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UFORA90066 Various dates SA & TAS CE4 Level A S5/P4
Commencing in 1973, and ending in 1987, a series of unusual episodes have been recalled by a male reporter. These include a poltergeist-like event and two bedroom paralysis occurrences. During one of the latter he felt something being pushed into a vein in one arm. Upon coming out of the paralysis he found blood emerging from a hole in his arm. (UFORA)

UFORA90067 QB90001 8 Jan 1990 Lochart River QLD 1700hrs Low Level B S1/P5
A bright light was observed for over two hours by a police constable and a clerk of Council. They described it as a very bright “star”, at times silvery and shiny. Through binoculars it appeared to be like a “wine decanter”. Identified as Venus. (UFOR(FNQ).

UFORA90019 QB90002 1 Jan 1990 Malanda QLD 2050hrs Med Level A S4/P5
A couple noted that light was entering their bedroom window. The man involved looked out of the window and noted a light source to the north-west. At this time their three grandsons were watching television in the house, but no interference was seen on the TV. All five people then went outside where they saw a red oval light approach to a point 60 degrees elevation, then stop. Its distance at this point was estimated at 200m and its height as 450m. Although the object was very bright they could look at it without discomfort. Some 45m above this light mass was another smaller light, white in colour. Both moved as one unit. Some 30 seconds later the object moved away at about a 44 degree angle to its initial approach, and went over the horizon in 5-7 seconds. Total duration of event two minutes. Two other independent groups of people viewed the same object from nearby locations. Investigation has not been able to identify the object. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA90068 QB90004 1972 Boogan QLD 1800hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A man saw a “small silver bright thing” on top of Pidgeon Hill. As the sky went dark it became a bright white light. In addition, he saw another bigger light higher in the sky. The smaller light moved around, appearing to enter the object and re-emerge on a number of occasions. Some four hours later the big light shot off at speed, then came back again before finally leaving. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA90069 QB90005 1979 Silwood QLD 0100hrs Low Level B S3/P4.
“People” magazine of 7th March 1989 reported an “enormous craft, shaped like a saucer...sucking the water up from the creek...”. However, investigations have revealed that in fact a big bright white slow moving light was seen, but that nothing further eventuated. (UFOR(FNQ).

UFORA90070 QB90006 July 1964 Near Yorkeys Knob QLD Ca. 1730hrs Med Level B S4/P4
A couple were travelling by van when they noticed a shiny silver thing down the side of a mountain, an estimated 1.5km away. It looked to be some 18m in diameter and seemed to be resting on legs. They stood and watched it for some 25 minutes before deciding to leave. Returning along the same road at 0900hrs the next day, they noticed the object was no longer there. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA90071 QB90007 Various dates Glen Allyn QLD Low Level B S3/P4
A man, together with his wife and son reported, sighting a number of objects over the years. These orange lights moved and blinked. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA900072 QB90008 1987-1988 Far North QLD CE4 Level A S5/P3
A number of experiences involving visions, a UFO incident and possible “contacts” have been recounted by a male reporter. Briefly, he reports seeing a UFO some 2km away from him on Thursday Island 15 years ago. 4-5 years ago he began to undergo visions/messages/poetry directed to him by “aliens”. 2-3 years ago two entities appeared in his flat in Cairns. Recently he has suffered from a “rash” and believes “aliens” have placed something into his neck. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA90073 QB90009 July 1987 Between Camawheel and Mt Isa QLD 2130hrs Med Level C S4/P4
Two men riding motorcycles observed a light come from their left. It travelled, very quickly, across the road in front of them heading south. It went out of sight. Duration one minute. It was described as round, yellow, 1.5m in diameter, with flickering, fuzzy edges. The briqhtness was similar to that of the full Moon. (UFOR(FNQ)).

UFORA90074 QA90014 14 Feb 1990 Kallangur QLD 1145hrs CE4? Level A S4/P4
A female nurse was driving home from the hospital where she worked when an incident happened near a shopping centre. She was driving alone and stopped at a red light. No one was crossing and there was no other traffic in the area. About 150 metres past these lights she suddenly found herself 5km further along the same road but travelling in the opposite direction. This change of direction occurred in a fraction of a second. The woman pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped it. She experienced severe nausea, accompanied by rapid and heavy breathing and a severe throbbing pain in her head. A period of some 25-35 minutes appears to be missing from her time schedule. Later she experienced gynaecological problems. (UFOR(Qld).

UFORA90075 QA90034 25 Apr 1990 Coondoo QLD (0330-0430hrs) CE1 Level? S4/P4
Following disturbances amongst animals, a witness saw a large object about 70m distance, hovering behind trees. The witness recalls only observing the object for about 10 minutes before mosquitoes drove her back into her home, only to find that she had been outside for an hour. Later that day she felt nauseous and light headed. (UFOR (Qld) Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90076 QA90033 1985? Sunnybank QLD (0230-0330hrs) Low/CE4? Level? S4/P4
The same woman as QA90034 was returning home from late shift and had just driven into her driveway when she noticed a very bright light behind some townhouses. She watched it for about 10 minutes. When she got into her home she found in fact that an hour had gone by. Shortly afterwards she suffered a mild stroke and underwent an hysterectomy. (UFOR(Qld) Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90077 QA90031/32 Date? Bet. Yelarbon and Brisbane QLD Time? Low Level 1 B S3/P4
A truck driver was followed by a bright light which changed positions several times during the course of the incident. Another truck driver travelling about a kilometre behind also reported seeing the object. (UFOR(Qld).


l. Crop circles

During my recent overseas trip I had the opportunity to view three sets of crop circles in England. On one occasion I was able to inspect and photograph one set at close range. More on this in the next Digest.

2. Abduction research

The May/June 1990 issue of the International UFO Reporter contains an article written by myself, Vlad and Pony. It provides an update on Australian abduction cases which have come to light since our 1989 IUR article on the same topic. As many in the network may not receive the IUR I have included a photocopy of this article for your

3. Mundrabilla

The U.S. based Fund for UFO Research currently has copies for sale of the UFORA report on this classic case. Copies may be obtained through Arcturus Book Service, PO Box 831383, Stone Mountain, GA 30083-0023 at a cost of US$14. When ordering don t send money just order by letter and Arcturus will invoice you.


1. Meaden, G.T. & Elsom, D.M. (eds). Circles research 1. Bradford-on-Avon. Torro-Ceres. 1990. 134pp. Softcover.

This volume presents papers given at the First International conference on the circles effect, which was held in Oxford, England on the 23rd June 1990. Topics covered include a review of the findings todate, possible mechanisms for the production of crop circles, and a possible relationship between circles and the UFO phenomenon. A very readable collection of papers, with photographs, on this most interesting topic. Available from the Circles Effect Research Unit, 54 Frome Road, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA14 1 LD, England. Price 10 pounds plus postage.

2. Randles, J. & Fuller, P. Crop circles: a mystery solved. Robert Hale. London. 1990. 255pp. Hardcover.

An excellent review of the crop circles enigma, Dr Meaden s vortex hypothesis as to their cause, and the link between this hypothesis and the UFO phenomenon. Randles and Fuller extend the work of Dr Terence Meaden and apply it to the UFO phenomenon with some extraordinary findings. Their conclusions, which will challenge many ufologists most cherished position that UFO equals alien intelligence, should now be extensively researched and debated. This book and the ideas contained therein are essential reading.

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