Compiled by Keith Basterfield


UFORA89014 Mar 1989 Flinders Ranges SA 180Ohrs Full report.
In March 1989 a 67 year old woman, living on a property near Wilmington, was outside when she saw a large white light in the clear sky, at dusk. It was noiseless and over a period of 5 minutes descended behind a nearby hill, due West, and was lost to view. The same light was apparently also sighted by a 30 year old farmer from a different location. He was 14km north-east of Wilmington and described sighting a stationary bright, white light due West from his position. He continued working and when he next looked the light had gone. Later a 7m diameter doughnut shaped ring was located behind the hill where the woman had sighted her light. Mushrooms were found growing in the ring. Investigations revealed that the light seen by both people was almost certainly the planet Venus, and the markinq s description was characteristic of a fungus ring. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89022 QA89015 16 Jun 1989 Yowah QLD 0311hrs Full report.
Two brothers engaged in opal mining reported seeing a large, disk shape plus six smaller objects. Both men were on their way to the toilet in the middle of the night when one noticed a shadow of some object cast by the Moonlight, passing over them. He then saw a large object, some 4-5 times the size of a football field moving quickly towards the Moon and finally coming to a stationary position near that celestial object. At this time it was estimated to be some 3/4 degree across. This main object was sketched as hat-like, i.e. flat disc with large central bulge, and tilted towards the observer. It was a shiny gun-metal colour. They then observed six smaller, but similar in appearance, objects. These objects were visible to the bottom of, left hand side of, and to the left and above, the main object. At this stage they decided to wake some friends and upon emerging with them found that the objects had gone. (UFOR(QLD) with assistance from John Jensen, Canberra.)

UFORA89035 31 May 1989 Townsville QLD 1745hrs Full report.
A woman was looking at the sky shortly after sunset when she noticed a pink/orange ‘cloud’ in the north-west. She fetched her binoculars and through them saw what appeared to be two solid looking golden bands standing side by side. The object moved slowly and she went to the front gate to steady the binoculars. Over the next 15 minutes it moved and was finally lost to sight over Paluma Range. (UFORA).

UFORA89038 TA89057 10 June 1989 George Town TAS 2000hrs
2 witnesses were enroute to a local shop when they noticed, but took little interest in, some flashing lights to the north-west. Then on walking home they saw the lights again. This time the lights appeared to approach and change into a white ball shape. The 2 witnesses became upset and ran the last block home. The son looked out and saw some lights moving away to the west. No one else was in the street at the time. Civil Aviation say there were no aircraft to account for the reported lights. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89039 TA89053 2 Aug 1989 Jericho TAS 2220hrs Prelim.
A taxi driver was taking 2 train drivers to the station on the north-south line. All briefly saw an object. They described it as a disc shape in the north east, seemingly nearby in the starry sky. It gave off a very powerful white glare and seemed to have 4 dark square areas along its base. It did not seem to move during the 5 second sighting. No other reports were received and the local police know of no “local” explanation. (TUFOIC).

UFORA89036 1968 & later Largs Bay SA Prelim.
A 27 year old woman has related a number of experiences which commenced with a close encounter type 1 event when aged 6. This was followed by poltergeist activity, an invisible “entity”, precognitive dreams, an OBE, lucid dreams, hypnagogic imagery, and sleep paralysis from ages 6-16. Also, of particular interest to us was a recurrent nightmare of encounters with a dwarf in an unusual “room”. Memories of some of these events were triggered by watching the recent Channel 7 “Unsolved mysteries” which featured some US abduction cases. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89037 Early 1970 s Elizabeth SA Prelim.
A woman now 24 years of age, relates that as a 7 year old child she observed an object at close range. During this experience she believes a period of missing time may have occurred. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89040 7 Aug 1989 Belair SA 2300hrs Prelim.
A Mr Hall said his wife and he were sitting inside, when for some 5-8 minutes there was a loud humming noise audible, outside their house. This was accompanied by a high pitched electrical “screaming” sound. Their cat went beserk. No UFO sighted. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89041 23 Aug 1989 Port Pirie SA 2055hrs Prelim.
A very bright, red to orange colour object passed across the western sky, visible for some 6-10 seconds. There was a tail visible for a while. No sound. Possible meteor. (UFOR(SA))

UFORA89042 20 Aug 1989 Athelstone SA 2050hrs Prelim.
For 5 minutes a man and his wife saw a white light floating soundlessly at an estimated distance of 400m in the north-western sky. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89043 Balaklava SA Prelim.
A farmer reported finding a 2 1/2 - 3m diameter circle in rough ground. It was deeper in the center than at the edge. Sheep had destroyed part of it but he took some photographs. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89044 27 Aug 1989 Marrabel SA 2017hrs Prelim.
A light in the sky was seen by a group of people travelling in individual cars. It looked like “the Moon through clouds”. Colours noted were red, white and blue. They flicked their car lights at the object which appeared to flicker back. (UFOR(SA)).



I received an unexpected letter from the South Australian Police department dated the 31st July 1989 which may be of interest. Make of it what you will!

“I refer to your letter of 28 May and 25 September, 1988 concerning our correspondence of the Mundrabilla incident on 20 January, 1988. As a result of a conversation with an unknown truck driver, a Port Lincoln police officer has reported that the alleged UFO sighting could be attrributed to a radio controlled helicopter. Apparently another un-named truck driver who regularly travels between Sydney and Perth is also a model aircraft enthusiast. When tired or on a rest break he allegedly flies model aircraft which he carries with him on his truck. He “buzzes” other truck drivers travelling along the Eyre Highway. However, despite numerous attempts, the police officer concerned has been unable to recontact the informant and is therefore unable to substantiate the claim.”


We have decided to test out the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 on a small number of Federal Government agencies who might possess documents relating to reported UFO sightings.

We therefore directed an FOI request to the Australian Federal Police, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Transport and Communications. We await their replies and will keep you posted as to results. We d like to hear from anyohe else who has tried this, and the results obtained. If you wish to know how to accurately word FOI requests please contact us, as one Department congratulated us on the professionalism of our FOI request.


a. Another book is now available on these crop markings from the UK. The newest one which joins Pat Delgardo and Colin Andrews “Circular evidence” (Bloomsbury 1989) is “The circles effect and its mysteries” by Dr G T. Meaden an English meteorologist. It is avaiable at \11.95 from the publishers Artetech, of London, 1989.

b. Whitley Strieber’s new book is about the Roswell, USA, crashed saucer story. It
is titled “Majestic” and is published by Putnam, 1989, 320 pp, US$18.95. Take note though that it is a novel.

c. “An alien harvest” by Linda M. Howe, L.M. Howe Productions, 1989, 455 pp, is now available from Arcturus Books, PO Box 831383, Stone Mountain, GA 30083-0023 USA. Cost US$55. Cattle mutilations, MJ-12, government cover up. Lots of photos.

d. “MJ-12 and the riddle of hangar 18” has been sighted in many Adelaide bookshops. By T. Beckley, Inner Light, 1989, soft cover, 207pp. It is a round up of crashed saucer stories-mainly rehashed and well worn material.


“Toward an imaginal interpretation of UFO abductions by Kenneth Ring. MUFON Journal no 253, May 1989, pp3-9. Suggests a third alternative to the ETH or psychological hypotheses. Well worth reading.

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