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UFORA89055 9 Sep 1989 Nullarbor Station SA 2230hrs Final
On saturday the 9th September 1989 at about 2230 hours Mr and Mrs Hennessy and their son Deanne were travelling westwards in a Commodore station wagon, heading home to Perth, Western Australia. They were at a point some 35km west of Nullarbor station. Mr Hennessy was driving. They first noted a cluster of about a dozen lights in the sky some 10-15 degrees above the north-western horizon. These lights were visible through the car windscreen to their right.

The lights approached the car. At first he thought it might be an aircraft, then that if it was it was going to crash. His wife said: “It s a UFO!” He stopped the car, left the engine running and got out to look at the object. He had a Minolta 7000 camera with him and he took a picture of the object. However, when he received the film back the neqative was completely blank.

The object passed by him seeming to parallel the road, and at its closest point, estimated as only 50-80 metres away, it passed through a point about 30 degrees above the northern horizon. It then moved quickly into the distance and-was lost to sight at a point some 10 degrees above the north-eastern horizon.

He described the object initially as a large number of dull yellow coloured lights on what appeared to be a metallic shape which was visible between the lights. Basically it was a rectangular shape with the ratio of length/height about 5 or 6 to 1. Its angular length was judged to be about half a degree. The lights were bright in intensity but not so bright as to hurt their eyes. There was no noise associated with the object at all. There were no noticeable effects on the Commodore s engine, lights etc. and the three observers suffered no ill effects at all. The sky was clear at the time with stars visible. (Joan Johnston & Keith Basterfield).

UFORA89056 13 Oct 1989 0245 to 0500hrs Melbourne VIC Prelim
St Kilda police station received an estimated 50 telephone calls about an unusual object in the sky over Port Phillip Bay. Descriptions given were very similar, that of a cigar shape, orange in colour, with two balls of fire, one on either end, dark in the middle. It was stationary, or according to one witness, moving very slowly. Although press reports suggested it was only some 250 metres up and 500 metres off the coast, the fact that reports also came from Geelong and Frankston makes these estimates suspect. Geelong lies on the western side of the Bay and Frankston on the eastern side, and they are some 50km apart.

Also reported on that morning was the finding of a ground marking at Point Ormond on Elwood Beach. The patch was located on a steep slope. When inspected by Ken Hayes the next morning, after rain, the mark was very hard to discern and not definite in shape, i.e. there were no clear edges at all. There was no evidence of burnt ash, sticks, wood etc. Ken s comment was:”We cannot make the assumption that the burnt patch is necessarily linked with the Port Phillip Bay sightings.” Police themselves said they had doubts about the authenticity of the mark.

Ken is currently awaiting receipt of details from persons who saw the object itself over the two and a quarter hours time span, and also from a person who saw the marking on the morning of the 13th. If details can be obtained from witnesses in Geelong and Frankston, particularly the direction of sighting, it may then be possible to triangulate the position of the object. (Ken Hayes-Melbourne. “The Herald” 13/10/89. “The Age” 14/10/89. “The Sun” 14/10/89. “Sunday sl]n” lE/10/89.)

UFORA89057 1978 Papua New Guinea Prelim
A woman, now living in Queensland, has recently undergone two hypnotic regression sessions which revealed an abduction event experienced as a 12 year old child. (UFOR(QLD)).

UFORA89058 16 Oct 1989 Mt Barker SA 2130hrs Prelim
A very bright blue light in the sky was seen for a few moments before it went behind a cloud. Possibly an aircraft. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89059 20 Oct 1989 Belair SA 0545hrs Prelim
A round object, looking like a mercury vapour street lamp, was noted at a 20-30 degree elevation. It travelled very quickly from the south-east to the north-east in a level trajectory over some 4-5 seconds, then remained stationary for 8-10 seconds. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89060 20 Oct 1989 Adelaide area SA 2330hrs Final
An aurora in the southern sky generated reports from various parts of the Adelaide area. Telephone calls came from Gawler, Tea Tree Gully, Aberfoyle Park and Clarendon. It appeared as a red glow with vertical white stripes. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA89061 23 Oct 1989 Brighton North SA 2040hrs Prelim
An 18 year old woman, reading in bed, looked through the window to see a huge white light in the sky with red lights around it in formation. Seen for three minutes it slowly moved away to the sea, and then appeared to “just go out”. (UFOR(SA)).


1. Follow-ups

Three cases UFORA89012, 013 and 016 have now been documented. A full report on each will appear in the next UFORAN.

Although we have attempted to follow-up cases UFORA89008, 010, 011 and 019, the individuals involved have not responded to our requests for further details and we are therefore unable to pursue the matter further.

2. Freedom of information requests

A response has now been received from the Federal Department of Transport and Communications concerning our request for documents held by that Department relating to UFO reports. Their reply, in part, advised: “This Department does not hold the documents that you require. UFO observations/identification is more closely concerned with the Department of Defence. I have therefore transferred your request to the Department of Defence...”

3. USSR CE3 case

The media has made much of late about a reported CE3 case in the USSR. I have received copies of 14 pages of original telexes by Reuter’s news agency about thisand other recent Russian cases which provide more detail than I have seen in the media. If anyone is interested in a copy of the 14 pages please send me five 41 cent stamps to cover photocopy and postage costs and I’ll despatch the copies to you.

4. Media contact

A reporter from the channel 7 programme Hinch has contacted a number of researchers around the country in the past week. He is seeking assistance with a possible segment on abductions for the show. Vladimir Godic and I have decided to decline any involvement with the project.

5. Visit by David Webb

In the 1970’s American David Webb was one of the founders of the MUFON Humanoid study group, and one of the first to actively investigate abduction cases. He was recently in Adelaide and I had the opportunity to chat with him for a couple of hours over a diverse range of matters. Abduction cases by the hundred are now appearing in the US and David was interested to hear of such events here in Australia. David still maintains a computer data base of CE3 events and I aqreed to update his Australian listing.


Ray Brooke of UFOR(SA) advises that the book “Circular evidence” by Pat Delgardo and Colin Andrews has recently made number five on the UK best selling list. I understand the book, which reports numerous examples of unusual crop damage, is now available in hardcover in Australia for about $40.


The November 1989 issue of “Australian Penthouse” features an article titled “Abducted?” by Bill Chalker. The article explores the subject of abductions in general and presents brief details of a number of possible Australian events.

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