ISSUE 23 JULY 1991

Compiled by Keith Basterfield




Due to the decreased numbers of good reports being received from the UFORA network, and in order to cut costs, (the Digest is produced out of the pockets of Vlad and I), the Digest will now be produced bi-monthly. The next edition will be dated September 1991, and therefore items/reports for it can be sent in up until the end of August. Paying subscribers will continue to receive 12 issues.


UFORA91055 TA90045 Jan 1988 IIfraville TAS 2100hrs Low Level B S3/P4
Lone witness viewing sky to west at dusk when a silver, round to disc shaped object is noted low over distant ranges. After some five minutes the object moves straight up into the sky and is lost to view in a matter of seconds. (TUFOIC)

UFORA91056 TA90046 Late1989 LorinnaTAS EveLow LevelB S3/P4
Single witness walking home in isolated rural area notices star-like light moving across the sky towards the north-east. The light moves down and crosses in front of a hill some one and a half kilometres distant. The light performs a curve in front of the hill, then blinks out. A few minutes later the same or similar light is seen moving away behind the hill. (TUFOIC)

UFORA91057 TA90044 2Aug1990 RebeccaRiverTAS 1600hrs Med LevelB S3/P4
Another single witness case, this time from the lonely west coast of the state. The witness was located on a fishing boat some 500m off shore. Initially a silver/grey coloured, bus shaped object was noticed heading south down the coast. The witness thought it was a strange location for motor traffic over the sand dunes. The object then dipped down in front of some tall dunes before passing behind another and failing to re- appear much to the witness’ surprise. Sighting duration was about 20 seconds. (TUFOIC)

UFORA91058 TA90043 5 Dec 1990 Radnor TAS 0200hrs Low Level B S3/P4
Several workers on a chicken farm saw a large mass of white lights moving slowly past in the south-eastern sky and passing silently away to the east-north-east. Two bright lights were clearly visible ahead of an estimated 15-20 other lights, all bright and steady but in no particular pattern. The lights were in view for some two to three minutes. Extensive inquiries failed to uncover any air traffic movements for the area. (TUFOIC)

UFORA91059 TA91002 13Jan1991 Kingisland 2220hrs Low LevelB S3/P4
A number of people reported watching an erratic white light from their King Island farm. The light moved from the constellation of Orion across to the east, but then turned and went west. After circling a star, a number of times, the light headed south east at first, then disappeared away to the south west. (TUFOIC)

UFORA91060 QA90072 22 Oct 1990 Pomona QLD 1545hrs Med Level ? S3/P4
While feeding birds, a Mrs Dhlberg saw a noiseless silver coloured, rectangular shaped object moving in a north to south direction at a steady, slow pace. Mrs Dhlberg and her neighbour’s televisions went on the blink. Duration of sighting 60 seconds. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91061 QA90102 19 Oct 1990 Ipswich QLD 1135hrs Meed Level A S4P4
While observing two F111 aircraft, through a 75 power Tasco telescope, a silver, ball-like object was seen following the jets. The object followed the jets for some two minutes, when it stopped. It then changed its direction and retraced its steps. The telescope was checked for flaws, but none detected. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91062 QA90012 17Feb1990 BrisbaneQLD 0630hrs LowLevel? S3/P4
An elderly lady, while out walking saw an orange red object moving slowly north. Several other people also witnessed the event. All agreed as to the object’s appearance. It first appeared at an elevation of 30 degrees to the east and disappeared behind trees at 10 degrees, after some five to six minutes. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91063 QA90025 20Mar1990 BrisbaneQLD 0245hrs LowLevel? S3/P4
A man heard a noise of about two seconds duration like the sound of an F111 booster, immediately followed by a bright flash of light which lit up the sky. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91064 QA90026 1962 BrisbaneQLD CE3 Level?S5/P?
A sixty five year old barmaid recounted an event which happened in a bar in the Brisbane area. It was a hot night, when a man walked in wearing a raincoat and scarf. Once at the bar he asked for a rum and indicated to as bottle of Tia Maria to be mixed in his drink. After having several of the same combination he seemed drunk. A male attendant proceeded to show him the door but the man suddenly disappeared. The man was of average size, had a smooth face and smooth grey hands. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91065 QA90062 Brisbane QLD Dusk CE2 Level?S?/P?
Mr W Schneeberg recounted an event which occurred some years back. He was in the house preparing the evening meal when his nine year old daughter started yelling for him to come outside and have a look at a thing. On getting outside he saw a large round object hovering some 10-15 metres above the ground. The whole underside of the object was in shadows. After a few seconds he grabbed his daughter and ran back into the house. Three to four minutes later the object departed. During the episode the lights, oven and television behaved erratically. The next moming they found four chickens had died and for the next three to four days the daughter’s eyes were irritated. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91066 QA90064 1955 Bamiara PNG (0100-0200hrs) Med Level ? S/?P?
An unidentified caller recalled that he went to the fridge to get a drink when everything lit up blue. The light was even coming through cracks in the walls. On looking outside he saw a big blue ball over the ocean an estimated quarter of a mile away moving in at about 160km/hr. It made no sound but lit up everything. It disappeared around a headland. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91067 QA90116/117 13Aug1990 Brisbane QLD 2120hrs Medlevel? S?/P?
The witness was driving south with a neighbour when a large light was seen over a nearby chicken shed, lighting it up. The object moved off and they followed it. The object passed over them and hovered momentarily. They stopped the car and switched off radio and engine but could hear no noise. They followed the object some more but lost it behind trees. (UFORQLD)

UFORA91068 SSC010691 1 Jun 1991 Buderin QLD 1950hrs Low Level B S3/P3
The witness felt that a nocturnal light was close to her, as it moved forward then back. It was described as one large upper light, and two small lower lights. The top light was very bright, the bottom one was a faded white in colour. There was no noise audible even though it was a still night. (UFORQLD-Sunshine coast)

UFORA91069 SSC020691 2 Jun 1991 Tewantin QLD 2045hrs Low Level A S3/P3
A man with 16 years experience in the RAAF reported a nocturnal light. He observed a bright pulsating, white light with red and green included. It moved slightly up and down. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91070 SSC100691 10 Jun 1991 Wurtulla QLD 1755hrs Low Level A S3/P3
A 12 year old girl reported being in a car heading south when she noticed a strange light in the sky to the east. It was orange in colour, then turned red. It seemed circular and travelling faster than a plane. It headed south then turned sharply off and then headed south again. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91071 SSC 300591 30 May 1991 Beerwah QLD 1500hrs IFO Level A S1/P5
A govemment worker saw a speck in the sky at 3 p.m. It did not appear to move. It was still visible at dusk. Identified as Venus. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91072 SSC061990 Jun 1990 Bokarina Beach QLD 1100hrs Low Level B S3/P3
The witness noted a bright object whilst fishing from the beach. The object hovered over the water then rose vertically 60-lOOm, then turned horkontally towards Brisbane. It was observed for five to eight minutes. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91073 SSC240591 24 May 1991 Sunshine Coast 1930hrs Low Level A S2/P2
A 58 year old woman was travelling north by bus when she saw a bright, round, twinkling light that moved rapidly across the sky from west to east. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91074 SSC220591 2 May 1991 Maroochydore QLD 1745hrs Low Level A S4/P4
A middle aged woman was travelling by car eastwards and saw a rapid, bright, white light round in shape. It moved in a straight line east to west and disappeared into clouds. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91075 SSC220591 Maroody River QLD 1750hrs Low Level A S4/P4
A 20 year old woman reported seeing a bright, fluorescent white object pass from east to west. It was low, fast and silent. It entered clouds which then lit up, apparently from the object. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91076 SSC180491 18 Apr 1991 Buddina QLD 1933hrs Low Level A S3/P3
A 74 year old man watched a dull yellow, star sized light appear in the south-south- east and rise rapidly across the sky in a low arc to the north- north- east. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91077 SSC220491 18 Mar 1991 Wurtulla QLD 2046hrs Low Level A S2/P3
A large, bright light suddenly appeared in the field of view of a 51 year old woman. It was well above tree top level. The area beneath was also well lit showing the path through which it travelled. The light only appeared briefly. (UFORQLD SSC)

UFORA91078 SSC100591 8 Apr 1991 Buderin QLD 2230hrs Low Level A S3/P3
A number of elderly people noticed four bright lights which moved from the south east to the north. The upper two were larger than the lower ones. They appeared like search lights, green light below. There was a low humming sound. (UFORQLD SSC)


1. The MUFON Journal for March 1991 contains:-
A. O’Brien, M. “New Witness to San Augustin Crash.” 4pp. A new crash retrieval story emerges.
B. Carpenter, J. “Reliving July 5, 1947.” 3pp. Hypnotic work relating to the above crash.
C. Strainic, M. “River, Lake and Creek.” 4pp. Physical trace cases in Canada.
D. Wales, M. ïProposed Physical Measurements of Crop Circles.” 2pp. Analysis of trace cases.
2. Nexus magazine for May/Jun 1991 contains:-
A. Roads, D. SFrom Crop Circles to Hieroglyphs.” 4pp. English crop circles.
B. “Ufos - Roswell Revisited.” 5DD. A new witness to Roswell emerges.


1. A retired American psychology professor, Robert A. Baker, has recently had a book titled: Shey Call it Hypnosis” published by Prometheus Press. Apparently it contains some references to UFO aMuctions and the work of myself and Bob Bartholomew on fantasy-prone personalities. Unfortunately the book is not yet available here in Australia.

2. Following the publication of Baker’s book and his mentioning of Bob and myself, there was a small media flap here. In one week I conducted 9 radio interviews, a piece appeared in the Sydney Morning herald and I put in an appearance on Channel 9’s ‘Today’ show. One Perth ABC radio show conducted an half an hour discussion about the UFO phenomenon, and another Adelaide ABC programme is negotiating an half hour documentary.

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