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UFO RESEARCH IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND is the title of one of Australia’s first books on computer disk - a digital book. With over 90,000 words in more than 800 pages, covering over 300 topics It provides a comprehensive revlew of the work of Australlan ufologists who contrlbuted articles to the UFO Research Australla Newsletter over several vears.

Authors include: Keith Basterfield, Russell Boundy, Holly Goriss, Bill Chalker, Bryan Dickeson, Viadimir Godic, Paul Jackson, Joan Johnston, John Knapman, Mark Moravec, Moira McGhee, David Reneke, and Keith Roberts.

The work was collated and edited by Viadimir and Pony Godic, with Pony undertaking the massive job of retyping the UFORAN articles. A large thank you must be extended to the Godics for their work in bringing this project to fruition on behalf of all of us.

The 5 1/4 inch disk is for an IBM or compatible personal computer with hard disk. It has full search and print capabilities.

Copies may be obtained directly from the publisher, Dynamo House, PO Box 110, Richmond, 3121 Victoria, Australia, or by telephoning Australia 03 427 0955, fax: 03 429 8036.


UFORA91090 SSC120791 12 Jul 1991 Lansborough QLD (1930-2000hrs) Med Level B S3/P3
A telephone call was received from a middle aged man. He reported seeing a dome shaped, golden object, like a catherine wheel. lt had a white halo and occasional red colours were seen below it. Venus was visible in the sky at a higher elevation (UFORQ SSC).

UFORA91091 SSC270691 27 Jun 1991 Maroochydore QLD 1750hrs Med Level B S3/P4
A middle aged woman was standing on a roadside farewelling friends. She noted that three silver, cylindrical obiects were moving high above her, in Indian file. Noiselessly, they travelled from east to west (UFORQ SSC).

UFORA91092 Ca. 1973 Yass NSW 0600hrs “Missing time?” Level B
A man was about 6km outside Yass, travelling on a dual lane highway under construction. He was on the way to Wagga Wagga. Travelling in a four wheel drive vehicle he was looking for a short cut. He turned off at the short cut and that is all he could remember at that point.

The next thing he could recall was of driving at some distance away, travelling on a bitumen road, which later he says, turned out not to exist. This gap in distance seemed to occupy no period of time, it just seemed instantaneous. There is no associated UFO event (John Jensen).

UFORA91093 1960 Near Renmark SA Med Level D S3/P3
A man and his son decided to visit friends near Broken Hill, NSW. The son was driving their car when, some distance from Renmark, they noticed something very unusual on the eastern side of the road. The witness relates having seen a white square several metres off the road. This square was 5 metres on each side. Within it were 3 metre high white and amber lights. From the centre of the square emanated a shower of burning metal giving off sparks 1 metre In diameter which leaned backwards. The area was low bush country (UFORA).

UFORA91094 13 Nov 1991 Mt Magnet WA Med Level B S4/P4
At 2.30 a.m. a man was travelling alone in a utility, along the road from Mt Magnet to Sandstone in WA He was some 70km east of Mt Magnet, and moving at about 100km/h when he suddenly saw a light appear on the horizon in front of him. This light, at first, simply appeared to be like a star. The light became brighter and approached him, turning a yellowish colour as it came nearer. He dipped the utility’s headlights, thinking it might be an approaching truck.

The round object came to within an estimated 200m away from his vehicle, then simply stayed at that distance. He accelerated the vehicle thinking he might get closer, but it maintained this separation from him. He even slowed the utility down, but the object also slowed down. At closest approach he thought he saw that it wasn’t a uniform round shape, and that it had two SlightsR in the centre of it.

When it was the closest he said the light from it was brilliant” - like the light from an arc welder. lt was pure white in colour at this staqe.

He decided to turn back, so slowed and did a quick U-turn. However, the object then followed him back along the road, being visible in his rear and side mirrors. Finally it left the area. There had been no noise attributable to the object throughout the 20 minute encounter.

He saw there had been no effects noticed to the utility, although he says he felt a little Sdisoriented.” He arrived home and went to bed, then contacted UFORA later in the day.

(Mt Magnet is 28 deg 4 min S 117 deg 51 min East 350km E of Geraldton. Sandstone is 28 deq 119 deq 17 min E) (UFORA-Keith Basterfield).

UFORA91099 TA91032 25Aug 1991 Waddamana TAS 2100hrs Instrumentdetected/video Level B with Investigatlon S2/P4
Two witnesses camped in a valley after hunting. A bright, round, white light was noticed to the ENE or maybe on top of a steep bush covered hill. One of the witnesses took several minutes of video footage. The light moved slightly left (north) and assumed first an elongated shape, then more one of flecks and points of light in an irregular pattern. The lights went out and the video camera failed. He also claims that the radio which was on at the time had also gone funy. Investigation found that the video camera was OK the next morning. The Moon was rising in the direction of the sighting and a previous report had been explained by the rising Moon by witnesses at the same location. It appears most probable that the Moon rising through the trees, then hidden by clouds was observed by the witnesses. The Moon was seen soon after in the partly cloudy sky. (TUFOIC).

UFORA91100 TA91037 17 Sept 1991 Bellerive TAS 0400hrs Level A Pos CE2? S4/P4
Witness was up early as his mother had to be taken by ambulance to hospital. ARer going inside his home he noticed some lights 250/300m distant in a nearby seaside park area. The park has checker board concrete laid under the grass for parking at the local sports oval. Taking a closer look he could see a row of about 12 flashing green/orange/red lights some 5m in width. Above this in the centre was a much larger, spinning red light. From between the two lights came a beam of light that was moving back and forth over the park. This white beam was lighting up the trees etc. clearly. He tried to rationalise the lights as the local council rubbish truck. The lower lights were no more than 2/3m off the ground. After 1-2 minutes the lights all went out except for the red light. It spun faster and faster and then rose straight up before angleing right (over the Derwent river) to the south. In a second or two it had gone. Investigators were shown some burn marks in the location below the sighting, these however, appeared to be marks caused by a spinning a tyre on the grass growing though the checker concrete. (TUFOIC)


The MUFON Journal for July 1991 contains:

Tarpley, K. “Tennessee Videotaping.” A write-up on the Dandridge, Tennessee UFO incidents. 3pp.

Fischer, J. “Crop Circle at Milan, lilinois.” A 49 foot circle is reviewed. 3pp.

Fischer, P. “Interview with Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D.” More details from the memory of Jesse Marcel, in relation to the Roswell crash. 2pp.

Johnson, J.R. Book review of Alien Liaison. 4pp. A detailed look at Good’s latest book. 4pp.

Included in the July/Aug 1991 issue of the International UFO Reporter is:

Vidal, P. 8 Rozencwajg, M. “The Belgian Wave.” More details about sightings from Belgium, into 1991. 6pp.

Hopkins, B. “UFO Abductions at the Event Level.” Suggests that only a real worid physical explanation can lie behind abductions. Presents supporting evidence for this viewpoint. 6pp.

Bullard, T.E. “Why mutilation reports are not urban legends.” A review of why urban legends can’t explain the abduction phenomenon. 7pp.

Jacobs. D.M. ZNotes on Time Travel.” More of the “abductions are real worid events theme.” 1 pp.

Fortean Times Number 58 carries an article by myself, titled iAbused by Aiiens” pp48-51, 4 pages. It is a summary of an Adelaide woman’s account re her abductions.

The English Fortean Times number 59 contains, amongst many other things, an article by Michell, J. “This year’s crop.” An overview of the 1991 UK crop circle scene with pictures. 2pp.


Associate John Jensen in Canberra is looking for some assistance in locating material concerning WW2 German research on saucer shaped objects. He recalls seeing a picture, supposedly taken near Wiesbaden, in Germany, in 1945.1t showed an American serviceman standing next to a saucer-shaped object made by the Germans. If anyone can give John a lead as to where to locate material on this topic/picture please contact him directly at 21 Rowe Place, Swinger Hill, ACT 2606.


Best-selling author Whitiey Strieber has quit the UFO research field. In a letter accompanying the Spring 1991 issue of the quarterly publication: ‘The Communion Letters’ Strieber, inter alia, writes:- “l am not a UFO researcher and do not wish to endure the continued media attack that is associated with being involved in this field. In addition, the so-called ‘UFOlogists’ are probably the cruellest, nastiest and craziest people I have ever encountered. Their interpretation of the visitor experience is rubbish from beginning to end. The ‘aMuction reports’ that they qenerate are not real. They are artifacts of hypnosis and cultural conditioning.”

American abduction researcher David Jacobs’ new book “Secret Life-the Structure and Meaning of UFO Abduction” is scheduled for publication in eariy 1992 by Simon and Schuster.

A number of people have asked for a listing of articles by Australian researchers on the abduction phenomenon. The following is an up to date listing. Copies of these articles are available upon request from Keith

Bartholomew, R.E. & Basterfield, K. (1988). “Abduction States of Consciousness.” International UFO Reporter 13(2): 7-9 & 15.

Basterfield, K. & Bartholomew, R.E. (1988). “Abductions:The Fantasy-Prone Hypothesis.” International UFO Reporter 13(3):9-11.

Basterfield, K., Godic, V. & Godic, P. (1988). “The Abduction Phenomenon in Australia.” IUR 14(4):1 1-13 & 24.

Chalker, Bill. (1989). “Abducted?” Australian Penthouse (no pictures). Nov 89 pp35-398113.

Basteffield K, Godic, V., 8 Godic, P. (1990). “Australian Abductions:An Update.” IUR 15(3):10-12 8 22-23.

BasterField, K, Godic, V., Godic, P. and Rodeghier, M. (1990). “Australian Ufology: A Review.” Journal of UFO Studies. n.s. 2:10 44.

Chalker, Bill. (1990). “Alien Abductions.” Nature and Health. Autumn pp20-26.

Basterfield, K (1991). “Man Australian Abduction.” IUR 16(2):4-6 8 22.

Basterfield, K (1991). “Abused by Aliens.” Fortean Times. (58):48-51.


One of UFORA’s aims is to make as widely available as possible any information about the UFO phenomenon which comes our way.

Therefore, for new readers of the Digest we summarise the availability of a number of Govemment RAAF documents we obtained via the Federal Freedom of Information Act and the 30 year rule of the Archives Act. Here then, you can read for yourself what the Australian government knew about UFOs from the earliest era of official interest in the UFO phenomenon.

As all the operating expenses for UFORA come from our own pockets we have, regretfully, of necessity, to charge full costs for copies of this material.

1. RAAF UFO sightings reports 1984-1989.108 pages. $20.

2. RAAF policy file July 1953-1959.110 pages. $20.

3. RAAF UFO sightings files 1954-1959. 264 pages. $35.

4. RAAF UFO sightings 1960 98 pages plus UFO policy file 1959-1960 51 pages. Total 149 pages. Cost $19.

Please send orders to Keith. All prices include post and packaging.


The U.K Centre for Crop Circles Research released a statement on the 22nd October 1991 stating that: “The has clear evidence that in many cases these events are genuine phenomena and not man-made.”

The release goes on to say: “Microscopic examination of wheat, oats and barley from a number of these formations in England and the USA last summer shows them to have been subjected to a strong momentary surge of energy, the origin of which is not yet known.” Citing work by Dr W.C. Levengood, an American biophysicist, CCCS go on to outline its plans to bring these findings before science and the govemment in the U.K. Do they know what causes the circles? “It is also fairly clear that genuine events are formed by a sudden and short-iived inDut of energy, possibly with microwave and/or electromagnetic components...”

Additional scientific documentation on circle research has been undertaken by Michael Chorost in the U.S.A I have received a copy of his 26 page article “The Summer 1991 Crop Circles:The Data Emerges.” Michaei has kindly granted permission for copies to be distributed. lf you would like a copy (14 M sheets) then please send me 6 x 43 cent stamps to cover photocopy, pack and postage, and I will forward one by retum mail.

Things seem to have died down now in the United Kingdom, following the end of the harvesting season, and the large dose of media cover to the two English artists who came forward claiming they made a large number of croD circles. lt will be interesting to see what next year’s UK crop season brings.

On this same note, l see that South Australia’s crop harvesting season has commenced early this year. You may recall that for the last two harvesting seasons UFORA has actively and widely sought examples of Australian crop cirdes, only to find none reported to us. Why do they not happen here, in one of the worid’s leading grain producers? A sceptic might say that Doug and Dave the artists haven’t been here!


One of the on-going projects which we have been involved in over many years has been the compiling of catalogues of a number of aspects of Australian UFO sightings. These compilations are intended to stimulate research Into the UFO phenomenon. We have recently completed an update of five of our cataiogues, bringing the case content up to the year 1990.

We now have available the following UFORA Australian UFO catalogues:

A-1 A Report on Observatlons of UFOs from Alrcraft Crew Members In Australia. 7 pages. $2.75.

A-2 A Review of Australasian UFO Relateci Entity reports. 14 pages. $4.20.

A-3 A Catalogue of the More Interesting Australian Close Encounters. 37 pages. $9.

A-4 A Prellminary Catalogue of Australian Vehicle Interference Cases. 21 pages. $5.80.

A-5 A Preliminary Catalogue of Australian and New Zealand ‘Abduction and Potential Abduction Cases. 13 pages. $4.20.

A-6 The Mundrabilla- Nullarbor Incident

In the eariy hours of January 20, 1988, a West Australian family reported encountering a UFO which lifted their car off the ground before dropping it back to earth. Worid wide media attention focussed on this event. However, only UFORA’s investigation team interviewed all the relevant witnesses, examined the car and were privy to the resuit of all physical evidence testing. This document presents all the details UFORA gathered. 130 pages. $17.30.

All prices Include packaging and surface mall postage. Orders should be sent to UFORA, PO Box 2435, Cairns Qld 4870. Make checiues payable to “UFO Research Australia.”

The Digest is your publication, so if you have anything for it, please send it over to Keith. Thanks. The next Digest will appear in January 1992 with a closing date for material of 31 December 1991. As usual it will be our yearly round-up of Australian reports and research.


Randle, K D. & Schmitt, D.R. (1991). UFO Crash at Roswell. New York. Avon Books. 327 pp. Paperback.

An essential read for anyone who has been keeping across investigations of the July 1947 incient at Roswell in the US. Kevin D Randle and Donald R Schmitt are to be congratulated for their excellent retrospective investigations. This work comes the closest to showing that a manned extra-terrestrial object did in fact crash in the USA, as has been numoured for many years. Find a copy, read it, discuss It, tell people about it, then congratulate the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies for backing this research.

Cooper, M. W. (1991.) Behold a Pale Horse. Sedona. Light Technology Publishing. 500 pages. Softcover.

This book Is a mixture of personal history, the Kennedy assassination, the Illuminati, Altemative 3, the New World Order, the Secret Government hypothesis, MJ-12, crashed saucers, and much more. If you want a volume exploring the paranoia, and secrecy elements of ufology, then this is it.

MUFON. (1991). MUFON 1991 Intemational UFO Symposium Proceedings.
Seguin. MUFON. 301pp. Softcover.

Thirteen papers are presented in the proceedings of the annual MUFON symposium. Titles of the papers are:-

Sitchin, Z. The 12th Planet-Key to the UFO Enigma.
Jacobs, D. What Can We Believe in Abduction Accounts?
Petit, J-P. Has Science Something to do with UFOs?
Swords, M.D. Modern Biology and the Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis.
Phillips, G. M. Insights into the Ancient Astronaut Theory.
Chorost, M. M. Theses for a Pre-Paradigm Science: Cereology.
Howe, LM. Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions tO Alien Life Forms.
Carpenter, J.S. The Reality of the Abduction Phenomenon.
Jones, C.B. Govemment UFO Connections.
Maccabee, B. Gulf Breeze Without Ed.
Friedman, S. Update on Crashed Saucers in New Mexico.
Stacy, D. Crop Circles:Brief History and Overview.
Altshuler, J.H. Tissue Changes in Unexplained Animal Mutilations.

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