ISSUE 12 JUNE 1990

Compiled by Keith Basterfield




UFORA90057 TA90016 Autumn 1974 Dysart TAS Med Level D S3/P3
Witness aged 14 at the time and her grandmother were both woken by light shining into room. They looked out and saw a large round greenish light some 600-800m distant at ground level. A low humming noise could be heard from the light which lit up nearby trees. After awhile it moved up into the sky diminishing to a speck and disappeared. (TUFOIC).

UFORA90058 TA90016 8 Apr 1990 Midway Point TAS Med Level A S3/P4.
Witness driving home and heading north-east on Tasman Highway when a green light was noted low to the driver’s right. The light bobbed across the road at what looked like car height. It was then towards the north-east. As the witness approached the light it returned to the right of the road, (east to south-east). As the witness passed Hobart airport the witness could not recall seeing the light but saw the airport lights, flashing red beacon. The highway then crosses a stretch of water on a causeway and the light was then seen as a bright traffic light green off to the right. The witness then arrived at Midway Point, at the intersection for the turn to the left (north) a green mass with glow and rectangular in shape seemed to approach the car from the eastern side. The witness was rather frightened and drove quickly home in a few minutes. She woke her husband and they look out but only see a bright white Venus in the eastern sky. ( TUFOIC )

South Australia

The following reports have been recently made to UFOR(SA). A11 are Low, Level C cases, except where otherwise stated.

UFORA90059 28 Apr 1990 Elizabeth Grove SA 0528hrs S2/P4
Three blue oscillating lights were seen travelling south, over 2-3 minutes. A whirring sound like a “washing machine” was audible.

UFORA90060 30 Apr 1990 Glenelg North SA Dusk S2/P4.
A light was seen in the sky hovering over the sea.

UFORA90061 2 May 1990 Marion SA 2051hrs S2/P4.
A stationary, “quite bright” light in the sky was seen at 30 degrees north-east. Possible aircraft.

UFORA90062 2 May 1990 South Plympton SA 2103hrs S2/P4.
A light shot across the south-eastern sky, leaving a trail. Possibly meteor.

UFORA90063 20 May 1990 Adelaide SA 2000hrs S2/P4.
A flashing, bright light was seen travelling from north to south. Most likely an aircraft.

UFORA90064 21 May 1990 Panorama SA 2230hrs S2/P4.
A light in the sky was seen to move around and then become stationary.

UFORA90065 27 May 1990 Truro SA 0030hrs S4/P3
A light is reported to have “buzzed” a car. The car radio is said to have failed. The witness, a woman also reported seeing a red light in a paddock at one stage.


1. For those who have recently joined the network, I wish to restate the intention of this Digest. It was initiated to:

a) carry brief details of new cases currently under investigation. In this way you can use it to alert other network researchers of interestinq new events.

b) carry abstracts of cases where they have been investigated and a copy of the full documentation has been lodged with UFORA.

If you read about a case which interests you we encourage you to contact the investigating body/individual directly.

c)alert you to new books of interest to the researcher and provide a brief outline of contents.

d)provide details of any research projects being undertaken so that others are aware of them and may contribute to them. YOUR IMPUT IS VITAL. Thank you to those who continue to support the Diqest.


1. Randles, J. (1990). Mind Monsters. Wellingborough. Aquarian. 224pp. Paperback.

Over the last few years Randles has been writing on a number of subjects within the fields of UFOlogy and the Paranormal. In this work she also includes the field of cryptozoology as she builds up a wide ranging hypothesis aimed at explaining many facets of these fields. The resultant hypothesis draws on work undertaken in the earthlights and fantasy-prone personality arenas amongst others. A thoroughly thought provoking work, and in my opinion one of the most important works to be written on the UFO subject in quite a while.

2. Meaden, G. T. (1989). The circles effect and its mysteries. Rradf ord-on-Avon. Artetech. 114>>. Hardcover.

Dr Meaden was featured recently on the television show “Beyond 2000”, where he discussed his hypothesis to explain the flattened, swirled crop circles of the UK. This book provides an overview of the circles mystery. Meaden presents his ideas as to cause, and some possible insights into some UFO events. The plasma vortex hypothesis sits well with a number of UK ufologists, whilst others have found it not to their liking. Australian researchers will find it stimulating reading and may then well look at cases they have investigated with a new perspective.


There will be no July edition of the Digest owing to the fact that I will be away overseas between 25/6/90 and 1/8/90. Reports and mail during this period may be directed to Vladimir, PO Box 229, Prospect, SA 5082.

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