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We welcome the support of Helen Chapman and the other members of UFO Investigation Network, Inc of Brisbane. Reports from Helen and the group commence appearing in this issue of the Digest. We look forward to a mutually rewarding association with them.

UFORA93040 Aug 1979 Mt Tibrogargan QLD 2100hrs CE1 Level B S4/P4
Mr and Mrs H were travelling back to Brisbane from a day trip to Caloundra in their 1977 Suzuki 4WD soft top. There were no other vehicles on the road, front or rear. The car was suddenly engulfed in the most tremen- dous noise, like a giant humming top, the car lights faded out and the motor cut out. Mr H managed to steer the car onto a grassy verge. The noise lasted about 10 seconds then diminished after which Mr H restarted the car and proceeded onto the highway. The noise came again and situated itself on top of the car. Although the lights and motor did not cut out, the noise suddenly left and faded away to the east (Glasshouse Mountains). No lights were observed as in aircraft or helicopter lights. Mrs H says the car’s interior lit up with an orange glow but Mr H was not aware of this. The rest of the trip home was uneventful.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investigation Network Inc)

UFORA93041 17 Jul 1989 Wolffdene QLD 1000hrs Med Level B S4/P4
A 45 year old man was watching a light aircraft from his backyard when he caught sightofabright, white flashing light in the southern sky. After observing for a minute or two he fetched hisbinoculars. Through the binoculars the object was still small. At the front of a tear drop-shaped black object was abright light whichpulsed light in white, green and blue flashes. Beneath the black shape was a long white projection pointing downwards. The white proj ection was very long in proportion to the black shape . The object was first seen at 45 degrees south, and stayed on a level course moving towards the east. It appeared to fade into the distance at 45 degrees east. Total duration 20-30 minutes.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investigation Network Inc)

UFORA93042 TA93006 1983 Forcett TAS 1700hrs CE3 Level B S31P4
The witness reports that when about 15 years old was staying on a friend’s farm. She felt an urge to look outside and saw a bright light to the north. She and her friend went outside, the light resolved into a grey squarish shape with windows and flashing lights. Visible througwindow at the front were black human-like figures. The object lost height and was obscured from view. Air traffic does pass over this area but the witness claims this was certainly not any aircraft.

UFORA93043 TA93032 Ca 21 Jun 1985 Flinders Island 0100hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A crew member of a boat, north-east of Flinders Island was on watch and observed six or more lights shining clearly under the water. They had appeared suddenly, some 100m from the boat. The lighted areas were some 3/4m across and green in colour, but bright. After some 10 minutes the witness altered course to pass round the lights. They faded out of sight soon after.

UFORA93044 30 Dec 1992 Bellenve TAS 2340hrs Low Level A S3/P5
A man had just returned home when he became aware of two steady red/orange lights to the north-west. They looked to be approaching at a steady speed over the city of Hobart area. However, they then changed course and started to move away to the south-west. The gap between the lights widened now as one increased speed to go out of sight. The witness had thought at first that they had maybe been on one object. The second light gradually went away in the same direction, pulsing as it departed.

UFORA93045 TA93020 11 Jan 1993 Mt Nelson TAS 0210hrs NSW Level A S3/P5
Awoken by the barking of her dogs, a woman saw a very bright, yellow light just above the treeline some 2km distant. There are no houses etc. in that direction (west). The light seemed tobe rocking backwards and forwards. She watched it for some 10 minutes, After this the dogs quietened down and she returned to bed.

UFORA93046 TA93004 12 Jan 1993 Evandale TAS 2200hrs Level A S3/P5
A cylindrical shape wit three spinning lights was seen by a married couple from their home near Evandale. Close at first, it seemed to gradually move away to the northeast. It seemed to become blurred near the horizon and disappear. No air traffic was known to be in the area.

UFORA93047 TA93041 21 Feb 1989 Launceston TAS 2200hrs Low Level B S4/P5
The pilot of a Piper Lancer, single engine/low wing aircraft, was conducting a series of night circuits. Two people were onboard. About 30 minutes into the circuits, air traffic control brought to their attention that they had observed a coloured light in the nortbern sky. ATC’s first thought was that another aircraft had penetrated con trolled air space without clearance. The pilot offered to fly towards the sighting in order to identify it and so took offonabearing of 325 degrees magneticfromLaunceston.

The light appeared to alternate between the colours red and green which led them to at first believe it was a navigation light of another aircraft The object seemed to be at their level. After travelling about 30nm from Launceston on the same track, the distance between the plane and the light appeared to decrease at a rapid rate and at one stage they had to take evasive action and alter course to the left in orderto avoid whatthey thought might be a collision. They seemed to remain close for 2 minutes and then the object appeared to be as far away as when they first started out to look at it.

They continued on their track until some 20nm off the northern coast until they turned back with the object still in the northern sky.

UFORA3048 9 Apr 1993 Over NSW 0835hrs Low Level E S1/P5
Dozens of people from a wide area of New South Wales reported an object in the sky. Initia11y appearing as a white glow, it became a coloured ball with a tail . It then split into two and disintegrated. Later there was what appeared to be a sonic boom heard. Most likely a bolide.
(Copy of item from the Sydney Daily Telegraph Mirror 10 Apr 93 via John Jensen.)


Volume 4 ofthe new series ofthe Journal of UFO Studies includes:

• Walker, W. W. & Johnson, R. W. “Further Studies on the Ubatuba Magnesium Samples.”

• Kerth, L. & Haines, R.F. “How Children Portray UFOs.”

• Swords, M.D. “Astronomers, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and the United States Air Force at the beginning of the Modern UFO phenomenon.”

• Hall, R.L., Rodeghier, M. & Johnson, D. A. “The Prevalence of Abductions:A Critical Look.”

• Jacobs, D. M. & Hopkins, B. “Suggested Techniques for Hypnosis and Therapy of Abductees.”


Crop formations in the UK-1992/1993

The 1992 UK crop circle season received very little attention here in Australia. However, news from avariety of sources indicated that 1992 brought:

• “The Cerealogist’s” Manmade Circle Making competition. Twelve teams competed for a 3,000 pound prize. The competition revealed that realistic geometric formations could indeed be made at night by humans.

• George Wingfield, of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) declaring that there was an international government plot against crop circle research.

• An increasing number of people being caught in the act of manufacturing crop formations.

• The continuing awareness that there is still no definite way for crop circle “experts” to tell you what distinguishes a man-made from a “genuine” formation.

• The knowledge that the Meaden vortex theory is at best limited to a small number ofthe “simpler circles”, whilst still having the possibility of being able to explain some of the formations

What of the 1993 season? The Center for North American Crop Circle Studies (CNACCS) released their Bulletin Number 3 on May 27, 1993 reporting on the UK scene. We bring you the following courtesy of both the CNACCS and PARANET/UFORA

The 1993 UK season started as early as May 5.

Then on the May 11, Montague Keen of the CCCS found, near St Neots, Cambridgeshire, a tailed shaft with large and small circles in wheat. Others followed including an 18m circle in rape with a “sunburst” centre on West Overton North Farm in Wiltshire; and a 24m tight, neat circle in rape with a 45cm spiral and a ridged, “ripple wave flow effect.”

The CNACCS also advised that the CCCS and German and American colleagues have set up near Silbury Hill and near Alton Barnes to monitor environmental changes.

The US/UK/Canadian project Argus sampling group, whowereactive in 1992, will notbe intheUKthis season. However, Dr W C Levengood will continue plant sampling.

Dr Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is again expected to be in Wiltshire to continue his experiments to contact who- ever/whatever is behind the crop formations.

“Fire in the Sky”

The film “Fire in the Sky”, based on the 1975 Travis Walton abduction case, opened in Austalia movie theatres on May 13, 93. We will be monitoring the number of Australian abduction reports during this pe- riod to see what affect, if any, the movie has on Australians.


Physical traces

With all the emphasis on abduction cases these days and the chase for physical evidence in the form of implants, we tend to forget that we already possess tantalising lines of physical evidence of the UFO phenomenon.

Two of the most spectacular physical trace cases, with direct links to UFOs, happened in Valensole in 1965 and Trans-en-Provence in 1981. Curiously, both events oc- curred in the same south-eastern corner of France, near Nice

For those who may not be aware of these cases we present a summary of both. They serve as classic cases with which to face any sceptic.


The following account is drawn from a series of articles which originally appeared in the English Flying Saucer review (1965a b,c.)

Valensole is a small village in the south-east of France, near to Nice. A significant event occurred there on July 1, 1965. In the month of June, Maurice Masse, a World War Two resistance fighter, and a trustworthy farmer according to local police; together with his father had noticed someone had been picking their lavender plants. At 5.45 a.m. Masse was standing by a tractor smoking a cigarette. The tractor was parked by a mound of pebbles and rakings, close to a small vineyard, in the lavender field.

A whistling sound came to his attention which he thought was a helicopter. However, upon looking around the mound he saw an unusual object. It was shaped like a rugby football and the size of a car. It stood on a number of legs, stated to have been 6 in number by Bowen (1974:246) and 4 by Vallee (1990:108). There was a central pivot stuck into the ground beneath it. Masse noted what he first took to be two children, about aged eight years, close by the object apparently inspecting a lavender plant.

Masse thought at first, from an initial distance of 60m, that these were the people who had been taking his plants. He decided to approach quietly through the vineyard. However, when he got closer he realised the figures were not children but unusual beings. He left the vineyard and walked though the low height lavender field.

At about 5m distance from the object, one of the beings turned and pointed a pencil-like object towards him and Masse was frozen, unable to move. Vallee (1988:27) reports that masse could still breath and feel his heart beat present.

The beings were described as follows. They were some 120cm tall and wore close fitting, grey-green clothes, but no head covering. Their heads were pumpkin-like, with high fleshy cheeks. The eyes were large and Vallee (1988:26) adds that Masse told him that the eyes con- veyed human expressions. These eyes slanted away around the sides of the face. The mouth was merely a slit or hole, without noticeable lips. Their chins were very pointed. Vallee (1988:26) adds their hands were small and nor- mal. Grumbling sounds came from their middles.

Masse has consistently refused to disclose what - if anything - happened between him and the beings.

After a while the beings re-entered their object. Vallee (1988:27) notes the door closed “like the front part of a wooden file cabinet. “ The beings were apparently visible looking at him from inside the object, while the legs whirled and retracted. The central pivot made a thumping noise. Then the object lifted offand floated silently away.

At 20m distance from the landing spot the object simply vanished fromview. Masse, according to Vallee ( 1988 :27), says: “One moment the thing was there and the next moment it was not there anymore.”

It took some 20 minutes forthe paralysis to wear off. After that Masse went back to Valensole. The proprietor of the cafe des Sports questioned him after being alarmed by Masse’s appearance. Masse told him part of what had happened, and the police were informed.

The Digne Gendarmerie, lead by a Captain Valet, were called in to investigate.

The traces:

At the time traces were found at the spot where the object had rested. These consisted of a flat imprint just over 1m in diameter. In the centre, where the central support had been, was a cylindrical hole some 30cm deep and some 15cm diameter. From the hole radiated four flat grooves, making an x shape. Each of the grooves was 2m long and 25cm deep. The soil here was of a near-liquid consistency despite the fact that it had not rained for some time.

That evening Masse and his 18 year old daughter went back to the site . The soil surrounding the central trace was as hard as cement compared to the surrounding soil which crumbled when held.

After a period of time, a 3 m diameter circular area in the middle of rows of lavender plants died, with only a few weeds continuing to grow. Around the perimeter a num- ber of lavender Plants were stunted and withered looking.

The calcium content of the soil, taken from the site, was much higher then in soil taken from other areas of the field (Phenomenes Spatiaux 1966:26)

Masse reploughed the landing site and replanted, but these plants also died.

After effects:

Vallee (1988:27) reports that for several weeks after the event, Masse was overcome with drowsiness and found it difficult to stay awake for more then four hours at a time.

Aime Michel visited Masse on Aug 8,1965, and at the end of the interview showed Masse a drawing of the Socorro object which Masse took to be his object.

Michel reported that Masse appeared anxious, nervous and distressed at interview. Masse said of the beings: “They were good” and n they did not wish to do us any harm.”


Bowen, C. (1965a.) “A significant Report from France. “ FSR 1165).

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Renato Nicolai, aged 55, was building a little cement shed on his property, at about 1700 hours, on January 8, 1981. His attention was drawn to a whistling sound and upon turning around he saw an object in the air. It was at tree height and descending. As it descended he approached it, and then saw it standing on the ground. He was some 30m away at this stage.

At that time, the object emitted another constant whis- tling sound. It took off and when it had reached tree top height, it left rapidly to the north-east. Nicolai noted that the object kicked up a little dust as it left the ground. Total duration of the whole event was 30-40 seconds.

Nicolai walked towards the spot where it had been and saw a circular marking on the ground, some 2m in diameter.

The object:

He described it as like two saucers one against the other, some 2m highby 2.4m wide. It was the colour of lead, i.e. gray. It had a border around its circumference. Under- neath there were two round pieces, which could have been landing gear or feet, extending some 20cm below the main structure. There were also two circles looking like trap doors underneath it.


The police attended on the Jan 9, 1981, and took samples as part of their investigation. The police found two concentric circles 2.2 and 2.4min diameter. Two portions of these circles were more clearly visible than other portions. The marking was still visible 40 days later.

The police returned to the site on the Jan 23 to take more samples and GEPAN investigated and took samples on February 17.

Vallee (1990: 105) notesthat GEPAN found that the earth inside the ring was compacted and a tough crust, 6mm deep, was present consisting predominently of calcium.

This crust had been subjected to a rubbing effect. It appeared that strong mechanical pressure had been ap- plied to the soil by a heavy weight, causing erosion, striation and heating (less than 600 degrees C.)

Analytical indings from the GEPAN report:

• The chlorophyll pigment in the leaf samples taken from inside the ring was weakened by 30-50%.

• The young leaves “withstood the most serious losses, evolving towards the content and composition more characteristic of ald leaf


A Report which has received on site investigation 6y experienced investigators.

LEVEL B - An interview with the witness was conducted by investigators, but there was no follow- through investigation.

LEVEL C - The witness has simply completed a standard UFO report form. No interview has 6een conducted.

The report consists solely of some form of written communication from the witness.

LEVEL E - This is based on information received hang, e.g. newspaper.


S7 -
Prosaic explanation-previously termed an IFO.
S2 - Probably explainable, with more data.
S3 - Possibly explainable, but with elements of strangeness.
S4 - Strange; does not conform to known scientific principles.
S5- Highly strange.

• Attempts to duplicate the changes were unsuccessful. Applying nuclear radiation does not seem to be analo- gous with the energy source implied with the observed phenomenon.”

* On the other hand, “it could be tied to the actions of some type of electric energy field.”

* Concerning the witness, the investigations clearly did not show: “indications of invention or exaggeration on his part or a mental deformation whichwould cast doubt on his testimony.”


The GEPAN conclusion was: “We cannot give a precise and unique interpretation to this remarkable combination of results...We can state that there is, nonetheless, an- other conformation of a very significant event which happened on this spot.”


Anonymous. (1984). “GEPAN” Most Significant Case.” MUFON Journal No 193, March 1984.

Vallee. J. (1990.) “Confrontations. “ New York Ballentine.


P7 -
Not credible or sound.
P2 - Lacking in soundness; smacks of hoax.
P3 - Somewhat credible or indeterminate.
P4- Credible
Highly credible.

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