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The Channel 7 series, “The Extraordinary” re cently carried a segment on the 1992 Perth, Western Australia, Himplant” case. The following is a summary of the facts revealed during the interview with the main DerciDient. whom the show called “Andrew.”

On the evening of the 4 Feb 1992 Andrew was restless, and couldn’t get to sleep. However, he felt he must have dozed off as suddenly he found himselfawake. He was not in his bedroom. Somehow he had been transported and was standing in the car-park outside a basketball stadium some 50 kilometres away from his home in an outer sllburb of Perth

He was surroundedby some 30 strangers. He spoke to one person, who telepathically, told him he was lucky to be chosen. A dot sized blue light appeared, and grew larger until it was over the top of them. His last recollection was thnt there wnr n white flnch

Next moment, he found himself inside the basket-ball stadium. Other people were also there. His confusion turned to fear. The other people seemed sinister. “They took on a human-like figure. The thing that distinguished them most of all that was different from humans were their eyes. Their eyes were, to me, they resembled as if they were out of focus.”

“The whole place was abuzz. The lights were on. Every- thing was happening, and I noticed people were receiving gifts from these things. One ofthem came overto me and offered me a gift. I looked at it and I thought to myself there and then, what is this7 I looked down towards what I was given. It was a cricket bat...There was one of these things kneeled down, accepting my emotions, my feelings, everything that I was feeling. It was accepting and drawing in as if it was robbing me., depriving me of my own thoughts. I felt aggravated. I felt violated. I became very angry. Consequently, I dropped the gift I was given. I looked over towards the others and I said: “This is not what it seems. Get out of here.” I got to the exit doors within the hall and everything just went brilliant white. The next thing I remember I was back in my bed.” The timewnc) lSnm

On the 4 Mar 1992, again at 2.30 a.m., he was jolted from his sleep by an intense blue light. Through the glare something: “...a figure, it stood approximately 4 feet, maybe 4 feet 6 high, no taller. What was incredible was the fact that my son was being geuded down the passage- way by this thing. It was at this point that I noted my body was paralysed. My mind was completely functional, but my body wouldn’t respond...It was only when this blue misty light figure had disappeared from my sight did I gain the strength enough to be able to get offthe bed and go and grab my son.” The figure vanished in flash of white light.

Next, here calls finding his 10 year old son in bed, looking very pale and shaky. However, the son was well enough to go to school next day.

Shortly after this, the family ate a lamb roast, during which the son: “had an irritation at the back of his throat “ He coughed up a tiny metal object.

The Extraordinary had the object analysed at Curtin University. The university verdict was that the object is most likely a computer component manufactured in Sweden.

Andrew concluded by saying: “I feel a lot offear. I fear the fact that I don’t know what I’m dealing with here. I feel they are coming back. They are coming back. They told me they will be back in 5 of our Earth years” to see his son.

UF0RA93052 l9S7/58 Finland CE4 Level C S4/P4
A woman, now living in Australia has recollections that at age 7 or 8, she had been abducted. She recalls being on a table of sorts, with bright, very white, lights above her. A long, large needle was pushed into her chest, about 7.5cm down from her sternum, between the ribs. This needle insertion left her with a mole like mark

She recalls she had been asleep at home when there was a noise. She felt paralysed and a being approached. The being was 120cm tall, had large black eyes and a large head. She thought there might have actually been two beings present. She felt she had either seen them, or knew them from somewhere before.

They communicated with her by telepathy. The commu- nication between them and her was instructional, a message that the beings meant no harm. Other aspects of the communication was to tell her that she would forget the abduction and that they would, at some stage, return to her. In summary, she felt like “a victim”, a Hsurvivor” and a “chosen one.” The woman has fragmentary memo- ries of what she believes are three other abduction episodes.
(Keith Basterfield)


UF0RA93048 21 Mar 1993 Brisbane QLD 1925hrs Lnw Level B S2/P4
A 21 year old man was standing in the backyard of his house in Sunnybank, Brisbane. High in the north-eastern sky he saw a lightblue coloured light, at a 45 degree angle. It looked like a giant flash of lightning, appearing out of nowhere. It was visible for 5-10 seconds and then just disappeared. The weather was partly cloudy and there was an electrical storm at the time.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investigahon NetworkIncJ

UFORA93049 4 Jun 1993 Blackheath NSW 2100hrs Med Level B S3/P3
A couple, aged 37 and 40, were sitting around a camp fire in their backyard, when they suddenly looked up and saw, for a few seconds, a golden coloured, wedge shaped object. This object was first seen above tree top level in the eastern sky. It moved across the sky, travelling from their right to their left, horizontally. It had no markings or lights on it. By the time the woman had said: “Hey, what’s that?”, it had disappeared. The duration was a few seconds only.

The couple have also experienced a constant stream of poltergeist experiences for the last 3 years. On one occasion a 5 cent coin dropped out ofthin air and landed on the head of the woman. On another occasion a screw, dropped by the husband, could not be found even though he knew exactly where h had dropped. Mysteriously, a few days later the screw reappeared in the exact spot they had looked in.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investgahon Network Inc.)

UFORA 93050 6 May 1993 Brisbane QLD 0313hrs Low/IFO Level B S2/P4
Mr J. M. of Kallangur was cleaning down a driveway at a service station where he was working as a service attendant. He described seeing a big, round, white object. It appeared to be bigger than a star and had a bright flashing light on it. The weather was fine with just a little cloud. Investigations by UFOIN revealed that the man had seen a weather balloon launched at 0300hrs from Brisbane airport.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investigation Network IncJ

UF0RA930S1 8 May 1993 Gold Coast QLD 0416hrs Low/IF09 Level B S2/P4
A Mr G. was awoken by a bright light which illuminated his bedroom. The sky was almost clear at the time. Apart from the baying of neighbouring dogs there was also a slight humming sound audible. The light dimmed and reduced in size, before accelerating up and away. Inves- tigation revealed that a 10 seater light aircraft lifted off from Coolangatta airport at 0415hrs with its very bright landing lights on, suggesting this might have been the cause of the observation. However, Mr G is knowledge- able about aircraft and stated that if the object had been the aircraft the plane would have to have been flying back- wards and upside down to produce the details he witnessed.
(Helen Chapman/UFO Investigation Network Inc.)



A question, hot on the lips of U.S. abduction researchers in recent times, has been what other types of alien entities are reported by abductees beside the little grays?

One particular type has been getting an airing lately. Firstly, at a conference in the U.S., John Carpenter, a psychiatric social worker, and MUFON’s Director of Abduction Research, re- vealed that he had come across several case of reptilian creatures. These entities were de- scribed as 6-8 feettall, with lizard-like scales and were green/brownish in colour. They possessed four fingered claws. Their head has a centrul ridge down to a snout. Their eyes have vertical slits just like a cat’s eyes. Their behaviourtowards abductees is insensitive and intrusive. John made a claim that large claw marks had been photographed on the skin of abductees, al- though no such photographs were produced at that time.

Secondly, the MUFON Journal of April 1993 con- tained an article by John Carpenter on the same subject. To the previous description of the creatures, he added that the claw hands are webbed: that the face is a cross between a human and a snake; and that the chest may have external ‘ribbingM present.

Thirdly, the Spring 1993 issue of UFO Universe a U.S. magazine, carried an item by Karla Turner, the author of the book ‘Into the Fringe’ (Berkley, 1992.) Amongst otherthings, the article related an account from the 1960’s. A 10 year old boy and his grandmotherwere reportedly abducted by reptiles and forced to have sexual relations with each other and the creatures.

The other issue, that of children reporting ab- ductions, was recently raised for me by an Adelaide womon who came forward to report thather3 1/2yearold daughtertold herofwhat can only be described as an abduction. The

youngster revealed a night when “monsters” came to her bedroom and took her away to “another place.”

The issue, is that we have observed that some abductees have reported life long interaction with aliens; amongst which are recollections from their early childhood. The obvious question to ask is, if adultstoday are recalling long distant childhood experiences, are there children to- day describing abductions? The short answer is yes.

Dr Deborah Bruce Truncale of California, a psy- chologist, has reported a number of observa- tions by children. Some are described below:

* Aged 8. A boy was startled by a tall being. His parents told him n was a Xbad dreum.” His parents reported they had heard him talking to someone but upon checking found him asleep.

* Aged 5. One evening 2 beings came through the wall to a boy. He recalls a female entity touching him,examining his legs,whilsthefound himself on a table. The beings were large eyed, grays. The beings said they were his Xfriends.”

* Aged 8. Kevin told of a tall, bald being which came into his room and makes him drowsy. His Parents discounted the events as made up.

I myself came across a case here in Austraiia in 1991. A Melbourne woman wrote to me to recount a number of disturbing events within the family. These incidents culminated in 1990 when her 6 year old son came into her bedroom one morning, and told herthat duringthe night 54 little men had entered his bedroom and shone a ZtorchZ on him. He said he tried to get out of bed but he couldn’t move.

He said although the beings did not talk, in his mind he could hear them saying he was not to be afraid, and they would not hurt him. They then examined him and pushed something up his nose. He said n fen like a worm going up. Since that night the woman reported that she hud a lot of trouble getting him to go to bed. He says he knows they are coming back. The entities were described as big as his 10 year old sister, w’ith gray skin, big heads and big black eyes.

If readers have come across similar accounts from children, then UFORA, would like to hear from you.


We have in our files cases which, although intriguing, were reported after the event and/or which, for one reason or another, were impos- sible to investigate. The reasons for this range from isolated locations to a long period of time
having elapsed since the event. The following case is typical of such difficulties for, despite follow up attempts, it remains no further advanced than the narrative reproduced here.

Since this report predates the modern abduction era, but has some abduction elements, despite the lack of an actual abduction re- membrance, we are relating n for the interest of readers only.

SA 78/48
DATE: 1966/67
TIME: 1730 Hrs
LOCATION: Near Woomera, South Australia.
REPORTER: Joseph C (name on record with
UFORA Research Director) then aged 14-15.

Joseph C’s account:

I was walking home, after work atWoomera, to Pimba where my mother was living, a length of 3 miles. Then I had a feeling of very stillness... I looked up towards the sky. I saw at least three lots of UFO, at least 40, doing movability move- ment back and front.

Zone broke away from the rest and hovered above me very low. It was big as a footbal field . I was not scared, but I could not move. I was glued to the spot. I did not panic. I kept my head as I was fascinated. I did not rebel. The light was very bright. There was no wind, no flies, no dust. I felt as if I was standing on air, but my feet were on the ground. I felt safe, I had no reason to fear. I was given no resson to. I must say I felt quite fascinated by this thing above me. I only wish I could learn more about (il). There was no more to learn. This UFO moved very fast.

“I don’t remember much after that, but my mother told me I walked home in shock. She took me to Woomera hospital as soon as I got home. The doctor told my mother I will be OK just go home to bed.

“I woke up early in the morning wondering where I was. I did not know my mother or home for a good half hour. I have never told no-one, not even my mother, whut I saw as I did not wantto make any trouble. Plus H is very hard on me to tell anybody, but I know what I saw and I will take H to the grave with me. If no-one believes me, l do not care. I will not fight over it. I only want to tell what happened.”

Granted the above is anecdotal at best. There are so mcny unknowns In this brief report, that we cun’t draw any conclusions, especially in light of the fact that we know nothing of the medical history of the percipient, let alone the medical assessment of his condition at the Woomera hospHal. Nevertheless, the interest- ing elements are an apparently isolated location, during which, amongst many UFOs, one the size of a football field, approached and hovered over the percipient who was at that point seemingly spellbound. We don’t know how long this phase lasted, and we don’t know if the percipient arrived home late, so obviously we don’t know if any missing time is involved. However, the percipient’s state of shock, when he arrived home, is certainly noteworthy. The major difficulty in this brief report is that although there is a stretch of desert between Woomera and Pimba, the two,are certainly close enough for a skyfull of UFOs, even if at a distance, notto go unnoticed. However, H does appear that the percipient was in an aHered state of con- sciousness when he saw the UFOs for the sight- ing was preceded by a feeling of very stillness.” Had he shifted, or been shifted, unknowingly into an aHered state, be H consciousness or otherwise, or was he suffering a physical event such as an epileptic seizure? Joseph C reported his experience to UFO Research South Australia in 1978 when he was 26. It was apparently a one of experience.


The town of Gulf Breeze, Florida in the U.S.A., has attracted the interests of UFO researchers for several years now. The original interest occurred between 1987 and 1988 wHh a series of photo- graphs being taken by one Ed Walters, and of mutiple observations of unusual objects by doz- ens of local towns people.

A new, second wave of interest flared up in September 1989 and continued to July 1992, after which it seemed to have disappeared. These sightings centred on mutiple observa- tions by independent people of unusual red lights in the sky over Gulf Breeze.

The latest update, courtesy of the “HUFON REPORT, the newsletter of the Houston UFO Network, comes to us via PARANET.

On 25 March 1993, in broad daylight, a Mr “Alien” viewed an object in the north-western sky which he took to be an aircraft. Later he again sawthe same objectwhich moved tothe south-east. The next day he got out his video camera and was fortunate to again see H in the south-eastern sky. It was a round, silver object which raced across the sky. “It was round and kind of crown-shaped wHh a lower level and a dark red circle in the bottom center.”

A week later Mr Allen reported that he had this time taken a video of the same object out over the Gulf of Mexico from his home on Santa Rosa Island. The sun was seen to be reflecting off the stationary object, with clouds visible behind it.

The videos, and also Polaroid pictures taken on another occasion, were forwarded to Jeff Sainio, a photo analyst and Manager of Imaging Re- search and Development at the Quad/Tech division of Quad/Graphics in Wisconsin. The originals were also inspected by Dr Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist for the US Na- val defence laboratory in Maryland.

Their intensive studies suggest that the object is a genuine UFO.


Last year 3 meetings were organised to bring together, at a private meeting, a number of individuals wHh an interest in researching the area of UFOs. Recently, a fourth meeting was organised one Sunday.

The invited participants were UFO researchers associated with UFO Research Australia and UFO Research (SA), academics including a crimi- nolozist. and a number of health professionals including 2 psychologists, and a psychothera- pist. The topic of UFO abductions was the main theme for the meeting, and a variety of ap- proaches were discussed. The group will remain in touch as a network.

One outcome of the meeting is that a media consultant, who was present, is orgunising a series of seven Saturday evening talks, for the general public, on a number of UFO and re- lated issues. Keith Basterfield will present a talk titled: “UFO Abductions: Fact or Fantasy” on the 30 Oct at the City of Adelaide Community centre, 23 Coglin Street, in the City. For further details, such as ticket prices, contact Dani Morena on 341-5615


Effective immediately the postal address for Keith Basterfeld has changed from PO Box302, Modbury North, SA 5092 to GPO Box 7894, Adelaide. S4 5001.


Judge, Mark G. “The Outer Limits of the Soul.” Common Ground magazine Jul/Aug 1993.9pp.

An in depth look at the US abduction phenom- enon. Includes case studies, and interviews with John Mack, Kenneth Ring, Keith Thompson, and Eddie Bullard, amongst others.

Pinkney, John. “Ovary Snatchers” Australasian Post 19 Jun 1993. 1 p.

A short review of the research being under- taken by UFORA as regards Australian abducticon cases.

Turner, Karla. “What Are the Aliens Doing With Our Children?” UFO Encounters Vol 1 No6 pp11 - 15.

Many abduction events are occurring to young children. The Hopkins et al genetic experimen- tation hypothesis of aliens requiring reproduc- tive material, can not apply. So why children?

Norris, Michael. Alabama Residents Ponder Cattle M utilations. UFO Encounter Vol 1 No 7 pp 3-6.

Linda Moulton Howe who has been exploring the cattle mutilation/UFO/abduction linkforthe last 10 years tells of many recent cattle mutila tion episodes.


Fowler, Raymond. “The Allagash Abductions.” Wild Flower Press (U.S.) Hard cover 366 pages. US $23.95.

A full investigation report of the 1976 Maine, U.S., multiple witness abduction casewhich involved 4 fishermen. An excellent,well researched piece of work which adds yet another multiple wit nessed event to the collection.

Good, Timothy. “Alien Update.” Arrow. 1993. Paperback 296 pages. US$9.95.

A continuation of the series of annual UFO Reports from the author of “Above Top Secret. “ This issue contains articles on the UFO bases off Puerto Rico; the US government and alien ve- hicles: Russian encounters, and an intemational UFO catalogue including some Australian sightings.

Turner, Karla. “Into the Fringe:A True Story of Alien Abduction.” Berkely. 1992. Paperback. 242 Pages. US $4-95.

Dr Turner has been publishing numerous articles of late culminating in this book concerning her research into the more odder aspects of ab ductions, including reptilians.

Randles, Jenny. “UFOs and How to See Them.” Sterling.1992 Soft paperback 144 pages. US $14.95,

A basic review of the state of UFO research today, and a catalogue of “window areas” of the world where UFO observations are more prevulent.

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