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Firstly, we take a look at a number of CE4 or potential CE4 events.

UFORA93053 Lifelong Melbourne VIC CE4? Level B S4/P4
A woman from Melbourne descnbed a lifelong set of unusual experiences. These included a near-death expe- rience at age three; nightmares involving “eyes” at win- dows; and out of bodyexperiences. She recently contacted her auntie after many years and found she recalled an abduction experience herself. The case has been referred to John Aachettl in Melbourne.
(Keith Basterfield)

UFORA93054 Feb 1993 Adelaide SA CE4? Level B S4/P4
A three and balf year old girl told her mother that the “boys” had come to see her, arriving through the bedroom window. This girl’s sister was told she had to goto another room during the event The girl was taken into an object by the beings. Two types of beings were present. There was a “daddy” or “boss” figure there. From the craft the girl was taken to another place which she called “ heaven.“

The experience was uncovered in March 93 and matched a period of time some four weeks before when the girl was talking about monsters in her bedroom, became afraid to stay in the room, and had wet the bed.
(Keith Basterfield)

UFORA93055 23 Feb 1993 Kwinana WA 0100hrs CE4? Level B S4/P4
A husband and wife, Sharon and Ian retired to bed between 2300-2330hrs. At 0100 they awoke to find their year old daughter Anita crying. Their four year old son was still asleep but the girl was standing in her cot very distressed.

When Sharon woke up she had a strong impression that she had been in a UFO. Ian, who had been sleeping in another room, woke up to findabright light shining inthe room, but was unable to identify the source. He felt very nervous to the point of panic and felt something weird was occurring outside. The couple felt nausea and could not sleep. When sleep did come they were awakened at 0200hrs by a sound like a train, even though the nearest track is 20km away. The noise, accompaniedby athrob- bing sound, seemed to come from the East. Their own dog and others in the area were going crazy. Two helicopters were heard outside for some 15 minutes and seem to be conducting a search.

The couple suffered headaches later on in the day and felt un easy and apprehensive. Sand was inexplicably found in the son’s bed. The husband’s watch, checked at 0100hrs and never known to be wrong (he is a prison warder), was found to be one hour fast.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93058 Jul/Aug 1991 Halls Creek WA 2000hrs CE4? Level B S4/P4
Dean was travelling on his motor bike when he saw an unusual object, as did the occupants of two cars who had stopped to watch it. At this point the engine of his bike cut out. He dismounted to look for a fault. He then remembers kick starting the bike and continuing on his way. How- ever, when he arrived at his destination which had only been 10 minutes from his starting point, he was amazed to find it was 2220hrs! Later that night he found a fresh scar on the back of his left ankle.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)


UFORA93056 22 Mar 1993 Armadale WA 2315hrs CE1 Level B S4/P4
Jenny was driving along when ahead she noticed a very bright light like a white flare. It was falling towards the ground. As she got closer to it she noted it was spherical, with a sma11er sphere on either side.

There were two other motorists ahead who did not appear to see the object. As Jenny drewyet closer to the lights they moved to the right of her vehicle over waste ground. The car radio started to crackle and went dead, and the car’s lights dimmed. She pulled the car over to the side of the road for a better look and then saw there were in fact three lights in a row, two on either side of the central one, aligned horizontally. As she drove off the car’s radio returned to normal. The object simply disappeared. Du- ration of the event was estimated as three minutes.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93057 27 Mar 1993 Mandurah WA 2005hrs Low Level B S4/P4
Kerry, thixteen, and her family were staying at a caravan park when they noted a white star-like object travel from West to East then fade out which was probably a satellite. At 2015hrs, Kerly and several oLher people saw a similar lighL but Lkis one travelled East to West, and did series of jumps in the area of the seven sisters for several minutes, before fading ouL
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93059 17 Apr 1993 Nollamara WA 2400hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A bright white and blue light was sighted by a married couple. Ittravelled silently and slowly from East to West.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93060 2SApr 1993 Ravenswood WA 231Shrs Low Level B S3/P4
A man called to report seeing a red, green and white star- like object in the West. Duration was 20 minutes after which the object disappeared.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93061 1S Apr 1993 Wanneroo WA 1845hrs Low Level B S3/P4
Pamela saw a large, bright, white light travelling from East to West towards the ocean. There it stopped and remained stationary at about a 45 degree angle. At l900hrs Pamela and afriend saidtheywatched as aircraft approached the object.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UBORA93062 27 Apr 1993 Wilson WA 2110hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A man and his son reported a large square or diamond shaped object performing unusual manoeuvres. The ob- jec a deep orange-red in colour, and the size of a 5 cent piece at arm’s length, droppedvertically, stopped,jumped to the left, then to the right before ascending vertically in aburst of speed before stopping again. It continued in this erratic fashion for 2 rninutes before disappearing. There was no audible sound connected with the object. Two others saw it as well.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93063 5 May 1993 Perth WA 181Shrs Low Level B S3/P4
A UFORUM committee member was driving along when he spotted, to the West, a bright greenish-blue “fireball” with a sort of bluish halo around it. It was travelling at high speed from East to West. The same object was also seen by Marion Richards.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93064 6 May 1993 Wandi WA 0430-0550hrs Low Level B S3/P4
While delivering papers, John noticed in the East a bright, white light. Ten minutes later he noticed the same light was at 70 degrees, and appeared to be pacing his vehicle. As he travelled to Watleup the light got closer and larger to about the size of a quarter Moon, still pacing him. At about 0500hrs he saw that the object was now stationaly. It seemed to fade away, then re-appear. On reaching home he called his wife to look. She agreed there was an odd light in the East. However, this was probably Venus.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA9306S 7 May 1993 Doubleview WA 211Shrs Low Level B S3/P4
An orange light, the size of Venus, was sighted, travelling East to West. It was moving as fast as a helicopter overhead, at an estimated altitude of 150m. No sound was heard. It had the shape of a disc and an appearance of being on fire. It did not change course or colour while being watched.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93066 10 May 1993 Greenwood WA 1805hrs Low Level B S3/P4
Two intensely bright lights were seen by a man. They were stationaly over the Collabah shopping centre to the West only some 20m in altitude. A shape, not unlike two vertical aircraft wings were seen. There seemed to be a bluish light between the white ones, and a small, reddish light, behind. The man, Patrick stopped his car but lost the object when he picked up his daughter. They drove to a better vantage point ands saw the lights zigzagging away rapidly to the East. No sound was heard.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93067 10 May 1993 Pinjarra WA 0430hrs Low/IFO Level B S3/P4
An ambulance driver, named Reg, noted a very bright light to the East at about 3040 degrees up. When he reached the depot he lined it up with a tree to check its movement. There appeared to be a slight movement to the north. After watching it for some 15 minutes it faded to a small dot and disappeared. Most probably Venus.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UF0RA93068 15 May 1993 Mandurah WA 0404hrs Low/IFO Level B S3/P4
Dianne, wife of Reg from the previous report- reported a stationary bright white light in the Eastern sky which was probably Venus. However, Dianne related another story. On the 20th May 1993 at 0600hrs a teacher and a bus full of students were returning from a camp at Witchcliff near Augusta, when they spotted a strange object in a paddock. It was whi77 ng back and forth and up and down like an illuminated basketball, yet no “players” could be seen. They decided not to stop.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93069 20 May 1993 North Perth WA 2320hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Chris and Karen had just parked their car in their drive when they saw a large, oval shaped object moving slowly towards Perth. It had a grey/green luminous glow, was below cloud cover and estimated to be 7-10cm across at arm’s length. The couple were facing East and the object was travelling from North to West. It suddenly acceler- ated towards Perth in a zigzag course before disappear- ing. No sound was heard.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93070 23 May 1993 Morley WA 0442-0503hrs Med Level B S3/P4
Ivan was driving along and saw a brilliant white light to the East which turned South-West then back towards Perth airport, before remaining stationary awhile. He continued on in his car when he realised the object was pacing his vehicle. He stopped the car and got out It was at 30 degrees to the East. The light faded and Ivan was aware of a huge black shroud in a pear drop shape on its side with a long pillar like structure hanging below, terminating with an inverted ‘V’. He got back in his car and moved on. On reaching home his wife also saw the light Ivan estimated by this time it was only some 400m away and 200m above the ground, glowing a pure white. It simply disappeared. Apart from the latter half of the story it could have been Venus.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UFORA93071 26 May 1993 Perth WA 1030hrs Med Level B S4/P4
Trevor and Libby were travelling to work when they sighted in the East an object travelling North to South. It looked like a boomerang or V shaped object and seemed to followthe line of hillsfrom Green mount to Kalamunda. Itwas moving fairly fast and “skipping” along, sometimes dipping below the line of hills. It seemed semi-transpar- ent or translucent.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)

UF0RA93072 28 May 1993 Perth WA 2200hrs Low Level B S3/P4
A man watched for 40 minutes, a white star-like flashing light in the sky at some 60 degrees elevation. A “flame” appeared below the light which then rose up a little before disappearing. The witness claims to have seen many UFOs over the years including the sighting of insect-like entities in the Anglesea area of Victoria.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM)


The June 1993 issue of “Just Cause” Newsletter from the US (PO Box 218, Coventry, Ct, 06238 USA USS20 p.a. subs) contains an examination of the 1952 saucer wave in the US. A fascinating review of the events of those days.

“UFO Encounters” Vol l No 8 contains:

l - Norris, Michael. “HBO Plans New Film on Roswell Crash.” 6pp. This cable station is currently cast- ing for a movie to be made about the Roswell incident of 1947.

- Norris, Michael. Alabama Update.” 2pp. More on the cattle mutilation outbreak in this US state.

3 -
O’Brien, C. “Who or What is behind the Phenomena?” 3pp Looks at Ufos and the cattle mutilations.



The current, continuing interest in cate or animal mutilations started back in September 1967 in the United States. A horse named Lady(incor- rectly called Snippy in most accounts) was found dead with unusuai injuries. From the neck up, the flesh had been stripped off. The neck cut was described as extremely smooth, and Harry King, the brother of the horse’s owner stated: What neck was cut so smooth it couldn’t have been done even with a sharp hunting knife.” (“An Alien Harvest” p2.)

There was a lack of blood and the horse’s heart, lungs and thyroids were missing. UFOs had been sighted in the area during the weeks before the animal’s death and Nellie Lewis, the horse’s owner became convinced that UFOs were involved In the dedth. Thus started the ongoing animal, or more specificully, cate mutilation saga.

Over subsequent years, further-mutilated animuls were found and again there were reported observations of Ufos in those areas at those times.

By 1974, regular news media reports commented on these mutilations and in addition, in exploring potential explanations, also included reported observations of mystery helicopters. Explanations for the mutilations included witchcraft cults, rustlers, marijuana smuggiers, extraterrestrials, wild animals and natural causes.
In 1993 reports of mutilstlons continue today, with a recent edition of the US based magazine NUFO Encounters~ reporting on an outburst in North-Eastern Alabama. Here 28 cows were said to have been mutilated in early 19930

Have we any reports linking UFO entities with the mystery? Yes, but only a few. Two I am aware of are:-

A Missouri couple watched, in 1983,two small beings dressed in tight fitting silver suits. These entities reportedly floated a paralysed black cow Into a UFO. The entities were described as having large, white coloured heads. Interestingly, the couple also stated that a tall, greenskinned “lizard man” with vertical slit eyes, was standing nearby.

A Waco, Texas, rancher, related that in 1980 he had watched two 120cm tall creatures, carry a calf between them. They reportedly had large, slanted, black eyes. The rancher admitted to having been scared and run away. However, upon returning to the scene a few days later he found the mutilated body of the calf.

Well, if entities have been reported in association with mutilations, have any abductees reported animal mutilations? The answer,yet again is yes. These two were reported In “An Alien Harvest” by US researcher Linda Moulton-Howe:

A May 1973 episode involved a wornan, Judy Doraty, whose memories of the event were recovered by Dr Leo Sprinkle utilising regression hypnosis in 1980. During part of the regression Doraty recalled observing a small calf being cut up with an instrument.

May 1980 saw another regression by Leo Sprinkle. Myrna Hansen and her son were abducted in a New Mexico location. The woman was driving a car when a bright light made her stop the vehicle and get out. Voices spoke to her and she was carried off together with a cow. The cow was mutilated in front of her. Aliens plunged an instrument into the chest of the animal and worked on the sex organs while the cow was still alive.


US psychiatrist Rima Laibow, one of the first psychiatrists to take an active and continuing Interest in abductees, approached the subject by looking at the similarity of the after effects of an abduction and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Laibow noted that PTSD was only known to occur following physical trauma, and was not know to derive from imaginative events. Hence, she suggested, abductions must derive from a physical event.

PTSD is recognised by mainstream health professionals, and a number of treatments are available to deal with it.

However, a revolutionary new method of treating PTSD, and hence possibly of value to abduction researchers has emerged in recent times.

Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., used saccadic eye movements for treating PTSD and had what can only be called outstanding results.

I have not heard of any abduction researcher yet using this tool, but full details may be obtained from: Dr Shapiro, 555 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto. California. 94301. USA.

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