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UFORA89036 Life-Long Adelaide SA CE4 Level A S5/P4
UFORSA has now released details of yet another life-long abduction case. Carol’s story began in 1968 where at age 6, she saw, together with a teacher and the rest of the class, a large silver coloured, cigar shaped object at close range.

Following this in 1972 one night on going to bed she felt she was being watched. Looking outside she thought she saw what she took to be a big white “cat” looking in at her. Under regression she described actually seeing a non-human, male figure and not a cat. She found herself floating up into the sky where a “star” hovered. The star resolved itself into a large object. A hole appeared in its bottom and then she cannot recall a period of time.

Next, she became aware of being in a room surrounded by a orange light. A number of entities were present. The room smelled like a hospital. She found herself lying down on a table. One of the beings used a “bit match” to place a mark on her right leg just above her knee. Telepathically she was told “It’s alright. Won’t be long. Wont hurt.” Next thing she awoke in her own bed at home.

She described the being outside her bedroom as little, 4-5 feet tall. It has a white coloured body which glowed, a big head in proportion to its body. There were a pointed chin, yellow eyes and a skinny body. The being standing closest to Carol when she was ont he table was said to have a yellow coloured body with a big head and dark-black, almond shaped eyes.

Around 1972 a nightmare commenced which occurred time and time again until she was aged 16 in 1978. The nightmare featured a 4 foot tall dwarf with a grey coloured body. It had no hair, a round head and its eyes were bigger than a human’s. It has no visible ears or lips.

Later, in 1978, she, a friend and the friends moth, grandfather and cousin stayed at a shack near Robe, South Australia. The two girls were getting to sleep in a dark room when the room was lit by a brilliant white light which scared them. The light moved from one side of the shack to the other , on the outside. Following its cessation the girls ran to the mother and they believe several hours of time are missing. Her friend, whom I have interviewed, confirmed her involvement in this episode.

Carol, beside recalling this intense light also has fragmentary recollections of some kind of “spheres” in the room on this occasion.

There is also a long time history of paranormal episodes in Carol’s account. These involve poltergeists, out of body experiences, telepathy, apparitions and clairvoyance, She has extremely good imagary skills, particularly eidetic and becomes very absorbed in activities to the exclusion of other stimuli.

Carol is married, age 27 and has a young son. One of her sisters has also experienced a very unusual dream involving yellow skinned men.

As with Susan’s case, described in the last Digest, Carol is an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and is currently in therapy for this. American psychologist Rima Laibow made mention of her observations about child abuse and abductees in the May/June 1989 issue of the IUR.

Budd Hopkins in his 1987 book “intruders” makes much of a number of strange prenancies which some of his abductees had experienced. Carol underwent an unusual pregnancy in 1988. Her menstruation ceased and she experienced sore breasts. Morning sickness set in and she had all the symptoms of pregnancy that were present when she was pregnant with her son. However, this was followed by two days of unusual period and the pregnancy vanished.

She reports that the phenomena continue to date. (UFORSA).

UFORA90092. 5 Oct 1990 Keith SA 1950 hrs Low Level C S3/P3
A man was driving alone along the Duke’s highway when he noted some unusual lights which appeared to be stationary. He stopped his car to get out and have a better look. There seemed to be two lights, on eon top of the other. The bootom one was like a flattened oval, red in colour while the top one was likke a white spotlight. The man went to walk around to the passenger’s side but by the time her got there the lights has travelled away to the west. (UFORSA).

UFORA90093 QA90053 1947 Ipswitch QLD Low Level B S3/P3
One Saturady night a couple riding along a dirt road on a motorcycle heard a strange noise like a “humming/vibrating” sound. They also noted an indistinct circular shape which was not an aircraft. (UFORQLD Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90094 QA90040 4 Jun 1990 Buderain QLD 1920 hrs Med Level B S4/P3
The winess was standing waiting for a lift in a surburban street when her attention was drawn to a green, spherical object which passed over her home. It travelled up the street at tree top level making no noise. (UFORQLD Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90095 QA90029 15 Apr 1990 Townsville QLD 0405hrs Low Level A S4/P4
Peter Pasini, UFORQLD sightings officer, while watching Venus rise from the east, saw a cigar-shaped object with white and red pulsating lights to the south. It hovered and then disappeared into the night sky. Five minutes later a dark cloud was observed in the direction where the object had hovered. (UFORQLD).

UFORA90096 QA90043 31 May-5-Jun 1990 Broadbeach Waters QLD 0130-0530hrs Low Level A S4/P4
A man witnessed a bright light in the sky which was moving sideways over Broadbeach Waters, in an east-north east direction. He did not observe the disappearance of this object nor was he awake to see its appearance. (UFORQLD)

UFORA90097 QA90044 2 May 1990 Townsville QLD 0280 Hrs Low Level A S4/P4
Gary Pasini and his wife Ellen witnessed a bright green light while getting out of a taxi at work in the early hours of the morning at Wonderland. This object hovered for about four seconds before taking off at great speed. (UFORQLD)

UFORA90098 QA90045 7 May 1990 Townsville QLD 1140hrs Med Level A S4/P4
Peter Pasini witnessed a ball-like object, greyish in colour and bright as the Sun, behind and slightly higher than a inbound Australian airline jet. This object left no smoke or vapour tail nor was there any sound from it. He glanced at his watch, and upon resuming his observation, the object has disappeared. (UFORQLD)

UFORA90099 QA90047 CA 19 Sep 1975 Rudy Vale QLD 2335 Hrs Med Level A S4/P4
A witness woke up from his sleep and looked out of his caravan’s windows. He sighted an object (about 0.9 - 1.1m in height and 0.6-0.8m in diameter) rising. When level with his window the object hovered briefly with a slight up and down direction. It disappeared in a couple of seconds. The witness searched the area afterwards but found nothing abnormal. The object was jet black in colour with an iridescent blue-purple window. The underside had an array of 2.5cm diameter holes. A noise like an electric motor (whitting) was heard during the sighting. (UFORQLD)

UFORA90100 QA90063 28 Jul 1990 Thornsland QLD 2120hrs Med Level A S4/P4
While travelling home on the night of the 28th Amanda Green and her three children sighted an unusual object hovering to their left. It was white and flashing red/green/white and tellow lights. She drove quite near it to get home , almost passing underneath it. When she got home the object was still visible. Amanda ran in to get her spouse to see it, but tby the time they got back out it had gone. Duration was estimated as five minutes. The children later complained of sore eyes. The object was a typical sauser shape with a dome on the upper structure. (UFORQLD).


1. Australian Crop Circles.

A suggestion has been made that we should perhaps conduct a nationwide appeal for observations of switled crop circles. The timing of this would be in say January 1991, at crop harvest time. If any associate members have thoughts on the merit or otherwise of this suggestion, please let Keith know.

2. Annual round-up

The January 1991 issue of the Digest will contain details of all the reports forwarded to me during 1990 and which have been carried in the monthly Digests. This annual listing, undertaken for 1989, In Jan 1990, met with an excellent response from associates of the Network, who liked the summary.

If you have any reports which you’d like included in the 1990 annual summary then please forward them to arrive by 30 Dec 1990. Thank-you


Haines, R.F (1990. Advnaced Aerial Devices Reported During The Korean War. LD.A Press P.O. Box 880, Los Altos, CA 94023-0880, USA US$9.50 plus $1.35 postage. This is a fascinating book about strange aerial objects seen in the skies over North and South Korea during the Korean War. An analysis of these reports indicates that they could not have been either American or Russian.

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