Permission was given to Bill Chalker and Diane Harrison to investigate the Annex and the Winery by Keith Rylance

The Annex were the alleged abduction took place

Door to Keith's and Amy's bedroom and Petra's door.
Petra Heller was watching TV here with Amy before going to bed.
The door to Petra's Bedroom
The above pictures are a view of the annex from the front door of the annex
The couch were Amy was said to have gone to sleep the night of the alleged abduction.
The door to Keith's & Amy's bedroom were Keith said he was asleep.
The bedroom window of the annex were the beam of light was said to shine through.
A south View of the window from Keith & Amys bedroom.
Petra's bedroom door and inside the bedroom looking out to the annex were the alleged abduction took place
A permanent gap at the top of the door as the door did not close.
Inside Petra's room were the said light beam shone through
View of the front door & couch from petra's bedroom.