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The following report is compiled from material forwarded by Brian Richards of UFORUM.

Scores of people sighted unusual objects from a large area of the north and north-west of Western Australia, on Saturday, August 8.

1. Chris Davis and Lella Bailey, co-managers of the Willie Creek Pearl farm,37km north of Broome (17deg 58min south; 122 deg 14 min east), witnessed a crescent, quarter Moon shaped object fly overhead in a south-south-west to north-north-east direction. Brian Richards spoke to Mr Davis on August 15. The two witnesses were fishing at the time, on a clear night, at 2020hrs. The object, flying vertically with the crescent points trailing, was travelling at a steady pace. It seemed to be enveloped in a sort of mist, giving it an overall fusy appearance. Both witnesses said it was accompanied by a faint droning sound.

2. Two prospectors, Anderson and Headington, were 47km eastmorth-east of Nullagine (21deg 53min south; 120deg 07min east), camped out in the bush. At about 2000hrs they saw a light blue, half moon shaped object some 150m away and only 30m above the ground. It hovered motionless for a while and then shot away.

3. Robert M and his wife; his brother Peter and Peter’s wife, Sandy were preparing camp,1 Okm south of Tom Price (22deg41 min south; 117 deg 48 min east) onthe Paraburdoo road. At 1845 hours they suddenly noticed, to the north at a 25 degree angle, a light grey object the colour of dull aluminium. It was moving in a south-south-west to north- north-east direction. Robert described the ball, or sphere, as having a sort of darker spot in the centre. The object seemed to be creating a disturbance or shock wave as it moved because it had a funny effect around it. The sighting lacted 30-40 seconds.

4. Other witnesses were a Mrs Sarah S. and her husband who were half way between Port Hedland and Broome, along 80 Mile Beach, who sighted an object at 2030hrs. Also JoyWalker and Pam Anthony staying at the Broome caravan park, plus 6 other witnesses, who between 1930-200 hours saw an object.11 people at the Port Smith caravan park reported a sighting between 1930-200 hours.

5. Norm Archer of Sunday Island, (16deg 25min south; 123deg 13min east) east of One Arm Point, said he and 3 other adults, plus 4 children were camped in a valley. At 2010 hours, a large yellow light, the shape of a crescent Moon standing upright, cruised or moved about following the contour of the hill in front of them. The object was yellow with a mist or cloud around it. This mist seemed especially to radiate from the inside of the crescent which wastothe rear of the direction of travel. It seemed low inthe skyand Norm estimated it was some 5 times the angular size of the Moon. The object moved east to west along the contour of the hill and, as it came to the end of the hill, it turned and looked like a yellow pencil as if it had a shape like a flat, crescent shaped biscuit. lt then shot straight up into the air and vanished.

6. At around 2100 hours, Kerry Hogan of Broome and friends had been at Crab Creek Beach after dark when they saw a yellow, crescent shaped, object move very fast from south to north.

This then was the scene on the August 8.

On the August 1 there were other sightings:

1. At about 2000 hours people attending the Sun Pictures saw a yellow object go across the sky.

2. Peopie at Cape Le Veque watched the same yellow crescent travel across the sky.

John Kemott, who does a mail run in the area and whom UFORUM wish to thank for recording rnany of these sightings, tells of scores of other peopie who have seen the same yellow crescent from Cape Le Veque, Sunday Island, Carnot Bay, Pender Bay, Djaridjand, and One Arm Point. A lady at Djaridjand was sitting out in her back yard at 2000 hours and saw a big, yellow object above them moving east. It was crescent shaped, moving slowly, and as they watched it, it turned white and there was then a mist coming from the inside of the crescent at the back. It stopped and a black mark appeared in the centre of the crescent. Then a red light in the middle of the crescent appeared. Finally the object just vanished.

Another group, who were camped at Pender Bay, spoke of seeing an object in the sky about 2000 hours. It moved from the south the north and as it moved every now and then there would be a red flash at regular intervals.


Recently we had an opportunity to re-interview, both with and with out the use of hypnosis, a South Australian couple who recounted a fascinating event. I first interviewed them back on May 20, 1991.

One Saturday in July 1989, a married couple, Julian and Lydia, together with their two children, drove home to Adelaide from their other property in the south-east of South Australia. The weather was stormy, windy with rain. They took the inland route as opposed to the coastal route.

Jullan had the impresslon that they were being “watched S during the trip, a feeling he had experienced before when he used to live in Tennant Creek in the Northem Territory.

They travelled most of the afternoon and arrived home about 7 p. m. After watching a movie, Lydia went to bed first about 11 p.m. Julian followed about 11.30 p.m.

It was a stormy night and fairly windy outside the house. Julian recalls feeling restless as he lay in bed. There was a metallic sound outside their window. Then all of a sudden he heard a low pitched humming noise. He putitdown to a train, as there is a train line near the house. Lydia Iying in bed could recall hearing the wind. She felt Julian’s presence in bed next to her. She also heard metallic noises - as if someone were trying to break into their car. A scraping of metal sound was heard.

Julian then heard a high pitched noise, like a cricket. It seemed to come from just outside their bedroom window.

Lydia recalls someone coming into the room, and standing in their bedroom doorway. The figure was described as short and skinny looking; fragile. Its head was oval in shape and bigger in proportion to ours. Tear drop eyes were big and black. It had no hair, no ears, no apparent nose and a slit mouth with no lips. It was grey in colour, with an associated qreen/white light.

She felt the entity was curious and wanted to investigate.The being communicated with her telepathically and told her not to be afraid. She felt it wanted to look at their bodies. She knew Julian was still in bed, with, she thinks, his eyes open. She then drifted off to sleep.

Atthis stage Julian thought Lydia was asleep but then he thought she said: “Julian, don’t worry, everything will be alright. Just do as they say, and there’ll be no problems. Do as theysay.” Julian couldn’t work out what she meant. All of a sudden he found himself paralysed. He was wide awake, but couldn’t move a muscle. The humming noise became more intense. Therewere also scraping noises like metal. He didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t move. Their cat was going wild-running around the house wild.

Next Julian found himself drifting, on the move, floating from his bed. He was floated face up, feet first. The high pitched noise ceased at this point. He saw lights in the house - down the pitch black hallway. He noticed there was a being inside the house. This being was taller than Julian. It had a norrnal shaped head. Julian was looking at it from the back. The body build was stocky. There was a white/green glow around the body, inside of which was hlack.

“Something” told Julian that the being had an interest in his son. Julian then saw his son in the arms of the being. Julian tried to struggle as he became alarmed. He did not know what to do.

His next recollection was of finding himself in a dark ‘room’ or ‘space.’ He was paralysed, cold, and was lying on a flat, cold, black hard table. There were no sounds in the space and no sensations apart from his paraiysis. He thinks there were odours but cannot recall them.

Three entities were present. One on either side of his head and one behind his head. He was Iying on his back. The aliens were staring at him, just stooping and looking at him. All three were concentrating on looking directly into Julian’s eyes. The three were identical in appearance.

They seemed 125cm tall. Their heads were pumpkin shaped, with curved “wrap-around” teardrop, deep blackeyes. There were no whites or iris’ present. There was no visible hair on their heads. The nose was small. A very small mouthwas noted. The bodywas ofa grey/white colour. Julian thought they were wearing clothes the same colour as their skin. He noted no body joints or muscles.

The entities were interested in Julian’s head. He had the impression that the aliens held no malice towards him. Next thing he recalls is floating back to bed and falling asleep.

Next morning both Lydia and Julian felt “strange.” Julian said he felt giddy and disoriented as if he had been on a long flight. He later checked his body but found nothing unusual - no scars etc. He felt his energy at a normal g level, but felt his sleep had been broken.

Lydia said she felt like she had been in a trance.

Julian explained what he had experienced to Lydia. He asked her how she was feeling and she replied that she felt the night had been interrupted by something. She had some vague impressions of activity happening down the hallway, down by the children’s bedrooms. She felt she had been taken somewhere because she had some memory of being on a table lying flat with people looking at her. She felt in some way she had been experimented on. then drifted back to bed. She did not experience any paralysis and cannot recall Juiian having left the bed.

After the experience Julian was very disturbed as to what had happened. They both now regard themselves as healers, and concemed about where the world is heading. However, they are now at peace with themselves over the incident. (Keith Basterfield and Peter Jones)

UFORA92066 7 June 1992 Derby WA 0150hrs Med Level C S4/P4
Peter, a taxi driver, was Iying on a lounge indoors when he noticed some odd lights outside. He rushed out and heard an initial sound likea rushing, whistling, wind although atthetime itwasnotwindy. Three largeorange lights, in a triangular formation, were obseNed travelling slowly from East to West. Absolutely no sound was heard and no solid object seen behind the lights. The total tringular shape was as large as a Jumbo jet, flying veN low. Its altitude was estimated as 150-300m. The lights did not flicker, flash, dim, intensify or change colour. The witness telephoned Curtin airfield Derby. No traffic should have been in the area at that time. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92067 14 June 1992 Como WA 0045hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A man, arriving home, noticed an orange/yellow light in the sky to the north-west, travelling in a south-south- easterly direction. The light was pulsating slowly but regularly and travelling in the same direction but faster than the clouds, at a 45 degree angle. The regular pulsing and the fact that the light would have come from the direction of the ocean would most likely preclude the hot air balloon hypothesis. (Brian Richards/ UFORUM)

UFORA92068 28 May 1992 Huntingdale WA 2345hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Two people had d riven to the Zig-Zag, a well known vantage point to view the city lights. The evening was fine with broken cloud cover and large areas of sky revealing stars. A white star-iike light approached from the West. As they watched, it changed to blue and then back to white. After a few moments a second light joined the first. For the next half hour the couple witnessed an amazing display of aerial manoeuvres. The lights wouid come together, shoot apart, descend or ascend rapidly, at the same time changing from white to blue and back again. Both found the display exhilarating and both believed themselves to be psychic to a degree and felt the show was put on for them. (Brian Richands/UFORUM)

UFOiRA92069 26 May 1992 Beverley WA Med Level C S3/P4
A woman travelling home on a dark, fairiy deserted road, suddenly saw two orange lights some distance behind her. They seemed dimmerand differentto carlights. In onlya matter of one or two seconds the lights were suddenly right behind her vehicle. She became apprehensive and accelerated away. However, the lights kept pace with her whatever speed she travelled. There was no solid object seen behind the lights. The woman rounded a bend to her left, crossed a bridge, and, on reaching the opposite side of the river, stopped and got out of the car. The lights were seen on the other side of the river, flashing. She looked away for a second and upon looking back they had gone. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92070 18 May 1992 Perth WA Nolse 0000hrs
A couple related that they were in bed reading when suddenly a strange droning noise was heard. Across between a hum and an oscillating, cavitating woo-woo-woo of helicopter blades. Their two dogs started to go crazy, growling, cringing, whining, barkingand their eyes rolling. So loud had the noise become that the manwent outside to investigate. A 500 watt security light was switched on and at that very instance the noise stopped and did not recur. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92071 1964 Tea Tree Gully SA Med Level C S3/P4
A boy, aged 6, witnessed an egg shaped UFO in the grounds of TeaTree Gully primary school. No one dared venture out to investigate the object which eventually disappeared after about 2 hours. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92072 30 May 1992 Willetton WA Low Level C S3/P4
A witness reported a bright orange light travelling from south to north for a period of about 10 minutes. lt was unlike an aircraft light, being amber and of fixed intensity. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92073 TA92033 9Aug 1992 Glenorchy TAS 1830hrs Med Level A S3/P5
Initial witness noticed a bright light about 30 degrees elevation to the north-west. He called out his parents to see a yellow pencil shape passing over at high elevation. Small lights or sparks appeared to be falling below the object but fading out after a short distance. The pencil shape was in an almost upright position as it moved away to the south-east and faded from view. The sighting lasted 1-1/2 minutes. He immediately checked with Civil Aviation but failed to locate any aircraft in the area. RAAF movements are currently being checked. (TUfOIC)

UFORA92075 5 Apr 1992 Gosnells WA 1925hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Brian and Helen reported an orange light as large as a 20 cent piece at arms length, travelling in a wobbly side to side motion, in a north-westerly direction over 30 seconds. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

Travelling by car, a couple noticed a formation of 5 red lights inthe night sky. They were travelling slowly eastwards. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92077 9Jul 1992 Mirrabooka WA 2100hrs LowLevel C S3/P4
A man saw 7 odd lights in the sky to the east. There were 4 white lights and 3 red performing aerial manouvres- moving up and down, side to side, and remaining stationary for up to 10 minutes. They were also pulsating. One light detached itself from the main group and hovered for nearly 10 minutes near the Mirrabooka watertower before disappearing. The other lights just faded away or blinked out. (Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA92078 18Ju11992 Ballajura WA 1835hrs LowLevelCS3/P4
Ed described 2 orange lights, one below the other, travelling in an easterly direction. Both lights stopped and the lower one moved to a 5 o’clock position and remained there for 10 minutes, then suddenly blinked out. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92079 18 Jul 1992 Kununurra WA 2300hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Ten people watched an orange sphere, larger than a tennis ball, cross the night sky from north-east to south-west. Approximately half an hour later, 3 more deep orange spheres appeared travelling in the same direction but in a triangular formation. Suddenly, the leading light stopped, allowing the rear 2 to pass and go ahead. About 30 seconds later, the single stationary sphere continued on its journey until lost from view. No sound was heard from these “lights.” (Brian Richards/ UfORUMJ

UFORA92080 26 Ju1 1992 Perth WA 2105hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Peter W and his wife, of Huntingdale WA, watched an orange sphere belching flame from the top and blinking on and off several times. The object moved at an indeterminate height then stopped. They noted something like white filamentous threads or streamers fall from the underside of the object. Shortly after this the object blinked out. Another couple, also in Huntingdale, watched a round orange object with possible flames at the top travelling south- east towards Armadale. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA92081 4 Aug 1992 Perth WA 1700hrs Low Level C S3/P4
One of 3 people, travelling by car, noticed a white light to her right travelling west to east. Oddlyi the light would blink on and off for a few seconds. This happened 3 times. One witness had had previous experiences involving a small, glowing orange sphere floating in her bedroom in the small hours. Over a 5 year period the woman had woken some 40 times to see this object present. Once the ball moved from over the bottom of the bed to hover over her digital alarm clock. The clock flashed on and off as if there had been a power fail (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92082 13 Aug 1992 Geraldton WA 0330hrs Med Level C S3/P4
During the night Linda experienced a dream of being caught in a bushfire and could feel the heat from it. The pain caused her to wake up and in front of her, an arm’s length from herface, was a softly glowing orange sphere about the size of a rock melon. It just hovered there. Even stranger were the fins all round it. The bottom 2 were larger than the rest, were a golden yellow colour and were truncated rather than pointed. The object moved silently to the right and simply disappeared near the door to her right. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA92083 31 Aug 1992 Midland WA 0425hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A red light was seen to the west of the road the witness was travelling on. It was flashing and she at first took it to be a beacon of some kind. At her closest approach she stopped and saw it was hovering over a vineyard. Below, not attached to the light, was a dark, rectangular shape larger than a jumbo jet. Its sides seemed to be like a rubber inflatable boat or like the rounded skirted sides of a hovercraft. It remained stationary for 3 minutes, then there was a flash of blue light and it started to slowly move off towards Perth to the south. (Brian Richards/UFORUM)

Deadline for submission of reports forthe next Digest is the Nauember 1, 1992


The April 1992 Issue of the MUFON Journal contains:

MacFie, Anne. “Return to Roswell.” An interview with Glenn Dennis, the Rosweil mortician. 5pp.

Dudley, Marshall and Chorost, Mlchael. “What Happened to the Radionucildes Paper?” Analysis of samples taken from UK and US crop circles. 4pp.

Rosenfleld, Paul. “Charles River Ice Circle.” A review of the finding of a 6m diameter ring in ice on a river. 2pp.

The May/June issue of the International UFO Reporter contains:

Schmitt, Donald and Randle, Kevin. “Second Thoughts on the Barney Barnett Story.” A review of the facts surrounding the tales of Barnett who told people he had seen a crashed saucer and bodies in New Mexico in 1947. 3pp.

Friedman, Stanton et al. The Search for the Archaeologists: An Exchange.- A healthy debate about the existence and identity of People who reportedly saw the Roswell crashed saucer. 8pp.

Basterfield Keith. “Present at the Abductlon.” A review of the Maureen Puddv aMuction event. 3DD.

The June MUFON Journal contains:

Greco, S. “Wililamsport Wave.” A review of numerous sightings, in a relatively small area of the USA, of large boomerang and delta shaped objects reminiscent of the Belgium flap. 8PP.

Vallee, J. and Swords, M. “A debate about The Hybridizatlon Question.” Can aliens and humans interbreed? 3PP.

Volume 75, pages 25g266, of the Journal Perceptual and Motor Skills, contains a very stimulating article by Dr Michael Persinger. Six adults were examined who recently, and suddenly, recalled pre-school memories of sex abuse or alien abduction/visitations. Results of the analysis: “support the hypothesis that enhanced imagery due to temporal lobe lability within specific contexts can facilitate the creation of memories...



It seems the new US high speed spy plane has been making news in the United Kingdom. Courtesy of the UFO’ W PARANET computer link comes an article from the London Sunday Telegraph July 26. The RAF base at Machrihanish, Strathclyde, is apparently being used as a calling in point. The mach 6 (6,500km/h) aircraft has locals reporting pulsating roars and strange smoke rings in the sky. This is consistent with reports from residents of Los Angeles when the aircraft slows down for landing in Nevada. One wonders how many UFO reports may have been generated by this aircraft of late?


A number of overseas inquiries have been received of late about Australian crop circles. In orderto better answer future requests, work is underway on a new catalogue of Australian ground effect cases from overthe years. About

130 cases have been collected from a variety of sources so far. We have found a surprising number of bare earth circles, “Burnt lawns, slime mould, leaf smut and good old fairy rings, as well as a limited number of crop circles. A draft of the catalogue will be circulated shortly for comment and then Vladimir Godic will produce a final version.


“The Intruders” mini series has come and gone, without, it seems making much, if any, impact on Australians. To date I have not heard of any local South Australians who have come forward to report being abducted after watching the series. l would bevery interested to hearfrom any readers if they have had persons reporting abductions since see in a the show.


Jim Atwell, PO Box 281, Blair Athol SA 5084, telephone (08) 297-1221, has taken over as public contact point for UFORSA. We look forward to workinq closely with Jim and colleagues.


We welcome Paul Jackson of TUFOIC, in Tasmania, on to the PARANET/UFORA computer network in Cairns. We now have associates in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia on the system.


Author Timothy Good in his book ‘Alien Liaison’ recounted an interesting, albeit anonymous, account of an incident which reportedly occurred in South Australia in 1958/59. The account, from a then radio technician at Woomera, stated that an object had been discovered on that rocket range. It was described as a sphere, 84cm in diameter, of a grey colour, and said to be light in weight, and darkened as if by heat. Attempts were made to cut it, but they could not.

There were reportedly no joins, no rivets and no weld marks. Reportedly, the Americans daimed the object as part of their space debris. Good went on to state that the sphere was reported in the newspaper, the “Adelaide Advertiser”, as was a similar sphere also found in later months in South Australia. He finally mentions the finding of another sphere in south-west Queensland in the 60s. The informant believed the Woomera object could have been a UFO.

This is a very tantalising story. Can we add anything to it? The existing literature records a number of unusual balls/ spheres having been found inAustralia. On April 8,1963, a 5.4kg hdlow, charred, metallic sphere,35cm in diameter, was discovered on Bouilla station, New South Wales. Itwas found in a desolate area. lt could not be opened either with files, or hacksaws.

On June 28,1963, another metallic sphere, 8.2kg in weight and 41 cm diameter, was found in New South Wales. This was followed by a third discovery near Muloonna, South Australia. This one was only 15cm across, but had an opening in it. All the above were described in an article in the English ‘FIying Saucer Review’ 10(1) :5 and 9t4) :23.

In December 1972, 3 metal sphere, each about 61 cm in diameter turned up on another property in NSW. These were examined at the Weapons Research Establishment, Salisbury, South Australia, and found to be made of titanium. Their probable use was for storing high pressure gases such as nitrogen or helium.

Some years later, in 1973, another 51 cm diameter, metal ball was located near Mouroubra station, on October 17, 480km north-east of Perth in Westem Australia. The sphere consisted of an inner ball,38cm in diameter, surrounded by a mica-like insulation about 5cm thick, enclosed in another metal sphere 51 cm across. Two areas of the outer shell were broken and the whole thing weighed 27kg. The Weapons Research Establishment examined it and stated it was a pressure vessel from an American satellite. These latter two accounts derive from an intemal WRE newsletter.

As can be seen there are certainly some similarities between Tim Good’s sphere and those found in the 60s and 70s. The 70s sphere, when tested, were reportedly from satellites launched from Earth. The question therefore arises as to whether or not the 1958/59 object could have been something similar? A check of the ZAdvertiserSis being arranged and a letter has been despatched to Tim Good asking if he can put us in touch with the anonymous reporter.


Andrew Collins.1992. ”The Circle Makers.” Leigh-on-Sea. ABC Books.351 pp. Pbk. Orderfrom ABC Books, PO Box 189, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1 NF, England. Price 4.95 pounds plus pack and post.

Andrew Collins, an Earth mysteries researcher and author, in the UK, has produced yet another intriguing work. In a personal look at crop circles, he visits formations in the south of England with his partner, Debbie, a psychic. Andrew discusses all of the issues which have been raised in the crop circle phenomenon. An unusual, apparently paranormal introduction to Trevor Constable’s suggestion that Ufos were life forms within the Earth’s atmosphere, lead Andrew to explore Wilhelm Reich’s work on Orgone energy.

Andrew weaves his personal study of numerous crop circles, his in depth knowledge of Earth mysteries, and his growing understanding of Reich’s hypothesis. Detailing his reasons for suggesting crop circles are caused by “bioforms” (a mass of orgone energy), he even moves on to look at a classic English abduction, that at Aveley in 1974. Here, Andrew suggest that the Avis family may have actually entered a bioform and took part in a ffth dimensional experience. A fascinating and alternative explanation for the crop circle and other phenomena,which l haven’t yet seen put forward by any one else to date.


“UE’O RESEARCH IN AUSTRALIA AND NFW ZEALAND”, compiled by Vladimir and Pony Godic, is the title of one of Australia’s first books on computer disk - a digital book. The book comes in a package containing 6.26 “ or 3.6” disks ( sSte your choic~e) and instructions, colour booklet of UE’O photos and illustrations. UF’O RESEARCH IN AUSTRALIA AND NFW ZEALAND is over 90,000 words long. Its 800 pages cover over 300 topics. The book has full search and full print facilities and is suitable for an IBM personal computer or compatible.

Authors include: Keith Basterfield, Russell Boundy, Holly Goriss, Bill Chalker, Bryan Dickenson, Vladimir Godic, Paul Jackson, Joan Johnston, John Knapman, Mark Moravec, Moira McGhee, David Reneke and Keith Roberts.

The material utilised was drawn from the pages of the “UFO RESEARCH AUSTRALIA NEVVSLETTER” edited by Vladimir Godic. The material was collated and edited by Pony Godic.

Published by Dynamo House Pty Ltd, PO Box I I0, Richmond, Victoria 312 I, Australia. Telephone: 03 - 427 - 0966, Fax: 03 - 429 - 8036 (international prefix 6 I - 3 ) to order a copy. The book is a unique source of knowledge about Australian and New Zealand UFO reports. Price is Aust $ 30.00. Postage in Australia $ 1.60. Air Mail postage to the U.S.A. is Aust $ 4.90 and Air Mail postage to the U.E. is Aust. $ 6.60.

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