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HarmonIcs of Wycliffe
Well and the Devil's Marbles Area

Graham H Stewart
(Copyright © Graham H Stewart 1995)


In the Northern Territory of Australia is a Roadhouse known as Wycliffe Well. Its a place that few have heard of save those who stop to break their long road journey. The area comprises of a roadhouse with refreshments facilities, and a petrol station with a small van park.

Around early September 1994, it started to gain some publicity but not for its remote charm or welcome facilities.

A number of strange brightly lit objects were beginning to make an appearance in the night sky and continued to do so for several weeks. Stories quickly circulated within the UFO research community which prompted an all out investigation of the unexplained phenomenon.

The mysterious nocturnal lights soon caught the attention of the press who published several articles about the strange lights including photo stills taken from a video sequence. Even Channel 10 Television became involved, sending a news crew to do a story and obtain video footage of the object which, very strangely, never seemed to make air time. What was going on?

Reports were still coming in from a growing number of witness including a bus load of 50 people who had stopped at the roadhouse. There was also an anonymous report from an over the horizon tracking station employee who stated that objects had shown up on radar.

The objects seen and reported were mostly orange or white with secondary flashing red and green lights that moved in a highly erratic manner often remaining stationary for a period before darting off at phenomenal speeds. Telecom were at a loss to explain why phone and fax machines seemed to drop out when the objects appeared. Even EFTPOS machines were reported as giving trouble as well as radio reception and various electrical disturbances.

Some of the more phenomenal sightings to be reported came from a well Imown tourist area north of Wycliffe Well called Devil's Marbles. The area comprises of many large rounded boulders which are set in rather an unusual landscape.

Alicurung Aboriginal people who are quite familiar with the general area especially the Devil's Marble, said they had known about the mysterious lights for some time. The area comprising of the Devil's Marbles has been variously reported as having a strange feeling about it and there area some who won't go near the place.

All of these strange hitherto unexplained events alerted mc to the possibilities of some very human activities of a covert scientific nature. To the south west ofthis apparently active area lies the enigmatic Pine gap Facility. On the basis of this hunch I decided to undertake a comprehensive Harmonic analysis of the Devil's marbles area including a number of known scientific establishments to see if anything of value could be found. It took some considerable time to examine all the various possibilities but what has emerged is quite staggering in its implications.

The data that follows provides what I firmly believe to be overwhelming evidence of a Major Covert Scientific Operation. There is also strong evidence to suggest the existence of Space/Time Portals or Interdimentional Gate located very close to the area called Devil's Marbles. If what I have discovered is correct, the immediate implications are quite profound. It would certainly imply that some in the scientitic community are in possession of highly advanced physics beyond the understanding of mainstream science.

Do certain scientists already know about the existence and location of this and very likely other Space/Time Portals? I am convinced that they do and furthermore, I now believe that thc Wycliffe Well and Devil's Marbles phenomenon of September 1994 was the result of advance scientific experiment.

The centre point of the circle/cross marker falls just a few feet to the left of the Stewart Highway. It is quite possible that this "ripple in the space/time continuum" may be close to 1715 St Ft. in diameter if based on the 1694444 Harmonic as I suspect. It may even be possible to physically observe a type of "shimmer "effect at certain times during the earths orbital motion around the sun.

While doing a routine check of the harmonics in and around the Devil marbles, I happened to discover some astounding values coming up. Due to the wave of unusual sightings seen during the latter part of 1994, I decided to take a very close look at the area. The implications of what I was finding stunned me at first so I undertook a complete and very thorough check of the area to make sure the data was correct. This is what I found.

Significent Latitude discovery = 20 deg 34'28.9" south =20.57469443deg

This is the figure (20.57469443) that first caught my attention because it contained an important harmonic (69443) in additiion to the fact that it ran through the Devil Marbles area.

The next step was to check the Visible Light Spectrum (VLS) value for the above latitude (20 deg 34'28.9") and this was found to be 143906. 1140 which is subtracted from the Grid Speed of Light maximum value of 144000 (Ic)

144000 minus 143906.1140 = 93.886028 divided by the Time Harmonic = 3.477260296
of 27 reciprocal = 0.28758272-07 Harmonic

This is matter/Anti-matter Harmonic (exact value). It's this harmonic that is directly associated with matter transfer and time displacement. The implications of this are quite staggering given the sort of phenomenon observed in the area.

The next step was to check longitude values on this latitude line either side Devil's Marbles position to see if other associated harmonics were present. At first I drew a blank, which was disappointing but decided to press on and check the harmonic reciprocal which is achieved by subtracting I80 deg of longitude on the Earth's graticule. The result was astounding to say the leastes mentioned in this analysis.

Reciprocal Longitude value found = 45deg 44'59.86"west = 45.7499612 deg
Divided by Time Harmonic 27 = 1.69444300 Harmonic

This is the Harmonic of Mass at the Centre of a Unified Light Field and is the correct harmonic to be associated with the matter/ Anti-matter transfer if my theory is valid. This reciprocal Iongitude value allowed me to obtain the reverse by subtracting it from 180 which gave 134 deg 15' 0.14" east.

This, together with the above latitude Value, marked a position just slightly to the left of the Stuart Highway due west of the Devils Marbles area. This position has been marked on the map to follow.

The significance of this discovery is quite overwhelming. At this position we have all the correct harmonics values together that could produce an Interdimentional Portal or Time/matter shift which could well explain the wave of sightings that took place in that area. The active harmonics are

  • (a) 27 Harmonic of Time
    (5) 143906.1140 VLS Speed of Light (Maximum value) at this latitude value of 20 deg 34' 28.9
    (c) 0.287582727 Matter/Anti-matter Harmonic
    (d) 1694443 Harmonic of Mass at the Centre of a Unified Light Field.

It is quite possible that the actual area covered by such a portal could be based on the 1694443 Harmonic for example , it may be e 16.94443 seconds of arc in diameter which would be 1715.776 std feet. Whatever it may be, it would likely be subject to some fluctuations due to the Earth's natural frequency rhythm.

If you consider the above to be covered, then an obvious question immediately comes to mind. Do our scientists know it and if so are they using it in some way? -Perhaps not completely, but there is a method by which sonic very strong evidence can be obtained that gives the question a high yes probability. This method is to check the position of the suspected Time Portal against the location of known scientific installations to see if any other important harmonics are present.

A check of Scientific Installations:

The only way to check the distance between the suspected portal position and known scientific facilities with any degree of accuracy is to obtain a Great Circle Track using the Gridworks Program. Once a distance is obtained between any two points on the surface of the Farth it is then possible to check for harmonic values by going through all the various permutations possible.

It is quite time consuming but the results very often prove to be worth while.

I stated with the obvious installation, Pine Gap and entered coordinates known to fall within the layout area.

Pine Gap Latitude 23 deg 47'43.96" south
Longitude 133deg 42' 59.9" east
Portal position Latitude 20deg 34' 28.9" south
Longitude 134deg 15' 0.14" east
Great Circle Track = 3 deg 15' 30.53" = 3.258481426deg
x 6 Harmonic ratio = l9.55088855
Divided by 72560* = 2.6944443-04 Harmonic

This was a fantastic result because this figure (2694444) is the value E in the Harmonic Unified Field Equation and is highly significant in the light of the Portal/ theory. This is the first discovery linking the portal position to scientific establishment. * 72560 - this value is the Harmonic difference between the two gravitational factors of energy grids A&B. The next check was between the portal position and the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station but I could find nothing of any significance so I decided to check the Radio Telescope at Parkes considering its involvement with NASA and the SETl program. This is what was found.

Portal position = (as above) Radio Telescope Parks = Latitude 32deg 59'48.47" south = Longitude 148deg 15' 30" east

Great Circle Track - 17deg 35' 27.75' = 17.591040
Divided by harmonic 216 = 0.08144000 Harmonic

This again is quite amazing. This value contains two important Harmonics - firstly, 144000 (Ic) Grid Speed of Light and secondly, 8 which when multiplied by the harmonics ratio of 6 twice we get Harmonics 288 (2).

Here then is the second major link between the portal posiition and a
known scientific facility.

At this point it seemed obvious that a triangulate more than likely existed
between the portal position, Pine Gap and Parkes Radio Telescope. This would
be the proof. If the distance between Pine Gap and Parkes gave significant
harmonics, I would consider this to be adequate evidence of a Major Covert
Scientific Operation connected with Interdimentional Physics and Time
Shifts. This is the result.

Parkes position - (as previous page)
pine Gap position - (as previous page)
Great Circle Track - 15 deg 43'.55.11"
- 15.73197353'
x 6 Harmonic ratio - 566.3510628
Divided by 3928.371* = 0.144169443 Harmonic

* 3928.371 is the A&B Magnetic Fields Density Difference Harmonic

Once again, this result was quite unexpected and somewhat astonishing. The above result combines two extremely important harmonic values namely - 144, which is the Grid Speed of Light Harmonic (lc) to three figures and of course 169443 which is only 0.000001 off 169444 being the harmonics of Mass at the Centre of a Unified Light Field. Things were beginning to get rather interesting at this point.

Some conclusions:

Finding the possible location of an Interdimentional Portal or gateway in the time continuum is remarkable enough in itself but to discover that it appears to be connected by harmonic Values to known scientific facilities is another thing entirely. It seems to imply that our scientists may well know of this phenomena and could in fact be using it in some way. The implications of this are quite staggering. It may even have some direct connection to alien craft and communications beyond our normal dimention. Whatever the purpose, it is certainly an area that should be carefully watched in the future. I predict that there will be on-going sightings at what I refer to as the Portal Position. The maps on the previous page show the position for visual reference.

It appears that we have a definite triangulation between the Portal Position, Pine Gap and the Parkes Radio Telescope. One can only speculate as to the real purpose of this mathematical alignment but one thing is quite clear; it does exist and the chances of the harmonic values coming out so precise are by mere coincidence are millions to one against. I must conclude that there is very advanced scientific operation being canried which involves this Portal Position.

The harmonics involved are as follows:

8 = Harmonic of 288 (2c) eg. 8x6x6=288
27 = Grid Time Harmonic
144000 = Grid Speed of Light (maximum) Value
1694443 = Harmonic of Mass at the Centre of a Unified Light Field
287582727 = Matter/Anti matter Harmonic
72560 = Harmonic difference between the two Gravitational Factors of Energy Grids A&B
216 = Harmonic of the number of Minutes of Arc in a Circle (360x60=21600)
3928.371 = A&B Magnetic Fields Density Difference Harmonic
2694444 = The value "E" or energy in the Unified

Field Equation when the value of "C" (Light) or 144000, is reduced by the Harmonic (Phi) or 1.6180 and entered into the equation.

Although rather time consuming, this exercise has proved to be very revealing. It has produced a set of Harmonic Data which definitely suggests a very precise pattern especially in the geographical placement of specific scientific facilities. This is only one example to provide evidence of a very highly organised Hi Tec operation. I am confident that additional checks with other facilities apart from those named above would reveal a similar pattern.

We can only guess at what may really be taking place under our very noses masterminded by certain selected members of the scientific elite. What we do know, however, is that this elite is definately in possession of a technology that is way ahead of anything we, or even mainstream science, is aware of. Of course, it is possible that this space/time ripple or portal discovered near Devil's Marbles, is manmade and part of some very much larger program which may in fact include the entire world.

Interesting research for the future I think. The computer generated maps in the article are designed to show the geographic and harmonic geometric positioning of the places mentioned in this analysis.

Triangulation Harmonics:

Another surprise was in-store when I decided to check the total distance in nautical miles over the three points which formed the triangle between the Portal Position, Pine Gap and the Parkes Radio Telescope. This was achieved by adding together the great circle track lines already calculated. The result of this exercise is incredible to say the least.

The three GCT distances are
= 3 deg 15' 30.53"
= 17 deg 35' 27.75"
= 15 deg 43' 55.11"
Total = 36 deg 34' 53.39"
= 36.58149721deg

This gives us a total distance over the three sides of 2194.8898 nautical miles.

By multiplying the distance value of 36.58l4972ldeg by shift factor of 6 eight times, I was surprised to find that the result was extremely close to a combination of very significant harmonics - 36.58149721 x 6 (8 times) 61442887.940. The values 144 (lc) and 288 (2c) were immediately evident.

Could the correct Harmonic actually be 61442886.944 and if so, what would the corrected value be relative to the overall distance. To check this I worked backwards from this Harmonic. The result is shown below -

61442886.944 divided by 6 (8 times) = 36.58150841deg distance
Minus calculated distance (above)

= 36.58149721 deg distance = 00.00001120 or (1.12-05)

Converted to seconds arc = 0 deg 0'0.04" difference
1 second of arc = 101.259 standard feet
Therefore, 101.259x0.04 = 4.05036 standard feet

So the correction required from the GCT calculated distance over the three sides of the triangle to hit the Harmonic is only 4.05036 standard feet in 2194.8898 nautical miles.

This is an utterly amazing result. I am convinced that what has become evident from this exercise clearly demonstrates a 'high probability factor" for the hypothesis presented here. It is one thing to find that two scientific facilities may form a third point. "X" where perhaps something may be found, but to start with point "X" where definite anomalous activity has been reported and then two scientific facilities are tied in Harmonically is quite overwhelming.

Harmonics of the corrected GCT distance:

36.58150841 x Harmonic shift 6 (8 times)
= 61442886.94 Harmonic.

This value contains 4 significant Harmonics as follows:

6 being 6xHarmonic shift 6 (twice) - 216 Harmonic of a Circle, (2160 mins of arc).
144 being the Grid Speed of Light Harmonic (1c) or 144000 maximum value.
288 being Twice the Grid Speed of Light Harmonic (2c) maximum value. 6.94 which is the Harmonic reciprocal of (1c) to three figures.

The correct reciprocal of 144000 (1c) is actually 6.9444444 recurring. I am convinced that extremely accurate computer processing of the above distance value 36.58150841, would confirm the 6.94 (above) to be 6.94444444.1 am equally convinced that thc anomalous activity seen and photographed around the Devil's Marbles in the latter part of 1994 was mostly, if not entirely, man-made and could well be the result of some highly advanced scientific program.

Source: Excerpt from the UFOtec publication: The Devils Marbles evidence for the existence of a space/time portal.

About the Author:

Graham Stewart is a full time Astronomer who specialises in world energy grid patterns and harmonics.

Graham's UFO research program began in 1969 when he witnessed a rather spectacular close range night time sighting in the western area of Auckland, New Zealand. It was also the year that Graham met Captain Bruce Cathie, well known for his remarkable development of the World Energy Grid System and the universal harmonics relating to space, matter and time. Over the years Bruce has remained a close friend and research colleague and Graham has used his mathemathics many times in his own research program.

His Research papers may be purchased through UFO Research New South Wales. Contact Dudley (02) 9858-3031 or Anthony (02) 9529-3552 for more information on the availability of Graham's research papers.

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