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16th July 1989

The following UFO reports are currently under investigation by the individual/organisation mentioned at the end of each abstract. When full details are available they will be disseminated via this Research Digest. UFORA welcomes details of cases, either when initially received or when fully investigated. Details can either be forwarded by letter or by telephoning 08 251 2773 evenings. It is hoped to publish this Digest at the beginning of each month, time permitting. The deadline for catching the next Digest is therefore 4 working days before the end of the month.

UFORA89001 9 Jan 1988 Sydney NSW 220Ohrs.
A man was lying on his back looking up at the sky when he saw a group of small, bright lights passing overhead. (UFORA-NSW).

UFORA89002 Early 60 s Brisbane QLD 1030hrs.
A “silver balloon” was seen by a man to be travelling across the sky at a hiqh altitude. Duration 50 minutes. (NFA).

UFORA89003 19 Mar 1986 East Ballina NSW 0200hrs.
A 65 year old man was walking up his driveway when he saw an object travelling South to North in complete silence. He described it as trianqular in shape. (UFORA-NSW).

UFORA89004 Jun 1973 Sydney NSW 170Ohrs.
A stationary object with very bright lights was reported by 2 women. A little later one saw a disc with a window in it, through which 2 forms were visible. (UFORA-NSW).

UFORA89005 Ca 1974 Sydney NSW 0400hrs.
Whilst lying awake, looking out of the window, a woman noted a large
bright light in the sky. It was stationary for 5-10 minutes.

UFORA89006 26 May 1989 Sydney NSW 1115hrs.
A 7 year old boy with his mother said he saw a “rocket” in the sky. He stated that a cigar shaped object, whitish grey in colour was seen moving slowly at first, then rapidly accelerating out of sight. (UFORA-NSW).

UFORA89007 20 Oct 1978 Dunedoo NSW 1900hrs.
Looking southwards a woman saw an oval shaped object-pinky red in colour. It was travelling at high speed, and just became smaller and smaller, before being lost to sight. There was no sound. (NFA).

UFORA89008 Jun 1984 Country QLD.
Whilst out bush, a man often noticed a very bright light like a helicopter with a searchlight sweeping from side to side at an estimated distance of 3km. This occurred over a 3 week period. One night at 2230hrs he saw a large object hovering over trees which was close enough for him to note a window in its side. At about this time an old man met our witness and told him that a UFO had crashed into a nearby hill. Air Force/Army personnel were reported to have cordoned off the area. (K Basterfield).

UFORA89009 1975/76 Country NSW 1800hrs.
A man and his wife were travelling by car when a bright object approached them. It became a silver cigar with short wings. They were able to see inside it and noted several figures in silver coloured suits. (UFORA-NSW).

UFORA89010 1972 Carnarvon WA 2100hrs.
A group of people at a barbeque reported seeing a bright extended sized object in the sky. A photograph was taken and was forwarded to us. (K Basterfield).

UFORA89011 1983 St Albans VIC.
2 people were reportedly walking across a paddock when they were transported a short distance in no time at all. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89012 10 Jul 1989 Clare SA 0540hrs.
A 1 metre diameter yellow/white ball of light was observed hovering stationary over a sofa in a lounge. Simultaneously 2 people in bed noted their feet were glowing like a x-ray. The light and glow disappeared and they fell back to sleep. A full report has been nirnulated to the Network.

UFORA89013 1976-1989 Brisbane QLD.
A complex “contactee” case involving UFOs, a silver suited entity appearing in a house, and possible MIB type activity. (UFOR(QLD) & K Basterfield).

UFORA89014 Mar 1989 Flinders Ranges SA 2100hrs.
A bright light was seen in the sky disappearing over a hillside. Some time later a man found a 7m diameter doughnut shaped ring in that direction behind the hill. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89015 2 Jan 1972 Lake Eyre SA 120Ohrs.
A pilot and passenger in a light aircraft flying over the lake spotted and photographed a 30m diameter ring on the lake bed. Photo was published in the Adelaide “Advertiser” of 13 Jul 89. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89016 1966-1989 Salisbury SA.
A life long story of separate incidents including figure by bedside, being taken to somewhere and seeing entities on 2 occasions, precognitive dreams and other psychic experiences. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89017 Mar 1977 Gisborne New Zealand.
A complex account at the time of the Gisborne flap involving skywatches, multiple UFO observations, unusual events and a possible abduction. (UFORA-NSW & K Basterfield).

UFORA89018 1966 Orbost VIC.
A couple, now resident in South Australia, were driving when they observed an unusual object. There appears to be a period of missing time involved. (K Basterfield).

UFORA89019 Lifelong QLD.
What appears to be a contactee life long set of episodes. Unclear at the moment. (K Basterfield).

UFORA89020 Lifelong WA.
Another account of what appears to be a lifelong contactee story. ( K Basterfield).

UFORA89021 5 Jun 1989 Dorrigo NSW.
2 pilots tracked an object at 4,000km/h on an aircraft’s weather radar. The jet cargo aircraft’s crew noted a big return on the radar. Over a period of 4 minutes it travelled from 6Onm ahead to off their screen in a straiqht line track. (B. Chalker).
UFORA89022 16 Jun 1989 Yowah QLD 0311hrs.
2 brothers, who were opal mining, saw a large object 2/3rds the size of the Moon. A total of 6 smaller objects then came into view around the larqer object. (B. Chalker & UFOR(QLD)).

UFORA89023 Nov 1988 Yowah QLD.
2 brothers down a mine shaft lost an hour of time. Both their watches indicate an hour lost. (B. Chalker).

UFORA89024 1975 Port Wakfield SA.
A man was involved in projectile testing at the Army firing range utilising ultra high speed cameras. Subsequent analysis of one film revealed the presence of an object in the background which moved around. The film was reportedly given to the RAAF. No record was found of this in the RAAF files when Bill Chalker inspected them. (B. Chalker).

Further details of these cases, where possible, can be obtained from Keith Basterfield on 08 251 2773.

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