Compiled by Keith Basterfield





The Jan/Feb 1992 issue of the International UFO Reporter carried an article by myself on the abduction phenomenon relating to the topic of "implants.” There have been numerous claims of apparent in-site detection of, or even actual recovery of, artefacts said to be connected to abductions.

Finally, we now have had such a case here. The following details are courtesy of UFORUM in Perth.

UFORA93039 4 Feb 1992 Two Rocks WA 0215hrs CE4 S4/P4
“Ron”, was awoken by a bright, white light. There was a brilliant flash, and Ron found himself standing in his pyjamas in a car park. There were about 30 other people standing around, stiffly erect in a dulled or altered state of consciousness. A man in a white coat, different from the others, imparted a telepathic message to Ron, “You have been chosen.” He then found himself inside a community hall, used for basketball and other sports. There were humanoids in the group. One, 4 feet tall, approached Ron and gave him a bat, 3 wickets and a cricket ball. At this stage Ron realised he must have had an abduction experience when 7 years old

Another humanoid seemed to be draining his emotions. Then he panicked and ran to the hall’s entrance, lifting the bar to get the door open to get out. There was a sudden flash, a sensation of falling, and Ron found himself spread-eagled back on his bed.

On March 4th 1992, again at 2.15 a.m., Ron woke up and saw his son (aged 10) in a half-sitting position being floated past his bedroom door. Guiding the boy was a misty alien form. Ron jumped out of bed, shouting at the alien as he grabbed his son. There was sudden flash, and Ron found himself back in bed. Later on that day his son described having a nightmare related to the event reported by his father.

At breakfast the son had a coughing fit and coughed up a piece of metal about a centimetre long. This was analysed recently at Curtin University and found to be a very unusual combination on nickel, silver, zinc, copper, cobalt and ytterbium. The initial analysis Brian says indicated an artifact of unknown source. However, reassessment has gauged it to be terrestrial, perhaps part of an electronic probe.

The family, consisting of husband, wife, ex de-facto wife, a 13 year old daughter and son and a third younger child, plus a lodger, have all had UFO sightings and seen apparitions within the house on a regular basis. The TV series ‘The Extraordinary’ is expected to show a segment on this event.


UFORA93007 1968 WA CE4 S4/P4
A Mr Terry W, now aged 30, related that at about age 6-7 two small beings entered his bedroom and tried to persuade him to leave with them. He has the recurring memory of them saying: “Come with us, come with us...” He remembers being petrified and thinking, I don't like the looks of you. I want to go back.” He also recalls an event in a flat in Maylands WA, in 1988/89, but doesn't remember if it was a dream or reality in which he was lifted up and carried off by some small squat entities. In 1990 he dreamt of being taken away by taller “peopleS wearing black capes. Terry asserts he is very psychic.
(Brian Richards UFORUM.)

UFORA93008 1983 WA ? S4/P4
In 1983 John W., then aged 22 or 23, had a lucid dream set in the USA which foretold the coming of thousands of aliens. He was the only one who knew. He also knew they were already amongst us, looking just like us. Another type had large heads and dark eyes, resembling the “greys.” In the dream he had to warn the general population of the coming invasion. A female living in the same apartment block, in the dream was taken away by the aliens and substituted by an alien double. W. knew of this deception and shot her. The aliens then arrived en-masse as two distinct types - one the grey and the other resembling a reptilian lizard. The dream left him feeling very disturbed for a long time. The night before the dream he had had sex with a comparative stranger, a drifter passing through who stayed at John's premises for 2-3 nights.

Another event was related, which had occurred three years earlier, at a house in Midlands WA. Sleeping on a mattress in the living room he awoke experiencing pinching and tickling causing him great fear. He yelled at the top of his voice to attract the other two male members in the house. They later claimed to have heard a commotion but couldn't find the light switch to come and investigate...” The neighbours, when questioned heard nothing. Coincidentally this event also happened after sex with a comparative stranger. The witness claims to be psychic but only specified his ability to “read minds.”
(Brian Richards UFORUM.)

UFORA93009 1976 Isle of Wight UK CE4? S4/P4
Shelley W. was living in a cottage and had broken her foot playing cricket, thus was resting one afternoon. The tinkle of bells could be heard although her husband, on entering the room with a cup of sea, heard nothing. Shelley heard the words: “Mayo, Mayo” and felt an alien presence wished to implant a transistor in her head to make a clearer reception. She experienced the feeling of skimming across water, but somehow resisted being taken to an unknown destination. The words: “No time” kept coming up, to mean there is no such thing as Time and "You’re woman" was clearly stated.

A form of contact was maintained in the months ahead through channelling. Her son, then 17, and a friend rushed indoors after seeing what were said to be “space- craft”. The sightings were so convincing that they re ported it to the police and the press ran a story. Shelley, through channelling, made contact with tall, fair haired, blue eyed beings on a mission of goodwill to save the planet. Our planet was described as the most violent of them all, but that could be reversed. These aliens were producing hybrids whose purpose was unclear.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93026 19 Jan 1993 Beldon WA 0300hrs CE3 S4/P4
Tony woke at 3a.m. and found “someone kneeling to the left side of his bed about half way along it. Whatever or whoever it was seemed extremely thin, had no hair, but normal features, except for the ears which seemed defined only by a faint outline. A gold box-like object appeared to be attached to the being’s neck just below its right ear.

Tony reached out to touch the thing, but his hand went right through it. It immediately disappeared, to reappear seconds later going through the closed flyscreen door. A dog at the bottom of the bed was watching the incident, but it did not respond by moving, growling or barking. No sound, smell or other anomalies were noted. The entity was wearing a grey-green T-shirt which had a higher than normal neck- a sort of half polo style neck. A belt was seen supporting loose fitting trousers like the pantaloons worn by pirates of old. It was too dark to define the feet or any footwear.

Later, Tony found a 5cm long rash, with accompanying soreness, on the inside of his left wrist. He was very frightened by the “nocturnal encounter” and has not slept properly since. His wife who sleeps in the same room saw and heard nothing and thinks he was dreaming.

Tony recounts seeing a UFO over the northern end of lake Joondallup in 1970 or 1971. Seen around midnight, the object was yellow - green and red lights flew slowly over the lake from north to south before ascending into clouds darting this way and that. It shot off to the west at tremendous speed before disappearing.

In 1975 Tony was in hospital for an operation. He awoke at 3 a.m. to find a nurse in an unusual (unrecognised) uniform kneeling beside the bed doing something to his wrist. She explained her purpose as a ‘health visitor’ doing the rounds at night. Later, it was shown that no nurse fitting the description given was known to any of the doctors or nurses at the hospital.
(Brian Richards UFORUM.)

UFORA93027 22 Jan 1993 Waroona Darn WA 2200hrs Low/CE4? S4/P4
A group of 13 people saw a large blue-green flare-like object pass by from north to south. The weather was fine with some low broken cloud. There was no sound from this object. Duration 8-10 seconds. It appeared to “skip” a couple of times before being lost due to distance. The whole area was bathed in a blue light brighter than Moonlight.

Three of the group camped overnight. Claims that 2 of the cars had flat batteries after the event maybe true, but it was also established that a tent was erected by the light of the car’s concerned. A check with Perth observatory found that reports of a “green fireball” had come in from various parts of the state seen just before 2200hrs.

The main witness, Amanda, claims to have had a dream of an “abduction experience”, found bruising finger marks on her upper arms, and minor” skin aberrations on her legs, and other parts of her body. Headaches are now occurring fairly regularly. She also claims to have suddenly developed healing abilities, tested on one of the UFORUM committee with remarkable and inexplicable results.
(Brian Richards UFORUM.

UFORA93031 1 Feb 1993 Noranda WA 0030hrs CE3B S4/P4
Kylie C. awoke and saw a small figure standing beside the bed half way down. At the end of the bed were 3 taller beings.” The small figure had dark, almond eyes, small nostrils and thin lips. Its head was bald and prominent. It had a pot belly, and KC noticed only 3 fingers on each hand KC had an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the small figure as a feeling of love and compassion embraced her. She was unable to move or call out. The being moved backwards and disappeared with a telepathic message: “It's not time yet” At that time KC was four and a half months pregnant (the baby was born handicapped.) The following morning she found she was sore behind the ears. There were some small pin pricks in the same area.

She has had some ghostly experiences when aged 9 and living in Balga. At present she is four months pregnant and has voiced some concern in relation to her present condition and possible 'outside interference' effecting the outcome.
(Brian Richards UFORUM.)


Last year we reported on an outburst of orange lights over Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. In Sydney the solution to many, perhaps all, of the orange lights seemed to lie, with the launching of hot air balloons. However, orange lights continue to be seen in Perth. as the following indicate.

UFOPRA93016 12 Dec 1992 Morley WA 2055hrs NL S3/P4
Six people watched a bright orange light travel silently at a steady pace from the south to the north east It appeared to increase speed and rise at one point. Believed to be a satellite.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93018 28Decl992 HeathridgeWA 2140hrs NL S3/P4
A bright orange light was seen by Andrew M. whose first impression was that it was a helicopter. It hovered for several minutes, without any sound, before heading south in the direction of Scarborough. There, it again remained stationary for about 10 minutes before fading out. Witness telephoned again to say some photos were taken. The Perth met office had several calls on this night from people reporting odd lights at 1930, 2000 and 2220hrs. Channel 7 had a call from a lady on December 27 reporting a light in the Fremantle area. No details given.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93028 21 Jan 1993 Alexander Heights WA 2300hrs Low S4/P4
Linda and Graharn plus their 6 year old daughter had two sightings. The first object was described as a dull orange sphere of light, travelling north to south. It stopped virtually overhead for about 5 minutes, then moved westwards in a sort of upward arc at great speed, stopped again for about a minute before moving rapidly to the WNW

On January 23, the family watched a similar light, though much brighter than before, perform almost identical manoeuvres in the same area. They were convinced it was not a plane or helicopter. Absolutely no sound was heard either time.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93032 2 Feb 1993 Armadale WA 2140hrs Low S4/P4
A soundless orange-red light was seen by Franz L. Travelling from SE to NE it was going faster than a conventional aircraft and fairly low (estimated 300m).

There seemed to be a darker body behind the light, which flashed on and off a few times. Orange bits seemed to be falling off the main light which continued to pulse brighter and dimmer. Over a highway the object was observed to drop straight down and disappear. Duration 30-35 seconds. He reported a similar light at 2050hrs on February 4, 1993. This object was moving E to W, silently, over a period of 30-40 seconds (possibly a satellite.)
(Brian Richards/UFORU:M.)

UFORA93034 5 Feb l993 BallajuraWA 2100hrs Med S41P4
Mrs Anna F, her husband and four children watched a red-orange light travelling straight overhead in a south-north direction. Duration 15 minutes. It was silent, one third the size of a full Moon and unlike anything else they had ever seen.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93081 (undated) 1993 Leederville WA
Three women reported seeing a fuzzy, orange coloured light, lower than tree top height. It travelled, without sound, from SW to NE. There was no change in direction or intensity of the object which was lost from sight behind some trees.
(Brian Richards/UFORUMJ


UFORA93006 1974 Perth WA Various S4/P4
In 1974 John R sighted three disc-shaped objects over South Perth, performing unusual rnanoeuvres during daylight hours . The middle object suddenly changed from a disk to a ring and disappeared. These objects were observed from the Glenway gardens flats looking north- west.

In 1975 he was lying down relaxing about 2100hrs. He may have fallen asleep, but around 0100hrs a tremendous weight was felt pressing down on the stomach area rendering him immobile. As dawn approached he started praying (although not religious) and the weight was felt to ease.

In 1984/85 he moved to an old house which he was buying and at the same time took up meditation. One evening, lying down, again in relaxation and meditation, a crackling sound was heard and a voice somewhere within his head shouted three angry words which were undeciphered. From this time his life improved. He found a job, moved to a newer, better house and developed a positive attitude.

Around the middle of 1992, whilst meditating, he asked the meaning of the three words. Suddenly, as if in response, a loud crackling noise like static was heard. He lay down to avoid the noise but it got worse. With his eyes closed he was aware of 'light' flashing through the window and also “see" through the lounge wall directly into the kitchen. The noise became even louder and a sound like a sucking vacuum cleaner could be heard. The lights increased their intensity. Both his feet started to rise unaided. At this point he called on God for help. The noise stopped and the lights faded leaving the victim visibly shaken.
(Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA93010 19 Oct 1992 Kwinana WA 1950hrs NL S2/P4
Six people reported a bright star-like object travelling in an erratic fashion - up and down, and side to side, from the south to North east.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UF0RA93011 20 Oct 1992 Bullsbrook WA 1900hrs NL S2/P4
A bright, white light travelled south to north. It appeared to switch off Most probably a satellite.
(Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA93012 20 Oct 1992 WA 2028hrs NL S2/P4
Two white lights with red centres were reported travelling south-west to north-east.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93013 19 Oct 1992 Dwellingup WA 2000 2100hrs NL S2/P4
A white light, like a bright fast moving star, was sighted moving west to east. It changed direction, moved up and down and almost turned full circle before blinking out
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93014 22 Oct 1992 Heathridge WA 2310hrs NL S3/P4
A large white light moving silently north was seen. A smaller white light was below the main one. At one point this smaller light appeared to move to the left and was seen to fade from time to time. Duration 20 minutes. A number of patrons in the local MacDonald’s car park also saw the object and expressed amazement.
(Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA93015 27 Nov 1992 Huntingdale WA 2225hrs NL S3/P4
Many lights in the sky, high up, darting about were noted. They came together, separated, then regrouped. There appeared to be two larger lights that moved less than the others and the focus of the attention of the smaller lights.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93017 27 Dec 1992 Kelmscott WA NL S3/P4
John H reported seeing 9 ‘satellites’ between 2100 and 2300hrs. One of these appeared to deviate north-west from a south-north course. The witness had driven trucks across the Nullarbor Plains for some years and had witnessed the so called Min Min light three times. The most impressive sighting was in Sept 1973 when a white light zigzagged in front of his truck and from one side of the road to the other. Another time while sleeping in the parking area of the Mundrabilla Roadhouse, his truck was violently rocked from side to side. Investigation found no one around. John had one memorable psychic experience in 1966 when his grandfather died.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93019 28 Dec 1992 Morley WA 2215hrs Med S4/P4
Joe, Claudia and their two children were stationary in their car when Joe noticed a bright, off-white light to his left. He described it as one of the brightest lights he had ever seen. It was oval in shape, although the centre appeared round. On the top left hand 'corner' were 4 flame-like objects that defied any conventional explanation

The object, larger than a Jumbo jet, moved erratically from side to side and up and down. It hovered over the road for a few seconds before moving further right over some vacant land. At this point it seemed to stabilise and remained stationary for about 30 seconds. Suddenly, there was a bright flash lighting up the ground below the object and surrounding areas. It then climbed vertically at a steady pace until lost to view. At no time was any sound heard from the object.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93020 1993 Shelley WA Low S2/P4
A woman reported a bright, silent light travelling from SW to NE. It deviated from its course at one point and then faded away. Possibly a satellite.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93021 25 Dec 1981 SA 2200hrs Med S4/P4
The same woman as in UFORA93020 reported encountering a pale blue, triangular object, from a car on a lonely road. This was also seen by her husband and fourteen year old daughter.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93022 5 Jan l993 Bedfordale WA 2130hrs Med S3/P4
A bluish, spherical object was seen to be travelling south to north, in the western sky, by a woman. It seemed to have a darker ring around it. It approached Kwinana, remained stationary for some minutes before shooting straight up and disappearing.
(Brian Richards/UFORUMJ

UFORA93023 7 Jan 1993 Armadale WA 2145hrs Low S3/P4
KH noticed a satellite, quite high in the sky, travelling from SW to NE. At the same time it was noticed that a bright, flashing, star-like object had come into view from the right, or north, and proceeded to move south, flashing on every 2-3 seconds. It then stopped for a few moments before describing a complete loop before climbing vertically and disappearing. At one stage when the satellite and flashing object appeared close together, a meteor streaked by, close to both objects although this may have been unrelated.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UTORA93024 9 Jan 1993 Kelmscott WA 1540hrs InstP S4/P4
A nine year old boy and a thirteen year old girl in the Ravensthorpe, Hayden and South Varley area, saw what appeared to be an oval, metallic object with no visible sign of wings, tail or protuberances, travelling high up, at 20 degrees, in a WSW-NNW direction. It was about 1/8th of an inch at arms length, and left a very long, single condensation trail. Duration about 5 minutes. It was viewed with 10x50 binoculars and filmed on super 8mm.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93025 8 Jan 1993 Fremantle WA 1900hrs Med S4/P4
Andrea P reported seeing a roundish, disk- shaped object following the river in an E-W direction. This was in daylight. He described the object as being off-white, greyish with odd grey lines on the side and fin-like appendages at the rear. The overall description was a little vague. AP lost sight when he averted his gaze for a brief moment.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93029 1966 and subsequently Willagee WA CE3 S4/P4
Mrs Audrey W”s children aged 7 and 5, were playing on the front verge with their neighbours children more or less the same age. It was dusk but not dark. Suddenly their chickens created a great commotion and their dog flew into a frenzy, its hair on end as it chased its tail to the point of exhaustion. The children came running in very excited, declaring that they had “seen priests” looking out of portholes at them from a funny round thing, with a round thing on top. The children went on to describe the occupants of the craft wearing dark 'shirts' with round, white collars. Apparently this saucer-shaped object dipped down towards the children before speeding off north towards Perth.

Audrey’s daughter Tracey had a later UFO experience in 1981 when aged 22. She was driving across Sydney Harbour Bridge when all the cars stopped to watch an aerial display of a light doing unbelievable manoeuvres. Two policemen stopped their car, got out and directed all the traffic to continue warning all the occupants that they hadn't seen a thing. They (police) also made the point that if they reported the incident to their superiors, they wouldn't be believed and their careers would be in jeopardy.

In June 1992 Audrey’s daughter-in-law and the son who had seen the “priests" years before, watched a cigar shaped object like a rocket heading south-north. They called Perth ATC who said it was a plane burning off fuel on its way lo RAAF Pierce. Pierce denied all knowledge of such an aircraft at the time.

In 1971 Audrey’s family owned a Shell garage. Early one morning, about 5 a.m., a man stopped his car to see a “silvery metallic grey” object draining power from power lines. He also stopped other cars, some of the drivers whom were Audrey’s customers. A few days after the event some of these witnesses were visited by three men in dark suits who claimed to be either ASIO or Air Force personnel. They warned the witnesses not to speak of the incident and assured them that what they had seen was nothing more than stars or planets.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93030 29 Jan l993 Clackline WA 2300hrs Low S4/P4
Dianne and Geoff watched a bright light dart from side to side, forwards and backwards, fading to a mere dot, and pulsating back to brightness. A second cigar-shaped light appeared in the East towards York about two handspans form the first light. This also darted around and pulsed in and out. At one stage an aircraft came in to view and the couple watched in amazement as it was buzzed by one of the lights. They believed the plane was headed for Perth airport. Brian Richards telephoned Met radar at Perth and asked them what they knew of the incident. Met Radar obliged by telephoning ATC to check their log. A bit of a conversation ensued and Brian was eventually advised by Met radar that ATC didn't want to get involved. RAAF Pierce weren't able to work.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93033 4 Feb 1993 Ocean Reef WA 2050hrs Low S3/P4
Jim P saw a bright, white light leading a red light travelling silently from E to W. It disappeared over the ocean The sighting lasted about 40 seconds and could well have been the same (second) object reported by Franz L.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

UFORA93035 5 Feb 1993 Ballajura WA 2100hrs Med S4/P4
Mr Fred Van B, his daughter and mother, watched what seemed to be the 93034 object. The family watched a bright, off white light travelling from south to north. Duration 10 minutes and described as one third the size of a full Moon, travelling under cloud cover.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93036 14 Feb 1993 Kwinana WA 2315hrs Low S4/P4
Julie S and her boyfriend watched two star-like objects performing aerial manoeuvres. One of the lights (orange) was just above the Southern Cross and the other (neon blue) just below it. They were darting around and once came close. The lower light would dart upwards and float gently down again. The performance was still going on when the call came in to Brian Richards. Brian looked around from where he was but saw nothing unusual. In the 70’s Julie’s father had watched "dancing” lights in the daytime in the Rockingham area, which caused a number of cars to lose power and stall.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93037 18 Feb 1993 Maddington WA 0640hrs Low S4/P4
Nicki, a nurse was driving to work, when to the East at about 30 degrees, she noted a large, bright, off white stationary object above the hills. It seemed to be circular in shape with the brightest lights around the circumference. As she watched for a minute or so, it shrank to the size of a bright star. It did this several times before fading out.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)


A new US based UFO magazine Is now in full production. Called 'UFO Encounters' - it bills itself as providing a "World-wide coverage of the UFO phenomenon". 12 issues costs US $30 and it is now available, 20 pages a monthly issue, from Aztec Publishing, PO Box 1142, Norcross, GA 30091 USA



Will you be in the UK in August of this year? If so, you may want to attend The Independent UFO Network’s International UFO Conference, to be held in Sheffield, England, on the 14th and 15th August 1993. Guest speakers include Jenny Randles, Cynthia Hind, Budd Hopkins, Paul Devereux, Hilary Evans, and Linda Moulton Howe. More details available from Stu Smith, 15 Rydal Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 lHS, England.


“The Extraordinary” is a television series currently screening on the 7 network on Thursday nights. This series presents several short pieces each week on various aspects of the paranormal, and the UFO phenomenon.

Bill Chalker worked with the series’ researchers on a piece about the 1954 Nowra, New South Wales, radar/visual case, which was recently aired. One of the show’s researchers has been talking to myself, which might result in further pieces on the UFO phenomenon.


“Fire In the Sky” has opened in the US according to recent messages on the Paranet computer network. Starring James Garner, D B Sweeney, and Robert Patrick the movie is loosely based on the famous multi-witness, 1975, Travis Walton abduction event. If you haven't read of the case then The Walton Experience- by Travis Walton, Berkley, New York, 1978 is the book to try and get hold of.


Continuing my long standing research into Department of Defence (RAAF) files held by the Australian Archives, I submitted a request for copies of papers from the year 1962. These documents, consisting of 100 plus pages have now arrived. Coples are available from UFORA ADMINISTRATION, CAIRNS at a cost of $20.00.


We understand that US psychologist Kenneth Ring will be In Australia In August of this year. He plans to Visit Melbourne and Adelaide, and perhaps Sydney. Ring has long been interested In Near-Death Experiences (see his books 'Life at Death’, 1982, Quill, New York, and 'Heading Toward Omega', 1984, Quill, New York). Commencing a few years ago he took an in-depth look at the abduction phenomenon.

His recent book: The Omega Factor’, William Morrow, New York, explores the similarities between the after effects of both NDEs and abductions. It Is hoped to have Ken present a public lecture during his short stay in Adelaide.


Quite a few magazine articles of late have been mentioning ‘The Old Hag’ phenomenon. For those who may have not come across it before, the following Is a brief overview ot the most detailed look at the Old Hag, which was carried out some years ago, by David Huttord (see his 1982 book: ‘The Terror that Comes in the Night’, Philadelphia, University ot Pennsylvania Press.

Hufford lived in Newfoundland, Canada, between 1971 -1974 at the Folklore Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Here he first encountered the topic of the Old Hag. He carried out a survey questionnaire and from 93 respondents found an incidence of Old Hag of some 23%.

The experience was summed:

Subjective impression of wakefulness
• sense of immobility
• realistic perception of environment they were in for

The experience:
• very commonly occurred when a person was lying on their back
• included thepercipient commonly feeling a sense of presence An the room commonly involved was a feeling of pressure on the chest

Interestingly, one notes thst UFO abductions frequently commence in a bedroom where someone, who is convinced they are wide awoke, reports being poralysed and feels a presence or sees a being in their room.

If you have an opportunity to locate a copy of Hufford’s book in a library, then I think you will find it of great interest.


The mystery ot the 'Missing Fetus'- Syndrome

With the publication of the book ‘Intruders’ in 1987, came an added dimension to the abduction enigma. After detailing a small handful of case studies of Andrea, Kathie, Susan, and Pam, Budd Hopkins suggested a theme had developed in his work. The pattern observed by Hopkins was that female abductees were often first abducted as a small child. This was then followed by a series of abductions through puberty. Ova samples were taken by the aliens. Artificial insemination occurred during one abduction, resulting in the pregnancy of an abductee. The women were then re-abducted 2-3 months later and the foetus removed by the entities.

The discovery of this ‘fact’ led Hopkins to conclude that: ‘A central gaol of UFO abductions, I now believe Is the apparent interbreeding of an alien species with our own. (Hopkins 1987:179).

Had anyone else noticed this pattern prior to Hopkins? It seems not. As an explanation for this it might be suggested that it was Hopkins who had access to the largest number of cases and hence became the first to detect the pattern.

Eddie Bullard, cited in an article by Dr Richard Neal, (1991:20) stated: “ I noticed nothing in the literature (up to 1986 or thereabouts) comparable to the missing embryo motif. ò This Is despite Bullard having reviewed 300 abduction texts in his mammoth review study.

How did Hopkins detect the pattern? In Intruders- (pg25) he stated that he thought the Kathy Davis case was a once off event. Later, when other women contacted him, he straight away:

“...brought up...unsolved medical problems..then I asked about any unusual circumstances involving pregnancies.

Is MFS a universal theme with female abductees? I can find no evidence in the literature to suggest that all female abductees have under gone this cycle of insemination and then removal of foetus. Is it then a large percentage of female abductees who have this happen to them? No one seems to have claimed it is, yet it has become a central theme in the “abductions are genetic experiments” hypothesis.

Is it therefore only a few individuals making this claim? Published claims of cases of MFS are infrequent. One concludes that far from the norm. MFS, as a percentage of total abductions of females is minimal.

Do we in fact have any idea of what percent age of female abductees report the syndrome. Ann Druffel (1991:8) spoke of ...numerous such reports- without defining the numbers of which she spoke.

Richard Neal (1991:18) commented: Over the past several years there have been many female abductees...- again without citing numbers or sources for this estimate. Later in the same article: Many researchers have claimed that they have several cases. . .in their files.- Several - multiplied by many- would seem to me to indicate a lot.

Finally. I did manage to track down a statistic. Jean Mundy (1991:23) wrote that: “Around nine percent of women with alien contact report medically confirmed pregnancies which disappeared, usually in the fourth month.” So, here at last, a concrete statistic. 1 in 11 female abductees with MFS.

So it is not a universal constant. Yet often, In discussions one comes across researchers putting the syndrome forward as part of the genetic experimentation hypothesis as if it does happen to 100% of female abductees.

What does the above statistic translate to in terms of numbers of case of MFS? The Omni magazine survey Mundy report involved a stated 2000 individuals. Hopkins is said by diverse sources to have an estimated 4000 pieces of correspondence, and he stated of these that the ratio of male/female abductees was 1:1

So, if 2000 of the 4000 Hopkins cases were from women, and using Mundy’s 9%, 9% of these would give us 180 cases. How many detailed cases have been published? A review of the literature reveals Hopkins wrote of 4 in “Intruders”, Mundy relates one in her article and Druffel reports one. A far cry from 180.

Missing from all the published accounts, up until 1991, was medical documentation. There were no names of the heath professionals involved and no copies of medical records indicating the disappearance of medically confirmed pregnancies.

Researchers were apparently merely accepting the word of abductees. Even Bullard (1990:25) fell into this trap stating: “Missing babies. . become sticking points in the ongoing argument. Opponents cannot slip easily past the evidence.

Ann Druffel reported on a thorough investigation of the medical data in the case of a woman who, after a visitation by an entity, unexpectedly became pregnant, and subsequently lost the foetus. She came to wonder if she was a victim of the MFS. Investigations by Druffel et al found that the Case turned out to be a conventional, medical event according to the primary physician...” (1991:12.)

In summary, we have a number of anecdotal accounts. However, in the one case where it has been possible to undertake a thorough scientific medical investigation, It was shown that there was no evidence for the MFS. In fact a mundane explanation was located. Richard Necl (1992) presents a detailed set of alternate mundane, medical explanations which explain MFS symptoms.

As MFS Is a major part of the broader “genetic experimentation” hypothesis for alien abduction accounts, it would seem that the ball is back in the courts of “genetic experimentation hypothesis proposes to show us why we should continue to accept this hypothesis as having any validity.


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