ISSUE 11 MAY 1990

Compiled by Keith Basterfield




UFORA90045 1970? Adelaide SA CE4 Level A S5/P4
A 31 year old woman, living in Adelaide, has told us that at age 10 or 11 she was abducted from her bedroom by a group of small entities who entered the room via the internal house door. She was levitated off the bed and taken to a circular “room” where she received a medical examination lying on a metal table. The next conscious recollection was of waking up in bed. This woman also recounts numerous lifelong episodes of poltergeist activity, the sense of a presence in one house she lived in, being told she levitated whilst sleeping, seeing objects such as children s tricycles moving by themselves, experiencing apparitions, precognitive visions, telepathy and spirit photographs. She also mentioned that some ten years ago whilst undergoing dental treatment, that x-rays revealed two unknown metal obiects in her face under her nostrils. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90046 Lifelong CE4 Level B S5/P4
A 29 year old woman from Queensland recalls a number of experiences, the first of which occurred at age three and a half. She recounts that at this age she can remember waking in her cot to find the room filled with small entities, who seemed to be examining her mother. This experience was vividly recalled later in early childhood, when the woman was exposed to photographs of a hospital operation. In another experience (age 19) she can recall being taken from her bed, and floating up to a “spaceship”. However, she has no onboard memory. (Bill Chalker).

UFORA90047 Ca 1982 CE4 Level B S5/P4
Another Queensland woman, in her late 40 s, recounts that about eight years ago, during sleep, she found herself in a spaceship. The entities present were all human looking, both male and female. There were also a few other human beings, abductees, present there. She would not let the entities examine her as she was pregnant. The beings were apparently disturbed at having made a mistake saying they did not touch pregnant women. One being showed her how her baby would look when born, which the woman says was accurate. This was followed by a tour around the ship. Her next memory is of being back on Earth in the countrvside. (Bill Chalker).

UFORA90048 Lifelong CE4? Level B S5/P4
Yet another woman, living in Sydney, has had repeated recollections of a “dream” where she sees herself lying in bed, with some “little” people near her. This dream first occurred in childhood and last happened some 6-8 months ago. (Bill Chalker).

UFORA90049 1978/Auckland NZ 1981/Greece CE4 S5/P4.
Finally, a 44 year old Queensland man can remember two occasions which seem to indicate missing time. The first was in 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand. He had gone to bed one night and his next recollection was of being naked outside the house. Finding the house locked he had to attract the attention of an occupant inside to let him back in. Later, in September 1981, he was holidaying on the Greek Island of Skopelos. He found himself waking up on a beach with water lapping at his feet. Orange dust, not from that area, covered him.

South Australia

The following reports have been recently made to UFOR(SA). All are Low, Level C cases, except where otherwise stated.

UFORA90050 28 Mar 90 Ferryden Park SA Night Level A S1/P4.
Whilst replaying a video tape of a laser display, a man noticed an unusual bright light on the film, which he hadn t noticed when filming. Investigation by Ray Brooke at the site, determined that the most probable cause was that he had filmed a street light.

UFORA90051 29 Mar 90 Sellicks Beach SA (0200-0200hrs) S2/P4.
A person initially telephoned to report observing “lots of lights in the sky.” They were to phone back with full details, but never did.

UFORA90052 7 Apr 90 Adelaide SA 1515hrs S1/P4.
For 15 minutes a man watched a white object moving about in the north-eastern sky, from Elder Park in the city. Details were consistent with a plastic bag caught up in near ground air currents.

UFORA90053 10 Apr 90 Adelaide SA 0500hrs S1/P4.
A bright white light seen in the eastern sky was identified as Venus.

UFORA90054 12 Apr 90 Tea Tree Gully SA 0530hrs S2/P4.
An unusual light was reported in the south-eastern sky which “hung around for some time and then took off at a rapid rate of knots.”

UFORA90055 15 Apr 90 Port Noarlunga SA 0300hrs S2/P4.
A stationary light was reported in the north-western sky. Initially it appeared to be white but then seemed to change to red and green flashing lights. Duration one hour.

UFORA90056 23 Apr 90 Handorf SA Early morning S2/P4.
A large light with trailing lights was reported. No further details given.

Overseas report

Since December 1989 several hundred UFO reports have originated in Belgium. The Belgium Air Force has been involved, flying aircraft equipped with infra red cameras, but despite this ground observations have not been confirmed by simultaneous sightings from the air. The object involved has been described as a triangle 30m to 5Om in diameter, with red green and white lights at the corners. (Sydney Morning Herald 19/4/90, courtesy of Bill Chalker). We’d welcome any further information anyone might have on this.


1. As you will note from the above cases there has been an increase in the number of abduction reports uncovered recently. We are compiling a catalogue of all known Australian abduction events and welcome details of any cases you may have come across.

2. The assignment of a level of investigation and a strangeness/probability rating is merely an indication of how well investigated and “good” a case appears to be when it first comes to our notice. These ratings will almost certainly change once an indepth investigation has been conducted.

3. Keith Roberts advises that in the first quarter of 1990 TUFOIC received 14 reports. Out of these, one was of an aurora, one of an aircraft, three were due to satellites, and eight had astronomical explanations. One remained unidentified (see Magra TAS in the April Diqest).


1. Long, G. (1990). Examining the earthlight theory. Center for UFO Studies. 185pp.

Gregory Long has spent a great deal of time over recent years examining a series of observations of lights in Washington State s Yakima Indian reservation. This work examines the sightings and some sossible causes.

2. Vallee, J. (1990). Confrontations:A scientist s search for alien contact. New York. Ballantine. 263pp.

Jacques Vallee s books are always worth waiting for, and this new one is no exception. It details his investigations of some particularly interesting South American encounters where people have come off second best.

3. Walters, E & F. (1990). The Gulf Breeze sightings. New York. Morrow. 348pp.

You ve heard about it on the radio and television, and read numerous journal articles on the subject, but finally here s the book. Debate as to the cause of this series of reports has divided serious researchers in the US. Here then is the chance to read the facts for vourself and make up your own mind.

4. Randle, K. D. (1989). The UFO casebook. New York. Warner. Paperback. 256pp.

This work reads like a 1950 s potboiler as it moves from 1947 to 1988 examining various aspects of the UFO phenomenon. It s all there, from Roswell to MJ12 to abductions. Thrown in for good measure is a look at USAF involvement, the coverup and more. However, despite it s style, I found it a reasonable summary, for the general reader, of the last 40 vears or so.


There will be no July edition of the Digest owing to the fact that I will be away overseas between 25/6/90 and 1/8/90. Reports and mail during this period may be directed to Vladimir, PO Box 229, Prospect, SA 5082.

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