: Map Leanyer, Darwin.
Direction: East South East. & moved in a Northerly direction.
Duration: 2 hours & 10 minutes
Position: 45 degrees & 60 deg to the horizon
Witnesses: 2 Nigel & Julie plus 4.
Colour: Red Green Blue.
Shape: Roundish orb.
Appearance: Starboard Lights of a plane.
Size: Small.
How many lights: set of 6 & a set of 3 = 9 in total.
Noise: No.
Viewed: Naked eye plus Binoculars.
Photo: Yes.
An iverted image
Good morning Diane

Attached is the photo I took on Saturday night. Nigel said at first he thought it might be a helicopter but there was no noise and it didn't move. Nigel took a picture of the object through his binoculars with his digital camera set at 6.1 mp.

The object was first sighted at approximately 20:30 hrs EST, in a East South East direction at about 45 deg above the horizon.

Nigel & Julie watched the object for about 2 hours in which they said in that time it did not appear to move in any direction.

The objects lights continually alternated red, green and blue. Nigel said the lights appeared like port and starboard lights on a plane. Nigel said it appeared there were 6 more points of light which he could see with his naked eye.

Approximately 2 hours later at 00:30 hrs on Sunday it had moved to a position approximately 60 deg to the north of the first position.

They did not see it move they just came outside at that time to look again prior to going to bed.

Nigel said, he would appreciate any help in identifying the object. Nigel said, what it is he certainly does not know and obviously there is an answer.
Photographs © Peter Bennett of the Northern Territory Newspaper
Julie looking at an enlarged image of the UFO on her computer
Julie on her veranda where she saw the UFO

Story Below Northern Territory News

Flashing lights hover over Darwin
December 6 2004
Page 3
by Greg McLean
EVEN the sceptics are questioning the origins of a strange light that hovered over Darwin on Saturday night.

Several readers phoned the Northern Territory News late on Saturday night to describe the unidentified flying object that captured their attention.

But neither the RAAF or the airport were able to shed any light on the flashing green, blue and red lights witnesses saw.

Laboratory technician Julie Lynn was relaxing on the balcony with husband Nigel at their Leanyer home when they noticed the UFO about 8.30pm.

A self-described sceptic, Mrs Lynn believes there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the UFO hovered above Darwin - she just has no idea what it could be.
"It was fascinating to watch,she said.

"I was quite looking forward to curling up on the couch and watching a movie but it had our attention until we went to bed after midnight.

"It hovered in the one place for at least two hours but had moved significantly when we checked on it again before we went to bed.

"I can't believe there are UFOs or little green men out there - there must be an obvious explanation.

"And we weren't drinking so it wasn't something we imagined.

The UFO was described as being shaped like three connected ball-shaped spheres that flashed blue, green and red from as many as six different light sources.
It first appeared in a south-easterly direction and was moving northeast.

Department of Defence spokeswoman Kelly Cooper said the UFO was definitely not a secret military aircraft or RAAF-related.

The airport also denied the UFO could have been a plane waiting to land in Darwin.

Northern Territory News
Darwin page 2.