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Thank you to all those in the network who forwarded case details to us for this issue. This time we welcome the support of Brian Richards/UFORUM in Perth, Peter Jones and Alan Jones in Adelaide, and Jeffrey Spiro on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

UFORA92036 30 Mar 1992 Tuckanarra WA 1830hrs Low Level C S4/P4
A 49 year old research scientist, who spends some 5 months a year in the bush, was camped out 6km north- east of Tuckanarra WA. He had started a camp fire and was sitting by it. He saw a bright light moving rapidly east to west, too fast for a satellite or plane. The light was yellowish/white and suddenly it stopped south-west of his position. Approximately 30 seconds after stopping, a thin shaft of light appeared to reach from the ground to the object. The object then remained stationary for 20 minutes, after which the man, tired of standing, sat down. Upon arising shortly thereafter, he found the object was no longer visible. (Keith Basterfield.)

UFORA92037 5 Mar 1992 Kalaroo WA 2030hrs Med Level C S4/P4
A 20 year old woman was heading north when she noticed a bright white light to her right at 45 degrees. It seemed to keep pace with her car. Her first impression was that it was a police helicopter, so she gave it no further thouqht.

Turning left and heading west she was surprised to see an object almost directly in front of, and overhead of, her vehicle. It was large and triangular in shape with a white light at the apex of each corner. Off centre and towards the rear, shone a green light. No sound was heard. The object was estimated to cover~30cm at~arm’s length. It then just seemed to vanish. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92038 10 Mar 1992 Morley WA 2300hrs Low Level C S4/P4
A man and a woman were heading north when they saw, in front of them, at 30 degrees, a red and green light close together. The lights suddenly separated and then shot back together. These manoeuvres were repeated several times. What surprised the couple most was to see another pair of lights doing the same thing, some distance beyond the first pair. Total duration 30 seconds. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92039 20 Mar 1992 Duncraig WA 1900hrs Low Level C S4/P4
A man, travelling by car, saw a huge, round object with a bluish tinge. It appeared, disappeared, then reappeared to head south-south-west at tremendous speed. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92040 20 Mar 1992 Scarborough WA 1900 hrs Low Level C S3/P4
While travelling south, a man saw directly ahead a brilliant light of a pale greenish colour. When first observed the huge light was stationary behind a cloud and appeared to flicker. Eievation was 7040 degrees. It shot off at tremendous speed in a south-south-westerly direction. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92041 Ca 20 Mar 1992 Kwiana WA Time ? Low Level C S4/P4
Two people reported seeing a large, luminous, object with a blue-green tinge, moving at great speed from east to west. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92042 16 Mar 1992 Kalamundra WA 0015hrs Med Level C S4/P4
A 24 year old maie was driving when he saw 2 metallic grey discs travelling low and fast from west to east. In fact they were so low (tree top height) that he thought they were going to crash. No sound was heard. First impressions were that they were FIAAF jet trainers but the absence of any protuberances and the disc shape precluded this idea. Duration 54 seconds. (Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA92043 5 Apr 1992 Gosnells WA 1925 hrs Low Level C S4/P4
A married couple were indoors when their attention was brought to a bright orange light falling on their patio outside. Puzzled by this odd illumination, they went to investigate. Above them, at an indeterminate height, was a bright round orange object. Almost directly overhead, this orange UFO was moving in a north-west direction, with unfamiliar erratic side to side movements (wobbly motion). About the size of a 20c piece at arm’s lenath. the obiect raDidlY disappeared from view to the north-west. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92044 9 Apr 1992 Orelia WA 2230hrs Low Level C S4/P4
A man, who seems to have sightings almost daily, telephoned to report a large bright white ball heading westwards towards the ocean at speed. It appeared to be only 200m up and left a glowing tail. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFOPlA92045 TA92010 21Apr1992 Strahan TAS 2145hrs LowLevelBS3/P4
A witness noticed a flashing red light to the north-east. It was moving across to his west. Then it seemed to light up and change into 4 vertically placed white lights. The lights remained stationary, going on and off. After some 15 minutes, and viewing by 4 witnesses, the lights faded out. The witness takes the local weather readings and the Bureau of Meteorology suggested they were looking at light reflecting off their new wind gauge! The main witness rejects this idea. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92046 28 Apr 1992 Central Coast NSW 0230hrs Low Level B S2/P4
At about 2.30 a.m. Toukley, Wyong and other police stations received a number of calls. The Toukley calls became the centre of media attention. Six calis told of a large object, with red and white flashing lights, over the Norah Head area. This object reportedly left northwards at high speed. The police advised that the callers aDDeared friqhtened and concerned.

One person related that they became frightened as lights seemed to be coming into her bedroom window. Another said that while out walking the dog, it became agitated, broke itS lead and went off. Sources indicated this man was bonafide.

UFOIC contacted the police and asked them to contact the callers and see if they would talk to UFOIC. The police advised UFOIC that none of the witnesses’ details checked out. The conclusion was that either witnesses gave false details about themselves, or were not genuine.

One TV channel ran an interview with one Bill Brown who described a close encounter experience where his car would not start while a large object was nearby. The channel told that this happened at 2.30 a.m. on Apil 28. Bill Chalker confirmed he had interviewed Brown about the same incident a long time ago, and that the incident actually occurred in February,1973!

Independent reports came forward but all were of a low level nature.

Bill Chalker comments that there were joint US/Australian naval exercises off the coast the week of the incidents, and this seems the most likely cause for the small flap. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC).

UFORA92047 Late Feb/Early Mar 1992 Tintinara SA (2300hrs?) Low Level C S3/P4
An unusual glow was seen to the south by a person travelling by vehicle. It seemed to be a far off bright light. Possible aurora? (Alan Jones)

UFORA92048 13 May 1992 Central Coast NSW
Reports described a very bright light seen over the Crackneck area, with 2 beams of light coming down and some small lights coming out of it. A local businessman, Brett Phillips of Dizy Heights Kites, the Entrance, came forward stating he had been responsible for many of the reports over the last 2 weeks. He had been testing a luminescent kite apparatus, which he was trailing behind a bike on a 500m line. Harry Griesberg, a local researcher, confirmed that many of the locations, directions and details fitted this explanation. (Bill Chalker/UFORUM)

UFORA92049 29 Mar 1984 Perth WA 2355hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Driving west, a woman saw a blue light coming towards her from the direction of the ocean. She stopped the car and got out to watch. There was no traffic. The object, which had a structured shape, hovered above her for about 2 minutes before disappearing. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92050 4 May 1992 Wellard WA 2330hrs Low Level B S4/P4
Coloured lights were observed behaving erratically in the sky. They appeared from the north in a white cylindrical shape and pulsating. The leading light was white, as was the second which also flashed red for a while; while the third rear light was also white. The leading iight broke from the group, and zigzagged quickly to left and right. The second light dimmed, and the rear light disappeared to the right in a circular track. Duration 2 minutes. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92051 Jun 1991 Perth WA Trace
Unusual ground markings, double rings, were first found in June 1991, then photographed in March 1992. The rings, near the Blackwood River Augusta, appear to have changed little in one year and vegetation appears sparse in the area. The circles are about 15m across. (Bnan Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92052 13 May 1992 Perth WA 1650hrs Med Level 8 S2/ P4
While driving alone, a man saw a black rectangular shape ahead of his vehicle. As it got nearer it was seen to be an upright cylinder, about the size of a 44 gallon drum. Travelling slowly, in a north to south direction, there appeared to be a blue glow beneath but attached to the object. The man took one photograph of it. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92053 21 May 1992 Paraburdoo WA 2130hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Three people were travelling by car heading north towards Tom Price. Some 30km from their destination they noticed some unusual objects, ahead of them to their right. These appeared to be about half to one kilometre into the bush and were white and very bright. The witnesses estimated there were some 30 lights in a row along an oval shape. The object was estimated to be some 9m in length. Nearby was a second object, about one third the size of the first, and also illuminated. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92054 12 J ul 1991 Landsborough QLD (1930-2000hrs) Low Level C S3/ P4
Two people watched, for 8 minutes, a dome shaped, golden coloured light, with a white halo around it. It was stationary then sank down below the hills, low in the south-west. Venus was also visible higher in the sky. (UFORQSSC.)

UFORA92055 7 Oct 1991 Bli Bli QLD 0350hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A 34 year old man was driving home when he noted ahead of him an unusually bright iight due East. lt was at a low elevation. He stopped the car and watched. The object appeared to climb vertically. He rushed home and got his wife to have a look. The light stayed motionless as they watched. He heard what he took to be a low turbine engine type sound emitted by the object. The time was now 0405hrs. His wife told him she had been awoken by a restlessness in the cat pens at 0226hrs which went on for 2 hours. (UFORQSSC)

UFORA92056 7 Oct 1991 Woodford QLD 0300hrs Low Level C S3/P4
After putting out the cat a 54 year old woman noticed an enormous star sized ball of light with 6 beams coming from it. It was in the north-east. She watched it for 1 1/2 hours during which time it moved upwards. (UFORQSSC)

UFORA92057 19 Mar 1992 Cooroy QLD 1950hrs Low Level C S3/P4
For 3 minutes, two stationary white, round, lights were seen in the eastern sky at about 45 degrees elevation. Then they went out. The 50 year old female witness then saw 2 faint glowing lights which blinked on and off slowly, red-orange in colour. (UFORQSSC)

UFORA92058 4 Apr 1992 Maroochydore QLD 0130hrs Low Level C S3J P4
Awoken by a phone call from a friend the witness was awake at 0130hrs and looking out of her bedroom window. The street was bathed in green light. Going to the back porch she found the sky to be overcast and was unable to determine where the green glow originated. She went back to bed and fell asleep. (UFORQSSC)

UFORA92059 2 May 1992 Yanolna QLD 2345hrs Med level C S3/P4
A woman was driving west and saw a bright green fluorescent, vertical shaped tube, in the sky to her north. She felt it was close as it lit up the surrounding sky, for 3 seconds. (UFORQSSC)

UFORA92060 3 May 1992 Anoona QLD 1825hrs Med Level C S3/P4
While hanging out the washing, a 26 year old woman noted a bright white, fluorescent light moving from north to south in a straight iine across the sky. (UFORQSSCJ

UFORA92061 3 May 1992 Marcoola QLD 1545hrs Med Level C S3/P4
3 people out driving saw a large, white object contrasted against the clouds. One witness with aviation experience said it was not a plane. It was oval in shape, white in colour, and moved very quickly to the south and upwards. It showed a faint black shadow coming out either side. Duration 34 minutes. (UFORQSSC.)

UFORA92062 4 May 1992 Buddina Beach QLD 0115hrs Med Level C S3/P4
2 people saw an object at an estimated 1000m altitude. It appeared to be a blue-green flash for 2-3 seconds in the clouds. The shape was like that of a Frisbee on its side, concave underneath and convex on top, some 50m across. Then the object simply switched off. (UFORQSSC.J

UFORA92063 7 May 1992 Coolum Beach QLD 1730hrs Low Level C S3/P4
3 people saw a bright, white light with an orange fringe. It moved rapidly north to south, initially in a straight line parallel to the coast. It then turned inland at 45 degrees to its original track and dropped down low. Duration 6 seconds. (UFORQSSC.)

UFORA92064 7 May 1992 SunriseBeachQLD 2105hrs LowLevelC S3/P4
A very bright light, oval in shape, whose intensity hurt the witness’ eyes, was seen low in the northern sky. It moved straight upwards at speed Then it went behind a cloud, but the light was visible through the cloud Total duration was 3 minutes. (UFORQSSC.)

UFORA92065 14Mayl992 MontvilleQLD 0055hrs LowLevelC S3/P4
Looking out of a window, a 44 year old woman saw a large, soft green coloured object descending in a large, lazy s-curve to the ground. Estimated to be 1/4 degree across, it was only visible for a few seconds. (UEORQSSC.)

Deadline for submission of reports for the next Digest is the 1st September 1992.


The Mar/Apr 1992 issue of the International UFO Reporter contains:

Rutkowski, Chris & Timmerman, John. “Langenburg, 1974:A Classlc Historical CE2 and a Crop Circle Progenitor?” The 1 Sep 1974 Edwin Fuhr CE2 case was a classic of its day. This article presents details of it and the associated circles. 8pp.

Maccabee, Bruce. “The MedJugorJe UO.” An exploration of the 19 Sep 1991 Yugoslavian daylight disc photograph.3pp.

Overall, Zan. “The Gulf Breeze UFOs.” Could some of these UFOs actually be flares and balloons? 5pp.

Becker, Barbara. “The Inventlon of a Gulf Breeze UFO.” A re-examination of the case of Nov 1987 of Art Hufford. 4 pp.

Number 63 of the English Fortean Times features a 4 page IR-out information sheet on UK crop forrnations.

The April 1992 edition of “The Circular” carries an item by Pargeter, R. titled “The Lockerldge Whale Formatlon: The Underlays.” This is an examination of one of the complex fish shaped crop forrnations, and
was found in Jul 1991. 2DD.


1. Secret alrcraft

A number of people reported, on the April 29, seeing a TV news item that the USAF had admitted possessing an advanced aircraft. Reportedly it can travel at 8000km/h. There was a sketch of a diamond shaped object.

The report originated from NBC in the US and was also reported by our American colleagues on Paranet.

2. Resources avallable from UFORA

Files- Copies of reports from the early 40’s to date are available. Documentation varies from a single page to 30 page case documents. We hold a 14 page listing of these reports. Price of listing from Vladimir Godic by sending a 20 by 10 cm self addressed, stamped envelope.

Books - Several hundred books about UFOs and related subjects-are held. If you are researching a topic we might be able to help you with material/references. Contact Keith.

Folders of material are held on a variety of topics such as abductions, Gulf Breeze, crop circles & secret aircraft. Contact Keith for access.

Catalogues on several aspects of the phenomenon have been prepared and are available for sale. Ask for a list of these from Vladimir Godic. Send a 20 by 10 cm, self addressed, stamped envelope.

Vladimir Godic: PO Box 2435, Cairns, Qld 4370.
Keith Basterfield: PO Box 302, Modbury North, SA 5092.


Vallee, Jacques. (1992.) “UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union.” New York. Ballantine. HC. 212 pp.

Jacques Vallee and Martine Castello, a science reporter for the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, visited Moscow in January 1DD0.

There they met numerous UFO researchers of various persuasions. The book details both Vallee’s exposure to local ufology and reiterates Vallee’s concern over current US research.

The Voronezh events of 1989 are covered in detail, as are many other case studies.

Another valuable contribution to our knowiedge of what has been going on in the CIS.

Lewis, David Allen, & Shreckhise, Robert. (1992.) UFO:End Time Delusion. Available from New Leaf Press, PO Box 311, Green Forest, Arkansas 72638, USA.

I picked up this book in my local Christian book shop. Lewis, with 39 years in UFO research in the US covers channelling, the Men in Black, US reports etc from a Christian viewpoint. If you have not considered this perspective before, you might like to read this book.

Good, Timothy. (1991.) “The UFO Report 1992.” London. Sidgwick and Jackson. Large pbk. 163 pp. Aust $26.95.

The third in what seems destined to be a never ending series of compilations under the editorship of Tim Good. This volume brings us George Wingfield on UK crop circles, and The North American Institute for Crop Circle research on 1990 crop circles in that country. This is followed by UK reports from the 50’s, China 1990- 91, reports from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Gulf Breeze. Puerto Rico, and numerous global case abstracts follow to close off the work. An interesting compilation of the world scene.

Clark, Jerome. (1992.) “The Emergence of a Phenomenon: UFOs from the beginning through 1959.” Detroit. Omnigraphics. HC. 433 pp.

This mammoth work of the early history of the UFO phenomenon and UFO research has been well worth waiting for. The result is a magnificent feast of material for the serious ufologist. Here you will find sections on contactees, classic cases of the era, and entries concerning eariy UFO researchers. Of particular interest is an in-depth piece written by Bill Chalker, especially for this book, on the local and New Zealand scene. Although priced at about US $75 and therefore beyond the reach of quite a few people, my library will be richer for this volume. Well done, Jerry.

Ring, Kenneth. (1992.) The Omega project.” New York. Willam Morrow. 320pp HC.

Ring is an internationally known psychologist and expert in the study of near-death experiences. The Omega Project documents his reluctant entry into the field of UFO abduction research.

The Omega Project, a funded psychological study, looked at just who are the individuals who report abductions and NDEs? Inter alia, it found that children who as adults report these phenomena, were sensitive to non ordinary realities. In addition that they reported a greater incidence of child abuse and trauma, and that the major key was their ability to engage in absorption activity which gave them access to an intemal world. Ring’s overall thesis in this work is that we are seeing the beginning of a major shift in levels of consciousness here on Earth, leading to a new world view.

Jacobs, David. (1992.) “Secret Llfe.” New York. Simon and Schuster. 336pp. HC.

A complete documentation of Jacobs’ entry and 6 year direct examination of aMuctees. It reports, in detail, the experiences of a set of abductees whom Jacobs has worked with in recent years. In fact the detail is extreme and after circulation of this book much previously unknown to the general public details will be openly available to anyone. A review of potential explanations, is followed by Jacobs’ considered viewpoint. Aliens are here. They are abducting individuals, and the abduction is primarily for production of children. Their motive is their own agenda. This book is the definitive statement on what a growing number of abduction researchers ree as the answer.

Hough, Peter & Randles, Jenny. (1991.) Looking for the Aliens. London. Blandford. 241 pp. Pbk.

A review of Aliens from the perspective of science, science fiction writers, science fiction movies and the UFO phenomenon. An interesting cross section of chapters which wind across a spectrum of alien related views. Here you will find chapters on astronaut sightings, ancient astronauts, UFOs the Aetherian Society, and SETI. Lots of fascinating sniDnets you’ve probably not come across before.

Most of the above books will be found in stock at your nearest New Age bookshop. Check the yellow pages or the phone book for addresses. If you can’t locate a copy then contact Keith for further assistance.

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