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UFORA90101 28 Ocit 1990 Jamesitown SA Trace Level B S1/P4
On Tuesday 30 October 1990 Ray Brooke received a telephone call from a television station at Port Pirie, South Australia, reporting the finding of a crop circle near Jamestown. Ray rang the property owners concerned and confirmed that they had found a circle near a main road, on Sunday, 28 October. The marking was a circle 1 Om in diameter, surrounded by a ring, making a total diameter of some 16m. It was located in a wheat paddock of green, not yet ripened, wheat in undulating countryside. The marking was not as distinct as the UK circles, i.e. it had ill defined edges and other features.

Ray arranged to visit the property on Friday 2 November. The circle was shown on the evening South Australian Tv news on 30 October. However, on Thursday 1 November Ray received a call from the property owners to say that the marking was in fact a hoax. It had been man made by rolling a 44 gallon drum, to press down the crop. Coverage of this disclosure of a hoax occurred via the evening TV news on 1 November. The identity, if known, of the person(s) responsible for creating the marking was not disclosed.

It should be noted, perhaps not coincidentally, that Jamestown was the location of a reported high strangeness close encounter and potential abduction, some 2 years ago. The latter case is still under investigation by Ray Brooke. (UFORSA).

UFORA90102 TA90038 Mid June 1990 Sandfly TAS Z300hrs Med Level B S4/P4 A
A person was driving home alone on a rural road south -west of Hobart. Coming up a rise he noticed a very bright white oval shape to the right of the road. As he continued on he observed an area of white light in the paddock below the object. The object and area of light moved in unison. He finally stopped after a minute or so when he was level with the larger than Moon sized oval object. lt had also become stationary some 90m off the road, and less than 100m above the paddock. The object then departed at a rapid rate to the south- west at a 45 degree angle, decreasing in size to a dot in a few seconds. The area of the ground light was no longer visible. The weather was fine with some cloud but no fog. There was no other traffic about at the time. (TUFOIC)

UFORA90103 Early 1988 Palm Beach QLD CE3B Level A S4/P4
In the early hours of the morning a woman awoke to find her husband, Des, in a frenzy resembling a heart attack. He was gasping for breath, his temperature was high and he was shaking. He kept saying that ‘they~ wanted him to go with ‘them”. lt was still dark. She managed to get him calmed down and then they talked about his ‘dream~. Des said that it wasn’t a dream, and that there was someone out there and they wanted him to go with them but he wouldn’t. He said he felt uneasy at first and then he saw faces at the window which were calling him. He started to panic. Des thinks there were three or four faces present at the window, their bedroom being on the second floor of their home. These faces were human in form but one made such an impression on him that he said he would never forget that face.

Once he told them he wouldn’t go with them he started to feel stifled and they seemed to be pulling at his emotions. The next thing he knew his wife was calming him down. Within twelve months of this episode Des became very ill, so ill that the doctors thought he was going to die. However, he pulled through. (UFORQLD-Gympie Branch).

UFORA90104 22 Oct 1990 Pomona QLD 1745hrs Med Level C S4/P4
A woman was facing south in her garden, feeding the birds when she became aware of a silver pencil shaped object in the sky. lt travelled in a straight line, steadily and slowly, north to south. There was no noise associated with the object and the sky was clear at the time. She went to the phone to call someone else to see it but found the dial tone slow to appear. She also noted that the sound on her television was out at this time. (UFORQLD-Gympie branch).

UFORA90105 Spring 1969 Sydney NSW (1600-1700hrs) Med Level A S3/P3
A 20 year old female and her male companion noted a bright object from their vehicle. They stopped the vehicle and got out, to see an object about 500m above them. It seemed to be about 30m across. lt was a silver dish shape with a white blue neon type tube around it. The object then accelerated rapidly up and then west and away. (UFORQLD) Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90106 Nov 1983 Sydney NSW 2130hrs Med Level A S4/P3
Looking out across the ocean a 35 year old woman saw two large metallic balls, some S10m across ‘screamZ in rapidly across the water. They then stopped abruptly and glowed an orange colour. A third ball arrived and pulsated. All three lights left, following the cliffs. Photographs were taken. (UFORQLD-Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90107 19 Aug 1990 Coolum aLD 0008hrs Sound only
A loud humming sound woke up a 50 year old woman. There was also a sound like the rushing wind, yet the trees were not moving. An hour later the same thing happened. The woman at the shop next door had a similar experience on the other side of Coolum that night, which also upset her dog. (UFORQLD-Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90108 Lifelong QLD Various Level A S4/P3
A man called ‘Harry Z was born in 1918 and his mother related the story that, during her pregnancy, three beings, human-like, but, she felt, not of our race, stood at the end of her bed. Despite this she was not scared.

In 1924 Harry recalls seeing an object on the ledge of a mountain near Butnes Scrub, and later saw a silver disc which took off straight up, near Boroon Pocket Dam. Two years later he saw discs flying down the Blackall Range from Montville to Maleny.

Around this time, the mid 1920’s, Harry relates an interesting event of a friend of his who was a powder monkey at the Scottish gold mine in Gympie. After blasting a mine face, the miners entered a large fully glazed tunnel which was perfectly dry. A number of Govemment scientists arrived to inspect the tunnel which was later sealed off with concrete.

In 1946/7, again at the Bribie Passage, Harry relates the story of a six foot being in a silvery astronaut suit who walked in the front door and came into the bedroom, while Harry’s wife remained asleep. At this point, the being placed his hand on Harry’s head and ruffled his hair. Harry claims that he felt calm, and to this day, believes he can detect UFOs in the vicinity. (UFORQLD-Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA90109 7 Nov 1990 Victor Harbor SA 1345hrs Med Level C S3/P3
A man reported watching a black triangular object of an estimated 2-3m size, making a low whistling noise, as it travelled from the south east to the north west. Duration was qiven as one second only. (UFORSA).

UFORA90110 13 Nov 1990 Handorf SA 2330hrs Low Level C S3/P3
Over a ten minute period a white/creamy glowing light moved eastwards . The reporter stated that he did not believe it to be an aircraft. (UFORSA).

UPDATE on UFORA89043 Balaklava
A farmer reported finding a 2 1/24m diameter circular hole in rough ground. lt was deeper in the centre than at the edge. Although there was no known UFO connection the marking was definitely out of place. Photographs of the mark were sent to Ray Brooke who later visited the site and took some soil samples. The results of a professional analysis have just been released by Ray. The following is a comparison of soil taken from within the mark versus a control sample taken some distance away:

lnside mark Control sample
Phosphorous 80ppm 29ppm
Potassium 840ppm 320ppm
Nitrates 450ppm 3ppm
Electrical conductivity 1.060.14

Ray Brooke’s best bet as to the cause of this mystery hole is that it was caused by a block of frozen toilet waste which fell from a commercial aircraft!


Frola, P R (ed). The Jarrold Listings - Volume 1. UFOR (QLD). Brisbane. Available from Phillip Frola, 19 Jane Street, West End, Qld 4101. Price $25 plus $5 for postage and handling. ISBN 0-73169557-7.

Phillip Frola, UFO Research Queensland’s sightings officer has been preparing this catalogue for some 3 years now. This work is 297 pages long, in an A5 sized format, and is spiral bound. It covers, in chronological order, the period from early 1800 to 1979. It provides summary details of some 631 Australian reports. The first 206 pages give details of the reports and 12 appendices cover specific events or aspects of UFOlogy. For example, appendix 8 provides a history of the Victorian UFO Research Society whilst appendix 9 describes the 31st August 1954 radar/visual event. Interestingly, section C reprints 58 newspaper clippings from the year 1959. The work concludes with a listing of the cases summarised with source provided, as well as being ready reference to the relevant page number where a summary may be found.


1. Crop circles

Following our item in the last Digest it was decided to conduct another media appeal to locate Australian crop circles if they exist. You may recall that we conducted our first appeal earlier this year with no new circles being reported to us.

A media release on this topic was prepared and despatched to selected newspapers in South Australia’s wheat crop belt, Adelaide’s daily papers, several national farming publications, and to a number of flying clubs. The outcome of this search is awaited with interest.

Of course, should any UFORA associates come across crop circles we would like to have details to distribute to the rest of the Network.

2 Government documents

Firstly, a recap for new readers of the Digest. A search has been undertaken in the past two years for Australian Government documents related to Ufos. Requests under the Freedom of Information Act were made to several relevant Government Departments. After some discussion, the only fruitful line of inquiry lay with the Department of Defence, Royal Australian Air Force.

In September 1989, under FOI, I received some 108 pages of documents relating to UFO reports submitted to the RAAF between 1984 and 1989. I made copies of these documents available to the Network in December 1989.

Secondly, under the Australian Government Archives Act, and the 30 year rule, l obtained copies of the entire RAAF policy file on Ufos from July 1953 to 1959. This was 110 pages in length. Again a copy is available to Network members at cost.

Finally, this month I have been able to locate 264 pages of FlAAF UFO files between about 1954 and 1959 which contain details of reports made to the RAAF during that time, and their investigations of such reports. I hope to be able to make copies of these papers available to Network members early in 1991.

Uncovering these documents is a very slow process, but well worth the effort. If any other researchers have been able to obtain documents of this nature, I would appreciate hearing details from them.

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