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Welcome to issue 14 of the UFORA Research Digest. The Digest is now being prepared on a 40 megabyte Micro Byte IBM compatible computer using the Microsoft word processing program, transferred to a Desktop Publishing program and then printed by laser pfinter. We hope you like the change in format. Commencing with this issue we welcome the Gympie branch of UFOR(Qld) to the Digest.


UFORA90078 10 May 1990 North Beach WA 0600hrs Low Level D S3/P4
A 76 year old man was loading a caravan when his attention was drawn to what he thought was a huge ~vapour’ trail, travelling from north-west to east. He excluded aircraft as a cause because the head of the trail itseH was only a vaporous form, white in colour. (Joan Johnston).

UFORA90075 QA90034 25 Apr 1990 Coondoo QLD 0200hrs Low Level A S4/P4
A woman was awoken at 0200hrs by dogs and cattle exhibiting agitation. An hour later she was awoken again and saw a very bright light moving through trees. The bright light dimmed and lines of yellow light were seen blinking. Aithough it was a cold night a hot breeze coincided with the dimming of the top white light. There was a swishing sound and shafts of blue light were observed. A loss of time may have occurred. Investigations were conducted on 17th May 1990 and the property was searched for physical evidence but nothing unusual was detected. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90076 QA90033 Pre 11 Sep 1985 Sunnybank QLD 0230hrs Low Level A S4/P4
The same woman as in UFORA90075 came home from work and noticed an extremely bright light behind a neighbour’s house. Initially stationary, the light then moved leR and right. The witness appeared to watch the object for an hour, so may have lost time. The object emitted a loud ‘hard’ sound. The local airport was contacted but no aircraft movement coincided. (UFORQ Qld Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90079 QA90035 8 Nov 89 Coolum QLD 2145hrs Low Level A S4/P4
Whilst walking a dog a woman noted a very bright crystal shaped object in the east over the sea The dog was adversely affected and peered towards the light, remaining motionless and silent. Apparently others reported observations of the same object to the local radio station 4SS the next morning. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90080 QA90036 8 Nov 1989 Coolum QLD Evening Low Level A S4/P4
A female pensioner saw an unusually bright light in the east which she watched for some time. She described it as having a rich sparkling golden glow. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast branch).

UFORA90081 QA90069 26 Jun 1990 Gympie QLD 2243hrs Low Level A S4/P4
Three people saw an orange-red light low in the eastern sky at tree top level. lt moved across the sky at tremendous speed to the north-west. When it reached the north it suddenly performed an upward movement, then down again. lt seemed to stop then travelled on and out of sight. (UFOR Qld Gympie branch).

UFORA90082 QA90070 1955/56 Darwin NT Med Level A S4/P4
Two people were fishing when they sighted an unusual object. lt was described as full Moon sized, a dark centre, with light surrounding it. It appeared to approach them, then stopped in mid air, soundlessly. lt then moved over to the middle of the harbour. lt was then seen to have three ‘stories’. Through lighted windows there seemed to be some movement inside the object. It remained motionless for some 10 minutes before it leR. (UFOR Qld Gympie branch).

UFORA90083 QA90041 3 Ju11990 Bokarina QLD 1810hrs CE1 Level A S3/P3
On a still, warm night three people were surf fishing when they noticed a large, bright Moon sked light. The object remained stationary for several minutes, then started moving towards the sea All the witnesses feit physically affected, some nauseous. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast Branch.)

UFORA90084 QA90042 6 Ju11990 Wurtulla QLD 1930hrs CE1 Level A S3/P4
Whilst driving a man noted a bright, low, hovering, object which looked like a street lamp some 300m away and 150m up. He manoeuvred his car for a better look and the object disappeared/switched ofl. Duration 15 seconds. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast branch).

UFORA90085 QA90051 Pre Apr 1967 Maroochydore QLD (1900-2000hrs) Ce1 Level B S4/P4
Some 5-6 people noted some unusual activity near their block of flats. A ‘spaceships was seen in the sky. It was oval shaped, stationary and was disgorging 3\5 smaller objects. Over a period of 10-15 minutes these smaller objects went into and out of this larger one. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast branch).

UFORA90086 QA90039 1970 Em Can Bay QLD Evening Med Level B S4/P3
Two fishermen in a small boat when their attention was drawn to a hovering object which was very well lit with portholes. The object descended and rose 2-3 times then suddenly took off in a southerly direction. (UFOR Qld Sunshine Coast branch).

UFORA90087 8 Aug 1990 Balhannah SA 2100hrs Low Level C S1 /P4
A light aircraft is believed responsible for the reported observation of a stationary white light. (UFOR SA).

UFORA90088 31 Aug 1990 Banksia Park SA 2040&2212hrs Low Level C S1/P4
Two witnesses phoned at separate times to report seeing two yellow lights in the sky over a 5 minute period. (UFOR SA).

UFORA90089 1 Sep 1990 Monarto SA 201 Ohrs Low Level C S3/P4
Five people travelling in a car saw two lights in the sky which went out. Four minutes later they saw a third light which appeared to land. (UFOR SA).

UFORA90090 26 Jun 1990 Apslawn TAS 2358hrs Med Level A S3/P3
The witness, who is retired and suffers from arthritis, had gone to bed reasonably early. One of his dogs disturbed him as it barked on and on for about an hour, even when the witness yelled at it. He was checking the time when a light flashed in his bedroom window. Going out he saw a saucer shape with square top in the middle like a flattened cup. lt was near ground level, some 200-300m away in a large paddock. lt followed a fence line before the witness headed back inside. Looking out his window he could now see the object some 3Km away over the hilltop. lt now had a red/orange flame effect below as it dropped out of sight behind the hill. The event lasted over 5 minutes. (TUFOIC).


Fowler, R.E. (1990) The watchers. New York. Bantam. 386pp. Hardcover. US$19.95.
This work is the continuation of the 1980 ‘Andreasson Affair’ and the 1982 ‘Andreasson affair, phase two”. Further hypnotic regression investigation of Betty Andreasson’s memories revealed answers to several intriguing questions. Between the covers of this book come revelations as to why the abduction phenomenon is occurring, what ‘theyZ are doing and much more. However, there is a difference, for investigator Fowler also becomes personally involved. He finds a ‘scoop~ mark, recalls interesting memories of his own and confronts his own fears as to a personal abduction. If you’ve been following the abduction phenomenon, whether from an ETH or an abnormal psychological point of view then this book has much of interest for you.


1. Crop circles

UFORA has been steadily accumulating pieces of information on the U.K crop circles for some time. We now have numerous articles from a variety of sources. lf you’d like a listing of material held by us just send a stamped addressed 20 by 10 cm envelope to us and we’ll forward you a copy of our bibliography.

2. Archives search

Earlier this year I reported on an effort to locate and inspect Department of Defence R.A.A F. files, relating to UFOs, under the 30 year rule. Under this rule a member of the public may be granted access to Commonwealth Government fiXes after 30 years have elapsed. I have recently been advised by the Australian Government Archives that they have located the R.A A.F.’s policy file on UFOs up to 1959, and that it should shortly have been through the process of inspection and declassification. l hoPe to be able to arrange inspection of this file within a short time.

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