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Thank you to all those in the network who forwarded case details to us for this issue.

UFORA92030 12 Mar 1992 Kenthurst NSW 0155hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A couple were woken up by an unusual sound. Arising, the man observed an orange light to the north or north-west. He went outside for a better view but the light was no longer visible. The noise, which tnitially sounded like a Jet, which changed to a ~humZ also stopped at this point. RMF Richmond advised there was no known traffic. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92031 14 Mar 1992 Cootamundra NSW 1630hrs Low Level ? S3/P4
Two young men were out riding mountain bikes on a steep hill. One of them saw a blue ball of light in the air, which followed them. He described it as like a big bowling ball moving in the air, as if radio controlled. The two men left the area. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92028 21 Feb 1992 Endeavour Hlils (Melbourne) VIC 1600hrs l/P Level E S4/P4 Update
Mr Rex Saracoglu was taking a video of a child in a back yard when another child reported seeing objects.

Rex took video segments. The video shows what seems to be a descending object, initially in relation to an antenna. Then the object appears to deviate slightly. Next, another portion of video taken where the object is slightly larger in angular size - no reference points, just sky. There is a fair degree of camera movement. (Bill Chalker/ UFOIC).

UFORA92032 6 Mar 1992 East Sale VIC 2015hrs Low Level ? S3/P4
A RAAF officer, out jogging, telephoned to report an erratically moving white light travelling SW to NE, of 1/2 degree angular size. It was initially seen at 80 degrees elevation, and soundlessly passed through an arc of some 20 degrees in 2-3 minutes. lt appeared to be speeding up and slowing down in a zig-zag fashion. These variations, he felt, were not due to autokinetic effects He checked and found nil air traffic and nd weather balloons. Melboume ATC advised no radar confirmation. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92033 Oct 1988(7) Peats Ridge NSW 1400hrs CE2 Level7 S4/P4
A ‘classic’ daylight disk at low level was observed by a woman working in a market garden, who looked up because of a humming sound. She described it as two plates edge to edge, apparently with lights, possibly some S9m across. It moved slowly across and seemed to stop momentarily. It was reported that the crop quantity in this area, consistent with the path of the object, was down in relation to the rest of the crop. (Bill Chalker/ UFOIC) .

UFORA92034 16Sep1991 Langley VIC 0430hrs Med Level7S3/P4
A 16 year old girl was awake in her bedroom when she noted a very bright light outside in the sky. It was described as oval in shape surrounded by a bright red light. The object hovered above trees in this rural area, for a littie over a minute. Then it disappeared behind the treeline for about 40 seconds, then slowly disappeared towards the East. She reported finding an ‘unknown mark on the back of necK which is being followed up. (Brian Evans).

UFORA92035 (21-28) Apr 1983 Golden Grove SA (2245-2320)hrs Med Level B S4/P5
A couple were travelling along a rural road, when they aw an extremely bright light approaching the vehicle from their right (NE). This light was extinguished and the woman passenger was able to see a shape of quite large angular size pass over their now stationary vehicle. The object was clearly visible as a symmetrical triangle, sharply defined, with one apex pointed in the directlon of travel. Asked to define the shape, the woman likened it to the USAF stealth bomber in shape. No landing gear, or props, or jets, or anything else was visible. The object passed silently overhead. It stopped for a second or two then rapidly accelerated away. lt headed towards Parafield, a light aircraft aerodrome. As it receded the light came on again, but the whole thing was lost to sight after 5 seconds, azimuth 240 degrees. (Steve Bolton).

UFORA90026, 89046 & 89055 CASES SOLVED7
A while ago I was sorting through my files tidying them up. For the first time, three separate reports from the September 9, 1989 were placed together and a surprise unfolded upon reading them one after the other. All Inrnl timPC h:lVP hPPn PnNvPrtPd tn Smlth Aueralian times

UFORA89055 (2230hrs Nullarbor Station) told of a family travelling to Perth, who reported seeing a cluster of a dozen lights some 10-15 degrees above the NW horizon. The lights approacheci and Mr Hennessey stopped the car and took a picture (which didn’t come out). The group of lights, which the family reported to us as an “object”, passed by at an estimated 5040 metres distance, some 30 degrees above the northem horizon. lt then moved in to the distance and was lost to sight in the East.

They described the ‘object’ as a large number of dull yellow lights on what appeared to be a metallic shape- rectangular and of length/height ratio 6-1. There was no noise and no effects on them or their car. The family were interviewed in Perth and were definite they saw a “structured object.” On the above details it went in to our records as “unknown.”

However, when studying the files I came across the other 2 sets of reports for that night. The first came vla the Paranet computer network which told of a news item from the Melboume ‘Truth’ newspaper.

At 2230hrs the crew of a passenger train, westbound for Kalgoorlie, saw a series of lights approach them. At closest approach it was visible as a line of six white lights with a smoke trail behind it. It was completely silent The lights were lost to view behind the train in the eastern sky. Later, reports came in from over a large area of southem Westem Australia describing the same lights.

The third item was a newsclipping from the ‘Adelaide Advertise’ of 11/9/89. The article told of multiple observations of a string of lights travelling west to east over the Nullarbor Plain at 2230hrs. An amateur astronomer, 800Km west of Port Augusta and party, observed a light in the west which split into 10 or so pieces and passed across the sky.

From the details provided all three items appear to be recording the same objects. Gtven that they were seen over a vast area of southem Australia it seems that all parties were describing a natural event, that is a large meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere or a satellite re-entry. This is despite the fact that the Hennessey family believed it was a group of lights on a Wstructured object and passed very close to them. This would not be the flrst time observers have ben fooled in to thinking that a distant object was In fact close by.


The January 1992 edition of the MUFON Joumal:

Pratt B & Luce C N. “Brazil Still UFO Hot Spot”. A round-of of recent reports from Brazil. 5PP.

Oechsler, B. “Peeking Under the Coverture.” Oechsler responds to a previous review of the Timothy Good book ‘AIien Liaison’ and other issues. 7pp.

The Joumal ‘Anthropology of Consciousness’ Volume 2, numbers 1-2, carries a 12 page article by Robert E Bartholomew titled “The Quest for Transcendence: An Ethnology of UFOs in America.” It presents case studies of two UFO waves 50 years apart in the U.S. Bob argues that the symbolic signiflcance of Ufos has become obscured.

The MUFON Joumal, number 287, March 1992 contains:

Druffel, A. “Resisting Alien Abductions.” It discusses the possible ways that an aMuctee may resist the advances of their aMuctors. 5pp.

Wright, D. “Abductions: Our Dirty Secret.” Wright is MUFON’s Deputy Director of investigations. He takes to task those aMuction researchers who are part of MUFON but do not submit copies of their case findings for the whole orqanisation to share. 2pp.

Meyer, G. “Abductee Memory Loss.” Discusses abduction amnesia and the possible link to dissociative disorders. 1p.

PCCS Pty Ltd, PO Box 1146, Mountain Gate, Vic 3156, advise me that they are currently holding stocks of issue 2 of the U.S. ‘Intemational UFO Ubrary’ magazine. This combines intemational UFO reports about abductions and notes from researchers. The price is Aust$ 9.25 (including post).


Crop Formatlons

English crop cirde researcher Colin Andrews retumed to AustRlia in April to conduct another series of lectures. He was in Adelaide on April 10 where he gave a talk at the Australian MinemI Development LaboRtories auditorium. During the fascinating talk, new aspects of the ovemII mystery were revealed, induding disappearing portions of ground, and laser contact with Ufos in the U.S.

Video review. “Crop Cirde Communique.” 1992. Discover video. 75 minutes VHS. Available from PCCS Pty Ltd, PO Box 1146, Mountain gate, Victoria 3156. Price $38 plus $3.65 p and p. This video Is an up to date account of English crop formations research. lt features interviews with Terence Meaden, Busty Taylor, Colin Andrews, George Wingfield, Leonie Starr and others. There are some spectacular aerial video shots of formations from the 1990 and 1991 crop season. Highly recommended for those who want to get a handle on this subject.

The other night I was re-reading a book by the famous French researcher Aime Michel. Titled: “FIying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery” it describes the 1954 French ‘wave’ of sightings in great detail. What caught my attention, however, was on page 91. ”Over a circular area about 12 feet in diameter the grass was flattened counter-clockwise, fKed in the motionless pattern of a whirlwind. Meadow flowers in the circle looked as if they had been put through a press. The edge of the circle was clearly defined.- Interesting!

Archives Retrleval

Long time readers will be aware that, a couple of years ago, I started accessing the AustRlian Govemment Archives in Canberra. Here I was able to obtain access to, then copies of, iWiF policy and sightings files from the mid 1950 s, up until 1960 so far, under the 30 year nule for reiease of Govemment documents.

Recerdy the 1961 files were made availabie to me, and I have now received a copy of 93 pages of file materiai. These were from policy file 554/1/30 Part 1, and sightings files 580/1/1 Parts 2 and 3. As previously, we are making copies available to researchers for a price of $ 19.00 which includes suriace postage. Order copies from UFORA HQ. PO Box 2435. Caims QLD 4870.

Abductlon Research

My articie reviewing what Is currently known about abduction ‘implants’ appeared in volume 17, number 1, of the Intemational UFO Reporter. If you would like a copy of this 3 page artide, please send a stamped, seif addressed 20 by 1 Ocm envelope to myseif at PO Box 302, Modbury North SA 5092 and one will be forwarded to you by retum mail.

A number of U.S. and Canadian based ‘abduction only’ research organisations have emerged over the last few years. Weaving your way through who is who, is quite difficult. So, the following items about two of them may aid your understanding of TREAT, EAT and EAP

The Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma (TREAT).

Initiated by U.S. psychiatrist Rima Laibow of New York state, TREAT has held a number of ciosed door conferences. The first of which was funded, inter alia, by MUFON and CUFOS. Subsequent conferences have been funded from altemate sources. The fourth TREAT conference was held April 9-12,1992, in Atianta.

The Center now publishes a four issues a year newsietter “Paradox.” This may be obtained from Rima Laiizow, Director, TREAT, PO Box 728, Ardsiey, New York 10502-0728, U.S.A Cost is US$20, cheques to “TREAT Newsietter.”

The Center’s philosophy, as stated in “Paradox” is:

“We afflrm that TREAT is as much concemed with immediate, personally transformative effects of anomaious events or with the potential for transformation afforded by the traumatic consequences of anomalous situations as we are with the quality of the traumatic experiencings of individuals and the nature or sources of the traumatic effects per se. Accordingly we will refer to both Experienced Anomalous Phenomena (EAP) and
Experienced Anomalous Trauma (EAT).”

Regionai TREAT meetings have been held in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

David Gotilb’s Network

David A Gotlib, M.D., a psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada, a former member of TREAT, started a regular Newsletter in 1990. T-Med: “Bulletin of Anomalous Experience” it is a bi-monthly networking newsletter about the UFO abduction phenomenon, and related issues, for interested scientists and health professionals. Distribution is limited to these two categories - there is no public membership available. BAE features joumai abstracts from medical publications, short articles, and advice of work in progress. l have recentiy been asked to join this network and have accepted.

South Australlan Research

A group of 8-10 interested people have now met a total of three Sunday aftemoons in Adelaide, South Australia, to discuss UFOs and UFO research. Topics covered have been abductions (induding a talk by a local abductee); crop circies and the Vaientich case, amongst others. It Is hoped that the locai group, UFORSA. will shortiv revitalise and become the prime focus point for interested South Australian researchers.


Llewelyn, Ken. (1991). “Fiight into the Ages.” Felspin Pty Ltd. Warriewood. 223pp. Softcover. $14.95. Available from Unit 16, 2 Forest Road, Warriewood, NSW 2102. My copy courtesy of Felspin.

The author is the RAAF’s Senior Public Relations Officer in Canberra, with a background In Journalism. The book provides accounts of air crew who have come across paranomial phenomenon and Ufos. Induded is the author’s own account of discovering his fear of flying came from a past life experience.

Of particular interest to readers of this Digest is part 4 of the book, titled “Visiting Aliens.” Chapter 12, inter alia, recounts the disappearance of Frederick Valentich, and a very detailed account of the 1954 episode of Lt Shamus O’Farrell. Chapter 13 reports upon a trance channelling session aimed at seeking the opinion of a medium’s guides on the question of Ufos.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book’s unusual mixture, with its paranommal reports from air crew, intermingled with Information obtained through trance channelling.

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