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UFORA91079 TA91030 Jul 1977 Snug Tiers TAS Ca2100hrs Low Level B S3/P3
When 16 years old, the witness was out shooting with a friend. A bright light was seen to the west. Over a period of an hour, it was noticed to have grown in size and eome eloser. The witnesses fled in their ear, with the now large light illumirating the road behind them and disappearing as it eame over their rsr The rar faltered for a moment (TUFOIC).

UFORA91080 TA91009 19 Mar 1991 Lefroy TAS 2200hrs Low Level B S3/P3
Two witnesses travelling home, at about 16km from Lefroy, saw a bright, stationary light. This light was orange in colour and was seen at low elevation. It just tswitehed off.” However, a little further on, the same or a similar light beeame visible. The ear seemed to splutter at this point as the light moved away behind a hill. For some 80 seconds a bright orange glow was visible over the hill. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91081 TA91018 21 May 1991 Adventure Bay TAS 2200hrs Low Level A
A number of bright orange lights were seen over a period of a couple of hours commencing about 10 p.m. The lights sometimes in Dairs. moved on a level traieetors to both east and west at low elevations, at times below the distant hill line. Two lights came south towards the witnesses, and appeared to be large and bright. Finally, at 10.46 p.m. a triangle of lights moved to the east and faded out. On subsequent evenings other reports of lights were made but aircraft movements accounted for some of the cases Hawever. checles failed to find aircraft to be the cause of the lights of the 21st. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91066 QB91016 Mid 1969 Cairns QLD 1600hrs Med Level B S3/P4
One day, an 8 year old boy and a group of others saw a silver, moon sized, object rise from behind a mountain. It then hovered. The boy rode home to alert his parents, but no one was home at the time. Loo}ing up in the sky he saw only a silver speck way up high. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91056 QB91014 Ca 1986 Ravenshoe QLD 0200hrs MedLevelB S4/P4
A 24 year old man was driving along when he noted a large luminescent ball of light floating above a rectangular shaped object. He lost sight of it as he drove under the tree canopy. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91067 QB91010 31 Mar 1991 Deeral QLD 2330hrs Low LevelB S3/P4
A woman was travelling by car when she sighted an unusual object, and slowed to almost a stop in order to observe it. She saw a cluster of yellow/white lights hovering almost overhead. She wasn’t sure of their shape but described it as lilKe loolKing up at the underside of an object from an angle. The object was described as a bit larger than the Moon and as she watched it, it disappeared and later reappeared filrther tn the east. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91082 QB91002 21 Jan 1991 Butchers Creek QLD 2030hrs Low Level B
Three bright lights were seen to the east, over a range of hills within an orange, banana shaped haze. Another object was seen as two cricl~et ball sized red lights. They went up at speed and disappeared. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91083 QB91003 1954-66 Melbourne VIC (1600-1600hrs) Med Level B
A woman was cycling along and watched a dark gray, domed shape, up in the sky at 45 degrees north. It flew to the north at a fast speed. Arriving home, she told her family about it, and later learnt an airman had also sighted it. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91084 QB91004 24 Mar 1991 Babinda QLD IFO? Level B S3/P4
A couple’s attention was attracted by a light in the sky behind them. The man thought it was a plane. He stopped their car, got out and noticed there was no noise audible. The light seemed to fade. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91086 QB91006 3 or 10 Mar 1991 Julatten QLD 2230hrs CE1 Level B
Going outside to the toilet, a woman called her husband’s attention to a very large, circular object just below the top of the tree line. It hovered, then slowly moved to the north-east. A loud, humming noise was audible for 1-2 minutes. The object disappeared behind trees. It appeared solid, and dull black in colour. There were big lights rotating around its side, bright and multicoloured. Animals were affected by the object’s presence. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91086 QB91008 Mar 1991 Bellenden Ker QLD 1830hrs Low Level B
A bright light was visible over mount Bellenden Ker. The light was like a bright star which became three lights in the form of a triangle with the apex at the top. After about a minutes it became a single light which later suddenly vanished. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91087 QB91009 23 or 24 Mar 1991 Bellenden Ker QLD 1800-1830hrs Low
Level B S3/P4
A man called his wife’s attention to a silver/white, bright point of light above the mountain. It became a straight line of three lights and then the remaining one went behind the mount, out of sight. (UFORFNQ).

UFORA91088 Sep/Oct 1980/81? Currenqy Creek SA 0600hrs CE4 LevelB S4/P4
A man and woman were travelling by car when an object passed over the vehicle. All the car’s dashboard gauges dropped to zero, and headlights and dashlights flickered, and went off for about one second, then came back on again. The driver feels that the engine may have stalled momentarily. He also felt a twinge like an electric shocl~. Scared, they accelerated away with the car now behaving normally.

Noting that the object seemed, in an instant, to go from above him to some distance behind him, he believed there maY have been a period of missinR time. (Jim Atwell-UFORA-Adelaide).

UFORA91089 19B9 TullyFalls QLD 0900hrs Low Level BS3/P3
Whilst at school on a clear, sunny day, a 9 year old girl saw an object appear in the north-eastern sky. Over a period of about 10 seconds it travelled westwards until it D lost to view behind rain forest in the west. The girl described the object as round, with a kind of fire, and yellow in colour. In size, it D between star and Moon sized. It was clearly outlined and did not break into segments. No associated noise. (John Jensen).


1. The MUFON Journal for May 1991 contains:
A. Taff, B.E. “Close but no Saucer.” A look at some 1970’8 abduction cases in the US from a retrospective viewpoint. Outlines details of yet another Wmissing babyW account. 5 pages.

B. Stacy, D. “Hoaxes and a Whole Lot More.” Addresses the issue of the role of hoaxes in crop circles. 4 pages.

2. Included in the June 1991 issue of MUFON Journal is:
A. Miglione, V. “Crop Circles:The Mystical Viewpoint.” Examines the potential link between crop circles, stones and tumuli, channelling, dowsing and other events. 7 pages.

B. Aggen, EA “F-Class Stars as Evolution Drivers.” Explores a hypothetical scenario that aliens living on some F-class stars may closely resemble the wgrays.” 2 pages.

3. The International UFO Reporter for May/June 1991 has, amongst other things:
A Meessen, A “The Belgian Sightings.” An excellent review of the Belgian flap, by a physics professor, including details not widely known. 10 pages.

B. Spickler, T.R. “The Truman MJ-12 Letter.” Previous articles by Stanton Faedman and Joe Nickell/John Fischer on the signature aspect of the MJ-12 documents drew debate. Spickler points out that both signatures can be shown to be an exact match. a pages.

C. Randles, J. “Nature’s Crop Circles, Nature’s UFOs.” A cAtical analysis of a number-of issues concerning the UK crop circles, coveAng the increase in complexity, the escalation of numbers, the historical circles, and the eyevfitness accounts. 4 pages.

D. Rutkowski, C. “Patterns in the Data.” Statistical analysis of some Canadian UFO reports and the patterns which emerged. 3 pages.


1. Abduction research

A. Volume aa issue 3 of the US Journal wProfessional Psychology:Research and PracticeW carries an article titled: “UFO Abductees and Contactees:Psychopathology or Fantasy Proneness?”. The article was co-authored by US Sociologist Robert E. Bartholomew, US Psychologist George Howard and Reith Basterfield. It examines the testable, falsifiable fantasy-prone personality hypothesis for UFO abductees and contactees. Copies may be obtained from Keith.

B. Media interest in the abduction aspect of ufology has increased with the recent International UFO seminar. A number of radio items and newspaper reports have appeared.

C. Following the publication of UFORA’s preliminary catalogue of Australian missing time and abduction cases, Keith has now commenced work on a more detailed version of the document. New cases are solicited from members of the network.

2. Crop circle research

A. Extensive media coverage was given, at the beginning of September, to a story originating from the UK Two English artists, Doug Bower and David Chorley claimed to have made most of the crop circles which have appeared in the UK in recent year_. We await a detailed exsmination of this starding develonment.

B. With the conclusion of the UK crop circle season for this year, we learn that the numbers of circles for this year is actually a lot lower than the record last year.

C. For those interested in pursuing this subject the following magazines/Newsletters will be of interest:

The Cerealogist, ao Paul Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1 DX, England.

The Journal of Meteorology, T Meaden, 6a Frome Road, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire BA14 1LD, England.

The Circular, 68 KingR Road, West End, Woking, Surrey, GU24 9LW. England.

The Crop Watcher, 3 Selbourne Court, Tavistock Close, Romsey, Hampshire S061 7T4, England.

D. The English New Scientist magazine of 24th August carried an article of the finding of a most unusual circle-a Mandelbrot set-straight out of the mathematical world of chaos theory.

E. The Crop Watcher issue number 6, May/June 1991 provided a review of the 1973, Bordertown, South Australia. crop circles.

F. Keith Basterfield has accumulated a large range of articles and books about the crop circle enigma. If you’d like to know just what is held by Keith, please contact him.

3. The American cover-up

The US based magazine, Aviation Week and Space Technology last year published articles about the next generation of secret USAF aircraft-beyond stealth, apparently now being test flown.

Some American UFO researchers have wondered if these new aircraft are in fact utilising technology gained from Zcrashed saucers.” A whole industry has grown up in the US centred around these questions. Lecturers are making a mint giving talks about the subject; tour operators are taking people out to remote desert sites to view the WUFOs.”


Good, T. (1991). wAlien Liaison.” London. Century. 242 pp. Hardcover. Aust.$35.

This latest book by English author Timothy Good covers recent UFO sightings ineluding the Belgian flap; reviews Government activity in the UK and USA; provides a rehash of animal mutilations in the US, and tantalises with some heresay accounts of waliens are amongst us.”

Here then, you can read the full story of Bob Lazar, Falcon and Condor, and the intriguing, if doubtful, activities of Bob Oechsler.

If you are into US Government cover-ups, then this book is for you. Unfortunately, for the serious ufologist, there’s lots and lots of material, but very litlle critical analysis. Good is a reporter, not a researcher.

One little snippet of local interest which we are checking on is the anonymous testimony of a man who reports seeing a mystery sphere, allegedly found on the Woomera rocket range in 1958/59.

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