Compiled by Keith Basterfield



UFORA91021 QB90011 28 May 1990 Kirwan QLD 0230hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Whilst standing at the rear of his house, a sixty six year old man glimpsed a dark, round object visible at 60 degrees north. Over ten seconds, it travelled soundlessly to the south in a straight line. It then vanished over the horizon. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA910Z QB90012 10-12 Ju11990 Harvey Creek QLD 0330hrs Low Level A S4/P4
A very unusual sighting happened to two men on a cane train. The engine driver saw an illuminated object move at speed into the engine area of the loco. The fireman meanwhile saw the engine lit up in a red colour. They stopped the train and during this period the object moved through a gap no wider than about 7.5 cm - ~stretched out like chewing gum but didn’t separate into two.’ It then went through the floor, hit a wheel turning red as it did so, went a full circuit of the wheel then disappeared. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91023-26 QB90030 17 Ju11990 Cairns area QLD Low Level A S4/P4
A number of people saw a silver streak in the skv. First seen in the west. it was lost to view in the north-west. Nothing was visible at the front of the streak, which was moving. The outline of the object flickered like a flame. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91027 QB90017 23 Ju11990 Mt Isa QLD 1835hrs Med Level E S4/P4
Ray and Julie-Anne Edwards, travelling in twilight, saw a sausage shaped object. It had a number of green lights on it, and a large, bright white one. Over five minutes it moved north, making no sound. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91028 QB90018 1957 Gordonvale QLD ZOOhrs Low Level B S4/P4
Three witnesses viewed a single orange coloured light manoeuvre about the hills near ~The Pyramid’. There was no sound, and it appeared as a roundish shaped orange light, which eventually disappeared from view. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91029 QB90019 1989 Babinda QLD 2300hrs Low Level B S4/P4
From a locomotive platform a man saw a group of silvery streaks in the sky to the north of Mt Bartle Frere. The streaks went behind a cloud. When they emerged they were a brighter silvery red, and trailing behind round objects which were blue and red. They travelled northward then west, before finally being lost to sight. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91031 QB90021 15 Aug 1990 Babinda QLD 2000hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Through the windscreen of their car two people noticed a moon sized, oval shaped object with lots of lights on it. They sat sand watched it for a couple of minutes before they drove off. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91032 QB9OOZ About 1981 Gordonvale QLD ZOOhrs Low Level B S4/P4
As she was driving along, a woman caught sight of a light to her left side. About the size of the full moon, it was round and glowed bright white. It travelled downwards into sugar cane fields. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91033 QB90023 Ca 1984 Harvey Creek QLD 2030hrs CE1 Level A S4/P4
A huge light confronted two women travelling by car, the engine and lights of which went out for no apparent reason. The light passed over the car blinding the women temporarily. After a few seconds the vehicle’s lights came back on by themselves. The engine of the car started the first time the ignition key was turned. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91034 QB90024 3 Aug 1990 Gallets Creek QLD 0545hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Travelling by car a woman saw what she took to be aircraft lights in the sky. Getting closer she saw it as two banks of lights with a dark area in between. The witness passed the object and it was lost to view behind her. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91035 QB90025 3 Nov 1990 Edmonton QLD 2008hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Three people observed a bright light which remained stationary. As they got closer they saw it was about the size of a helicopter, and was a white round light with four smaller red and white lights underneath. Finally it moved at high speed towards Cairns. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91036 Sep/Oct 1970 Sydney NSW 2100hrs CE4 Level B S5/P4
One night a man noticed a red/orange glow in the bush close by his home. He took his dog and went to investigate. Getting closer to it he saw a glow illuminating the area His dog became excited and dashed into the bush. There appears to be a discontinuity in his physical and emotional reactions during this time - an apparent period of ‘missing time’.

He next recalls seeing an owl fly past him, and he could hear his own internal thought: ‘There’s something I should remember.’ Strangely, he felt comfortable with this, lost interest in the alow and went home. (Keith Basterfield and Julia Elsbeth.)

UFORA91037 Ca 1988 Adelaide SA CE4 Level B S4/P4
A married woman called ‘Jan’ went to bed one night and during the night had a very vivid experience which she believes was not a dream. She found herseH in this white space. Present with her were three entities. They were some 21 Ocm tall, and covered in ‘gowns’. She wasn’t frightened as the beings em-nted a beautiful feeling. She had a discussion with them. When she woke the next moming she had a vivid recall of the events of the night apart from the content of the conversation. Personality changes ensued subsequent to that night. Since then she has experienced episodes of sleep paralysis, and other unusual activity. (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91038 Ca 1988 Mid-North CE4 Level B S4/P4
Over a number of years, a woman has experienced interaction with entities. All of these have taken place in her bedroom, on the boundary of sleep/awake. Some of the episodes have involved sexual contact. (Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91039 TA90045 Jan 198811 fraville TAS 2100hrs Med Level B S3/P4
A person snting on their front door step admiring the sky noticed, low to the west, a round, metallic silver, object over the hills. The hills are some 10km distant, and some 300400m high. After five minutes the object suddenly departed vertically, and in a matter of seconds had vanished from sight. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91040 TA90046 Late 1989 Lorinna TAS Early eve Low Level C S4/P
Walking home after visiting a friend a witness noted a light moving in the sky. It then lost height and moved in front of a nearby hill. The small white light hovered, moved about, then just went out. Shortly after the same, or a similar, light was seen just above the hill before it moved north behind the hill. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91041 TA90044 2 Aug 1990 Rebecca River TAS 1600hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Witness working in a fishing boat some 500m off-shore. The only human presence was two shoreline shacks with a rough track. The area has sand dunes up to 10m high covered with grass and scrub. A square shaped object w-nh a bullet nose and a silvery dust or vapour trail was seen moving at high speed across the dunes. The object passed in front of the high dunes, then dipped down, rising up again before going out of sight behind the dunes. lt failed to re-appear from the other side of the dunes which puzzled the witness. Duration was 15-20 seconds. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91042 TA91002 13 Jan 1991 King Island ZOOhrs Low Level A/B S4/P4
Witnesses were outside watching the fine night sky, when a bright light was seen moving near Orion. lt was travelling east but then reversed direction around a star, to then head west. This reverse turn was again performed as the bright, star light object headed south-east. A third time the light changed direction and headed south-west, being lost to view behind the witness’ home. There were no local aircraft movements. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91043 27 Jan 1991 Canberra ACT Low Level C S3/P3
A woman and her daughter reported an unusual body of light, bigger than the angular size of the Moon, visible to the east or south-east. The sky was clear at the time and the body of light had occasional white flashes lighting it up. John Jensen, UFORA associate in Canberra, suggests a possible explanation as bushfires. A number of large bushfires raged at that time, night and day, in the ACT and NSW, particularly to the south of Canberra (S Bolton & J Jensen).

UFORA91044 30 Dec 1990 Waterford WA 1 700hrs Med Level B S3/P4
A 36 year old male was sitting with two friends on the back patio. An aircraft flew over some distance away. He then noticed a ‘roundishW shiny metallic object at the rear of the plane. The object also appeared above and below the plane. The aircraft continued on its way and the object remained behind. It moved around haphazardly and then simply disappeared. The duration was some 2040 seconds. (Joan Johnston).


1. The November 1990 issue of the MUFON Journal contains:

A. Cannon, M. ‘The Controllers.’ Part two of Cannons thoughts on a possible earthly connection to the implant enigma. 6 pages.

B. Swords, M.D. ‘Was Menzel Hiding Something?’ Donald Menzel once reported a
UFO sighting to the USAF. 2 pages.

C. Aggen, E.T ‘Green Fireballs.’ A piece on the unusual, slow green fireball era of 1948-49 in New Mexico, USA. 2 pages.

D. Maccabee, B. “Re-analysis of Photo 19 Supports Walter’s Story.” Gulf Breeze’s road shot photo re-examined by physicist Maccabee director of the Fund for UFO Research. 4 pages.
E. Hamilton, W.F. “Flying Wings and Deep Desert Secrets.” Observations of what
could be either Ufos or secret aircraft. 2 Daqes.

2. The Adelaide Advertiser of 16 Jan 91, page 20, carried an item based on a paper from the latest Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. The paper concerns post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood sexual abuse and hallucinatory states. All relevant to the abduction debate. If anyone possesses or obtains copy of this paper, they might like to circulate it.

3. In abduction research two divergent hypotheses have been vying for the forefront position in recent times. These are the ETH and the psychological viewpoints. The advocates of the ETH have pointed out that there is a great deal of evidence for genetic experimentation on us by aliens. Abduction research accounts relate sexual interference of humans, particularly women. The psychological viewpoint counter argues the need to explore topics such as imagery, fantasy proness and other abnormal psychological states. Along these latter lines, the last (1990) number 56 (page 30) issue of the English Fortean Times relates how one Professor Thomas Healy has stated in court that there is mounting evidence that the drug Valium can give rise to erotic fantasies in some people.

4. Volume two of the Journal of UFO Studies has been published by the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. It is available for US$18 (includes postage) from 2457 W Peterson Avenue, Chicago, lilinois 60659 USA. Articles in this volume are:

A. Wilson, J.P. òPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Experienced Anomalous Trauma.- 18 pages.

B. Basterfield, K, Godic, V. Godic, P. & Rodeghier, M. òAustralian Ufology: A Review.” 26 pages.

C. Parnell, J. O. 8 Sprinkle, R.L òPersonality Characteristics of Persons Who Claim UFO Experiences.- 14 pages.

D. Ring, K & Rosing, C.J. The Omega Project: a Psychological Survey of Persons Reporting Abductions and Other UFO Experiences.- 40 pages.

5. The Nov/Dec 1990 issue of the IUR has the following:

A. Schmffl, D. & Randle, K ‘The Fort Worth Press Conference: the J Bond Johnson Connection.” 12 pages.

B. Schmitt, D. & Randle, K ‘Roswell Investigation Notes.’ 4 pages.

C. Schmrit, D. & Randle, K ‘The Roswell Sources’.- 1 page

6. Volume 15(152) (1990) of the Journal of Meteorology contains two articles of interest to circle watchers. They are titled: ‘Operation High Hill-CERES, Circle Watch of 199O’, by Terence Meaden and: ‘The Beckhampton ‘Scroll Type’ Circles, the Beckhampton ‘Triangle’ and Strange Attractors~, also by Terence Meaden. Six pages in total. (Copy courtesy of Mike Hough).

7. The December issue of the MUFON Journal contains:

A. Chorost, M. & Andrews, C. The Summer 1 990 Crop Circles.~ 12 pages.

B. Aggen, E. A. òMidwest Crop Circles.” 2 pages.


1. Dr Michael Hough of Sydney is looking for individuals who may like to share in a newsclipping service he currently subscribes to. The service provides clippings from many Australian papers/magazines on the paranormal and Ufos. Mike then copies and shares the resultant weekly output to interested parties. Costs may be obtained from Mike. PhnnR Ke-nh ph: nA 2512773 for Mike’s home number.

2. It is hoped that the April Digest will be devoted entirely to an Australian abduction catalogue which has been under preparation for some time. Any reports submitted may therefore be held over to the Mav issue.

3. Meteor watchers: there may be those amongst you who think they have come across everything. However, when recently re-reading the ~Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy~ (Rudaux, L & De Vaucouleurs, G. 1967) I came across an interesting section on nebulous meteors. It seems there is a very rare class of meteor which is unlike anything else. To quote from the encyclopedia:

‘These are ill-defined objects which, like ordinary meteors, appear suddenly and may suffer considerable modifications during their passage across the sky; their path may be long or short, their angular velocity is frequently low, and their apparent sizes are (comparatively speaking) enormous, surpassing, on occasions, that of the Moon. They are usually very faint, so much so, indeed, that if one happens to pass in front of the brighter regions of the Milky Way, it appears as a dark, cloud-like object.”


Clarke, D. & Roberts, A. (1990). Phantoms of the Sky: Ufos-A Modern Myth? London. Robert Hale. UK pounds 12.95. 204pp. Hard cover.

Clarke and Roberts cover UK sightings, abductions, folklore, aitered states of consciousness, paranormal episodes, MJ-12 and a diverse range of other material in this new book. Their viewpoint, derived from the evidence they have examine, often first hand, suggests that the ETH needs an overhaul. A refreshing look at the subject, and one worthv of close attention.

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