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UFORA90021 17 Feb 1990 Canberra ACT 0515hrs Low Level A S1/P5
Details of this case were provided in the last Digest. Further investigations, including the duplication of the video film taken, have now lead us to conclude that the observation and film were almost certainly of the planet Venus. Ray Brooke of UFOR(SA) video taped Venus one morning using his camera with the telephoto lens defocussed. The resultant images were an exact copy of the Canberra video film. (UFORA).

UFORA90025 TUFOIC 90007 14 Feb 1990 Magra TAS 1045hrs Med Level
B S3/P4
The witness was hosing down windows at her rural home, and her three year old son kept calling her to look at the thing in the sky. She finally did so and saw a white round shape against the clear blue sky. The shape then changed as the object moved towards the NNE. It appeared to be disc like as it wobbled or zig zagged away. It stopped in an instant, remained stationary for a few seconds, then gained elevation and disappeared in the NNE. The call was received within a few hours of the sighting. No commercial aircraft were in the area. The weather was fine and calm, the overlying and local wind patterns were light from the NE to SE. (TUFOIC).

UFORA90026 9 Sep 1989 Zanthus WA 2100hrs Low Level B S1/P4
According to a report on ParaNet, sourced from the Melbourne Truth, the crew of a passenger train westbound for Kalgoorlie WA reported an unusual observation, which included smoke “blacking out passenger windows” and causing the train driver to cough. Driver Lou Beccarelli was interviewed by Keith Basterfield and stated he was driving the train 14km east of Zanthus WA at the time. He initially saw a pencil-shaped light in the western sky which appeared to come over the horizon and approach the train. It grew in size and appeared to be a series of lights with a white trail behind them. It passed to the north of the train. At closest approach it was visible as a line of six white lights with a white “smoke” trail behind it. It was completely silent. Lou had enough time to walk over to the right hand window of the driver s cabin, and roll down the window for a better view. He also had time to call on the two way radio to the guard. Lou lost the object to sight when it continued to travel eastwards behind him. The total duration according to Lou was about a minute but the white “smoke” hung in the sky for about 20 minutes altogether. Lou said that Greg, the guard, said it “just disappeared” i.e. did not go over the sastern horizon.

Lou radioed Rawlinna, some 180km to the east but no-one there saw it. Later he heard that it was seen from:

a. 80km north of Kalgoorlie, some 200km to the west of his position, and
b. At Merredin, some 550km west of Lou.

It was visible from all these locations at approximately 2100hrs, with the same visual description, and again no sound.

Lou was asked if the “smoke” made him cough or covered passenger windows as stated in the ParaNet item. He said this was completely untrue. There had been no interaction between the object and the train or crew.

If view of the data uncovered it would appear that the object was some distance away from the train, and high up. As in other reports of this nature, the indications are that it was a bright meteor entering the atmosphere. (K Basterfield).

UFORA90027 Dec 1989 Mt Newman WA Evening Med Level B S3/P4
One friday night two people observed a star shaped light, coloured bright white and orange, which then disappeared behind trees. One person drove off to investigate and came upon a bright light with two separate orange lights, one on either side. He flashed the car s headlights at it and it flashed back. The ute seemed “drained” and “going rough”, although there were no effects on the vehicle s lights. After 4-5 minutes of observation he returned to pick up the first witness. Both then went back to the scene where they now found the large light and only one orange light present. They estimated it to be 300m distant. Later a third person joined them, and he reported seeing what he took to be a floodlight in the distance. (UFORA).

UFORA90028 1987? Mt Newman WA Night Med Level B S3/P4.
Two people were parked some 5km from Newman. They saw an object but believed at first it was the Moon rising. However, it was a blood red colour. It rose and showed a semi-crescent shape, which then seemed to split. The part which split approached and got bigger. It then followed them along the road. At its closest it was estimated to be 20m up and 20m away. They sped at 160km/h to get away. Finally it crossed the road in front of them and sped off to their left. (UFORA).

The following reports have been recently made to UFOR(SA). All are Low, Level C cases.

UFORA90029 26 Jan 1990 Ingle Farm SA 2200hrs.
White light in the sky. S2/P4.

UFORA90030 10 Feb 1990 Paralowie SA 2110hrs.
A light travelled over a shed. Seen only for a couple of seconds through a window. S2/P4.

UFORA90031 13 Feb 1990 Adelaide 2058hrs.
A light was seen travelling NW to E. Possiblv the Russian space station. S2/P4.

UFORA90032 14 Feb 1990 North Spalding SA 2030hrs.
A light was seen for a few minutes travelling NW to E. Possibly Russian space station. S2/P4.

UFORA90033 15 Feb 1990 Para Vista SA 0533hrs.
Very bright light in the eastern sky. Venus. S1/P4.

UFORA90034 17 Feb 1990 Fulham Gardens SA 0245hrs.
Witness awoken from sleep to hear an unusual noise outside. They saw a dull fluorescent blue light some 15m above the house. S4/P4.

UFORA90035 18 Feb 1990 Houghton SA 0019hrs.
A brilliant white light was seen with an orange trail. Seen only for half a second. Probably a meteor. S2/P4.

UFORA90036 21 Feb 1990 Tarlee SA 0434hrs.
Big bright white light in the eastern sky, low down. Venus. S1/P4.

UFORA90037 24 Feb 1990 Adelaide SA Early hours.
Bright light in the eastern sky. Venus. S1/P4.

UFORA90038 2 Mar 1990 Adelaide SA 2050hrs.
Six moving lights in the western sky. Seen for 30 seconds at 30 degrees above the horizon. Moving in two groups of three. S3/P4.

UFORA90039 3 Mar 1990 Adelaide SA
Several reports of a bright white light moving SW to north. Probably a satellite. S2/P4.

UFORA90040 4/5 Mar 1990 Adelaide SA Evening.
19 calls about laser lights used as part of the Adelaide Festival. S1/P4.

UFORA90041 Feb 1990 Wentworth NSW 230Ohrs.
A caller briefly described an unusual flashing light seen on the ground during a shooting trip. S3/P4.

UFORA90042 6 Mar 1990 Salisbury Park SA 2345hrs.
A whirring noise was audible as a very bright light travelled north to south, very quickly. Seen for only 2-3 seconds. Dogs disturbed. S3/P4.

UFORA90043 9 Mar 1990 Fairview Park SA 2105hrs.
A very bright orange light was seen in the western sky, which looked “like an aircraft on fire”. S3/P4.


1. Good, T. (ed). (1990). The UFO Report 1990. London. Sidgwick & Jackson. 224pp.

Timothy Good s follow up book to “Above Top Secret” is actually a compilation of chapters by various ufologists. Chapters include reviews of such cases as Gulf Breeze, Mundrabilla and Rendlesham Forest. Inevitably the UK crop circles also feature. This book is not particularly aimed at the experienced researcher, as there is little pro and con ETH debate included.

2. Conroy, E. (1989). Report on Communion: an independent investigation and commentary on Whitley Strieber’s Communion. New York. Morrow. 427pp.

An investigative journalist takes a long look at Strieber’s background, claims and beliefs. I found this a most enlightening piece of work which casts some new perspectives on both “Communion” and “Transformation”. Essential reading for anyone intrigued by “abduction” cases .

3. Spencer, J. (1990). Perspectives. London. MacDonald/Futura. 256pp.

John Spencer was one of the co-authors of the BUFORA book “Phenomenon”. Although this current work is a critical one, which takes to task a number of the elements of ufologists research, it does add some valid comments to such debates as abduction research and the use of hypnotic regression. Quite a bit of food for thought included in this work and one to read slowly.

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