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I’d like to thank those groups and individuals who are forwarding cases for inclusion in this Digest, and welcome others who may wish to contribute, for the benefit of all in the network.


UFORA89045 Feb 1988 Halls Creek WA Near Midnight Final
A waitress at the Swagman roadhouse was sitting outside following the 3 pm to midnight shift. She spotted a light just above the nearby building. At first she thought it was a firefly-it was blinking on and off. It moved erratically like an insect, although it appeared to be more the size of a bird. The light was watched for 10 minutes as it moved around. There was no audible noise from it. It left the area, getting smaller in the sky, when some other workers approached. (UFORA).

UFORA89046 9 Sep 1989 SA & WA 2230hrs (CST) Final
Many reports were received of a nocturnal light. Mr Phillip Bott, of Quorn, SA, was on the Nullarbor Plain when he sighted an “incredible fireworks display”. Initially seen as a small orange light, it then became two or three lights and finally broke up into about twenty pieces altogether as it passed overhead. Reports also came from Port Augusta, Port Patterson, Stirling North, the Flinders Ranges, Whyalla, Freeling and Streaky Bay. Accounts were also noted from Merredin, and Bencubbin in WA. It seems to have been a piece of space debris re-entering. (UFOR(SA), Adelaide Advertiser 11/9/89, & West Australian 11/9/89).

UFORA89047 30 Aug 1989 Perth WA 2115 local time Final
A number of lights in the sky were reported by residents and also by pilot John O Malley who flew amongst the lights. The pilot was quoted as sayinq they were a group of novelty party balloons. A photograph of the lights appeared in the Western Australian of 1/9/89 (page 3). (PUFORG, & Western Australian 1/9/89).

UFORA89049 3 Sep 1989 Hackham West SA 1900hrs Prelim.
A blue and white light in the sky was reported, duration 15 minutes. It appeared to be the same as a strobe light on an aircraft. It travelled from the south to the south-east during the period of observation. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89050 15 Sep 1989 Anstey Hill SA 1145hrs Final
Whilst out walking, a man noticed an unusual sight on an adjacent hillside. It appeared as a stationary intense blue light. However, his investigation showed it was sunlight reflecting off a low profile triangular house roof! (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89051 16 Sep 1989 Hilton SA 2310hrs Prelim.
A distinct “clunking” noise was heard by a woman. It appeared to come from the front of her house. Investigating, outsidd her house, she saw a bright red light with a lighter coloured tail. At first it was stationary, but then it soundlessly approached her, emitting “smoke”. It was a cylindrical shape, tapered at the top and bottom. Later she felt a little ill. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89052 14 Sep 1989 Wirrina SA (1930-2000)hrs Prelim.
Soundlessly, a flashing light travelled from 40 degrees south-west to the south, over a period of some 15 seconds. It was a yellowish colour. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89053 22 Sep 1989 Mylor SA 1940hrs Prelim.
What looked like an aircraft s lights were seen low over a hill by a woman travelling by car. It consisted of a red light with a creamy coloured light on either side of the red one. There was no noise and it was seen for 3 minutes. She estimated it to be only 2Om away and 40m up in the air. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89054 Sep 1989 Horsham VIC Prelim.
A telephone call was received to say that a farmer had found a circle in his crops. Further information is expected shortyly. (UFOR(SA)).

1. I have been trying to contact Andy Cole of Canberra to ascertain the status of his UFO computer file. Although he has an answering machine on his home phone number, and I have left several messages I have not heard back from him. So, if anyone in receipt of this Digest is in contact with Andy or knows the status of the computer file, could they please contact me on 08 251 2773. Thanks.

2. We have now heard back from two Government Departments concerning our request for documents (under the Freedom of Information Act) about UFO reports. Firstly the Australian Federal Police, who are in charge of Coastwatch, advised us that they had searched their file registry with negative results “...the AFP does not hold a file dedicated to reported sightings of unidentified flying objects or similar reports...”. They did offer to search miscellaneous files held in their state offices, at $15.00 an hour search time, but we decllined the offer.

Secondly, a telephone response, to be confirmed in writing, from the Bureau of Meteorology advises that their central office, like the AFP, does not hold any files dedicated to UFO reports made to the Bureau. Any letters received would be scattered throughout their general inquiries files, and at $15 an hour search time we have not pursued the matter.

If anyone has any specific cases which they know have been reported to either of the above departments, please contact me as it might be worth following individual cases up with these departments.

3. Enclosed with this Digest please find a copy of an article co-authored by myself and Vlad & Pony Godic. The article appeared in the latest issue of the prestigious International UFO Reporter, published by the US based J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. We thank all those local researchers who kindly responded to our appeal for information on Australian abduction and “missing time” cases.

4. A recently released book about the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (“Oyster” by B. Toohey and W. Pinwill, William Heinemann, Melbourne, 1989, ISBN 0 85561 250 9) has one interesting sideline for us. A Canberra university student was recruited by ASIS to operate as an agent in China. He was trained in the trade, including “secret writing” which necessitated the use of a cover letter. His forwarding address in Australia was a female secretary. Shortly before going to China the two met and decided that their cover letters would have as their topic of mutual interest-UFOs.

5. Doctor Rima Laibow, of New York, has announced the formation of a network of mental health professionals, scientists and investigators who are going to look at UFO abductees. The network is to be called TREATnet, standing for Treatment and Research of Experienced zXnomFl l sril m Trauma.

TREATnet s goals are:

• support for research.
• publication of findings.
• scientifically and therapeutically focused conferences.
• therapist training.
• patient referral.
• clinical treatment.
• network support and connection.
• interdisciplinary cross-pollution.

As you may be aware the only person undertaking research into possible abduction style events here in Australia in co-operation with a health professional, is Bill Chalker of Sydney. With the emergence of a number of missing time and possible abduction cases in this country now seems the time to seek the co-operation of health professionals in our investigations. In Adelaide I have contacted, unsuccessfully so far, six clinical psychologists who also perform hypnotherapy, seeking their assistance with cases.


a. If you have any interest at all in the psychological hypothesis towards UFO abduction cases then one new book is a must to read. “Alternate states of consciousness” by Hilary Evans, Aquarian Press, 256pp, UK 6 pounds 99p, has just been published.

b. “Fire in the sky” is the title of a 28 page “Case History” just published by BUFORA in the United Kingdom. In January 1973, surveyor Peter Day took a movie film on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border. Copies of this thorough investigation report are now available at Aust$7 airmail, from Jenny Randles, 37 Heathbank Road, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 OUP, England. Make bank draft or international money order payable to BUFORA Ltd. Mention UFORA s name when ordering.

c, “UFOLORE: A social psychological study of a modern myth in the making” by Robert E. Bartholomew, is available now from Arcturus Books, PO Box 831383, Stone Mountain, GA 30083-0023, USA. Priced at US$40 this is the work of Bob Bartholomew who has just completed his PhD at Flinders University in Adelaide. It discusses a range of psychological and sociological processes relevant to the UFO and other anomalous phenomena.

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