ISSUE 22 JUNE 1991

Compiled by Keith Basterfield



Associates of the Network inform me that it has been a very quiet period for reports, over the last two months. For this reason, no Digest was published in May 1991.


UFORA91044 1989-1990 Victoria CE4 LevelC S4/P4
A letter was recently received from a Victorian woman relating several unusual episodes involving her entire family. In the letter and a subsequent telephone interview she relates that:

• Her six year old son told her that several small men entered his bedroom and shone a ‘torch’ on him.
• Something had physically tried to pull her out of bed one night.
• Her fourteen year old daughter saw a large, luminous object floating up the driveway.
• She recalled a ‘dream’ from age 7 in which three ‘pixies’ entered her room and took her away. (UFORA)

UFORA91045 30 Jan 91 Brighton SA Photo Level A S1/P4
A full roll of fllm was taken of the Moon through a camera attached to a telescope. The amateur astronomer involved developed the film himself. He saw nothing unusual when he took the pictures. However, upon developing the film, one shot showed an unusual coloured sphere of light. Investigations, including inspection of the telescope, reveal that the most probable cause of the light form was an out of focus insect inside the telescope tube. (UFORSA)

The following South Australian reports are all Low level events S2/P4. All from UFORSA.

UFORA91046 5 Mar 91 Berri SA
Police telephoned to ask about lights in the sky which were moving around.

UFORA91047 7 Mar 91 Port Augusta SA 2141hrs
A light in the sky travelled from south-south-east to east, taking seconds to do so. Consistent with space debris re-entering.

UFORA91048 20 Mar 91 Murray Bridge SA 1952hrs
White light, like a satellite, travelling north east in a straight line.

UFORA91049 28 Mar 91 Adelaide SA 1900hrs
Bright white light travelling north. Aircraft suspected.

UFORA91050 3 Apr 91 Glenelg SA 1818hrs
Tall pillar like cloud visible. Long and thin. Sun had just set and shining on it. ~Huge shaft of gold.” Was definitely a cloud.

UFORA91051 29 Apr 91 Lonsdale SA
Orange/yellow light travelled east to west over 1-2 minutes. Quarter size of Moon.

UFORA91052 29 Apr 91 Brighton SA 2200hrs
Orange/yellow light seen going westwards. Appeared to be close. No noise. Also seen again 1930hrs on 30th Apr.

UFORA91053 28 Apr 91 Swinger Hill ACT 1535hrs Med S3/P4
UFORA associate John Jensen and his wife were watching aircraft when they observed a round, white to metallic coloured, shiny object ~floatingU in the north-east sky. It went upwards, not at high speed, but to a high altitude. When first observed it was estimated 1000m up, the size of a five cent coin. Eventually it went out of sight. It was moving against the wind, and soundless. It flashed, sometimes g seconds between flashes, at other times the interval was up to 18 seconds. John had a camera with him and took pictures. (John Jensen)

UFORA91054 20 May 1991 SA 2020hrs IFO
An extremely bright meteor passed over central South Australia. It was seen from Berri, Port Germein, Blythe, Kybunga, and Adelaide. Dozens of calls were received by the RAAF, Adelaide airport, and other agencies. Reports of its brightness told of it tuming night into day. (“AdvertiserS 21 May 1DD1 courtesy of Steve Bolton)

UFORA91055 19 May 1991 Young NSW Ca1400hrs Med Level A S4/P3
A 16 year old youth reported seeing an object only some 20m away and 1 m off the ground. He first took it to be a small car, with no wheels. It was green in colour/illumination. It had a roof like a car but no glass. There were no wings, and it was shaking very quickly from side to side so fast, that it seemed blurred on the edges. It seemed to have a 1 m long green light which made the object glow. After 20 seconds it just went straiaht UD into the air. As it went higher it changed colour to silver. (Bill Chalker)

UFORA91056 19 May 1991 Blacktown NSW 1100-1130hrs Med Level A S3/P4
A woman, talking to her neighbour, sighted a large, dark, rectangular prism in the sky in the distance which was approaching them. It seemed to go through a number of oscillations from side to side. Approaching to almost overhead, It then tilted and seemed to Svanish~ in the clearest part of the blue sky. The object appeared to have raised round circles in two vertical rows on either side. Later that night she said she took photographs of what seemed to be the same obJect. (Bill Chalker)


1. An English publication called ~The Crop Watchera in its Jan/Feb 1991 issue carried a four page article on an old Australian crop case. Peter Horne and Stephen Bolton investigated a single ring crop circle discovered in a wheat paddock near Wokurna, South Australia, in 1973. The article presents their investigation report.

2. The US “Skeptical Inquirer” Vol 15 No 2 pp 181-183 has an Interesting book review of Howard Blum’s “Out There.” The reviewer, Phillip Klass, reports being unable to confirm details of the spectacular UFO case which underpins the entire book. Seems something might be a miss here.

3. The January 1991 issue of the MUFON Journal contains:

A. de Brasses, M. T. “An Interview with Professor Jean-Pierre Petit.” 7 pages. A most revealing discussion about the Belgium flap and French Government UFO research.

B. Thomas, J. K. “Analyzing the Roswell Debris.” 3 pages. An alternative explanation for materal Iocated at Roswell.

C. Shandera, J. H. . “New Revelations about Roswell Wreckage: A General Speaks Up.” 7 pages. One of the USAF people present at the time talks about the debris.

4. Number 28 of “The Southern Skeptic” provides a short commentary on the events at a meeting of the Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Society, in Adelaide. 1 page.

5. The Mar/Apr 1991 issue of the International UFO Reporter features:

A. Basterfileld, K. “An Australian Abduction.” A case study of an Australian abductee. 4p.

B. Zeidman, “I remember Blue Book.” Recalls the early days of ufology. 7p.

C. Haines, R.F. “UFO activity in the Soviet Union.” Review of what’s occurring in the USSR. 2p.

D. Stonehill, P. “Debunking, Soviet Style.” 2p.

E. Rutkowski, C. “Harvesting Useful Date from Crop Circles.” Can professionals successfully study crop circles? 4D.

F. Clark, J. “Airships: Part 2.” The concluding portion of a review of the 1896-97 US airship episode.

6. MUFON Journal 274, Feb 1991 has:-

A. Gordon, S. “The Kecksburg UFO crash.” A 1965 event which just won’t lie down. 5p.

B. Wright, D. “Gulf Breeze Update.” On going report on the Gulf Breeze saga. 2p.

C. Hopkins, B. “The Paranoia Temptation.” Paranoia stalks ufology. 3p.

7. “UFO Universe” Vol 1 No 2, April/May 1991, available from Australian news stands features:

A. Huneeus, A. “Aliens Implants-The Richard Price Story.” The story of an implant in an American abductee. 7p.

B. Casteel, S. “What We Now Know About the ‘Intruders’.” A most revealing interview with Budd Hopkins.5p.

C. Randle, K. 8 Schmitt, D. “UFO Crash At Roswell: No earthly explanation.” An overview of the latest on Roswell. 6p.


1. Australian Government Archives search

Previously, l have been able to secure access to, and copies of, the Royal Australian Air Force UFO files relating both to policy (1953-59) and sightings (1955-59).

I have now obtained access and copies of the files for the year 1960.

A. File 554/1/30 Part 1. Policy. 51 pages. Dated between 14 Nov 1959 and 24 Dec 1960.

B. File 580/1/1 Pt 2. Sightings. 98 pages. Dated between 4 Feb 1960 and 8 Dec 1960, including the famous Cressy, Tasmania case.

If anyone wishes copies of the above 149 pages I can make them available at a cost of $14.90 plus cost of package and postage.

Under the rule of release of Government documents thirty years after the last action on the file, (and bearing in mind the availability of documents via the Federal Freedom of Inforrnation Act from 1977), it will be something like the year 2006 before all the RAAF files are publicly available via this method!

2. The SFirst World UFO CongressU was held between 3-7 May in Tucson, Arizona. Stan Deyo from Perth was scheduled to attend as the only listed Australian speaker. Deyo, an American, now living in Perth, is the author of two books about Ufos/biblical prophecy/one world order/JFK’s assassination etc.

3. What promises to be the best UFO conference ever held in Australia is scheduled for Sydney in September. It features a number of international speakers, and will be held 74 Sept 1991. Announced speakers are Brian O’Leary (USA) NASA astronaut, and UFOlogists Jenny Randles (UK) and Jerry Clark (USA). Local speakers include Bill Chalker and myself. A brochure with full details of the conference may be obtained from myself. Send a stamped, self-addressed 22cm by 10cm envelope and I’ll post you out a brochilre whh more details.

4. The MUFON Journal No. 274, Feb 1991, carries an item on the Jan 1991 First National Conference on Anomalous Experiences. During this conference h was announced that a grant of $200,000 had been given to study abductions. Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs are to be project directors. It will be fascinating to see how the money is spent, who does what, and what a larae sum of money can help reveal.

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