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UFORA90001 11 Dec 1989 Off Mandurah WA (1200-1300) hrs DD
Mr Barry Watkins, aged 50, together with three other men were setting cray pots about 14nm 300 degrees off Halls Head, WA. Sometime between 1200 and 1300 hours they noted an unusual object to their south, low down near the sea horizon. It was travelling westwards. White in colour, and dome shaped with a flat bottom to it, they watched in amazement as it moved horizontally through the sky. No noise was audible from the object although a strong south-westerly wind was blowing. The sky was clear and sunny at the time. Duration between anz and two minutes. (Joan Johnston).

UFORA90002 9 Dec 1989 Longford TAS 2230hrs NL/IFO
Mr Danny Cassidy was driving near Launceston when he saw an object over Longford. It was like an upside down T shape with two lights at the bottom and fading out at the top. He took a photograph of the object which was visible for 15 minutes. When processed, the photograph revealed a very bright, oval shaped white spot in the cloudy night sky. Probably Venus. (TUFOIC. “Examiner” 11/12/89 & 12/12/89).

UFORA90003 Dec 1989 Speed VIC Trace & NLs
On Saturday 16 Dec 1989 Bill Chalker advised us of an article in the Melbourne “Truth” concerning the discovery of a number of unusual circles in a wheat crop. On the following day I received a call from the wife of the property owner involved, who related details of the findinq.

On about the 12th or 13th December two men, Brian Finch and Austin Grace were stripping wheat on the property of Max and Nancee Jolly when they spotted two swirled circles of wheat. These were some 3m in diameter, surrounded by three other circles some lm across.

The wheat had been flattened and swirled anti-clockwise in each circle. Stalks were undamaged with grain matured on the heads.

Mrs Jolly told us of a number of possibly related incidents which had occurred over recent years. These included:

• Nov 1987. Lights in the sky. 4000 litre water tank drained.

• Dec 1988. Son Stuart awoken by unusual noise which seemed to come from an empty sky.

• Aug 1989. Sheep disturbed . Pulsating yellow light hovering over paddock. High pitched noise audible.

On 18 Dec Bill spoke to Nancee and Stuart and ascertained that the story in the “Truth” was substantially correct although the date of the light in the sky report in 1989 might be incorrect. Five circles were located in all. Two had been cut during harvesting but were still evident. There is no direct correlation with any UFO event. The countryside involved is gently undulating, otherwise largely flat.

No one from the UFORA network was able to attend the site prior to Xmas, but VUFORS undertook an on site inspection just after Xmas. Apparently further circles were found nearby. Bill s tentative conclusion is: “Interesting UFO activity, traces may not be relevant. There is no evidence to date directly linking them to UFO explanation.” (Bill Chalker & Keith Basterfield).

UFORA90004 1 Jan 1990 Redwood Park SA 0130hrs NL/IFO
A man and three other people reported seeing an orange light in the south-eastern sky for 5 seconds. It broke into two pieces then went out. Meteor. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90005 2 Jan 1990 Vale Park SA 0515hrs NL/IFO
A man was outside looking into the western sky when he noted a white liqht travelling slowly across the sky. Satellite. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90006 2 Jan 1990 Payneham SA 2100hrs NL/IFO
An object was seen in the north-eastern sky. It was orange in front with a white tail. Soundless. Seen for a few seconds. Meteor. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90007 2 zan 1990 Paralowie SA 2100hrs NL/IFO
A bright orange light with a white tail was seen for 4 seconds. No sollnd Meteor. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90008 1980 onwards Adelaide and elsewhere SA CE4?
A woman has described a series of occurrences over the last ten years. These involve sightings of nocturnal lights, telepathic communication, precognitive visions, a peak experience, a near death OBE, sleep paralysis and unexplained marks on her forehead which simply appeared one night. (K Basterfield & UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90009 12 Jan 1990 2213hrs Queenstown SA NL/IFO
A meteor was the intepretation placed on a reported observation of a bright orange light in the northern sky. It had a grey/white trail behind it. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90010 23 Jan 1990 Paralowie SA 2331hrs NL/IFO.
A “twinkling” light in the north-western sky was identified as a star. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90011 25 Jan 1990 Adelaide SA NL/IFO
17 calls were received, including one from the South Australian Police, about lights circling near/above clouds over the city. Laser lights associated with big fireworks display. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90012 25 Jan 1990 Macclesfield SA NL/IFO
A woman reported observing two huge white headlights in the sky. Aircraft landing lights. (UFOR(SA)).

UFORA90013 6 Jul 1980 Alice Springs NT Sunset DD
Mr J C Disken, 72, his wife and two adult sons were standing on “Anzac Hill” watching the Sun set. Son Barry drew their attention to a brilliant light in the sky to the west. Through binoculars it appeared to be like two huge inverted saucers joined rim to rim, illuminated and stationary. It seemed to be rotating, then tilted and disappeared towards the west at incredible speed leaving a long white trail of vapour behind it. Weather was clear. (Ken Hayes).

UFORA90014 14 Oct 1989 Geelong VIC 2000hrs NL
A woman from Geelong related that she and her grandaughter, on a clear night, watched a faint pink light, high in the south-western sky. It zig-zagged several times. (Ken Hayes).

UFORA90015 ll Nov 1989 Geelong VIC 2130hrs NL
On a moonless night, with low altitude clouds, two people were travelling by car when one noted a “huge glowing ball of light”. No sound was audible. They watched it for 10 minutes. (Ken Hayes).

UFORA90016 20 Jan 1990 Quobba WA 2230hrs NL
21 year old Ben Patrick looked up and saw a golden coloured point source sized “flare” dropping towards the sea. It then started to rise and then moved from side to side. It started flashinq red/green/gold/white, then moved to the south, became a dull red and disappeared behind a hill at 20 degrees south-south-east. (Joan Johnston).

UFORA90017 Various dates WA CE2/NLs
A number of incidents are under investigation in north-western and south-western Australia. These include a number of apparent car pace cases involving a number of individuals. (UFORA).

A very complex account is unfolding of continuing nature, involving a possible close encounter, possible time loss and other experiences. (Bill Chalker).

UFORA90019 1 Jan 1990 Malanda QLD 2050hrs NL
Mr Aubrey Dawson was one of a number of people who witnessed a red coloured object this night. Mr Dawson said he and his wife were awakened by a strange red glow lighting up their bedroom and subsequently watched a light mass approach their house. It hovered near them for 30 seconds then moved off rapidly towards Atherton, then disappeared. The mass of light was described as 18m square, silent, and glowing all over. Sgt Ray Sutton of the Malanda police searched the area but found nothing unusual. (UFOR(FNQ). “Cairns Post” 10.1.90 & 11.1.90. “The Tablelander” 16.1.90 p3).

UFORA90020 14 Jan 1990 Central Queensland Night NL
Residents of Maryborough, Rockhampton and Gladstone, amongst others, reported seeing “bright lights falling out of the sky”. A Rockhampton policemen is reported to have been woken by a very bright green light which lit up the sky and disappeared within four seconds. (UFOR(FNQ). “Cairns Post” 16.1.90 ) .


1. Circles

The December 1989 Digest reported that we had forwarded a media release, concerning flattened and swirled crop circles, to South Australian country papers. Following case UFORA90003 relating to circles in Victoria we extended our media release and forwarded it to AAP, and capital city newspapers. To date the item has appeared in numerous papers. This publicity has resulted in a number of people writing to us but no new circles have been located. In the light of the UK experience, this lack of cases is most interesting. Has any UFORA network member come across recent circles or was the Victoria set a once-off?

2. Freedom of information request

There are still photocopies available of the RAAF papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Cost is $15 including pack and postage.

3. Mundrabilla

We have finally put together a package of all the information we have, on the 20 Jan 1988 Mundrabilla event. Total length is about 150 pages. Contents include, police reports, news clippings, our investigation notes and interviews with the Knowles, the truck drivers, and results of analyses. This package will be single sided A4 sized and unstapled. You can then put it into whatever “filing system” you want. Price in Australia including package and postage is $25. Direct inquiries and cheques to Keith.

4. January Research Digest

Thank you to all those people who complimented us on the January Digest-a roundup of all Network cases in 1989 and many thanks to all who contributed cases.


1. Fiore, Edith. (1989). “Encounters”. Doubleday. New York. pp342. UK edition titled “Abductions”. Sidgwick & Jackson. London.

Edith Fiore is an American clinical psychologist who recalls her own abduction some years ago. She has previously authored “You have been here before” and “The unquiet dead”. In this present work she details 12 abduction case studies uncovered over the years, utilising hypnosis in all cases. I found the methodology utilised, unsatisfactory, e.g. leading questions are numerous, and therefore suggest reading the cases studies with a critical eye. A fairly liqhtweight contribution to the abduction debate.

2. Wilson, Ian. (1989). “Stigmata”. San Francisco. Harper and Row. 164pp.

With the current debate raging concerning “unusual scars” found on the bodies of persons reporting baduction events, this is a timely book. Stigmata are physical marks resembling the wounds of the crucified Christ. Wilson examines the myths, the evidence and looks at a 1985 English stigmatic. He poses some interesting hypotheses which parallel those being explored in abduction cases. Definitely worth a close reading.

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