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A number of people have contacted me to say they appreciate the Research Digest. It is essential that we have some central record of UFO reports which are being made within Australia. I trust that this Digest will be utilised by all in the UFORA network as a means of ensuring your work is known.

UFORA89025 TA89003 14 Jan 89 Strahan TAS 0023hrs.
A group of locals returning to Macquarie Harbour from their boat observed for some 3 minutes a bright blue/white light, may be with vapour. Described as up to half Moon size. Light appeared to descend towards boat then blinked out. One witness is a weather observer. No explanation. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89026 TA89007 25 Jan 89 Launceston TAS 0200hrs.
2 witnesses see a light fall in the north-west, then it stopped for 15 seconds before moving horizontally off to the south-east, stopping 2 more times en route. No explanation. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89027 TA89018 5 Mar 89 Bruny Island TAS 2145hrs.
A couple on holiday reported watching a series of 4 nocturnal lights which blinked on, moved to the south-west, or returned from that area pulsing during flight. Duration some 30 minutes. No other witnesses. Aurora evident later that night. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89028 TA89051 22 Mar 89 Swanston TAS 1945hrs.
A dull orange light some 150m distant was noted by 2 shooters as it silently passed through the trees towards the south. Dogs uneasy. Investigating. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89029 TA89039 6 Jun 89 Kingston TAS 1840hrs.
Several witnesses see a light dropping in the north-west sky, but then it went back up, did a ninety degree turn and headed off to the south. The bluish light seemed to have a sparkle behind it. Investigating. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89030 TA89045 11 Jul 89 Vinces Saddle TAS 2330hrs.
A motorist returning home to Huon Valley, at a point 25km south of Hobart, noticed a bright light to the driver s side of the car. It was situated over a roadside paddock although mist made estimating the distance difficult. The bright oval light mass had some blue/white lights beneath it. The witness slowed his car down but due to the curve of the road lost sight of the object behind the car after some 10-15 seconds of viewing time. The weather was overcast, cloud at 800m, some hill fog. No other reports. Investigating. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89031 1984 Terrigal NSW Night
A woman and her daughter were fishing in the middle of the night when they watched a number of point source sized lights crossing the sky. Possibility of satellites. (UFORA-NSW branch).

UFORA89032 5 May 89 Gloucester NSW 0500hrs.
A woman and her nephew were collecting cows for milking when all of a sudden a large, very bright light appeared in the sky southward of them. It travelled straight downwards and was lost to view behind a mountain. (UFORA-NSW branch).

UFORA89033 19 Jul 89 Brighton SA 2100hrs.
3 people see a bright yellow/orange object in the sky. Upon looking at it through binoculars they noted what seemed to be a shape going around what looked like an aircraft. The entire object was travelling west to south-east. Duration 5 minutes. Object travelling quite slow. Possibility of advertising aircraft. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89034 23 Jul 89 Eyre Peninsula SA 2100hrs.
A number of reports of a light in the sky:

1. Mt Hope-An Australian Airlines pilot reported a brilliant red-orange light travelling in a south-westerly direction and appeared to burn up .

2. Streaky Bay-Mr Ross Buckley described an orange- red object which lit up the surrounding area. Duration 10 seconds.

3. Sceale Bay-Mr George Moore said the object had a sparkling effect and a tail. It was a brilliant red and lit up the trees.

4. Crystal Brook-Red/orange object with a tail travelling westwards
for 6 seconds.

There were no reports of radar tracking or of any object hitting the ground. Most likely a meteor. (UFOR(SA) & Adelaide Advertiser newspaper 23/7/89).

Corrections to previous Digest:

UFOR(Qld) advise they are the primary investigator of this case, being assisted by Bill Chalker.

UFOR(Qld) advise they have referred this case to Bill Chalker for follow us of one witness.

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