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UFORA92001 SSC081191 7 Nov 1991 Kennilworth QLD 0530hrs Low Level B S3/ P4
A 40 year dd farmer was standing by his tractor. He noted a large red light coming in from the east towards him. The object was very low and had a tail and a trail. lt disappeared down behind trees. The object was also seen by some 20 other people moving from east to west from Rawana to Noosa. (UFORQLDSCC).

UFORA92002 SSC081291 8Dec1991WurtullaQLD 2110hrs LowLevelBS3/P3
Three starQike objects were sighted by a 60 year old resident. At first they were stationary but then they started to move east from the ranges towards the sea at a steady pace. The last object was left behind, then took off rapidly in Dursuit of the others. (UFORQLDSCC).

UFORA92003 24Decl991 Kelmscott WA 2125hrs
A family reported sighting a bright orange object, like a glowing coal, travelling silently from NE to SE (Armadale), over approximately 3 minutes. A check revealed the police had 2 reports made to them. The flrst at 2100hrs on the 24th and the other at 0015hrs on the 25th. Both sightings were in the Armadale area and attributable to homemade hot air balloons-travelling SW to NE on the prevailing wind. (Brian Richards).

UFORA92004 5 Jan 1992 Kelmscott WA 2200hrs
A group of people noticed a bright, deep orange, oval object travelling silently south to north at 30 degrees elevation. Looking through binoculars they saw “hundreds” of white lights on the underside of the object. One of the group, a pilot, confirmed it had no navigation lights on it. Over 3 minutes it went from the Kwinana area to the Cottesloe region. As it was disappearing another object appeared in the south. lt was also a deep orange colour with many white lights undemeath. It was randomly pulsating. It, too, disappeared over the sea near Cottesloe. (Brian Richards).

UFORA92005 5Jan 1992 Westfleld WA 2200hrs
A man reported seeing 2 deep orange coloured objects, with the second one pulsating. Duration was estimated as 5 minutes, beinq some 1600 metres up and twice the anqular size of Venus. (Brian Richards).

UFORA92006 8 Jan 1992 Blcton WA 2215hrs
A man reported seeing a white light which was too slow for a meteorite and too fast for a satellite. lt travelled SSE to NNW for about a minute. It had a reddish tinge to it. (Brian Richards).

UFORA92007 12 Jan 1992 Claremont WA 0612hrs
A person called in to report “...a black circle, most peculiar and the amazing thing is- it changed from a green to a sort of polished green. No noise at all. Completely silent. l’ve never seen anything like it. The Sun hadn’t risen so the green wasn’t reflection or anything. The black wasn’t silhouette because it wasn’t towards the east where the Sun would come up...” Said to have been 1000m away and 300m high. The disc remained at the same level in the sky and took 4 minutes to move from SE to west. (Brian Richards).

UFORA92008 Dec 1991 Hopetoun VIC Crop circle
Farmer, Ken Price, and his son Noel, discovered 6 circies in their wheat crop in December. The sizes ranged from 2- 3.5m, with one being an oval shape 6.5m across. (“The Age”, Melbourne, country edition December 31, 1991). 1 secured a colour photocopy of the photograph taken by the newspaper. It shows the typical swiried UK Crop circie, apparently swept anti-clockwise. This direction of swirl continues to be the way Australian circles are swirled if found in crop paddocks. Circles found in swamps have all been clockwise in swiri direction to date.

UFORA92009 Jan 1992 Gramplans VIC CE3/photo
A radio news item told how a 16 year old giri claimed to have seen and photographed an ‘alien’ in the Grampians. (Peter Jones.) Later, another news item reported that the photographs were of a plastic mannequin. (Ray Brooke).

UFORA92010 1 Dec 1991 Picnic Point, Sydney NSW 0030hrs Med Level ? S3/P4
Two men observed a large ring of light with 2 strange wing-iike appendages. This display appeared to stop, approach briefiy, then move off into the distance. Balloon of some description has been evaluated but not confirmed. No explanation at this stage. (Bill Chalker/ UFOIC).

UFORA92011 Early 1991 Mt Kaputar NSW Near dusk Med Level ? S3/P4
Two men were near the end of an access road on the edge of the national park, having a light meal, when lights approached them. The lights frightened the men sufficiently that they vacated the site leaving their dinner behind. The lights then apparently chased their car for some 40km until the men turned off the main road. The lights continued on following the road to Barraba. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92012 Early1991 Barraba NSW Med Level? S3/P4
Strange aerial lights chased a woman near the asbestos mine. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92013 Approx. 1954 Rlchmond NSW Med level ? S4/P4
A girl, of about age 10, was playing with another girl when they saw some 20-24 discs fly overhead at tree top height. They seemed to fly in 3 or 4 rows of 5-6 objects. The witness felt that the objects seemed to hover momentarily when overhead. She described them as about 6Tm in diameter and dull grey metallic in appearance. (Bill Chalker/ UFOIC) .

UFORA92014 Early 70’s to date Sydney NSW CE4 Level ? S4/P4
A complex series of UFO/visionary episodes with an abduction/religious context. Witness ïChristineW was for a time a person living in the streets of Sydney. ExPeriences include examination, Zimplants”, messaqes etc. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92015 12 Dec 1991 Werrls Creek NSW 0100hrs CE1 Level 7 S4/P4
During intermittent sleeting rain, a woman observed a strange light near Duri. After passing through Currabubula, she reports that the lights apparently passed over her car, a strange sound was heard, and there were 2 brief episodes of loss of power and lights with the car. At one point the lights were below a hill line in an adjacent paddock, which may eliminate one prosaic source-a new Tv tower with lights near Mount Soma which were switched on for the first time a few days earlier. At least one other woman saw strange lights earlier in the week and is now atisfied that the tower lights were the answer. Another witness, male, possibly on the same night had a similar experience including car effects, but he reportedly eventually reconciled the event to the tower lights. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORAD2016 12Jan 1992 Eastern Suburbs, Sydney NSW 0030hrs Low Level ? S3/P4
There were widespread sightings of a formation of up to 12 lights slowly moving across the inner city area. One group of witnesses at Darling Point observed the lights coming to a halt over the inner city and taking up a vertical formation above each other. They remained stationary for many minutes before being eventually lost to view. Checks with RMF. Police Airwinq, Mascot, airnort, etc have faiied to come up with an explanation. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92017 Decl991 QLD Earlyevening l/P Level? S4/P4
A couple observed, and filmed on video, for a number of minutes, a bright white light moving near a storm front. Bill Chalker has examined the video in detail. Aircraft and helicopters appear to be an unlikely explanation, but investigations are continuing. Another family nearby witnesssed classic ball lightning, inside a house, apparently on the same evening. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92018 14 Mar 1991 Near Mlidura VIC 0200hrs CE4? Level C S4/P4
A man driving a car experienced an apparent episode of missing time.” Later he noticed an unusual scratch on the car s bonnet. Some months later he had a flash of memory of being pushed or sprawied across the front of the car. Under investigation. (UFORSA).

UFORA92019 9 Feb 1992 Mlidura VIC 0230hrs NL Level C S3/P4
A green ball of light with a slight tail was seen travelling downwards. lt appeared to move slowly and in a wavering manner. Seenforsome 10-15 seconds. (UFORSA).

UFORA92020 Mid Dec 1991 Manila Phillipines l/P Level B S3/P4
An Australian tourist took a photograph of city lights from their hotel window. A UFO4ike artifact appeared on the film. lt looked like a chandelier. Nothing was visible at the time the photo was taken. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92021 About 1987 Bankstown NSW Near midnight CE1 Level A S4/P4
A nurse was completing a late shift. In a normally dark car park she noted 2 dogs which seemed to be in a highly distressed state. She then realised that the portion of the car park where she was bathed in a bright light. She looked up and saw a massive circular mass at about telegraph pole height. After what seemed like minutes, the object shot up in to the sky. lt then stopped, made an instantaneous right hand tum before travelling off in a line to the horizon like a meteor. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92022 17 Jan 1992 Port Stephens NSW Med Level ? S3/P4
A taxi driver reported seeing a Wfull Moonw like object stationary for 54 seconds. It then went down fast like a rocket to the ocean skyQine. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92023 29 Jan 1992 North Western Sydney NSW 2315hrs Med Level A S4/P4
A man observed an orange, glowing object out to the west. It appeared to hover for a time, then shot across the skyline at a very high speed, before stoppinq aqain. Then it went straiqht uP at hiqh speed. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92024 25 Jan 1992 Yagoona NSW Low Level ? S3/P4
A mass of lights was observed by a man and his family. Smaller objects repeatedly left the main object, shooting off in dfflerent directions. before returninq to the main obiect. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92025 29 Jan 1992 Bankstown NSW 0200hrs CE1 Level ? S4/P4
A student saw an object at close range - some 100m. It was rectangular in shape, 5m thick, and had a metallic, glassy reflection. There were blue/yellow lights on the bottom and green lights at the side. Trees were swaying significantly during the event. There was static on the Tv. Street lights were said to have gone out at the time, coming on 20 minutes later. Duration 10 minutes. The student s father and brother witnesses the end of the event when the object went straight up. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92026 Over last 5-6 years Sydney NSW Low Level ? S4/P4
Extended monitoring and incidental witnessing of possible ongoing ‘Yowie’ activity in one particular area. Recurring events include strange lights in a caravan, missing time, bruising, ‘nocturnal sunburn’ - apparent contagion of light effects with sister who lives elsewhere. She was disturbed by these effects. Other earlier UFO events reported. (Bill Chalker/ UFOIC).

UFORA92027 1970’s Newcastle NSW CE2 Level ? S4/P4
Ground effects were reportedly leR behind after a landed UFO was observed by a woman. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92028 21 Feb 1992 Endeavour Hills (Melbourne) VIC Day-time l/P Level E S4/P4
A man was taking a video of a child in a back yard when another child reported seeing objects. Video taken and shown on national TV-Channel 9 on 23 Jan 1992. Said to show 2 disc like objects manoeuvring about. (Reported by John Jensen. Bill Chalker. and Alan Jones-investiqation referred to Melbourne contacts).

UFORA92029 21 Nov 1991 Holgate NSW 2145hrs l/P Level A S4/P4
Two adults noted 2 yellow/white lights, 30 degrees elevation in the NW sky, travelling south. A third light was seen to rise above the northern horizon to 20 degrees elevation, then set again. This was repeated once more, to 15 degrees. The man fetched his binoculars and looked at the soundless, travelling lights. He then took 2 time exposure photos which confirm a moving light source. The lights disappeared out of sight behind trees. (Harry Griesberg).


Volume 7 number 1 of the US UFO magazine:

Ecker, D. “A Soviet Close Encounter”. A photograph from the CIS spaceprobe Phobos 2 is shown and discussed. Does it show a huge UFO? 2pp.

Neal, R. M. “Medical Explanations, not ‘Alien’”. Part 2 of a fascinating article on the ‘Missing fetus’ claims of some abduction researchers, indicating a medical not ET explanation. 5pp.

The MUFON Joumal for November 1991 contains:

Carpenter, J.S. “Another ‘Interrupted Jourrley.’” Article describes the abduction of two women In 1989 in Kansas. 4pp.

Druffel, A “Missing Fetus’ Case Solved.” A very interesting conventional explanation for a ‘Missing Fetus’ style event. 5pp.

Neal, M. N. “Paralysis by Microwaves.” The article reviews the operation of the central nervous system, then discusses the effects of microwaves on DeoDle.

The Sep/Oct 1991 edition of the International UFO Reporter carries:-

Maccabee, B. “Hiding the Hardware.” Re-writing the of Slcial history of ufology, and exploring the US cover-up. 8pp.

Jones, W.E. & Minshall, R.D “Aztec, New Mexico-A Crash Story”. A re-evaluation of this classic crashed saucer story, which reveals all is not what it seems. 6pp.

Wagner, M.W. “What Can Ufologists Learn from Parapsychology?” A psychology professor examines the similarities in UFO and Parapsychologicai research and draws some interesting conclusions.

MUFON Journal Dec 1991:

Strainic, M. “Once Upon A Time in the Wheat.” The 1991 crop season Canada reveals a number of agriglyphs. 7pp.

Crawford, F. “The Revealing Science of Ufology:An Anatomy of Abduction Correlations.” An ingenious testing of the messages aliens are giving to abductees. 6pp.

Wingfield, G. “Engilsh Hoax Update.” Doug and Dave are investigated.1 p.

IUR December 1991 Issue:

Carey, T. J. “The Search for the Archaeologists.” More on the Anderson saga. 7pp.

Schmitt, D. 8 Randle, K. D. “The Roswell Material.” More witnesses who saw the materiai from Roswell. 2pp.

Haines, R. F. “Encounter over Siberia.” A UFO report from central Siberia in 1989.3pp.

Randles, J. “Round and Round in the Cirde Game.” More on the hoax element of English crop circles. 3pp.



UFORA has auspiced a project titled: “The Australian Circle Phenomenon Research Project” since 1989. The project aims to collect and disseminate information on crop circles from around the worid, and has contact with the UK Centre for Crop Circles Studies, and US and Canadian researchers. The project maintains a large collection of material on cirdes, as well as books. This information is open for interested individuals to access

There is now a company in Victoria which is making material on crop circles available to interested Austraiian researchers. The following material may be obtained from P.C.C. S. Pty Ltd, PO Box 1146, Mountain Gate, Vic 3156. All Drices are Australian dollars.

1. Video ‘Undeniable Evidence’ @ $29.95 plus pp $3.65. Runs for about 60 minutes.
2. Video ‘Crop Communique’ @ $38 plus $3.65 pp. Runs for about 75 minutes.
3. Book “Circular Evidence” @ $29.95 plus $3.65 pp.
4. Book “The Latest Evidence” @ $16.95 plus $2.80 pp.
5. Book “The Crop Circle Enigma” @ $29.95 plus $3.65 pp.
6. Book “Crop Circles. Harbingers of Worid Change” HB @ $38.95 plus $5.15 pp.
6. Audiotape. UThe Crop Circle Mystery.” Interview with Colin Andrews @ $9.45 plus $2.55 pp.

A number of overseas circles researchers have been in touch to inquire about Australian crop cirdes. An information package has been prepared and forwarded to them.

An article on Australian crop circles is scheduled to appear in a near future edition of the UK Magazine “Fortean Times” written by myself.

English crop circle research Colin Andrews will return to Australia in April to conduct another series of lecturers. (PCSS.)


David Webb, a long-standing US researcher has been maintaining a computerised listing of CE3/4 cases for many years. Recently the Australian segment of the listing has been reviewed for him by myself.

A number of UFO researchers met in Adelaide on 23 Feb for a 3 hour workshop on the theme of gAIien abductions.” The aim of the afternoon was to allow a wide ranging discussion on this topic. An Adelaide aMuctee attended and told of some of her experiences. Ail who attended agreed it was a most useful meeting, and increased networking will be one outcome.

US professor, David Jacob’s new book, “Secret Life:The Structure and Meaning of UFO Abductions” is due out shortly. It is expected to cause quite a debate amongst the growing number of individuals researching abductions.

I recently had an opportunity to review what is currently known about the topic of abduction “implants.” examples do exist of these implants and have been scientifically examined, according to US researchers. However, very littie has been published in the UFO literature about them. My review article will appear in an upcoming edition of the Intemational UFO Reporter.


The December 1991 Issue of the US magazine “Popular Mechanics” carried an article by Gregory T Pope investigating America’s next generation of “Secret” aircraft.

These aircraft have now been seen by many people around test bases in the US and can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Several types of triangular shaped aircraft, with wing spans ranging from 2040m.

2. A high speed, high altitude aircraft, with a pulsing type engine noise. There is talk of Mach 6 speeds.

3. A black, boomerang, 200-250m across, aeroform which moves and manoeuvres at Tncredibly low speeds. It is silent at low altitudes, with a pattem of random white lights on its bottom.


Bill Chalker, of Sydney, wishes to have us advise, that in future, his New South Wales investigations will be undertaken under the ‘UFOIC’ banner - an informal network. Bill advises that his former group, UFO Research (NSW) (1977-1991), which UFOIC is a continuance of, is in no way related to the new UFO Research (NSW), which was established in November 1991, in association with ACUFOS. Bill stresses that he is not connected to this new UFOR(NSW) or ACUFOS.


Vallee, J. 1991. ZRevelations.” New York. Ballentine.

The latest offering from Jacques Vallee is an exploration of MJ-12, Meier, Cooper, Lazar, Bennewitz and English. He reviews Ummo, Pontoise, Rendelsham, Gulf Breeze and the Philadelphia experiment, amongst other things. Vallee araues that none of the above. as Dresentiv understood. Drovides an answer to the true UFO Dhenomenon.

Somebody had to call a halt to the current, mainly unchallenged, outbursts of “cover-up” claims which have been sweeping the world, including Australia in 1991. Vallee has risen to the occasion.

Whilst reiterating his theme that the phenomenon is linked to some non-human consciousness which manipulates space and time. Vallee suqqest it is time to return to basics in our research.

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