Organising a post conference meeting can take a great deal of effort, just as much effort as organising a conference. But what makes these meetings a success is you the audience who attend. The Gold Coast AUFORN post conference held at Robina Community Centre was a great success and we have to thank the AUFORN team Daniel & Sally - Dahl Cummings- Emma - Claudia - Hans for working hard in making sure the event went off without a hitch "thank you guys you did a great job".

It was wonderful night and everyone had a great time.
Alfred Weber
Michael Horn
Freddy Silva
Freddy Silva fascinated the audience with science and his own personal discoveries, reminding us the seemingly physical world is in fact a complex array of spinning frequencies. A member of the audience Ray said Freddy was right in the mark as he had done experiments with sound to form shapes from sounds. The feed back from the audience intrigued to Freddy lecture was warm and positive. Freddy said our ancestors were well aware of the power of sound so much so they built colossal monuments of stone across the Earth, at locations where the magnetic properties of nature are enhanced, facilitating altered states of awareness and communication with more refined levels of 'reality'.

Combining his knowledge of the ancestors he recognised the importance of early Church construction and the importance of not only the structures but the importance of the sites themselves particularly with Gothic cathedrals. Freddy informed us temples such as Stonehenge are not located haphazardly: they strategically mark the crossing points of an invisible, yet measurable, electro-magnetic grid that encircles the Earth – points where the planet's 'data storage' can be accessed also indicating that some structure's can influence our very being.

Now this got me thinking, have you noticed a large majority of the human race have stopped going to church as they once we did.

What if the Gods/Beings/Space brothers have started moving with the times. If you can imagine just for a moment that not all crop circles are man made then you might be able to understand what I'm trying to get you to imagine. What if the Gods have noticed that mankind has a fascination with not only the beauty of these circles but they have noticed how some circles and there pattern's affect how some humans feel and think. What if this is the case then it possible that the Gods have now found a new way of touching our consciousness.?

Freddy said: since the late 19th Century, mysterious crop circles have materialised with ever increasing frequency beside these ancient markers in 28 countries. What's more, these rhythmic designs, too, are aligned strategically along the same grid, and in the process have begun waking sites that have lain dormant for centuries.

So, what on earth is going on?

The result of a decade of research, this groundbreaking lecture connects a myriad of seemingly unconnected fragments, revealing a picture that is stranger than fiction: that crop circles contain measurable energetic properties which influence the rhythms of the human body, its brainwave patterns, even consciousness itself.

And they are altering the chromosomes of plants, even encoding the very water we drink. The lecture is a reminder of where we come from and a signpost to where we are headed.

Alfred Weber is a quiet man with a very gentile nature, he is a graduate of Yale Law School, he is known as the founder of Exopolitics and those that know and work with Alfred know of his futurist work at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI). In 1977 directing a proposed Extraterrestrial Communication Project for the Carter White House led to the emergence of exopolitics as a social science discipline.

Not many knew what Exopolitics was all about as it is relatively new to everyone involved in the UFO subject so all where keen to listen to new ideas and new information. Many said Alfred's lecture was clearly a breath of fresh air, he gave hope when sometimes there seems no hope of peace. Many in the audience felt motivated to think ahead as some thought is there any hope for a better brighter future.

Alfred is best known for his futuristic thinking and indicates humanity is destined to become a space-faring civilisation.
In his newly released book Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe Alfred Webre presents a practical and philosophical model of how such an outreach program to other planetary civilisations might be shaped.

Alfred talked about the forming of intergalactic diplomacy and how humanity can involve peaceful and coexistence and corporate with other civilisations. Alfred's founding principles of Universal law. "Exopolitics is premised on the notion that if humanity is not only to survive but thrive in the Universe, it will have to develop a political science to effectively interact with the beings that it will encounter in space.

This as Alfred states might seem like science fiction or even fantasy to some, but it taken very seriously by some of the most accomplished members of Earth society and many other prominent citizens of this world, a former American astronaut and one of Canada's former defense ministers have endorsed Exopolitics.

Alfred lecture gave us all something to think about.

Michael Horn's lecture was very interesting and many did not know about the Bill Meier case. I for one was very skeptical about the Meier case and like many in ufology thought the Meier photo's were far to good to be real, I have now had to have a rethink and will take sometime going over the Billy Meierc case, but what interested me the most was not only the photos but accuracy of Bill Miere predictions.

Absence of Erroneous Prophetic Information

Quote Michael Horn 2004 article Nexus Magazine: If as some people might think, Meier somehow guessed or fabricated all of this specific, prophetically accurate information, it would be logical to assume that there would have to be an even more enormous body of randomly generated erroneous information.

Unfortunately for the sceptics, there simply is no such voluminous body of inaccurate work. And it's easy to prove this, since most of the information validated so far has been culled from a couple of thousand pages of the earliest English translations of the Contact Reports, published by Meier primarily between 1975 and 1979, with additional information excerpted from contacts in the 1980s and 1990s. Let me also add that there are still thousands of pages of untranslated German texts and some unofficial English translations that contain additional, already published, prophetic information awaiting scrutiny.

What Does It Mean to Us?
Meier and his extraterrestrial friends seem to be able to predict, i.e., accurately calculate, the results of causal actions known to them, originating from humanity and/or nature and the cosmos. And they have made it clear that certain prophesied (undesired) events can still be changed for the better—if humanity recognises its errors and makes sufficient effort in the correct, positive direction to alter those outcomes that can still be changed.

In the 215th Contact, known as the Henoch Prophecies, special emphasis was placed on America and the very times we are in. (These prophecies are contained in the 2004 book, And Still They Fly!) More recent comments by Meier have also carried harsh and heavy warnings about the current American administration and leadership and the danger of its leading the world into a cataclysmic Third World War. Considering the credibility the Plejaren have established with their track record of accuracy since at least 1975, it would be wise for us to give serious consideration to their warnings about the future. Of course, it is up to each interested person to do the research necessary to determine the accuracy and authenticity of the Meier Contacts for themselves.

Should the most important event in human history—contact between an Earth human and extraterrestrial humans—actually have occurred, then we might realise that this is less about UFOs and extraterrestrials than it is about us—and our future survival.

Michael had the audience truly interested in the Miere case and many walked away wondering if what Bill had predicted then what did Bill Miere predict for the future of the human race.

Robert and I would like to thank three wonderful people for their most interesting lectures.

Thank you NEXUS magazine for giving up the opportunity to share these speakers and Robert Peter and I look forward to any more opportunities you send our way.

Next year: AUFORN & UFOESA are now working towards bringing you another interesting conference.

Please call back for more interesting lectures see our AUFORN meetings page for more details.

Diane Frola