Now Then

By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

We occasionally get some excellent reports from the UFO reporting hotline. They tend to make up for the more mundane ones, such as the 'lights in the sky' reports.

This one had an interesting beginning. The report read …“this is the last time I'm going to attempt to report this sighting”. That got my attention straight away.

I phoned the witness as soon as I could, and he told me his story. He had reported the sighting initially to the local radio station , who ran the story the next day in their news bulletins.

There was little or no response from the public. Apparently only Peter and Marg saw it.

Next , Peter reported his sighting to two different UFO organizations that are in Victoria, and he has never had a reply from either of them.

A few years went by, then one day Peter went in to a newsagent and saw a copy of a magazine called “the Australasian UFOlogist”.

He read through it, bought it, went home and phoned the AUFORN UFO reporting Hotline.

That's how I came to contact him.
The sighting was a significant one because two people saw it at the same time, from almost the same location. Both were able to sketch what they saw, and both drew almost identical pictures. The parts of the object that were clearly visible were drawn the same way by both witnesses. The parts of the craft that were not clear were depicted differently, but with the same effect. The witnesses just used different methods to visually create what they were not sure about.

The object was a large wing like craft, with no fuselage or other appendages. The leading edge was clearly defined, while the trailing edge was blurry or unclearly defined. The object was silent, and not very high in the sky. It looked translucent in that the stars were visible through it as it passed over.

It first got Peter's attention because it was moving and he just happened to look straight at it, and saw the movement. He immediately brought it to Marg's attention.

Peter was able to get a longer look at it because he could run around and re-position himself so he could see it traveling away between some trees, while Marg stayed where she was.

This craft resembled nothing that is man made. We just don't make huge SILENT aircraft that are translucent.

Peter has made the sketches available for us to get an understanding of the object they both saw. He has also made some excellent graphic images depicting the sighting.

I recently traveled to Bendigo , with a friend of mine who is very interested in the UFO subject, and we photographed the site and the witnesses, and did a video interview at the location. It was a very positive experience to meet these witnesses , and to hear their story first hand.

Apart from some similar reports from the USA, I know of few reports that depict anything like the object seen over Bendigo in the late Nineties.

If any thing like it comes up , and we hear about it , we will report it.

Cheers. GS