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UFORA91001 23 Dec 1990 Geraldton WA 0335hrs Low Level B S4/P4
Whilst travelling in his fishing boat, and at a point some 50 metres from the ‘3 mile channel buoy’, a 38 year old man suddenly became aware of a bright light which just appeared from nowhere, in the northem sky. First seen as a pin point of light, it was moving very fast and became very bright. The console of his boat allowed him a good view through the window almost to the zenith. The light stopped almost overhead, and then dropped vertically and just disappeared. There was no explosion and the light did not break into fragments. At the same time as the light disappeared, he lost the pulse on the boat’s radar. The duration of the visual sighting was some 10-15 seconds. (Joan Johnston/Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91002 23 Dec 1990 Geraldton WA 2321 hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A telephone call was received from a man who had been out cray fishing when he saw a bright orange object travelling soundlessly from west to north across his field of view. It was moving at an estimated ‘20,000mph’. Suddenly it ‘flared out’ and seemed to fall into the sea (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91003 1990 Geraldton WA Night Low Level B S3/P4
A man named Peter phoned to describe how one night he had been a crew member on a boat when the skipper drew his attention to an unusual light. He looked and saw a light moving, which then stopped, went downwards and was lost to view. The light was only seen for 20 seconds or so. (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91004 12 Dec 1990 Geraldton WA Low Level B S1/P4
Another male fisherman called to say that on a clear night he had seen a star like, white moving light in the sky. There was no sound and it was observed for about a minutes. Travellinq south to north. Probably a satellite. (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91005 13 Dec 1990 Geraldton WA Low Level B S1/P4
The same man as 004 described seeing a similar object. Probably a satellite. (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91006 20 May 1982 Caboolture QLD 1815hrs CE4? Level C S4/P3
A couple were travelling by car along Golf Course Road and saw a bright star, which they then noted was a saucer shaped object with portholes in the lower section. The object emitted a blue beam and came around to the front of the car. The couple appear to have lost twelve minutes of time and have had flashbacks of a two metre tall silver clothed being. (UFORQ Sunshine Coast Branch).

UFORA91007 31 Dec 1990 Darwin NT
A television report was seen concerning an object sighted by police as well as by others. A green tail was mentioned. (Bill Chalker).

South Australian Reports:

The following reports have been made to UFOR(SA). As they are all either IFO reports or limited details are available I will condense them to a listing.

UFORA91008 21 Dec 90 Glenelg 0400hrs.
Red and green lights in sky with two white lights. 5 minutes. NW to SW. Probably aircraft.

UFORA91009 26 Dec 90. Gepps Cross.1530hrs.
Male. Round, metallic object high in sky. Weather balloon?

UFORA91010 2 Jan 91. Elizabeth Park.2340hrs.
Three star like lights near the Moon. Moving around in erratic manner. Male reporter.

UFORA91011 8 Jan 91. Southern half of state. Ca 0000hrs.
Many callers re a yellow light in the sky. Calls from Berri police and radio 5RM. Suspected satellite re-entry or meteor.

UFORA91012 9 Jan 91. Newton. 2029hrs. A round bright light in the northern sky going east at 45-50 degrees. White. Probably aircraft.

UFORA91013 9 Jan 91. HahndorF. 2226hrs.
Very high altitude red light going south to north.

UFORA91014 10 Jan 91. Glenelg. 2120hrs. White light identified as a satellite.

UFORA91015 16 Jan 91. Bridgewater. 0615hrs. Over Echunga. What appeared to be a vapour trail, but no object visible at the head.

UFORA9101 6 16 Jan 91. Payneham. 2330hrs.
In east saw light on an erratic path.

UFORA9101 7 16 Jan 91. Adelaide. 2230hrs. Red ball travelling south to west. Space rlahriq?

UFORA9101 8 18 Jan 91. Adelaide. 221 5hrs. Satellite travelling south-west to norlhwast

UFORA9101 9 18 Jan 91. Burra. 2301 hrs. White light in north-east identified as Jupiter.

UFORA91020 15 SEP 1978 SYDNEY NSW CA 1 900HRS LEVEL B S4/P4.
Man driving with female companion. A light noted from above seemed like the ‘bottom of a barge’. Rectangular shaped object at about 30m up, some 30m wide. Appeared to be moving at running speed with a low frequency drone. Had coloured lights and black panels. The object covered the road width above their car. (Bill Chalker).

The continuing saga of ‘Harry’.

Continued from the Dec 90 Digest).

1948 Hack Boyden sees a large cigar shaped object land in the scrub on Eggeltons Plain. Harry says he saw the scrub crushed down for around 200m.

1953-Children on a farm report seeing three silver discs flying over the dam, at a height of only 30m.

1954-Harry says he saw a being walk out from behind a tree. It was wearing a maroon body suit with a broad belt. The entity was described as 1.6-1.7m tall with long golden hair.

Pre 1970-While riding a horse from Mill Ridge to Campbells Mill, a distance of 5.5km, that usually takes 20 minutes, Harry unexplainably arrived three hours later.

1978-Harry’s wife was visited by three men in black. They had skin like red c. The cat behaved strangely.

1978-Twenty people saw an object hovering over Bribie. (UFORQLD - Sunshine Coast Branch).


1 - Flying High (and fast)

For those who like to keep up with the world of exotic aircraft which might be confused and reported as a UFO, some reading is suggested. ‘Aviation Week & Space Technologya, a US based Joumal has run a number of articles in the last few months on ‘secrer advanced aircraft. The 1 Oct 90 and 24 Dec 90 issues discuss sightings of new aircraft both in the south-west of the US and also in California. There is talk of a new quiet triangular shaped plane as well as a very high speed aircraft. One wonders at the possible connection between the testing of these new aircraft and the US UFO disinformation campaigns which started about 1980, spreading rumours about such places as ‘Dreamiand’, and the more bizarre ‘greys’, and ‘underground bases’?

2 - Satanic Abuse Fears

The January 1991 issue of the English magazine ‘Magonia’ features a number of articies discussing the recent allegations in both Britain and America concerning children sexually abused as part of Satanic rites. There are elements in the stories which have unfolded which may bear scrutiny in light of UFO abduction accounts. American psychiatrist Rima Laibow in the May/June 1989 issue of the Intemational UFO Reporter reported upon a number of abductees where there had been claims of both childhood abuse and an abduction, and wondered about the meanina of these ‘dual victims’.

In one Magonia article Peter Rogerson argues that: ‘The child satanic abuse fear and the abduction fear are the most visible...manifestations of the ‘great fear’ of our time. That of the Secret Victim.” Roger Sandell points out that ‘The stereotype ...of groups..who a very old archetype.’ The claims involve rituals occurring in the middle of suburbia without anyone else noticing (cf. abductions from bedrooms), attempted abductions by ‘bogus social workerss who even the Police couldn’t find (cf. Men In Black), and counselling where people are told their traumas are derived from suppressed memories of Satanic abuse. All in all a fascinating read.

3 - The ïSunday Sun~ of Melbourne, dated 13 Jan 1991, carried a three page spread on UFOs. The article was an extract from a book edited by Timothy Good, an English researcher titled: ‘The UFO Report 1991’. This book covers English crop circles, the USSR CE3 (hoax9.) as well as other topics from 1990. (Credit for clipping: David Galea).

4 - The 10 Jan 1991 issue of the “Adelaide Advertiser”: ‘The RAAF is investigating reports of an object falling from the sky about midnight on Tuesday. Callers in metropolitan and rural areas thought it could have been a piece of space junk or a meteorite. A RAAF spokesman said intelligence officers would investigate the sightings and release a statement next week.’ (Pony Godic).


1 - Ball lightning

Dr Mike Hough of Sydney has been interested for the past few years in the topic of ball lightning. This is a rare form of lightning which can take, amongst others, the shape of a sphere and ‘float’ around for some time. Its exact nature and cause is still far from understood. Some UFO reports may in fact be generated by observations of ball lightning. Mike was in Adelaide recently and advises he would be pleased to hear from any one in the Network with an interest in this topic. Mike’s address and phone number may be obtained from myself.


UFORA now has a ‘research folder’ on the PAFIANET computer bulletin board. I will be posting electronic mail ‘NEWS NOTES’ from time to time on this system, which will inform UFORA associates, with access, about details of incoming reports, Journal articles, new books:

3 - January Digest

Thank you to all those who complimented us on the annual summary for 1990.

4 - Archives Search

The Australian Government Archives have now released copies of the early RAAF sightings files for the period 1955-59. I am currently going through the two hundred and forty plus pages to determine their full contents. Copies of these documents will be made available to associates of the Network for the cost of copying, pack and postage.

As the sightings file for the year 1960 is now available under the thirty year rule I have submitted a request for a copy of this. Archives advise that due to a high workload this will not be available for approximately three months.

5 - Abduction ‘Implant’ Claims

As a result of some work on a recent South Australian abduction case, I have become interested in researching the claims of abductees that gimplants~ have been placed in their bodies for some purpose. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have articles, references to cases etc.


Blum, Howard. (1990). Out there: The Government’s Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials. New York. Simon 8 Schuster. 300pp. Hardcover. Aust $34.95.

Investigative reporter Howard Blum uncovers a U.S. Intelligence Group which has been studying UFOs and SETI since 1987. Whilst relating this fact Blum reviews the search for extraterrestrial life, MJ-12, the Elmwood Wisconsin UFO landing tourist attraction, although omits covering such topics as the abduction phenomenon.

For the dedicated ufologist there’s little in this work that you won’t have come across elsewhere.

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