Compiled by Keith Basterfield

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On the October 12, 1992 NASA initiated its 10 year, US$ 100 million, search for signs of extraterrestrial life. At the same time UFORA launched a media search for additional Australian abductees. Prepared bymyself; edited, printed and distributed by Vladimir Godic, a media release was forwarded to 115 media outlets in both the print and electronic media.

The end result was that the Hotline number received nearly 60 calls, out of which 11 were in fact people reporting previously unknown abduction events. Most of these abduction cases, together with general UFO reports, are listed below. Many of the abduction episodes are now being followed up, and the individuals concerned are being interviewed in-depth by a number of UFORA associates in various states.

UFORA92136 1978/79 Adelalde SA 2300hrs CE4 S4/P4
An Adelaide woman, L. C., woke in the night from what she at first took to be a dream. She felt she was awake in bed. Her bed was situated in middle of the room. There was a flash of light and the whole bedroom scene felt like she was moving/seeing through “treacle” . Time appeared to be moving in slow motion. Three creatures came in to the room moving slowiy towards her. She screamed. The next thing she knew it was moming. Thus there was a period of ZMissing time.” After that she needed to sleep with the light on and her sleep patterns became disrupted. Years later she came across the book “Communion.” She then knew it was the same thing. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFORSA)

UFORA92137 Undatecl Adelaide SA CE4 S4/P4
A man, G.A., called on behalf of his daughter. He is 70 years of age. Three times now he had slept soundlythrough experiences happening to her. The 3 experiences involved a òmanN in black. He said she had found littie ‘scoop marks’ on her legs for a few days afterwards. All this occurred before he read WCommunion.” (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFORSA)

UFORA92138 1972 Ipswich England Evening NL S3/P4
On a clear night, a man, then in the English Navy, was based at HMS Ganges, Shotley Barracks in Ipswich, East Anglia. Dozens of people saw 4 iights in a panern, low, not in the sky. Therewas no noise, andthey were stationary for 10-15 minutes. The observation was explained as heiicopters bythe authorities. (UFORA phone-in)

UFORA92139 1965/66 Hobart Tas CE4 S4/P4
A married woman, K.K.,previously a psychiatric nurse, has fragments of memoriesof experiences from as young as 44 years of age. The memories involve figures in black from another star. The beings revealed that they were here for a purpose - sense of escape from another place -sense of destruction. (UFORA phone-in)

UFORA92140 1977 Adelaide SA CE4 S4/P4
An Adelaide woman, D.C., an artist, has undergone several experiences, commencing in 1977 which she at first took to be a dream. She was given frightening messages about pianetary changes. The same beings revisited in 1983. She saw the series SThe Intruders~ and thought to herself, “they are telling my story.” She had a NDE as a child, and was ill for the first 10 years of her life, thus having a quite different childhood to many children. She has a series of dreams-lots of scientific information came through. Told husband and a few close friends about the experiences but they unable to cope with them. Experiences themselves OK but an isolating experience trying to tell other human beings about them! She is over sensitive to noise at times. Has lived in 7 houses and there is always trouble with the wiring given as an explanation for electrical problems which occur, like lights switching themselves on/off. (UFORA phone-in)

UFORA92141 1974 Northern NSW 2300hrs CE4 S4/P4
At age 17, a man, Peter M., although a user of drugs had neither been drinking or taking drugs when an experience occurred. He was lying in bed when the curtains opened and a bright light was present. The window looked into paddock on outskirts of Sydney. The bedsheets were tucked in, however, suddenly the bottom of sheets lifted up - and he feit paralysed and powerless. An unusual sensation travelled up his feet, up his back and to his head. Euphoric feeling and happy. The light was a bright white with yellow tinge. No further recollections. Would like to know what happened. Since then has had bouts of automatic writing when draws symbols that he does not understand. (UFORA phone-In. Referred to UFOIC)

UFORA92142 1964 Sydney NSW 0200hrs Med S3/P4
A man was admiring the full Moon in the Westem sky, when he saw a small object just appear. It went up to the Moon and then disappeared. (UFORA phone-in)

UFORA92143 1992 Northern NSW CE4 S3/P4
A man, saw “Communion” on video last year and found it boring. This year he had episodes of abductions. He saw “Communion” again and reliving his own experience through it was too much. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFOIC)

UFORA92144 1990 Rural WA CE4 S4/P4
Whilst driving along in a car in rural Western Australia, a 20 year old airline hostess, now in the UK, became aware that it had been flooded with light. It also became rather warm. She blacked out. Then she woke up In the car- freaking out. She had conscious recollections that she was taken on board a UFO. Whilstthere, some humanoid beings with holes for nostrils did medical tests on her. She was shaken by it and only has told her sister. (UfORA phone-in. Referred to Jenny RandlesJ

UFORA92145 Undated Tasmania CE4 S4/P4
At age 18-20 years a man, Wayne P. experienced recollections of events, involving beings, which occurred when he was aged 44 years. He described the beings as being blue-grey in colour. No ears, large eyes, big head, small body, 2 fingers on each hand. Clothing finished at ankles and wrists blending into skin. Short beings. No verbal language - telepathic. Couldn’t tell male from female. He was placed on a hard, not too high off the floor, table and given a medical exam. He was not in an operating room environment more like a control room with angled desk top machines evident. A box about the size of a cigarette packet was moved across his body as H scanning. They inserted something like a needle up his nose - it was painful. He can recall an associated bright blue light outside his bedroom window. He thinks there may have been another abduction at a dfflerent age but cannot recall details.

At age 18 an apparition of uncle appeared to him. Had a few paranormal experiences scattered over his. He-sense of presence in some houses he has lived in, cold spots etc. Age 35 now. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFOIC as he lives in NSWJ

UFORA92146 June 1982 Adelaide SA 1800hrs Low S3/P4
Driving a car, a man was startled when the area around him lit up like a Xmas tree. He heard later on radio 5M that a couple at Para Hills had the same thing happen to them. No effect on vehicle. Action: Nothing further.

UFORA92147 1987 Coffs Harbor NSW0130hrs CE? S4/P4
J.R., a male, nowaged53, had purchased a cottage on a small acreage. Onenight he woke up to find it apparently in daylight and the room was hot. He was terrfied but looked out window to find the whole area lit up. It was not the Moon. This strange light stayed on. He went back to bed and fell asleep. No other recollections. No other effects. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFOIC.)

UFORA92148 1991 Melbourne VIC CE4 S4/P4
A psychology graduate who had done no reading on UFOs, and had had no in-depth exposure to the subject, woke up one morning and told her husband an interesting thing had occurred during the night. She could recall consciously a sequential set of experiences. She had been up late studying the night before, and woke in a half sleep state. She woke to find the room lit by a brilliant blinding light. She was then taken up into the light Impresslon of not to be afraid with what was happening. Felt OK about it - wary but not frightened. Next, beings were around her as she was put onto a table. Impression conveyed to her, this will feel uncomfortable but not painful. She was then Iying on the table. Got the impression they were going to take eggs from her ovary. She then felt something going into her stomach. Told not to be frightened. Then she was told you are going back and you are not going to feel it was real. Next thing she was in bed conscious.

Later she saw an item on TV in which an abduction was discussed and her blood ran cold. She did feel very concerned at the time for her sanity, but now does not feel anxious about it. The level of reality of the whole episode was as real as real. Not a dream. (UFORA phone-inJ

UFORA92149 1990 Newcastle NSW CE4 S4/P4
After having gone to bed, a woman in her 60’s woke up to find figures in her room. She wasn’t scared as some form of telepathic communication followed. She said you don’t need me I’m too old. They conducted a medical exam like a pap smeartest on her. She felt very positive about the experience. The beings were 2m tall. Willowy body, dainty and fragile. They were very quick in their movements. She couldn’t sleep after that so got out of bed to find it was dawn. Thiswas a single event. Some 1 0 years agoshe saw a cigar shaped UFO with portholes which went to the East. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFOIC)


June through September brought an outburst of consistent reports of orange lights from Sydney. The following are taken from UFOIC’s telephone log. Bill Chalker comments that one possible explanation for some of these lies with someone launching balloons, although certain elements of some observations do not fit this hypothesis.

UFORA92110 29 Jun 1992 Carilngford North Rocks NSW 2330hrs Low Level C S3SP4
Four people saw a “cigarette light”, orange in colour, well above the cloud level. There was a slight movement. When the cloud cleared the light had gone.

UFORA92111 30 Jun 1992 Northmead NSW 0015hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Three bright orange objects forming a triangle were seen. Then up to 7 objects were noted, about every ten minutes.

UFORA92112 10 Jul 1992 Balls Head NSW 0010hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Two witnesses parked in a car looking north-west noted a single, steady orange ball of light moving past gas tanks heading ENE. It went behind a tree then it was seen above a building, and finally it travelled into the distance. An hour later a similar light was seen doing the same thing. Yet another light appeared and headed for the first light, seeming to come close to each other. One stopped and they both travelled back together, eventually travelling into the distance.

UFORA92115 31 Jul 1992 Werrington (Western suburbs) NSW 2140hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Flve adults and 3 children initially saw 2 objects in the sky, orange in colourwhich got biggerasthey came down towards the mountains. The main one seen through binoculars seemed to be like a òbig orange.” It appeared to come down very slowly, then faster and faster, followed by a stationary period. At one time it seemed one of the lights was coming down towards them.

UFORA92116 31 Jul 1992 Bidwill NSW 2010hrs Low Level CS3/P4
A big orange ball, with a tail like a tadpole, was seen by a woman. lt seemed very big and was moving across, then it went down. The 5 second observation was soundless.

UFORA92120 22 Aug 1992 Varlous Sydney NSW 2200hrs Low Level C S3/P4
People in inner western and northem suburbs reported seeing up to 5-7 objects, golden orange in colour, in formation moving slowly south-east towards inner Sydney. They were silent. Other accounts described short duration and fast moving lights. This is almost a repeat of UFORA92016 on the January 12,1992, in Sydney. Bill Chalker suqqest that some of these observations of orange lights might be balloons.

UFORA92121 3 Sep 1992 Ryde NSW 0010hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Four bright orange/yellow lights, in a diamond formation, came in close moving fast at high altitude from the north-east and going towards the city. The last one looked like it dropped down a bit then went back and joined the formation. 10 minutes duration.

UFORA92122 5 Sep 1992 Berowa Heights NSW 2150hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Up to 5-6 separate lights seen over 10 minutes in “pairs” - burnt orange in colour. They were constant in brightness and headed NNE in formation - seemed to be switching over and made an arrow formation. They were quite slow with no noise. Golden orange in colour. Manoeuvres performed such that they formed a straight line, then pairs, then uneven, then diamond, then like a circle. Two disappeared leaving 3. One went behind the other and disappeared. Last seen heading north.

UFORA92123 5 Sep 1992 Conan NSW 2150hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A couple watched 5 orange lights for 10-15 minutes. They were first seen in the west, keeping a steady distance apart most of the time, heading south-east. There was no noise and the lead light appeared higher than the others.

UFORA92124 6 Sep 1992 Seven Hlils NSW 2230hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A stationary group of 5 very bright orange lights, positioned like the Southern Cross, faded slowly away to the south east - duration 1 - 2 minutes. Appeared to be altogether then split up.

UFORA92125 6 Sep 1992 Eastwood NSW 2105hrs Low Level CS3/P4
Three orange lights, fairly high up, moved slowly for a couple of minutes. They appeared to be more steady than a balloon and slower than an aircraft with apparent deliberate/controlled movements.

UFORA92126 6 Sep 1992 Seven Hlils NSW (2100-2200hrs) Low Level C S3/P4
Dogs started to react strongly to something as 5 bright orange lights, were seen initially in a stationary position information. Then they went off in different directions at phenomenal speed. Bigger than stars.

UFORA92129 10 Sep 1992 ParramaKa/Eastwood NSW 2245hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Five steady, close, orange lights like a Southern Cross” pattem were seen. One of the lights appeared to blink a little. At least 3-4 cars were off to the side of the road watching.

UFORA92130 10 Sep 1992 Eastwood NSW 2235hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Five (or 6) gold orange lights, staying in a formation like the Southern Cross”, were noted. They started to move separately. They were soundless and appeared to be really low. Really bright, they were just below the full Moon.

UFORA92131 10 Sep 1992 Ermington NSW 2130hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Three people in a family saw 5 objects - 3 very bright orange lights and 2 undemeath, all very bright and round in shape. They seemed high up and stayed for30 minutes, hovering, before one disappeared off to the right. All of a sudden the witness blinked and the light were all gone.

UFORA92133 14 Sep 1992 Sevenhills NSW 2155hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Four orange/yellow lights - like flames, very high up, passed overhead travelling north to south. Duration was 10-15 minutes. They were in a line and disappeared in a southerly direction.

UFORAt2134 17 Sep 1992 Marayala NSW 2115hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A iarge orange light was seen stationary to the east. Then 2 smaller orange lights, very close together, went towards the large light. The large light seemed fairly close and changed colour orange to white and again to orange, then flew off slowly.

UFORA92135 19 Sep 1992 Eastwood NSW 0420hrs Low Level CS3/P4
Four yellow/ orange lights were observed bobbing up and down then circling the Moon. Three popped out of nowhere - “parked close to the Moon, then moved east to west.


This section provides brief details of other reports from the Network, including more cases provided by Bill Chalker of UFOIC in Sydney.

UFORA92084 1986/87? Glouster Top NSW 0200hrs? Med Level C S3/P4
A young man, aged 19, together with another person observed a massive object estimated as some 100m across. It seemed to be only some 15m or so above their car. There is a possibility of a time loss. (UFOIC)

UFORA92085 1977? Berrara NSW 2230hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A man and his daughter saw from the beach a very fast light moving back and forth. Another larger light was observed. The smaller light appeared to merge in to it or go behind it. The larger light then took off. (UFOIC)

UFORA92086 27 Mar 1992 Collaray Plateau NSW ? Level C S3/P4
On the above date and 12-15 months ago, a woman experienced 2 episodes of hearing an approaching droning noise and paralysis. On the earlier occasion there appeared to be a pulling action on the woman’s legs - feet were In the air. On the second occasion she saw 2 bright lights oH Narrabeen just after the paralysis episode. (UFOICJ

UFORA92087 1987 Camden NSW Med Level C S3/P4
A mother and student saw a single largetop shaped object. They viewed it from the side and below at close range. (UFOIC)

UFORA92088 28 Mar 1992 Beverley Helghts NSW 2300hrs Med level C S3/P4
Three people observed a luminous disc, about half the size of the Moon. It was below extensive cloud cover, travelling SSE to NNW at a steady altitude, over 15-45 seconds. (UFOIC)

UFORA92089 1957/58+ Queensland CE4 LevelC S3/P4
A 39 year old woman, who volunteered she was diagnosed manic/depressive in 1987, described having ‘ovum’ sampling at 16 (1957/58) in a strange room. Also strange visions etc. at age 5. (UFOIC)

UFORA92090 5 Apr 1992 Anges Banks NSW Trace S3/P4
A flattened circle, nearly 4m across and shaped like a light bulb in section was found. The previous week there had been complete electronic failure of a home alarm system. Further similar ground effects were found in the same paddock but not as pronounced. No visual event was reported. (UFOlC)

UFORA92091 Jan 1985 Orange NSW CE3/4? Level B S3/P4
Two men were in a motel where there was a display of point source lights in changing geometric displays. These were both separate and synchronised for the 2 individuals. There was a period of intense darkness followed by intense brightness. There is recollection of a “Neon man” up to 150cm tall, with thin arms etc - torso, arms and head only noted. (UFOIC)

UFORA92092 Jan 1985 Old Puddy Road (Near Sydney) NSW Even CE3? Level B S3/P4
About a week after 92091 (above), the reporting man and 2 others saw a “man” on top of a road cutting. They vacated the area and found they were being followed closely for some distance by an intense round light like a motor cycle light. At a crest the light suddenly disappeared. (UFOIC)

UFORA92093 Unknown Quambone NSW CE3 Level B S3/P4
Two young men, out kangaroo shooting, saw what they at first thought was an illuminated house. Upon closer inspection it was a UFO on the ground. Flgures were seen moving around the outside of the object. The object eventually took off and carried out manoeuvres before eventually disappearing. (UFOIC)

UFORA92094 5 Apr 1992 Bankstown NSW 1415hrs Med Level C S3/P4
Students, plus others, reported sighting a large “mothership.” There were also 3 hat shaped discs that entered the larger object. (UFOIC)

UFORA92095 22 Apr 1992 Umina NSW Nlght Low Level E S3/P4
An 8 year old girl awoke to see lights in the sky. The giri’s sister 10, and brother6, also claimed to have seen them. Possibility of helicopter. (UFOIC)

UFORA92096 28 April 1992 Elanora Helghts NSW 2015hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Three people watched a very large light display consisting of 4 steady tanny yellowvery bright lights, in a diamond formation heading NNW. There was an associated Jet like noise - seen up to 1 minute. Possible aircraft ex US Coral Sea activity. (UFOIC)

UFORA92097 28 April 1992 Campbelltown NSW 2015hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A strange light, which occasionally flashed red -triangular motion - and described as much brighter than a star, was seen by 2 men. lt lit up the sky and had a zigzag movement. Seen for about 15 minutes. (UFOIC)

UFORA92098 29 Apr 1992 Bondl Beach NSW 1000hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A triangular formation of 3 white dots was seen heading south to west over a 20-30 second period. There were also 2 smoke trails up high. (UFOIC)

UFORA92099 Early 1989 Newport Beach NSW 1800hrs Low Level C S3/P4
From an elevated area a man watched a gigantic, bright light coming up out of bushland in between 2 hills. (UFOIC)

UFORA92100 30 Apr 1992 Lismore NSW 1830hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Two beams of light coming from a large, stationary light were seen by a woman. They were seen for some 20 minutes while she was driving. (UFOIC)

UFORA92101 28 Apr 1992 Ulmarra NSW 0030hrs Noise, Level E S3/P4
A woman Wheard a UFO.” There was a dreadful humming noise.” She saw a shadow on a wall. (UFOIC)

UFORA92102 Ca 1990 Nowra NSW 0300hrs Med Level D S3/P4
A boomerang shape was seen by a woman from her kitchen window. It did not look solid, and it had a reddish tinge. lt moved very fast. It was like a thin light, low over a neighbour’s house. (UFOICJ

UFORA92103 4 May 1992 Casino NSW 1830hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A large red glow, the size of the Moon, was seen, Just above hills, and observed by a person travelling on a relatively straight road. lt was in the north for about 10 minutes. (UFOIC)

UFORA9210 4 Jan 1973 Batemans Bay NSW Night Med Level B S3/P4
Four people in a car were travelling north on the Princes Highway when they observed a white light heading towards them. Their first thought was that it was a large aircraft with portholes. lt was initially hovering in an adjacent paddock, only about 200m away. It was described as saucer shaped and had red lights under portholes. At times it just became a thin ribbon of light, and there was also a big beam of green and white light that rotated.

The object reportedly followed their car for some 20km. They did not stop. On the outskirts of Nowra the object appeared to vanish, apparently having moved to a very high altitude before disappearing. The group then returned to their camp site. About 0330hrs they were woken by the noise of helicopters. The group went to the naval base to report their sighting. (UFOIC)

UFORA92105 Unknown Off coast of Scotland Med Level C S3/P4
A mantold howa naval colleague had been in a submarine when the sub spotted a big object. The crew reportedly saw this UFO come out of the water. (UFOIC)

UFORA92106 9 May 1992 Bathurst NSW 2150hrs Med Level C S3tP4
A farmer noted a bright, yellow light about a quarter the size of the Moon. lt was moving to the NNE, very high up. It went on and off 3 or 4 times and disappeared into dense cloud. Seen only for 2-3 seconds. (UFOIC)

UFORA92107 13 May 1992 Crackneck/Toukley NSW 2040hrs Low Level E S3/P4
Avery bright light was seen overthe Crackneck area. There were 2 beams of light coming down from it and some small lights were coming out of it. (UFOIC)

UFORA92108 1973/74 Kangaroo Island SA Afternoon Photo+ Level B S3/P4
Rita H was taking photos when a light source appeared through the view fimder. She had the impression of a close approach, she fell to the ground and the sky changed causing her extensive disorientation. Two photos taken with a special camera and a very high ASA rated film. Prints have a light green coloured, elliptical shaped mass present on them. Woman subsequently developed lupus but this might be unrelated. (UFOIC)

UFOPRA92109 23 Jun 1992 Camden NSW 1000hrs Med Level C S3/P4
Initially to the SSW, was seen a “small cloud”, vapourising sending out streams of mist. lt rose higher in the sky then shot across in an arctothe east and stopped over Sydney. lt stayed thereafew minutes andthen appeared to come back towards them and passed over their house, heading to the west gaining altitude. (UFOIC)

UFORA92113 21 Jul 1992 Baulkham Hlils NSW 0200hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Disturbed by her dog a woman got up. Upon entering her lounge room she found that it was illuminated by a pale, full MoonQike illumination. She followed the dog out of the door but found nothing to account for the glow. (UFOIC)

UFORA92114 28 Jul 1992 Camden NSW 1755hrs? Low Level C S3/P4
A white light ~that shouldn’t have been thereZ was spotted by a nursing sister. There was a power surge reported on Lansvale Road - radio lost transmission and there was a general power failure including streetlights. (UFOIC)

UFORA92117 1961 Burwood NSW 1800hrs CE4? Level B S4/P4
A period of missing time, when she was 8, was reported by a woman. Her father and she came out of the front door about 1800hrs. Everything went quiet, then they saw a UFO low over the garage. The next thing they remembered was her mother coming out in a panic asking where they had been for 2 hours. Recently the woman had been having strong memories of the event - Iying on a table with people looWng at them and probing. They were very small beings, not much hair, pale-like a clown, -iooked bald and ali were slimand about 150-155cm tail. They appeared to have been in a very iarge room, largerthan the apparent size of the UFOtheysaw. The woman felt it was a positive experience and that she was given a glimpse of the future when she would be 40 and it is coming true. She is just about to tum 40. (UFOIC)

UFORA92118 8 Aug 1992 Pearce ACT 2100hrs MedLevelBS3/P4
From the south-west a flat disc approached a woman and her 8 year old grandson. lt looked like a “solid gold” colour. It travelled very slowly. A second and identical object appeared from the south-west and followed the course of the first. They both moved steadily out of sight. (UFOIC)

UFORA92119 23Aug 1992 Toongabbie NSW 2200hrs LowLevel C S3/P4
Two very bright red lights appeared to stop in the distance for 10 minutes in the East. They looked like they almost came together overhead and they looked like 2 fireballs. No noise was heard. (UFOIC)

UFORA92127 1967 Collaray Plateau NSW CE3? Level C S3/P4
When aged 12, a woman recalls a strange experience one night. Her recollections are fragmentary and bizarre. It seemed to feature lights etc. Since then she has had recurring nightmares for 20 years. It was only recendy, she had a positive d ream which has allowed herto restart her interest in UFOs. The nightmares featured repeated attempts to unlock the back door and suggestions of strange lights. The positive dream took the form of her opening the door and seeing a craft landed in the backyard, and a being beckoning her to stay away. (UFOIC)

UFORA92128 8 Aug 1992 Canberra ACT 2015hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A young couple saw 3 objects coming around Mt Taylor, one after another. They saw no shapes just orange/ red lights. They moved in singlefile at an estimated 70km/hr. Theysawathing fall off as one of the lights passed Mt Taylor,which looked like a fire cracker and appeared to lose illumination before it hit the ground.They followed the lights, saw another fire cracker then had to give the chase away. (UFOIC)

UFORA92132 1972 Eastwood NSW Med Level C S3/P4
A man described a fast moving object over Eastwood. lt was very bright, very long, silver in colour and moved off at tremendous speed after being stationary at first for 5 minutes. (UFOIC)

UFORA92150 TA92063 1967 Fltzgerald TAS Med/trace Level C S3/P4
Witness and wife woken up by a constant humming sound. Looking out they observed a round shape, lit by white light above. The object was on the ground in a paddock some 300/400m distant. Witnesses eventually retumed to bed. Next day a clockwise swirled area of grass was found at the location of the object. The area measured 7.8m diameter. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92151 TA92038 Glen Huon TAS 2300hrs CE1 Level B S3/P4
Witness and passengers returning home when their car just stopped. They get out of the car and notice a top shaped object some 200m away above a paddock. It had a number of blue lights on it and was stationary. After a few minutes, the object shot off to the south. The witness was then able to restart the car. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92152 TA92040 Winter 1969 Springbrook QLD 2100hrs Med Level C S3/P3
A bright flare of light caught the witness’ eye. A green/yellow light was seen descending and Itghting up trees. An oval object, with a flare like tail below, was seen by several other people for a couple of minutes. The flare tail shut off and the object ascended at a tremendous pace. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92153 TA92042 22 Aug 1992 Glenorchy TAS 1000hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Witness was having morning coffee when he noticed a bright, silvery circular object to the north. It proceeded to move about in an erratic mannerfor the next 6 minutes. It went off into the clouds, then retumed twice before moving over and behind Mt Direction (450m) some 5km distant. It performed this pattem a number of times before going behind the hill and not returning. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92154 TA92043 15 May 1980 Mt Wellington TAS 2000hrs Low Level C S3/P3
A number of erratic lights were seen over the mountain some 10-15km away. The lights seemed to be above the mountain (1270m tall). One light was approached from below by another light, and then they seemed to make contact. One light then moved away to the west. This pattern was repeated by a light from the west. However, this time both lights moved away together. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92155 TA92064 Winter 1980 Apsley TAS 1900hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Whilst traveiling home with their children, a person saw a bright light to the driver’s side of the vehicle remaining with the car for several kilometres. The witness finally stopped and took a good look at the spherical, golden coloured sphere. After several minutes the driver carried on at high speed too “get away.” However, the object maintained its position for another 10km. On rounding a cornerthe driver realised the object had gone. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92156 TA92065 1982 Den Hill TAS 0200hrs Low Level B S3/P4
The witness to TA92064 and her husband, whilst driving on the same stretch of road, saw a large, white light approach from the west and pass down a gully alongside the road. The husband stopped the car and got out to see the silent light pass away to the east. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92157 TA92054 Summer 1985 Claremont TAS 2130hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Two people heard a constant, low pitched, sound . Going out they saw a dark, triangular shaped object over the road, may beat an elevation of 30-40m. The object had a steady green light at the front and red lights at the base of the triangle. The object was moving very slowly away to the west and moved up and away over the steep hillsides. It was estimated to be 20m long and 15m wide at the base of the triangle. Duration 2-5 minutes. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92159 TA92057 13 Sep 1992 Bridgewater TAS 2030hrs Low Level A S3/P4
Two youths noticed a large, bright light low to the north-west. The size ofthe lightwas estimated at 5m, compared to buildings in the area, and was almost at tree top level. It was changing colours from green to red to blue, then back to green. Whilst they watched, an aircraft passed over the eastem sky. Suddenly, the light shot across the sky passing near the Moon and one person thought he could see a disc shape in the Moonlight. The object disappeared to the north-east in a few seconds. The witness placed the time of the event as up to 10 minutes. Another witness, at a different location, saw the light for 2/3 minutes before it shot off. About 2100hrs many reports were received relating to something burning up overTasmania. Reports came in from both the north and south of the state (apparently also seen over VIC/NSW.) (TUFOIC)

UFORA92160 TA92051 13 Sep 1992 Clarence Rlver TAS 2130hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Two people were in a vehicle travelling west on the Lyell highway. The passenger observed an object in the north- westem sky. After a few minutes he pointed it out to the driver. They traveiled on a few more kilometres until the driver stopped the car “for a better look.” He saw a dark, cylindrical shape in the north, about Moon width. lt was steadily travelling to the east. The colour was grey in the bright Moonlight, whilst it seemed to have a flame effect at the rear. The strangest thing was the 4 or more orange lights travelling along at the rear of the cylinder. These lights suddenly started darting about around the cylinder. They kept this up until the object was well away to the north-east. The lights seemed to merge with the cylinder and they just couldn’t see it any more. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92161 TA920461 4 Sep 1992 Miena TAS 1245hrs Med Level A/B S3/P5
Whilst on an, Hobart bound, Australian Airlines flight 405, arriving at 1247 hrs, a passenger saw an unusual sight Some 10 minutes out of Hobart at an elevation of 18000ft he noted an intense black shape to the west The aircraft at this stage was over Miena (Great Lake.) It looked to be a long, thin, black shape of large size but at a considerable distance. The shape was visible between some layers of cloud which could be seen to be moving as opposed to the shape which was stationary. The aircraft continued its descent into Hobart and the witness had to look back to the rear to keep the shape in view, it being obscured from view by hills west of the Derwent (est 2/3 mins from airport.) Checks have revealed the air crew saw nothing. The witness says people ahead of him were looking at the black shape. However, a press release with coverage on radio and newspapers failed to uncover additional witnesses. The weather had been fine with some cirrus cloud moving in from the west. The Met Bureau suggested alto-cumulus cloud as an explanation. However, no cloud of this type was reported in their observations that day. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92162 TA92050 14 Sep 92 Bridgewater TAS 1250hrs med Level A S3/P4
Unloading a trailer, a man heard a roaring jet like noise (also heard by his father inside). Looking up he saw a dark, cigar shaped object passing overhead at close range. He had the impression it was just overthe next block about 200t300m away. It was just a featureless, black shape, no wings nortail etc. Heading towards the south- to south-west it was out of sight within a minute. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92163 TA92067 Summer 1986 Penguin TAS 1500hrs Med Level B S3/P4
A yellow/orange sphere was seen dropping in the eastern sky by two people looking over the sea. lt stopped at a 30 degree elevation, remained stationaryfor some 10 seconds, then seemed to shake before going straight back up into the sky and disappearing in a second into blue sky. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92164 TA92055 16 Sep 1992 Pelham TAS 2100hrs Low Level B S3/P5
Several people travelling in two cars aw lights coming over hills from the north. They puiled up to watch as a line of steady green and red lights became stationary over a valley. They seemed to then move back and forth before just zgoing out.” (TUFOIC)

UFORA92165 TA92056 26 Sep 1992 Milivale Road TAS 2345hrs Med Level A S4/P5
Travelling by car, two people noticed 3 red lights low over paddocks alongside the road. The lights were going on and off and being replaced by a smaller white light. As they moved with the carthe lights seemed to rise and fall. Finally the lights disappeared. At this stage the observers were approaching a bridge and noted the same or similar white light by the road moving back and forth. Instead of continuing on they tumed up a side road and went to one of their homes. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92166 TA92058 29 Sep 1992 Blackhills TAS 1950hrs Low Level B 54/P5
A line of 4 orange lights just above hills several kilometres ahead was seen by a person retuming home. The lights remained stationary, but then seemed to merge into one light then go out. Approaching home (now nearer to the location of the 4 lights) he saw a steady red and green lights seemingly a couple of hundred metres up over his house. He lost sight of these as he entered his driveway. Jumping out of his car nothing was now visible. (TUFOIC)

UFORA92167 TA92049 15 Sep 1992 Wattle Grove TAS 2100hrs Low Level B S3/P5
A large, Venus sized, gold coloured, light was seen by a woman outside her home. lt was moving low over hills to the north. It maintained a level path and seemed to go into a fold in the slopes of Collins Bonnet (1245m tall.) (TUFOIC)

UFORA92158 17 Jul 1992 Koupang Indonesia 2030hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Four people watched a white light travelling silently overhead from south to north. There were three trails from each side of the object which gave off a “sparkly” effect. The witness managed to take one photograph with a Canon AF35 which jammed before a second photo could be taken. (UFORUM)

UFORA92168 1 Sep 1992 Carnarvon WA 0010hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A man reported seeing a red light going from south-west to north-east. The light stopped for 5 minutes, then moved, stopped again briefly before descending and fading out. At 1910-1920hrs same day he saw another red light doing similar manoeuvres. Two others saw it as it pulsated. (UFORUM)

UFORA92169 2 Sep 1992 Junnacubbine WA 2240hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A woman was putting the cat out for the night when she saw their pig sheds some distance away were illuminated by an omnge glow. About 2 kilometres away was a rainbow shaped arch of light hovering just off the ground. On each shoulder of the arch were 2 pulsating white lights. The whole thing was larger than a jumbo jet. Her husband watched the object through binoculars for some 4 minutes until it disappeared over the brow of a hill, or faded out. No sound was heard, but a lady at Northam reported hearing a strange humming sound at 2230hrs. There may be no connection between this sound and the object. (UFORUMJ

UFORA92170 12 Sep 92 Parkwood WA 1100hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A man spotted a, metallic looking, oval object travelling from north-south at an angle of about 70 degrees. lt disappeared from view after 3 minutes and every so often would “flash” as it reflected the Sun. No sound was heard. (UFORUM)

UFORA92171 19 Sep 1992 Jarradale WA 1200hrs CE3? S3/P4
A man and his son were out hunting for firewood, after following a disused tRck into the bush. The boy noticed a movement some 12m away, and drew it to his father’s attention. A jet black object was watching them from behind some trees, and was seen to duck down before bounding away in 2 great strides. The “thing” had no arms and on either side of its head were 2 white patches where the eyes might have been. The head was not separated from the tnunk by a neck. The witnesses examined the tree from which the thing had peered over, and estimated to have been some 3 1 /2m tall. (UFORUM)

UFORA92172 27 Sep 1992 Nolamara WA 2045hrs Low Level C S3/P4
A man out walking his dog noted a “star” appear to the south. lt was almost as big as Venus. It flashed on and off a few times and vanished, and in its place, to the left of where the object had been, a thin line or streak of light appeared, which remained in place for about 30 seconds then faded. (UFORUM)

UFORA92173 80ctl992 BayswaterWA 0155hrs Low Level C S3/P4
Two people reported watching 2 orange, star-like objects above the tree line, moving in a south-south-westerly direction. Onewasabovethe other. Astheyslowly movedthey gained altitudetoa 45 degree elevation. An aircraft appeared from the south. At the same time the lights stopped moving. When the aircraft had gone the lights continued to move just above the Moon. The lower light started to pulse, faded, grew brighter, then faded out completely. The top light appeared to stop, flickers and pulsed, then faded out. (UFORUM)

UFORA92174 SA92006 5 Jun 1992 Orroroo SA 1655hrs Low Level B S2/P3
A lady reported seeing an unusual cloud resting on ground, the cloud rose up and dispersed leaving a black smoke Zring”. This then grew into another cloud which after a time also dispersed. Nothing further seen. (Jim Atwel VUFORS.)

UFORA92175 SA92007 22 Jun 1992 Holden Hill SA 1805hrs Low Level D S3/P3
Red orange light, travelled W to E. (Jim Atwell / VUFORS)

UFORA 92176 SA92008 22 Jun 199 21840hrs Low Level D S3/P3
Two orange and 1 red lights. From East going towards city. Two slow,1 fast, tumed right angle North. (Jim Angel VUFORS)

UFORA92176 SA92009 5 Jul 1992 Glynde SA 1830hrs Med Level B S3/P4
A couple travelling SW in car on Paynham Road saw a very bright light half the size of the Moon in the southern sky. Stopped car by bowling green. The light faded, revealing long oblong shape, with windows,2 red and one blue light and surrounded by “flickering” white lights. The lights travelled NE, passed behind some trees, came out the other side and shorty after were lost to view behind hill in NE. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92177 SA92010 27 Jul 1992 Unley SA 0420hrs Low Level D S2/P3
Lights in southem sky, 2 yeilow 1 red. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92178 SA92011 31 Jul 1992 Nurloopta SA 0305hrs Low Level C S2/ P4
After seeing two flashes in the night sky, a male witness saw a starlike object move rapidly upwards from the SW horizon, it veered then broke up into 6 or 7 pieces. Shortly afterwards 4 lights in a square formation were seen approaching from the SW. The lights travelled in a northerly direction and disappeared behind thin cloud. No Sound. (Jim Atwell/VUFORS)

UFORA92179 SA92013 31 Aug 1992 Heathfleld SA 2200hrs Low Level D S4/P3
Leaving work for the evening, a man saw a fast moving, soundless light. The object began to circle in the sky and grow brighter. He then saw two other bright lights that were connected,1 yellow,1 green. They began to circie the first light. Then suddenly, all the lights Just disappeared. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92180 SA92014 2 Aug 1992 North Plympton SA 1105hrs Med Level C S5/P3
A report of a “classic” disc seen cutting a gap through the cloud cover during daylight hours. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92181 SA92015 Apr 1980 Marion SA 2200hrs Low Level D S3/P3
A woman reported that some time ago, while laying on back lawn of friends house, she saw a bright ZstarZ then felt as though it communicated with her telepathically. Star then moved off. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92182 SA92018 7 Sep 1992 Marleston SA 1912hrs Low Level C S2/P3
A man reported a bright light in SW sky elevation 30 Deg. After he walked home object seemed to have moved to W sky elevation 10 Deg. where it drifted, very slowty towards the horizon. (Poss. Venus.) (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92183 SA92019 22 Sep 1992 Yatala Vale SA 2130hrs Med Level D S2/P3
In NE sky saw a “submarine” shaped object that hovered and moved behind clouds. Duration 5 sec. Noise like a helicopter. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92184 SA92020 July? 1992 Belalle Nth SA Level D S4/P2
A man reports an abduction like experience on the night that well known òaMuctee, that lives nearby, died. Relates his abduction and the death. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA.)

UFORA92185 SA92021 1 Oct 1992 Warnertown SA 1905hrs Low Level C S2/P4
A woman travelling North on road to Pt Pirie just south of Gladstone tum off. Two groups of apprax 10 lights forming a straight line with tails travelling W to E in Northem sky. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92186 SA92022 1 Oct 1992 Coltana SA 1908hrs Low Level C S2/P4
A man reported three groups of windows in a straight line with white tail like an after bumer. Travelling W to E in Northern sky. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92187 SA92023 1 Oct 1992 10-15km SW of Mannahill 1905hrs Low Level C S2/P4
A woman reported 3 objects travelling from N to E. Objects were brighter at the back end. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92188 SA92024 1 Oct 1992 Clare SA 1900hrs Low Level C S2/P4
A man reports an object seen in NW sky brighter at rear than the front with hazy glow around . Gliding along, low to horizon. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92189 SA92025 1 Oct 1992 Broken Hill NSW Low Level C S2/P4
A man saw 2 lights in sky that moved W to E. 350 Deg to 40 Deg, Elevation 1520 Deg. No noise. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92190 SA92026 1 Oct 1992 Broken Hlil NSW 1907hrs Low Level C S2/P3
A woman reported seeing 4 lights dropping out of sky, they then levelled off. Then saw dark object with a dozen or so lights travelling N to S. No sound. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92191 SA92027 1 Oct 1992 5th of Camerons Corner 1955hrs (EST) Low Level C S2/P4
A man reported seeing lights in the sky, nearly overhead. Moving W to E. Duration 5-10 sec. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92192 SA92028 4 Oct 1992 Mlidura NSW 1930hrs Low Level C S3/P3
A man travelling west between Mildura and Yambi reports seeing a very bright òstar even though night was cloudy. Afterwatching the Zstar for some time it dropped down out of the sky like a falling star. Later saw similar star higher up in the sky and òsmaller”. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92193 SA92029 31 Jul 1992 Pt Plrie SA 0340hrs Med Level C S4/P4
A man saw a huge object pass slowly overhead at iow level. Three amber lights in front, thousands of ‘sparkling’ green and blue lights beneath huge oval object. (Like football oval in the sky.) No sound. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92194 SA92030 19 Oct 1992 Brldgewater SA 1930hrs Low Level E S4/P3
A woman saw 3 orange balls of light in sky. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92195 SA92031 20 Oct 1992 Plympton 5th SA 0005hrs and 0214hrs Low Level B S4JP5
Two men each saw strange lights in the skytwice during the same moming. First one orange light travelled from S to E. then disappeared. Then at 0214, 3 orange lights moved from S to NE, and disappeared. (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92196 SA92032 25 Oct 1992 Henley Beach SA 2300hrs Low Level D S4/P4
A man saw 2 spheres, orange in colour, in SSE sky travelling N beneath cloud cover, then objects separated, going in opposite directions. Both objects faded out like going through clouds, one almost overhead. (see also SA92033) (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)

UFORA92197 SA92033 25 Oct 1992 Henley Beach SA 2300hrs Low Level D S4/P4
A man reported seeing two lights, orange/red in colour, in NW sky, beneath cloud cover. Objects moved apart and disappeared like going through the clouds. (see also SA92032) (Jim Atwell/UFORSA)


The AFU Newsletter number 36, published In Engilsh by the Archives for UFO Research, PO Box 11027, S-600, 11 Norrkoping, Sweden contains:

Braenne, Ole Jonny. “The Spitsbergen UFO Crash/ Retrleval Incident.” A summary of a38 page investigation report into the 1952 account of a crashed saucer. This story pops up from time to time in periodicals and books. What is the truth? The research concludes it was a hoax. 8pp.

LIIJegren, Anders. “General Doolittle and the Ghost Rockets.” One aspect of the 1946 Swedish ghost rocket Incidents was the visit of high ranking General James Doolittle. Did he go there to look at the rocket data? The answer seems to be a resounding “no”, after thorough research into Swedish official archives. 6pp.

Jenny Randles In “Northern UFO News” number 156, updates the 1973 Peter Day movie film saga. One of the explanations long considered by BUFORA for this film was that the film mightwell show an F-111 jet Now, Steuart Campbell, a UK researcher, has secured a copy of an accident report on the F-111 which crashed that day. Details in the report make it almost certain that the Dayfilm shows fuel from the distressed flame which had been ignited. 2pp.

The MUFON Journal for July:

Hyzer, W.G. The Gulf Breeze Photographs: Bona Fide or Bogus.- One of the US foremost photoanalytical experts examines these photographs and reports. 7pp.

Baslago, A.D. “Dreamiand and the CIA.” More about Area 51. 4pp.

The August 1992 MUFON Journal:

Stacy, D. The 1992 MUFON Symposlum. An excellent review of this year s get together 10pp.

Boylan, R. J. “Secret ‘Saucer’ Sites”. Richard visited a number of the sites invoived in secret aircraft testing. 2pp.

The MUFON Journal for September Includes:

Hopkins, Budd. The Linda Cortile Abduction Case. In November 1989 Hopkins became involved in an abduction episode which blossomed out to inciude multiple witnesses and a major political figure. HopWns believes the abductlon was staged for the benefit of this latter man. 5pp.

Stacy, D. The Circles of Summer.- A look at the 1992 UK crop season. 9pp.

The International UFO Reporter for Jul/Aug 1992:

Talarskl, C. “Going Around In Circles.- More on the 1992 UK crop season. 6pp.

Mack, J.E. “Helping Abductees”.- Psychiatrist Mack explains his background, reasons for involvement, and methodology in abuction research. 7pp.


UFORA is currently negotiating its involvement with the Centre for UFO Studies in the USA, and Jenny Randles in the UK on a project. The project intends to conduct a cross-cultural study of abductees from the UK, US and Australia.


More and more media articles continue to appear about the Aurora aircraft. Have we had any sightings yet of this plane?


The first draft of Tracecat is currentiy being reviewed by Bill Chalker.


We welcome South Australian UFORA associate Peter Jones to Paranet/UFORA computer network.


No new books came my way this period. However, news that Arcturus Books, one of the better sources of new and used UFO books has moved to 1443 S.E. Port Street. Lucie Blvd.. Port St. Lucie. Fiorida 34952 USA.


The orange lights mystery over Sydney came to a head on Tuesday the November 17. Hundreds of people reported seeing a formation of lights, which was also captured on a home video.

Police investigations revealed these lights were caused by hot air balloons. As mentioned earlier, this explanation was favoured by Bill Chalker for many of the orange lights. How this relates to the Perth and Adelaide reports of orange lights, is not yet clear.



A-1 A Report on Observation from Aircrafl Crew Members in Australia 7 pages, S 2.50

A-2 A Review of Australasian UFO Related Entity Reports. 14 pages, $ 3.50

A-3 A Catalogue of the More Interesting Australian Close Encounters. 35 pages, S 5.50.

A4 A Preliminary Catalogue of Australian Vehicle Interference Cases. 20 pages, $ 4.00.

A-5 A preliminary Catalogue of Australian and New Zealand “Abduction and Potential Abduction” Cases. 12 pages, $ 3.50

A-6 The Mundrabilla - Nullarbor Incident. Compiled by Keith Basterfield - based on research by members of UFORA Network.

In the early hours of the January 20, 1988, a West Australian family reported encountering a UFO which lifled their car off the ground before dropping it back to earth. World wide media attention focussed on this event. However, only UFORA’s investigation team interviewed all the relevant witnesses, examined the car and were privy to the result of all physical evidence testing. This document presents all the details UFORA gathered. It is essential reading. 130 pages, $ 20.00.


R-1 RAAF policy file July 1953 - 1959. 110 pages, S 20.00
R-2 RAAF UFO sighting files 1954 -1959. 269 pages, S 35.00
R-3 RAAF UFO sightings 1960. 98 pages plus UFO policy file 1959-1960. Total 149 pages, S 25.00.

R-4 RAAF UFO sightings 1961 plus UFO policy file . 93 pages, $ 19.00

R-5 RAAF UFO sightings reports 1984-1989. 107 nages. S 20.00.


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